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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Game of Silence is an American drama television series based on the Turkish series Suskunlar.

    Game of Silence is rooted in a secret that five friends, now teetering on the far edge of their 30s, have shared—and tried to forget—for 25 years: a joyride in a stolen car that ended badly, with four of them serving time at a reform-school hellhole where they were beaten, raped, and abused by guards and their inmate flunkies.

    But the ugly memories resurface forcefully when one of them has a chance encounter with their worst abuser and, in a raging moment of madness, beats him half to death with a golf club, triggering an escalating series of bloody reprisals on both sides.

    The violence threatens not just their varying degrees of middle-age respectability, but their lives; the youthful gang-bangers they tangled with in prison have grown up into full-blown gangsters whose tentacles reach into high and unexpected places. How to fight back soon divides the five friends.

    I have to say i saw the Turkish version, so i know what this show is about, have to say that obvious in Turkey the show was even more dark. So in my opinion is a show worth seeing. 8/10
  • I can't believe this show was canceled and I'd like to know who the morons are that decided to cancel it. There are a ton of shows out there that should be canceled, but this wasn't one of them.
  • I really miss this show. Hope it will be saved someway somehow. I barely watch TV anymore however I got hooked to this series. The story, the drama, everything it kept me addicted. There is so much more story to tell, why would this show be cancelled. I was very upset when I heard the news that it was cancelled. I still am. Please fans of #gameofsilence please speak up about how you want the show back. There is not really that much good TV on anymore, and we need a show like this in the lineup. Much love to the cast of Game of Silence. They are awesome in this show. Hope to hear good news about Game of Silence soon. My Thursdays are boring without my most favorite show.
  • Game of Silence is one of the absolute best TV series that I take the time to sit down and watch! Missed the last 2 episodes and was able to watch them on on-demand, thank God! This series has a great story line, very well written, excellent acting, able to feel their emotions, unveiling the past as you watch, twist and turns, keeps me on the edge of my seat! I don't have time to sit and watch a series, but this had captivated my attention from the beginning, couldn't wait till I could watch the next episode! Most TV programs are a waste of my time, this series, I'm absolutely addicted! I want to see the whole series over again! After seeing the finale, looked up when season 2 was to start, to my shocking surprise, it was canceled! Please reconsider NBC!!! or some other network pick it up!! I'll be forever lost to not finish watching this series till the bitter end! Very sad about this and would be nice to know that someone would care enough to air this and give the actors what they deserve, for their great talent of a fabulous job, creating a very well written story and giving us a "movie like" series! This kind of behavior happens all the time in this world and the people who don't give a good review, must not know anyone who's been through this kind of abuse, I know of a few! This series shows how it can haunt you forever till justice is served!! Again, someone please continue to air this series!!!
  • Well-written, directed, thought provoking with great actors! The show and its actors kept me coming back for more each week! This is one of the better shows on TV and I was never bored watching it! There is no other story line like this and you make the taboo issue tolerable because we know the actors will eventually get their revenge hopefully legally. And then you decide to cancel it? Unbelievable! Why don't you try another day, time, something but don't give up on this show, And if this truly were the ending it didn't end and was so anti-climatic with many unanswered questions! Those unanswered questions makes your audience just want more and right now my feelings are vacillating from sadness to anger! This cannot be the end! So have you decided to not end this show and you are just not telling us and you are bringing it back next season? Please bring this show back and tell us how it really ends!
  • dmg-669196 June 2016
    I thought this was a great show. I read that NBC canceled the series. I think it should run for at least another season to finish out the story line. What do you think NBC? Give it another shot! Every episode was a cliffhanger, especially the last one. The plot had so many intricacies that you never knew what was coming next, who else was dirty, or just who are the good guys. Knowing this was based on a true story makes it even more appalling than an imagined story line. The (fake)reality shows are a joke. Let's get back to shows that have some real meat and potatoes to the story line rather than hysteria and fake drama. I have found a few good shows on NBC this spring. Give this a chance,please.
  • This is the best show in the drama genre to hit the small screen in quite some time. The show retains a certain amount of deep, hard hitting drama while bringing in some minor action from time to time. The story line may be a bit unoriginal, however, the events of the characters' pasts are still foggy as the season continues. Their pasts are slowly uncovered, bit by bit, as the show continues. In the first episode (and sprinkled throughout the rest of the series so far) had a few hard hitting, unforeseen moments which definitely was enough to capture an audience of anyone who enjoys drama or action television.

    Two thumbs way up for this new drama, hopefully it can sustain its viewership and ratings enough to constitute a second season.
  • monkeycurler26 May 2016
    I have enjoyed Game of Silence. Good story, good plot, great acting. Almost up with the Brits. Not too many details on what happened in Quitman which is great because I get the idea and can't stand that kind of abuse. Why is this canceled and not the Kardashians or something else equally as mindless and limpid? The Brits are coming out with hit after hit. Well thought out, good plots, great shows on PBS. Its time for the US to come up with more in depth programs that are actually watchable. We do have a few intelligent people here; where is our minority bone? They could cancel Fallon and frankly about everything else. Perhaps they should consult with the Brits or hire some. The Night Manager was excellent and there are unlimited great books to draw from such as The Key to Rebecca to start. We are definitely in an artistic rut. We don't need Ghost Brothers.
  • I feel the Neilsen Ratings should give this Fantastic ,Fabulous,Show to come alone in a long while a while longer to get a greater audience. The time G O S has been on,at least give this GREAT SHOW more time It's could be the time of year. I am very optimistic that Game Of Silence could turn out to be a top rated Supercalafraglistic wonderful show. All the wonderful and great actors & actress ,alone with very good story line is just Fabulous. Great writers,producers,cameramen and women make a great Show .I'll anticipate a long running of this Great Show;Game Of Silence.Here's to Hi Hopes We are pulling for you Game Of Silence .Give it a Chance to get a good start.Here's to all the Great Folks at :GAME OF SILENCE
  • I enjoyed the series, but it had no finale. It stopped but it didn't finish. Left my husband and I looking for episode 11, or season 2....something else!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Game Of Silence 2012 & 2016, and the movie 'Sleepers' are all based on the true story/novel "Sleepers" (in a round-about way), as I learned here on IMDb trivia.

    Game Of Silence 2016 has an amazing cast & crew. I feel like each character is written so that you know them, past & present, and are eager to know more! While the story lines and plot may be unique to network TV, this show exposes the effects of bullying and abuse, on many levels, and how a person chooses to deal with them throughout life. I'm a big fan of GOS, and sincerely hope it will be picked up by another network/online service upon hearing of it's cancellation.

    ** In response to other comments: His name is RAY Carroll, Derek Phillips plays 'Boots,' and the woman they hit in the car did NOT die (according to Jackson's voice-over as they entered Quitman.)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am becoming addicted to Turkish TV. Just finished Game of Silence, try to compare this to Ezel and Karaday1 - impossible! Even though they all have similar themes running through them I could not pick one out as the best. They are all brilliant, love the story line, its horrifying to think that this series was based on a true story.

    Congratulations to all of the cast you were amazing.

    I cannot wait for Ezel and Karaday1 - series 2. Come on Netflix! After binge watching these extra long shows, its almost impossible to find a replacement. They are so well written and acted that they leave an imprint. Thank you
  • A cast of good looking men won't save this clunker... It starts off interesting but then starts losing itself extremely quickly in back and forth flashbacks (why is everyone using this plot device these days?) and muddled storytelling. The prison scenes are far from realistic... Not that these horrors don't happen but they are so over the top it's hard to be truly invested.

    These are talented actors, no doubt, but you could throw Meryl Streep & Colin Firth in there and there's only so much they could do with writing like this... Not a lot of chemistry among these actors & actresses either, which says more about the casting department than the actors themselves. It's the actors fanboys and fangirls that will surely blow smoke up this show's butt (see Quantico). This has been done before, many times, and better... That's the main problem... Game Of Silence is basically Sleepers Part 2... And with dozens and dozens of top notch shows currently airing, that's not something I am will to spend my time on.
  • Really good show , unbelievable no 2nd season been made yet !
  • pantages-118 June 2018
    I liked it and its twists and turns. A pity the second season was cancelled after the cliffhanger ending!
  • This is a great show, I've been streaming it on Amazon. I didn't even know this show existed until I saw it there. I guess maybe that's why it didn't get picked up. It's a great show and worth a watch. I hope maybe if enough people stream the show, Amazon will pick it up for another season. Give a watch.
  • well i just watched the pilot. And to be honest it does remind me a lot of the movie sleepers with brad Pitt. that movie is/ was great but to make a whole series out of it i do not know if that will work. the story with sleepers is identical After a prank goes disastrously wrong, a group of boys are sent to a detention center where they are brutalized; over 10 years later, they get their chance for revenge. it looks very much the same as a plot line but I will give the show a second and maybe even third episode chance to watch and then i will know more but for now it looks like they will take the sleepers route and make it a revenge story for abused boys. well you will hear more from me.
  • Take a pile of exposition, add some poor acting, idiotic predictable writing and then a touch more exposition and you've reached Game of Silence. Here's a hint to the creators; when you have such a pile of crap don't go the "we'll give it a name like a popular show' route. You only make yourself look that much worse for having tried to ride the coat tails of a great show.

    I only could watch the first episode because I strained my optic nerve from rolling my eyes so hard at the ridiculous and transparent plot.

    My only hope is someone will read this and decide not to watch this show. Just one person saved...
  • Promising few episodes but is getting slow and the plot is not interesting anymore. In one of the episodes a maintenance man is going in the basement to stop the water. Funny thing because the action of the show pretends to happening in Houston. News to the producers:houses don't have basements in Houston. None. No exception. There is no place Brendan close to Houston (where the characters are originally from. There is Brenham. Who ever checked these facts, did not do a good job. The scenes from jail abuse are too graphic and unnecessary. There are bad things happening in the jail system, but not to that extent. Exaggeration is the name of the game here.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I know NBC is desperate to get their ratings up but I feel that this show has gone over the edge. I was looking forward to it because the promos made it look so intriguing but instead, you find out everything in the first episode. It is bad enough it is about 4 preteens being sent to jail for a ridiculous reason but they go to the harshest jail there is and at this jail they are continually beat up and gang raped. They all cross paths as adults. The bad boys and jailers are still together doing illegal business. Please. On top of it you keep seeing flashbacks to them being abused and raped. I do not want to spend my free time watching this. It is not educational or artfully done like "Crime Story". I don't know why this show is getting a 7 rating. Maybe NBC has plants. Or maybe I am just not the audience. Who would the audience be?
  • ljohns-1998225 October 2016
    This show was great, here I was trying to find when the new season began and noticed it was not available. What a shame, this show was really great. Don't see many interesting plots and story as this show. Who ever rated this show got it wrong!!! Bring it back one of the very good ones!! It seems that more junk shows get played and the very good ones get tossed. You could just feel what the characters' next game plan would be. The final episode left me hanging and was really waiting to see what else was going to happen. It had a lot twist and turns and good sneaky villains' who's plot had a lot to give. What ever happen to good shows with really good plots as this one. I will still be looking for them to bring this one back!! In all this show has a very great potential.
  • An excellent series, that certainly keeps you on your toes and wondering what next!!

    I understand how to some it's very reminiscent of the movie sleepers, but a credit to the actors and writers they completely make it their own.

    Not quite sure why people have left ratings as low as 1, they must have been watching something else. The acting standard and storyline is far more deserving than that, some people are never satisfied!
  • I really loved this series, similar story as the movie Sleepers, starring Brad pit. Only this shows more about each person as they grew older and the power one man head of a of a detention centre blackmail,murder and the characters are excellent and the stars who play them. It was made in 2016 and i have just watched these episodes one after another i hope they have made a second series after leaving us with a cliffhanger ...i did not see that coming. I do hope there is a series 2. Its amazing gripping.
  • Jackson Brooks (David Lyons) and his fiancé Marina Nagle (Claire van der Boom) are upwardly mobile lawyers. Diana Stockman (Sharon Lawrence) is a new client in their firm. Jackson is forced to deal with Gil Harris (Michael Raymond-James), Shawn Cook (Larenz Tate), and Jessie West (Bre Blair) after Boots gets arrested. As children, they had killed a woman while joyriding and the boys were sent to juvenile detention under the cruel warden Ray Carroll. Boots is arrested for killing one of their former tormentors. Carroll is now running for Governor. Terry Suggs was a vicious prisoner now working for Carroll. Det. Liz Winters is being blackmailed by Terry threatening her imprisoned brother.

    The premise of the guys' hidden past is fine. However, the show has some basic problems that build up and is unable to overcome. First, there is no reason why Jackson keeps the secret from Marina to that degree for that long. It is done simply to generate false tension. Even considering the psychological trauma, he would likely tell her half-truths than keep saying that he will tell her later. At some point, it becomes really bad melodrama with a sitcomy misunderstanding about Jessie. That is also true for all the evidence. Jackson keeps trying to build a legal case when something more intense is called for. Consider the past, it's trying to fight with one hand tied behind his back. This story needs to get into the gutter for it to have real tension. The two other guys try but the conflict is tiresome. On the other hand, the juvenile detention scenes are probably unnecessary. They probably put off some viewers. The modern characters can explain it in a couple of emotional lines. It would be more compelling and more acceptable for network TV audience. Finally, Stockman's motivation to be a client is questionable. I don't see anyway to make sense of it unless there is additional information. In the end, there are a few too many of these kinds of problems with the writing.
  • Imitation may be a form of flattery BUT it is no substitute for the original. If you haven't seen "Sleepers", please do. This rendition is just pablum. The original is a fine meal.
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