Chris Tucker served as a consultant for the TV show but only agreed to star in an episode if he could play a "Triad" and would appear in a late season role.

Damon Wayans Jr. was offered to played James Carter but passed on the series.

Cancelled after only one season.

In the film series, Lee's first name is Yan Naing, in the series, Lee's first name is Jonathan.

Unlike in the films, Lee does not carry a firearm on the job, due to being haunted by having to kill someone with one in Hong Kong sometime before the series.

Page Kennedy originally auditioned for the role of Det. James Carter. He was eventually cast as Gerald.

A fresh reboot to the original Rush Hour series.

George Cheung stars in the original film Rush Hour (1998) with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

Jon Foo was a one-time member of Jackie Chan's stunt team, having a villain role on House of Fury (2005), which Chan produced; and did stunts for Chan's film The Myth.

The snake that bites and kills the truck driver at the start of episode 5 is in fact a milk snake which is non venomous. It is however very similar in colouring to a coral snake which is venomous.