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  • The busy title for this series of jail-bait sex DVDs is intentionally a fake -implying (and easily fooling me) that some semblance of story and characters was contained herein. Instead we have a typical Nubiles all-sex junker.

    The female protagonists look young enough to be teens, though Jessi Palmer was nearing retirement age for her chosen profession when this was made. They have no secrets and no popularity, merely humping away for the camera with anonymous and uncredited studs.

    Subil Arch is the most beautiful of the bunch, appearing in a lesbian vignette. The only dialog is just that of the director and crew chiming in after the end of Jessi's scene, with the usual gonzo inanity spouted by hacks who have been shooting XXX footage too long and need to come up for air in the real world. Or at least hire an editor to remove such extraneous stuff.