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  • Maybe I'm just pairing the two movies because they're both undersea adventures, but I couldn't help but notice how it copies Nemo in a few ways.

    Anyway, the movie was enjoyable enough and doesn't deserve the hate it's receiving from some. Although, they were some odd elements that I'm not sure were entirely appropriate for children, namely the blunt discussion of reproduction/mating to repopulate the oceans, as well as the sheer amount of fish & human skeletons throughout. Now, it should be clear that these were just cartoonish skulls and bones and wouldn't go as far as to traumatize any children, but it was still a little morbid. Speaking of morbid, the bigger picture, outside of our fish's adventure, is that the world is in such a sorry state that humans have long left the planet itself... I mean, that's not Walking Dead level of dystopia, but it's still a little bleak for a children's movie, no? All of this wouldn't stop me from letting a child watch, but it is a little odd.

    Other than that, the animation was top notch and looked pretty cool. Each character is pretty one-dimensional, but there's enough characters and creatures to give the movie the variety it needs, ranging from shrimp to whales and all in between. A visually appealing movie, no doubt.

    A lot of people have been ripping into this one for not being entirely scientifically sound. This is a movie where a penguin pilots a spaceship, get a grip. This isn't one of those Pixar masterpieces that is enjoyed by parent and child alike. It's a silly kid's movies, and it serves its purpose as that. Saying that, it wasn't outstanding or anything. Funny at points, and creative sometimes too, but Deep is nothing too special.
  • OK, I've been on this site for a long time now and never written a review. This "film" is so terrible that I feel this incredible urge to spew out a few words. I won't go into the scientific inaccuracies because this is a kid's movie (and other people have already done it), but literally every single second of this movie makes me want to gouge out my eyes and eardrums with a rusty spoon. I would rather watch barney on a loop for the rest of my life than spend another second with these characters. Everyone involved with this monstrosity should be blacklisted from the industry and be forced onto a registry so that decent human beings can know what damage they've done to society.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *Spoiler: 2nd Grade Science Classes are smarter* 1) Whales are not fish. They do not have gills. If you chain one up underwater.. It drowns.

    2) Gravity works differently underwater. Having a runaway subway car scene is... I don't even have words

    3) Many of the abilities and plot devices only appear, or disappear, for convenience. There is little more here than an ego-absorbed, ill-researched Scooby Do episode.

    4) If you save all the Humans, then the Land Animals, then the Marine Life... YOU FORGOT AVIANS!!!

    5) If the ice caps melt and flood the earth, then the remaining land... STOPS BEING A FROZEN WASTELAND!!

    I tried this with my kids who are 3 and 1.5y/o, so no harm. However, this is a poor attempt to emulate a Pixar movie by copying tropes, clich├ęs, and ripping off other films to slap together a "quest" tale.

    So many things are homogenized, misrepresented then ignored to move along an episodic plot that is an OK theme for kids: "Work as a team and use your individual gifts to save the day".

    But... (and that is the word that will come to you as an adult a lot) everything is just 'there'. Often for no conceivable reason besides a rushed draft of a kids movie.

    And then the *spoiler* ending: "Hey, we just found more of our species.. Better go repopulate NOW!!!"
  • While "Deep" certainly was not an animation movie to make it to the top 10 list of animated movie, it still turned out to be entertaining enough for what it was.

    While the story does have heavy underlying tones that are far too serious to be put into a children's animated movie, then it was done subtly enough so that the kids will not pick up on the fact that humans destroyed Earth. At least my 8 year old son didn't catch on to that part of the story.

    It turned out that he rather enjoyed the movie, whereas I found it to be mediocre. It was the fact that everything was so predictable and scripted that sort of kept the movie from taking off and becoming more than just mediocre.

    The characters in the movie were adequate, although hardly memorable. At least not memorable enough to last long after the movie has ended.

    The animation itself was good, and I liked the small details they had in all the scenes, such as small pieces of debris or clutter drifting about. It really added to the sense that you were actually submerged into the depths of the oceans that had flooded the entire Earth.

    "Deep" is good enough entertainment for a single viewing, but I doubt that I will ever be returning to watch it a second time around.
  • A perfect example of why movies are bad for children ... Confusing concepts and stupid plot ... A lot of stereotypes ... The usual idea that you can do whatever pleases you and others will save you ... "Bad characters" are stupid but have the technological advantage ... and the "good guys" ... all they have to do is press randomly on the buttons and save the day ... Bad, bad, bad ....
  • KirbyKaz16 January 2018
    I had hopes that it would be decent, but it looks like it's trying to be Finding Nemo, and the plot is sort of similar, but it's just bad. It seems like the creators weren't even trying. Give it a shot if you want, but it's really bad and not worth it.
  • eric-yuan17 December 2017
    Boring storyline and everything. Almost fell asleep in the cinema
  • I find this movie kinda funny. It isn't the best animation of all time, but at least it has what it needs for the general public to enjoy, like amusing scenes, lots of action and bubbly characters. It's something like "Finding Nemo/Dory", but in this case we have more than one lovely fish who has to save the situation and there's a rescue mission, rather than one where a fish has to be found. It was good. Not that good, but good enough.
  • This film makes a mockery of what looks like the titanic's sunken Ship, complete with grand staircase and dead bodies, not suitable for children, I cannot wrote a review further as from there I turned it off. Highly disrespectful and infuriating. Once deep has trapped his entire colony in a lava pit he seems completely unfazed and continues to laugh and take his sweet time. Boring
  • user-651-7269964 February 2018
    I thought animation films can't go wrong, but this film proved me wrong. The 2 stars I have given are for the character animation which were well done (not great though) and that's the only thing that's good about the film. Everything else is so bad, that the first 15 minutes will tell you to stop watching this film. I would have called this a student's project but the character animations were good. The story is horrible. It's such a shame. Don't watch this film. The writing is so bad, not just the story but even the characterizations are really bad. The film was so bad that I had to watch Finding Nemo to make me feel better.
  • Annoyingly dumb. The story is awful, the characters are lame, I would not recommend it to anyone. Our 3 years old girl loved the "Finding Nemo", but did not like this one at all - also the singing is terrible and totally unnecessary.
  • I wish I'd read the reviews before I chose it for the kids to watch on netflix, it was utter turd. Even the 9yo was questioning the 'science' while the 4yo was scared of several scenes. Story was inexplicable, the music sections were crap. Don't watch it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Movie has no proper plot line. The main character is just a pushy guy, that doesn't listen to others and continues to ignore everybody even in the small rock scene. Most if not all characters are one dimensional, with cliched tropes. Might as well tell us that; we should not listen to other's opinion, since somebody is gonna fix it for us, oh and ignore literally everything others tell you, since its fun and what you want. The only good thing is that they had good animations. Also about the references, some were too forced like they were pushing as much as they can within the time frame, loved the "Jaws" though.
  • carinaveronika17 April 2019
    Story is horrible. I understand they want to be original but create something worth watching. Music was awful and characters were not memorable.
  • mgmprince19 March 2019
    This is worst animation in the world, because the plot is bad and the animation is bad!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So, besides the fact that a lot of it was scientifically impossible considering the underwater aspects, and the very 1-dimensional characters, it wasn't't...the worst thing I've seen. Close though. I laughed maybe once. Only interesting aspect of it, was the idea of a world after humans had left it, due to global warming. They could have done so much more with it but, eh. And the ending...? About how old are the main characters supposed to be? I mean, that was a bit questionable having deep suddenly be thrust into having to mate with another of his kind? Yeah, no. It was an odd way to end it. Why couldn't they just have the ending be say, the colony looking for a new home?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is definitely a movie for children. Deep is a very egocentric character from the beginning until almost the end of the film and impossible to get a little fondness at any time.

    It's a shame, because the film's beautiful aesthetic is overshadowed by a repetitive script without entertainment for adults.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Chap called "xseven-1" said " The usual idea that you can do whatever pleases you and others will save you"

    Dude, try and name ONE movie this is not the case. ANY, I DARE YOU!!!

    I mean, the way we ALL see it (apart from "xseven-1"), there is no reason to worry or nag about the script because Batman messed up bringing Superman from the dead and Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman (you know, his friends) came to help him out...

    This is a nice cartoon, your kid will enjoy it, that's all there is to it.

    @"xseven-1" Haters will hate.
  • Let's be fair to Lionsgate: while their offering of animated movies are on average really bad, some of their animated movies are so bad it's good. This is one such example. Deep may be bad, but it deserves credit for being what it is worth.

    The animation is technically top-notch for a low budget animated movie although some character animation leaves to be desired. The story, while being a straight up Nemo ripoff, is weird and wonderful. Maybe a little bit too dark for a kids movie, I guess?

    My biggest problem is without a question the characters themselves. I felt Deep as a character is wholly undeveloped. He kept on making reckless decisions that jeopardise the safety of him and his friends, yet still does not repent on his actions. His voice is also annoying and I had no idea who voiced him, but regardless, I enjoyed the antagonists, especially Norma the vampire squid and of course, William Salyers (the voice actor of Regular Show's Rigby) as Darcy the penguin. Speaking of, can you imagine Rigby and Crash Bandicoot (Jess Harnell voiced Luigi the walrus) as two of the antagonists? I can't.

    Also, there is some scientific inaccuracies that might piss some moviegoers off. For instance, how on earth can the heroes operate a New York subway car... underwater? I know this is a kids movie and some stuff does not have to be accurate, but come on.

    The songs are without a doubt so bad it's good material and are definitely worth listening to... (in Jeremy Jahns's voice) if you are drunk.

    Overall, if you pretend Deep is not a Nemo ripoff, you'll going to have a good time. Kids will enjoy it, but animated movie buffs like me will enjoy this movie more with good company, food and drink, and a good laugh. If you need an animated movie for a bad animated movie night, this should be on top of the list.

    (Watched the movie online)
  • I went to watch "Deep" with my grandchildren, age 7 and 9, that enjoyed it a lot.

    They liked the most: 1) The quartet of friends composed by a little octopus (Deep), a shrimp, a lantern fish and an eel; 2) the scenes inside the ship, that put them a little bit nervous; and 3) the crab dancing and songs.

    I then explained them that the movie alert that the sea is running out of fish and that we need to take care of it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I could not finish this movie and turned it off before my granddaughter was further traumatized. Starts out with how evil humanity is, then you watch animals boiled alive by lava, then you see the dead on the Titanic trivialized as cartoon skeletons. Disgraceful
  • Colorful and cute characters, however too scary for little kids. Will give them nightmares. Message on devastation of earth's environment to the point it is abandoned by people. Earth's creature are left behind to destructive forces such as tornadoes, intrusive garbage, abandoned missile...causes further devastation to cute animated colorful characters. Not a scenario for nice dreams for little kids, but instead contribute to insecurities. Parents may need to screen this for smaller children.
  • ThienPhuc542 November 2018
    Although I fully understand the content and their message to save the ocean, I have no fondness for watching it. The way they build up characters is a real nonsense and the climax is not enough. Frankly, it's a sheer waste of time watching this