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  • Clever, hilarious, original, refreshing..

    I can't wait to see each episode every week.

    I don't normally watch American comedies because they are usually made for teenagers and family so this one is a far cry from the banal sitcoms with their laugh tracks

    The writing is superb. The acting is excellent. It's diverse and the characters on the show are unique and extremely funny. I love all of them from Greg, Paula (Pamela haha) Tim, Whitefeather, Josh, Valencia etc. All of them are hilarious.

    This is one of the best shows on TV right now.
  • jjjamesor27 October 2015
    Please give this show a chance. It is original and willing to take some risks. If you ever wished your own life were sprinkled with musical numbers about your neurotic tendencies, well...let this be your model. It let's you embrace your inner-nut-case, feel good about your quirky habit of imagining your life is a Broadway show, and brings you out of the surreal moment in history we now inhabit by plunking you down in Rebecca's wonderland.

    I laugh and feel hopeful when I watch this show. It is pure entertainment, which a bit of a comforting message that no matter how crazy or unattractive you may feel at your worst, there are people who will love and support you..and possibly enable you in your neurotic pursuits, instead of helping you find a good shrink...but ya gotta love them.

    So few shows can say that they bring joy to the viewer...and let's face it, the soundtrack to "Crazy Ex Girlfriend" is random and FUNNY! For the love of God, watch this show already!
  • This show may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it truly is one of a kind and amazing. Though musicals would not be the preferred genre for everyone, everyone that loves comedy would enjoy this show.
  • A glorious send up of movie musicals; a witty and insightful dramedy about human relationships; whatever you choose to call it, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend had me from the first episode. I laughed out loud at the funny dialogue and relished the elaborate and often hilarious musical numbers. I got to know and like the characters and invest in their lives. I looked forward to seeing the show eah week and there are precious few programmes that fall into that category. In the end, I'm going to miss Rebecca and all the denizens of West Covina.i hope to see tham again.
  • I can imagine the humor and musicality isn't everyone's cup of tea, but this show sends out very necessary messages about becoming a healthy happy adult. If you don't recognize yourself in the main character, there will be someone else for you in there. It will help you understand other people around you as well. I have to say it needs some getting into so don't judge it from the first episode. Don't even judge it from the first season. The show is not what it seems from the start and will take you on a journey through the depths of your mind. It's supposed to be kinda bad at first to become really really good later on.
  • When I first started watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend it was not at all what I expected, especially when they kept breaking into song all the time. But after the 2nd episode I was completely invested and in love with this show and the characters.

    Such a funny show, every episode puts a smile on my face. A Cast of great actors, all funny in their own right.

    Though this show might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially due to the musical side of it. I think it is definitely worth having a go. I watch it faithfully every week and can't wait for the mid season break to be over.
  • Just finished watching season three. I enjoyed season one because it was fun and Rebecca was OTT. I was fascinated by the way she took other characters with her. And as series two and three went on I realised this isn't a show about following up on a teenage crush. It's a complicated and textured show about human relationships and the sliding scale that is mental health. It's smart, funny, painful and rewarding. I can not recommend this show enough.
  • I am thrilled I stumbled on this. It has a very unpredictable fast comedy style, much like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It may not last long because it doesn't hold to the generic boring sit com standards that make me want to throw the TV like Mike & Molly or 2 Broke girls. You can say the joke before it comes out of their mouths with those shows. No filming studio family room or terrible NBC/ABC sets with this show. I never know what joke is coming with Crazy ex girlfriend and that's the best part. They don't lay the jokes out for you like an idiot. They rely on body language and facial movements to bring the awkward joke moments. To get the belly laughs (very rare in TV comedy) you may have to watch it a little more closely and listen to the fast writing style with a little more attention. Its been years since I've been excited for the next episode of a comedy. Love it, but it won't be for everyone. PLEASE give it a try.
  • . but I enjoyed this. Yes, it has some (well done, IMHO) musical numbers. If this makes your eyes roll back in your head, then nothing else that anyone says will probably make much difference to you. Is it different? Yeah, sure it is. As someone else already proclaimed, it is "refreshing". With so many other "attempts" at comedy programming, which simply retread the same formula (ad infinitum), it's enjoyable to see someone do something completely different. I also thought that the premise of the show was clever, as well, and thought that the initial musical presentation of that "plot" enhanced it, instead of detracting. (It pretty much "enhanced" and legitimized, the craziness of it all, which I assume to have been 100% intentional.) As I'm only one episode in, it's hard to know how the writing will hold up. I'm far more concerned about the fact that (in most parts of the country) it's head to head, with three, double-digit ratings, "big network" programs. That may say more about its ability to survive, than future scripts, musical numbers, or anything else. It feels a lot like the CW has simply offered it up (from the get-go) as nothing more than a sacrificial lamb. In fact, it's probably the absolute worst possible time slot, in that it's up against two reality shows, one involving singing, and the other dancing. If there's an audience that might have actually been "the most likely to enjoy" a comedy that folds in full (singing and dancing) musical numbers, it's probably the folks that are already invested in two of those three double-digit (ratings) programs! Anyway, if you are interested in trying a "different comedy flavor", at least give this a try.
  • logicalgamer6 April 2017
    This show is reliably fantastic, and if you enjoy humour or music, I would highly recommend it. I can think of very little negative to say about the show. Rachel Bloom does a fantastic job, as did Santino Fontana, Vincent Rodriguez III, Gabrielle Ruiz, Donna Lynne Champlain, and much more. I'm laying off with the gushing now, but just go watch the show.
  • Can't believe I dislike musicals most of the time but watching this trailer had me giving episode 1 a chance. And although, still wasn't sure after 1 episode, it slowly grows on you...the quirkiness, weirdness, and crazy premise ....and yes, the musical numbers really makes this a great show! The female lead, Rebecca, is perfect and entertaining. From looking like a homeless to a decking out looking like a million bucks, she fits the perfect mould for this character.

    I suggest anyone to give it a try ...even if they ain't a musical fanatic...some of the songs are actually pretty darn funny! And this is highly original for a comedy!
  • Should you watch this new show on The CW? I would love to draw you a decision tree here, but the formatting on IMDb just won't permit it. This is the best I can do:

    1. Do you like musical numbers? If yes, then watch. Especially if you like off-beat humorous musical numbers ("Gallivant", "Little Shop of Horrors" or "F**k Me, Ray Bradbury").

    2. Do you like Steve Carrell, Sarah Silverman, or Tina Fey? Then watch it, because I think the lead, Rachel Bloom who plays Rebecca Bunch, is like a cross between those people...and maybe Kristin Chenoweth too, because the girl can sing. She is also the star of the music video "F**k Me, Ray Bradbury". I will forgive her unintentional slight of Isaac Asimov.

    3. Do you like the song "Somewhere that's Green"? Well, Rebecca sings a song called "West Covina, California" that reminds me of that song. She celebrates her new home, just after moving from New York City, where she had a high-paying job in real estate law. She is not sure why she moved, but it certainly had nothing to do with Josh Chan, the guy she had a summer fling with ten years ago. I mean, that would be crazy.

    If by now you have decided this is the quirky show for you, let me tell you about another character, Paula Proctor (Donna Lynne Champlin), head paralegal in the law firm in West Covina. She comes across as passive-aggressive, then surprisingly morphs into a kind of Fairy Godmother to Rebecca, which makes Rebecca a kind of Cinderella/Princess character, right?

    The jokes are sometimes irreverent and (praise the comic dieties!) are not filled with political commentary. At least not in the pilot.

    By the way, I love musicals. So I will be watching.

    Update 11/5/15: I am upping my grade to "9" because this show is reliably excellent, the cast is crazy talented, and the musical numbers are excellent. With modification, I could see this show being on Broadway.
  • Some might already know Rachel Bloom from a song called "F-me Ray Bradbury" (The F-word fully visible and audible in the lyrics) which was nominated in 2011 for a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.

    Anyway this is a TV-series created and starred by Bloom in about the same concept and style as the previously mentioned song. Literally, since the show is actually a ...musical, with songs and dancing numbers that are mixed with the plot.

    It is about a successful young female lawyer who gives up a promising job in a big N.Y. law firm, and moves to California, in a small town, pursuing happiness with her first boyfriend who left her 10 years ago.

    I was expecting more awkward moments with such a premise but the show (at least the pilot episode) saves us from such clichés scenes and it does it wittily. There are also some "political" statements seemingly mixed in the script that maybe give the show a little more substance (like the things women suffering just to be beautiful for men).

    To summarize: It is a fantasy dramatic comedy musical, that is different from other series out there. Some people will like it or love it, some will look for entertainment elsewhere. See it, and decide.

  • Like musicals? Like comedies? Then Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is everything you need in a tv series. It's addictive, endearing and funny.
  • I just can't say enough good things about this show. Rachel Bloom is one of the funniest writers (male or female) and actresses out there. Her intelligence has got to be off the charts. She doesn't shy away from being a little dirty and exploring comedic taboos while at the same time showing off real class. This woman knows how to mix the good and the DARK and Bible Thumpers are sure to hate her intensely while secretly drooling over her image in their prayer-closets. I can also imagine all the forthcoming verbal assaults a "Million" Moms and others of their Evil ilk are probably preparing against her because of this show! (-‸ლ) Let the hate flow! She's not going anywhere and her show probably isn't either.

    I also love the supporting cast. Santino Fontana is really nice to see as is Donna Lynne Champlin. Both are gifted performers. Vincent Rodriguez III reminds me of a a giant man-baby. He could pass as a 16 year-old! But I think that's intentional as he plays the "One Who Got Away" from Rebecca's time at Summer Camp. Even the lesser characters have their place and the actors all do their jobs well. Gina Gallego cracked me up in the last episode I saw. And it's always nice to see Pete Gardner.

    I look forward to every new song introduced in each episode. My roommate wasn't so sure about this show but the songs alone have won her over. Do yourselves a favor and look up Rachel Bloom's brilliantly written short "If Disney Cartoons Were Historically Accurate".
  • ambergcfall2 December 2018
    Stumbled across this show in my recommendations on Netflix and I've watched every episode up to date. Deals with some real life, dark issues in the most light-hearted, funniest and entertaining way. Rachel Bloom is an absolute genius and I never want this show to end. (Scott Michael Foster is mega hot too)
  • Started watching this last week after seeing the Golden Globe nominations. Started with episode 1 on internet and we are now up to episode 7. Don't want to use them up before new episodes begin later this month.It is now my wife and my go to show. We love Rachel Bloom as the crazy ex girlfriend. Went to YouTube and watched her short musical postings. She is very creative and professional on these videos. We really like the innovative musical interludes on Crazy that are original compositions. More interesting than the redone songs of Glee. The other actors are getting to be believable characters also and hope they continue to develop. Overall a feel-good fun show. And believe it or not, we are both AARP member who still feel young at heart and like quirky character driven shows. Also give Life In Pieces a look.
  • I am really impressed by this show... hoping that they can turn out this level of quality every week. Singing, lyrics, production value... really good.

    And I don't even like musicals.

    Really great and original. The cast is talented and Marc Webb did a great job directing.

    I hope the viewing audience is open to something besides real housewives of barstow or csi: duluth. Great to see something different and original.

    Please CW, keep this show alive. We don't need another crime procedural.

    Fun, clever show.
  • This show is so funny! Rachel Bloom is an amazing lead and the music is so damn catchy! I didn't think that I would like this show at first, but I love it! Rachel Bloom provides an energetic lead and the characters are hilarious. I am slowly falling in love with Rachel Bloom and all her music. The songs are cleverly written and very good. You must give this show a chance, it will turn into something great. People are saying that it's not funny, but chances are that they are older and don't get that this show is for young people.

    Thank you so much to the CW for a fresh and original series. Please please please give this show another season! Why stop there? Why not at least 3 more!?!?!
  • holly-703353 November 2015
    If you related to Jerry Seinfeld or the cast of Friends, this show will be out of your play list, but for everyone whose life goes a little wonky and you can still find humor in it, this is the show for you. I love musical theater, but I hate early musical theater like Oklahoma- I'm a big Sondheim fan- this show is fantasy musical theater like Into the Woods. The song and dance number last night where they did a Ginger Rodgers/Fred Astaire send up (I think it was called "Settle for Me") was great. I think the dialogue is reminiscent of Princess Bride. This is the best show of the season for me. I love the quirky characters especially the next door neighbor. My favorite thing is that everyone is quirky without having to ridicule or belittle others. This is a great show for those who think what if I had followed that first love, taken advice from a commercial etc.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    May contain spoiler details: I absolutely love this show. People still sing and act?! Talented cast and funny writers. Cleverly written songs and storyline. Having been forced to watch Phineas and Ferb, I appreciated and looked forward to the funny lyrics and Crazy-Ex has the adult version. This show is now my favorite. Also, needed the change from the untalent of reality TV. Soooo happy the art of dancing, acting and singing is still being taught, learned and now employed. Bravo/brava... By the way, who was the genius who put these people together? Can't wait to turn my friends to this show. I hope this show is around for a while.
  • This show is one of the best out there not only is it funny sprinkled with catchy songs but it deals with feminist, lgbt and masculinity issues.
  • mbt-9785730 March 2018
    Just finished season 3 and desperately awaiting season 4! No idea why the viewership for this show is so weak; it's so entertaining.
  • sophiamariej25 March 2018
    I went into this not expecting amazing things but I am so glad that I was proved wrong, I watched all three seasons in just a few days. This is funny and dramatic, and has great catchy songs. Just a wonderfully creative and entertaining show!

    Side note: If like me you suffer from mental illness I would suggest spoiling yourself on plot points relating to that (especially season three) to avoid being triggered by upsetting events.
  • If you are a lover of musicals as I am it is impossible not to love this show. While it can be SUUUUPER cheesy at times (and uncomfortably) it is equally witty so it evens out. For me. I find myself cringing at times and others snorting with laughter at the intelligent snark. And the songs! Omg there are a handful that are on my playlists regularly. Hilarious! (Top 2 faves being 'I Gave You A UTI' and the Bobby Brown homage 'Don't Be a Lawyer'. (I screamed!)

    I will be honest I would have never given the show a try as it was on the CW until I saw Rachel Bloom's exuberant acceptance speech for an award won for the show and just HAD to watch. So glad I did! If you just want a little fun and joy and not take something so serious then this show is for you. It's sometimes so bad it's great. 😊
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