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  • A decent thriller who seems correct homework. The pool, the vulnerable single woman, the presence and its not comfortable identity. And, sure, the silent end. Nothing remarkable but proof , for a short-short film , of good craft. And, maybe, it is enough for a nice thriller who respects the basic rules of horror.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Very short short, but still an excellent watch - captures the horror momentum well and builds tension in a very short period of time. For those who like horror this is a short must watch that will remind you how good horror should be made and that it's still out there.

    Pro's • Using pauses well • Leaving out the "foe" to imagination • Using an associative context (it's easy to draw connotations to a night swim). • No bad CGI.

    Con's • Short (making it too short, even though the point came across) • The largest misstake is not showing the body drowned in the pool at the end - who she sees on land is herself drowned - so it makes no sense having the body disappear unless she wants to literally die - which you do not get the feeling she does.

    End notes: Horror is about building momentum, it's "easily" done by using pauses and leaving out things to be interpreted (imagined) by the viewer. It is not a 9 because it simply is too short to clearly illuminate if it was a once off (which i doubt but can't rule out). Exspect to hear about Rod Blackhurst again - possibly keep an eye out for "North (2017)".