According with the own movie, Isabelle's Boulangerie is Est. since 1913 and it's located in a corner between Myrtle Ave. and Adelphi St. (Brooklyn, New York City).

The place where Isabelle's Boulangerie is located was the place where existed during several years Little Louie's Pizza, that closed permanently in 2012.

First American movie for Blanca Suárez.

Daniella mentions that she had lived in Torres del Paine in Chile. In a conversation with Ian she uses the Chilean slang "cachai?" (get it?). Ian recites poems by Neruda to Daniella, Pablo Neruda is one of the best and most known poets of the twentieth century, awarded the Nobel Prize, Neruda is chilean. The labels on the wine bottles shown in the film are "Casillero del Diablo", which is also a very famous Chilean wine brand.

The street where Daniella takes a taxi is the same where the blind Colonel Frank Slade (Al Pacino) took a curve driving a Ferrari in Scent of a Woman (1992).

Although in the movie Daniella claims to be an Italian girl, Blanca Suárez is a Spanish girl.

Vivien is revealed to be left-handed, meanwhile Chloe is revealed to be right-handed.

Although the movie is said to be filmed solely in Brooklyn, the final ballpark scene appears to be in the Richmond County Bank Ballpark. The home of the Staten Island Yankees.