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  • I didn't really like the first episode because it seemed like a bad remake of Rush hour 1.

    Most TV series take about 2-3 episodes to get into and I have disliked a pilot before but got hooked on a show after giving it another chance few times before.

    Rush hour is funny, a bit exciting and has good production value. I'm 3 episodes in and liking it more and more.

    1 2 3

    Give this show a chance and don't judge it based on the movies. This is it's own thing and should be judged as so.
  • mwey068 April 2016
    The tough thing about having a reboot with none of the original actors is that it loses its appeal somewhat to viewers that are expecting the same punch in terms of acting and action. The other difficult thing to produce is the same feel of a movie in a TV series. But that's where the expectations really differ and should be taken into account. Different actors take over and those who are really looking for a character, or interpretation of a character, similar to Jackie Chan or Chris Tucker's style are going to feel like there's something missing when these elements are tweaked (probably more so for Lee's character than Carter's in terms of style). That does not make this bad, just different.

    In terms of the TV series packing that similar punch to the movies, they're trying to build a story over an extended period of time. It will not produce the same instantaneous payoff as a movie, which still doesn't make it bad. I'm pretty sure the budget isn't as large as the movies ($33 million, estimated for the original Rush Hour) but that honestly doesn't seem to stop them from including some good fight scenes, chases and developing relationships between the characters.

    I read in another review that someone found Jon Foo (Lee's actor) to be slow and sluggish. I'll let the pilot speak for itself, as I would say much to the contrary. He proves to be agile and an interesting martial artist. In terms of comedic timing and chemistry, I actually found there to be a lot to enjoy. Similar to the movies, Lee is mostly the stoic, by- the-book character, and Carter is the louder, bolder, break-the-rules- when-necessary foil. I think the rambunctious quick wittedness of Carter/Hires' character and Lee/Foo's deadpan delivery really complement each other. I mean p.c. or not p.c., this is still the similar east meets west, funny, action-packed (maybe not as much as the movies but still good) Rush Hour that I knew and loved. Whether, as another user mentioned in their review, they need to move into the 21st century and take into consideration the more conservative approach to comedy for television regarding race, bear in mind that other successful television shows actually use race and stereotypes as part of their formula (such as Blackish) and find a way to open a conversation and make it funny. In Rush Hour, despite all of these stereotypes you see (which honestly are a nod to the original movies, references peppered throughout) they still show the relationship between two polar opposites in terms of culture and personality (like the original Rush Hour movies) and that they overcome and are able to cultivate a bond based on mutual respect and friendship.

    Lastly, these actors are working really hard to make a fun show for us. So to all of the cast and crew who made this series possible, keep going! There are fans out there who appreciate the work you're putting into making this series!
  • I don't understand why people have such bad reviews of such an awesome show.

    After so long I have seen a show that has literally made me laugh.

    Truly deserves much better ratings. People shouldn't compare it to the movies as the show is good enough to stand up for itself.

    Justin Hires character was really funny, goofy and enjoyable to watch. Reminding me of the good old days of comedy.

    Jon Foo also played a good role making him fit in as quite the best cop duo in a TV show. BTW his action scenes are AWESOME!!

    Definitely going to watch more!


  • There's a lot of hate on IMDb for this series, but you know, it's not all that bad. It's a standard buddy cop series, a little dim-witted humor, a bit of banter, "special" moments, shooting and fighting. It's nothing you haven't seen a million times before, but at the same time, it's nothing haven't seen done much worse before.

    I think the problem people have is they're comparing it with the movies. Obviously this movie's attempt at Jackie Chan-style fight scenes is going to be pretty disappointing, but they do try, and I've seen worse fights on TV. And quite honestly, I never totally connected to Chris Tucker and kind of like the TV guy better. And while the series is quite inferior to the first movie, and somewhat inferior to the third, it's really no worse than the second.

    This is not to say that I play to keep watching. I saw 3 episodes, and they were all okay, and if there wasn't much else to watch on TV I would watch more, but truthfully, even among mindless TV series, you can do better than Rush Hour.

    But it's fine.
  • I did force myself to watch all of the 1st episode knowing the whole time that I was really wasting time & there is a lot more worthy things to spend my time on.

    This TV series must be aimed at prepubescent boys who have not seen any of the Rush Hours movies.

    Chris Tucker could really get on your nerves, but at least he did have some natural charm and he could act.

    And Jackie Chan, well he is a real pro and has style & wit in what he does.

    The actors playing Chris's & Jackie's parts in this TV farce have no style, charm, nor any real acting abilities to speak of(well not after watching the 1st episode; maybe it's just nerves at the start & they get a bit better). And don't get me onto the script........

    With different TV series, there is sometimes talk of when they jump the shark; in my opinion Rush Hour the TV series jumped the shark with the very 1st episode!!

    There is so much on TV that I don't understand how anyone would watch this instead of something else at the same time slot. If you want to know what garbage looks like on TV, this is the series good place to start.
  • Having seen the promo, I decided to check out the pilot even though though the preview wasn't too promising. Unfortunately, the pilot was in keeping with the preview.

    When you have a buddy show, there needs to be rapport and chemistry between the characters. Gibson/Riggs and Glover/Murtaugh had it (Lethal Weapon) as did Waltz/Schulz and Foxx/Django (Django Unchained). By show's end, you cared for them and their relationship. While the Chan/Lee and Tucker/Carter interactions in Rush Hour were down a notch, the pair did bring humor, swagger, and presentation skill to the party. But then we get to Rush Hour, TV. It's difficult to say who owns the biggest share of the problem: the uninspired writers/director who provided little framework for a good show, the wooden (Foo) or annoying (Hires) actors, or a show based on the supposition that those of us who saw the movies could erase any memory of Chan and Tucker and replace them with the pale imitations provided. Where Chan is charismatic and his action scenes fast, believable (well, unbelievable but tremendously well choreographed), and fun, Foo comes across as stilted, fighting by the numbers, and for lack of a better word, blah. There's no excitement in his fights, his interactions with his sister were impersonal and nondescript considering the circumstances, and his dealings with Hires sounded like and had the emotional content of a straight script read. As for Hires, instead of Tucker's swagger, one got just a loud reading of a script. Part of the problem was he was given no good lines but somehow, the script writers and director believed his talking louder made the lines funny. A hint to these folks? It doesn't.

    There are some shows where I believe mid-course corrections might save the ship. In this case, I think a collision with the iceberg in inevitable. Even if the writers could do a 180 degree turnaround with the scripts, neither Foo nor Hires demonstrated the acting ability to make me care for either them or their relationship or to forget about Chan and Tucker. 2/10 is pretty terrible but RH worked to achieve it. I believe the Good Ship Rush Hour is headed for a watery grave prior to season 2 and will be quickly forgotten.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I was first turned towards this TV series I was more than a little skeptical. I mean, I really LOVE the movies (okay, more like I love the first one and tolerate the last two, but it still counts). And they were daring to touch these beloved characters? Nu- uh, no way. But my friend reminded me to not judge a book by its cover. "Just try it out," she said, waving the remote.

    So, I did.

    And boy was I ever glad. I laughed through the whole first episode. Then I watched every other one posted on Comcast, and laughed some more. Since then, I've made sure to watch every episode that comes out.

    Now, I know a lot of people say some negative things about this show. "It's not Jackie Chan!" they whine. True, but then, they never said it would be. It's not really fair to compare the two on whether or not they have famous actors or not. And I like the Lee they chose. He's not Jackie Chan, but he's not horrible (he's actually really good).

    "The humor is corny!" they snipe. And, yeah, it kind of is. Especially in the first episode, but it evens itself out pretty quickly, and the actors get more comfortable with each other. Plus, I appreciate the clean humor.

    The only thing I'd say they could work on is two fold (here there might be a teeny, tiny SPOILER, you have been warned).

    1) The late hour it's shown really make it hard to watch when it first comes out. 10am on Thursday. I, for one, can't stay up that late. I usually watch it the night after.

    2) (this would be the small spoiler) Lee could stand to be a less perfect. True, as the show goes on, he gets less Superman-y, but then he immediately shakes it off and BAM! he's back out in the action. Dude! There's just no way. I get that he's got moves and is tough, but when he's badly injured, you need to keep him limited to that injury the whole episode (not just the next two minutes).

    All in all, I like the show. I hope they do a second season. Will there be people who hate it? Most likely. But I think there will be plenty of people who will like it too. Hope this helps a few of you give it a chance.
  • rob-ert-p2 April 2016
    Watching the first episode was like slowly tearing duck-tape off an open wound. Lazy writing and sloppy acting combined to make this hot mess. Please stop recycling old material. The idea of watching the first episode and feeling like I am just watching a super low budget version of the first movie in the trilogy was lost on me. Could have maybe placed this after Lee and Carter met and placed this between the movies or even after the movies.I feel they could have taken the production money for this and put it to better use. This won't last past a single season. If you feel that you must watch this understand that you will be disappointed in it.
  • An hour of my time that will never be seen again. I liked the films and think that set the expectation of what people would expect for the show however the quality is no where as good.

    Horrible fight scenes. I've seen better camera work and script writing from high school productions.

    The writers tried to make the same jokes, scenes etc as the film and failed miserably.

    I've only seen the pilot so far and based on what has been shown so far Ill be very surprised if this makes it to even season 2 if it even gets that far.

    I definitely will not be one adding to the viewing figures.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The rating of 3 is given only because Wendy Malick who I adore is in this series. I did not see the pilot, and these comments are only about the 3rd episode. There are spoilers here, incredible spoilers but it concerns plot holes big enough to drive a 747 sideways through. I can imagine the writers have to fill 47 minutes and I cannot imagine how difficult that is but my God! Again, these are plot holes so if you have not seen it look away now, or you can watch it and then look away. The episode "Captain Coles Playlist" contains the following snags.

    Number 1 murals are generally drawn at street level where people can actually see them not on rooftops. Taggers think of their work as art to be seen and appreciate it. Not a whole lot of people can do that on a rooftop.

    Number 2 during a full-on gun battle at the zoo, seven shots were fired not a single soul gets hit. Both the bad guys and the police need serious time at a gun range. Additionally since the bad guys hadn't actually seen the face of the tagger, why did they automatically assume the guy they're chasing is the one they were after?

    Number 3, Lee doesn't carry a weapon and is expected to go up against armed aggressors? I know this happened all the time in Walker Texas Ranger but ordinarily if a guy has a gun and you're a police officer you pull out your gun, routinely done by the LAPD all the time. Ordinarily when you have armed bad guys you don't want to beat them up, you pull out your weapon tell him to drop it if they don't do that you shoot them.

    Number 4, the understanding that a package of "chew sticks" leads Carter to the house he lived in as a kid as the taggers residence. Unless this house mother is the source who manufactures these chew sticks herself how does the detective conclude that those two things connected?

    Number 5, ordinarily when a person dies in a body of water there's usually water in the lungs. The murdered asst district attorney was killed in his home. There was absolutely no autopsy done? Had there been one it would have would have come out immediately that there was no water in the lungs, therefore one could have seen at that point murder instead of assuming loudly it was suicide. It would have been more plausible to make it look like he committed suicide possibly leaving a gun in his hand with a hole in his head. But since he was hit in the face with a rod that wouldn't even come close 2 blunt force sustained in hitting a body of water in his car, a car that has airbags, this was the best they could do? Primo's of his death wouldn't have fooled even the Keystone Cops.

    Number 6, upon the recognition between the district attorney and the witness, the witness could have easily said to any of the fifteen officers working around him "Hey that's the guy who was in the room when the man was killed". But the writers still had 11 full minutes of the show to fill. Therefore there is the elaborate showdown where the witness goes back home where the killers would find him ending his life and everyone else around him. This kid is written really stupidly.

    Number 7, backed up files on computer are left on the hard drive, not reproduced as more paper files. That would completely defeat the purpose of using computers to backup files. It's supposed to save space, paper, and time when you're trying to research a particular subject in the file.

    And number 8, the final battle at the house. All of the bad guys are focused on shooting this one boy yet leave witnesses to the crime everywhere. They have to at that point, leave and try to disappear before more police appear or murder everyone in the house since they have been witnessed trying to murder the tagger. Leaving everyone in the house as a witness in their attempted murder the kid at this point is a futile endeavor.

    As mentioned, I haven't seen the first two episodes but from looking at the third I can only imagine if the writing is as lazy as this episode was this series is really not going to last very long. People are entertained only so far by people getting kicked all the time. Then again, I could be wrong, after all Walker Texas Ranger was on for years and that show really sucked.
  • It's not on par with it's Movie predecessors, but for a TV show, it was not that bad. It's very surprising that the show is now Canceled while shows with much less attraction are still going on. The dynamic between the two lead actors were good, jokes sometimes missed to hit but when it hit, it was hilarious. I've watched all the episodes, and I'm glad that I did. They should come back with better writing and humor and less clich√©. Sometimes the outcome got too predictable and the comedy was dry. But overall it was pretty enjoyable for my taste. No one can replace Jackie Chan but I didn't think Jon Foo was doing a bad job. The action was good for a TV budget. Justin Hires was doing good too. Felt refreshing compared to Chris Tucker's high pitch voice, still, irreplaceable. I really hope they come back better, stronger and funnier.
  • Now I know why. It sucked for ten minutes from the start on the first episode. It was rushed, poorly acted. And the story was not strong. And pace was rushing per scene and its so bad to watch it made me turn it off and put my DVD rush hour with Chan and tucker in the PlayStation. Oh and the soundtrack and the scripts are terrible too. For those that prefer the originals stick to the Chan and tucker version.

    Why make a reboot and nothing is original.

    The series is completely humorless. The background music is tediously cringe worthy. The actors are absolute newbies. And the entire screening is completely censored. Not one word of bad language was used to make a joke. And there was many loopholes in the story due to scenes not lasting long enough to explain better.
  • kdump14 April 2016
    Yep, I'm quite amazed that this thing even got to episode 1 !!! This seems to be typical of network shows produced today. Of course there are some exceptions (very few). Listen to me, I'm sounding old, well if 29 is old then OK I'm old.

    It is shows like this that has turned me off watching network TV (some brief forays just to remind myself that yes, this is really bad) and switching to online and cable.

    The fight scenes in this show just made this piece of poop a real embarrassment. To see how a fight scene should be done watch a cable show called Banshee. This was original, very well produced, directed, acted, bags of atmosphere, gritty and the fight scenes are so well done. Networks could learn an awful lot by just watching some cable shows.

    My early TV viewing was in the 90's and was 100% network, now I estimate that my viewing of network shows is roughly 5% and I just cannot see that going up unless they start making good original shows, employ good people and remove their heads from between their corporate legs.

    Nuff said.
  • me_t3 April 2016
    It's sure terrible. They could've chosen someone more Asian-looking instead of grabbing Sasha Collins's twin. Third-rate camera work(Lee's fights will make the weak in the stomach puke), OVERLY loud music, that should've been ambient. Lee's acting like a piece of furniture, standing there straight with a poker face. Which is fine for Collins/Castiel, but not for a living person. Foolish jokes, veeery shallow ones, lower-than-a-slapstick-level ones, will make you yawn, and lack of adhesion between partners will make you turn it off. My Advice: watch some Martial Law, Rush Hour 1/2 movies, don't waste your time on this piece.
  • Bladebrown2228 April 2016
    If you can get past the fact that it's not Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, then you would love this show .

    I know many people can't let this go and may be turned off, it's pretty much a continuation of the Popular Franchise of the same name . It does not disappoint you get action, and Drama it's very well written . Justin hires does a good job as Detective Carter ,he could have easily been the Little brother of the Original. John Foo is Excellent as Detective Lee with all his Seriousness and fish out of water character.

    If you want a Cop TV show that has a well balance of action and comedy then this is for you.
  • I always wanted a new Rush Hour movie after part 3 but this show has exceeded my expectations. At first when I herd about it I thought it was silly. Then I tuned in and saw the first two episodes and realized how good the show is. The Action scenes are like a Hollywood movie production, super bad-ass! The story lines are very entertaining and make you wanna watch more. This show is different than your usual old cop show with new twists and turns. Super fun characters, they really bring Lee and Carter too life! It is great too see them in action. An excellent show, top ratings from me and I hope to see a lot more in the future.

    Keep it up!!!!
  • After just watching 3 minutes of the movie showed me how wrong and off they were. First of all, Jackie Chan did not have a sister in the force with him. Second the boat wasn't small, it was like a storage carrying ship. And Carter doesn't have a Chevelle convertible, he has a corvette stingray convertible. And lastly Jackie Chan didn't know about the Chinese warriors till Rush Hour 2 where they go to Las Vegas. And then the enemy, did not have long hair, he had short hair like he was bald. CBS you have ruined the name of Rush Hour. All the millennials that have not watched Rush Hour before probably think this show was "good." But I'm a millennial that has watched it and know for a fact that whoever is directing this show has never watched the movies.
  • The first episode wasn't the best start to this show. I gave it a second chance.

    Been looking for a good buddy cop TV series. ... so I am grasping at anything.

    It has become a procedural show after the first episode.

    Acting isn't the best of things ... script is average. Comedy aspect is typical... Hope it gets better, the more I watch the more it grows on me.

    Hope the actors come into their own instead of trying to become the next Chris Tucker / Jackie Chan.

    I shall keep watching it.
  • cselders13 August 2016
    My husband and I are watching Rush Hour TV series for the first time and I have to say Carter and Lee's character we are not feeling it. It appears Carter's character is trying too hard to be funny and he is not, Lee's character needs work or someone else should play his role, in the fighting sense of this episode Lee is fighting a big black guy and he is getting his butt kicked without any effort of fighting back, now the Lee I know from the Ruch Hour movies whom every Lee fought he did a lot of fancy foot work, flips, karate chops and more, he was not going down without putting up a great fight. This show have the potential to be good if the company makes a lot of changes.
  • I struggled to follow the story initially, because it wasn't keeping me engaged. Most of it was because of the casting and the weird sense of humor they gave the show. The whole thing seemed like it was a joke also the soundtrack was the next awful thing I noticed, I had to mute it because it simply ruined the fight scenes for me which weren't that great to start with anyway.

    There was a scene early in the first episode where they had a weird soundtrack that killed the relevance of the scene and was not in line with the plot! It seemed like someone was playing a random song from a car while they were shooting and chose that as the soundtrack.

    Really predictable and just not catchy compared to what's out there on TV today.

    They can do so much better with their budget.
  • It might be that "millennials" see things very VERY differently from the way I was brought up in the 20th century, but this series must suck even to them. The racial stereotypes permeate the story-line in a way even D.W. Griffiths would be proud of.

    That someone from Hong Kong would be a kung-fu artist that can't speak know...deep sigh. And a black cop who's cousin snitches because he is a criminal...slaps forehead.

    How does something as blatantly GROSS as this can be produced and, to make it even worse: AIRED! is beyond comprehension. It just makes me puke.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've watched this series so far and i am up to date to the current episode. I look forward to watching the next episode as i do quite enjoy watching this. Yes it isn't as good as the original but it remains watchable in my opinion. Anyways, i just feel like they focus on a crime and how to catch the criminal but if and when they do catch them, the plot doesn't include the process of filing evidence and a court case. It is made to look simple. I understand this isn't a cop series, its more humour but i think the directors have got this stuck in between. A cop series with a touch of humour would go down much better.

    Also i have noticed that in episode 4, At 03:23 minutes i noticed the politician entering his Audi A4 B8/B9 possibly a 2015 model. Then when the car explodes at 03:56 it is an Audi A4 B6 possibly a 2000 model. They show the full car and i think that is very poor on their behalf thinking we wouldn't notice. This was disappointing as it made me feel like maybe I'm watching a budgeted TV series, with such poor quality scenes.
  • I don't get why people hate this show so much it's actually quite good. I have struggled to find a buddy cop comedy TV series and when I found out that they were making a Rush Hour TV series i was very excited. I've watched the first 4 episodes and to be honest i have laughed a considerable amount of times but script can be improved, Lee- Carter partnership needs to be more developed and probably my main complaint is tone down the racial stereotypes. Every episode they insult Lee by calling him Korean or calling him Bruce Lee its not funny. One racial joke is fine two at the most but making it your main punchline is not acceptable. All in all don't make so many racial quips make some more interesting cases instead of the same bomber/mass murderer thing and if this happens in the next few episodes, i will be really happy
  • jmurdaj5 May 2016
    It's OK as a TV show, but not as a part of the rush hour franchise. Kinda predictable sometimes but still a good watch if you have nothing else to watch. The guy playing Carter seems like he's over acting to be as goofy as Chris Tucker's version. He's def trying too hard. Lee seems to be under acting. It's just not natural. So when you watch it, don't think about rush hour or Chris tucker and Jackie chan. Just think about it as its own TV show. I found myself actually wanting to watch tonight's episode. I was flipping through the channels and got excited when I saw that this was on. I've only seen 1 other episode. And side note-the guy playing lee is from England in real life. So it's stupid listening to him use a fake Chinese accent.
  • Having Jon foo really made this show stand out.

    I love that it is not a remake.

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