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  • This show is a rare gem in the recent TV shows. From the beginning you might be put off by sci-fi's familiar theme of dark dystopia and big bad corporations, but please give it some time. I was hooked in just 3 minutes after the news says "Canada construct a new wall to stop illegal immigrants". See? There are so many small details you can find. It depicts a dark picture of future corporations run amok, and unfettered capitalism results in extreme polarization between rich and poor. It's a future that we don't want to have, but also possibly end up with.

    Although there are other shows having the same idea, but only "Incorporated" dares to go far. Not only it shows the dramatic difference between "Red Zone" and "Green Zone", but also different ways of thinking and surviving. In "Red Zone" you will see people fighting for scrubs, selling their own bodies and committing crimes to make ends meet; in "Green Zone" you will see people being afraid of losing their life style, stabbing other's back to get promotion, and the appalling methods of corporations use to maintain the order. In both zones there are no clear good guys or bad guys, only people struggle to survive their environment. All these make this show more believable than other Sci-Fi series.

    The acting is top-notch. Many emotions are expressed with subtle facial and short words. No drama queens, no over-acting. The main story surrounds a young couple which both have their secrets. The husband appears to be a loyal corporation ladder climber, but has anti-corp agenda. The wife in the beginning seems like a spoiled rich brat but in time you will see she has a good and strong heart. Both of them experiences very difficult situations in their own way, but they did their best to keep calm and being normal. Sometimes I wondered. "That's it? But both of them had such a tough day!" In many ways "Incorporated" share similarities with "The Americans", which I also enjoyed tremendously.

    The special effects are also high-end. From the refugee camp to the splendid "Green Zone". Every scene seems fit the description, and not cheap. The devil is in the details. Rich people drives very futurist cars and "Red Zone" people ride shabby ones. Rich people have expensive exotic dinners and "Red Zone" people eat rats. I really appreciate how much attention they paid in every little thing. Sometimes I pause the screen, just to see what's in the scene, and admire how much effort they must have put in for even a short clip.

    However, even the show's script is great. Some pot-holes are still there, like why some "Green Zone" people took great risks to go to the "Red Zone" for fun. Then they later ended up being kidnapped. It seems not reasonable to me. But overall this show has much less holes than other Sci-Fis.

    In conclusion, this is a great sci-fi show. It touches many social issues, very suspenseful, and sometimes deeply emotional. It should worth your time.
  • Edit:its been cancelled and there are very little hope it will come back on, but its still very very watchable.

    I am blown away by this show, while it do have some small problems, its a hardcore sci-fi drama driven by a solid script with no fillers. It has an expanding story that seems exceptional well thought out beneath its exterior, compared to other sci-fi shows.

    Its World is frightening close to ours, and there lies the true drama of the show, the dystopian nightmare vaguely reminiscent of what going on when you watch the news. It dares to go places I haven't seen before in on TV, combined with the obvious undertones of a strong political themed subject matter. (If you don't believe in climate change this show might make you think about the consequences if you are wrong)

    Acting, casting and budget could probably drag its rating down but with such detail in script and world building, i have to give it a 10/10. More shows like this please.
  • chessd311 December 2016
    I usually do not write reviews, but I find this show very interesting. It does not disappoint as a thriller and sci-fi action show. It is thought provoking, and I find myself watching episodes more than once. I do not do that with other shows. The cinematography is great when showing the advanced technology of the future. I find myself pausing the show to check it out. I cannot wait to see what is in store each week. I feel like some have misjudged this show. There is more to the main character's quest than taking down the corporations. There is a history that is yet to be revealed which is why I find it so intriguing.
  • badrobot31 December 2016
    Maybe I'm just a nerd but I liked the pilot. Promising story,interesting characters, good actors (some better than others but this doesn't bother me at all... I mean, this is a sci-fiction TV show not an Oscar nominated drama...) and cool effects. I don't know how much money they had but it looks great, the sets, the cinematography, the gadgets... It's creative and at the same time believable. The tiny crystal cellphone... wow! I want the cool stuff in our near future! LOL!

    I read someone who didn't like the main actor. I liked him. He's not the standard white dude and this is refreshing. He was pretty convincing for me. Let's see how it goes in next episodes but now I'm already hooked!
  • The pilot was great.I thought it was very thought provoking,and engaging,with a good vision of the future, which was very believable. I don't understand the reviewer that called it predictable , he must be suffering from delusions of clairvoyancy. I did not feel it was predictable at all. The pilot sets the scene for a suspenseful ride, as he appears to be going against the corporation,so it left me eagerly wanting more. I want to see what comes next . The production is very slick and professional, the acting is quite good,so hopefully this will develop into a great series. Also the technology and cars that drive themselves and so on, are so close to becoming reality in our own future that this lends the show an extra layer of credibility.
  • mrs-4775413 December 2016
    This show tells it like it is, hard hitting and the brutal truth. The way it portrays real life is mind blowing and will keep you on the edge of your seat, it shows the way people have to live in society in this dog eat dog world of ours.

    It tells the way poor people have to live off the bread crumbs of the rich, heart breaking.

    The way we are screwed out of our rights while the corporations get away with murder and brain washing of regular folks.

    Any way you look at it it is chilling by its implications of society and real life.
  • I saw the reviews online just few days ago, they were amazing and that was the reason I wanted to watch this. I did and it did not disappoint me. I believe it is too soon to tell what is it gonna be so therefor I cannot assume it is necessarily bad.

    I didn't find it to be predictable, just a little bit but you cannot expect the show to be like Westworld, whereas Incorporated should be predictable knowing the plot and the main ideas.

    I really loved the first episode, I am waiting for the second to see if my opinion would change or not. I believe the show has just started it's road on a really big story line. Most of the story lines are in very far future but this is set to a close future which is scarier.
  • shannonoverstreet20 December 2016
    Incorporated is an excellent new series. Allison Miller and Julia Ormond are delivering outstanding performances. Sean Teale is very easy to watch and is gives a very believable character portrayal. The story line is unexpected and combines dystopian, lost love and social/psychological reaction themes seamlessly. The writing is tight and tantalizing by revealing bits of information that are not explained right away. The plot has many twists which keeps the story fresh and engaging. There are no holes in the story where I wonder "what sane person would do this." I enjoy how the series studies motivations and how people react to adversity. The interaction between the maid and Laura is exceptionally interesting and created an opening which I am looking forward to seeing. Recommending this series to everyone I know. I will continue to watch.
  • Why was this cancelled? This is such an awesome series! This is why I don't trust critics these days. Just like "Better off Ted", that was amazing as well... I loved the idea, the story, the visuals, the cast was great as well. I don't normally write reviews, but I would love to see more of this!
  • "Incorporated" is about Ben Larsen, a young boy who grows up in the squalor of the Red Zone, an area far removed from the glamorous excesses of corporation compounds in this futuristic vision of the world. We see Ben mostly as a grown man, but flashbacks fill in the blanks of his past.

    While most corporate employees are driven to succeed in their jobs, Ben has a secret agenda, a purpose that guides his every move.

    Since almost every character is written as desperate, willing to do what is necessary to survive, and inured to the harsh realities on life, it would be easy to write off the acting as one-dimensional. Also, the CGI can be distracting. But the story lines are convincing. And they expose the moral dilemmas that are created by this dystopian world.

    Though I don't find much of this show "enjoyable", it is engaging. As long as the writers don't inject too much of the left-liberal bias that infects many shows--and allow the story to focus on plot points and twists that capture the imagination--I will continue watching.

    Update 1/12/17: After a few episodes, the worlds inside and outside of the corporate walls are being fleshed out, as are the stories of the characters. I am raising my grade to "8".
  • Incorporated works because it takes fundamental truths of modern, capitalist life and leads them to their natural conclusion.

    This series is one set in a dystopian future but unlike many of its peers, its a very believable one, because its not far removed from life as it currently is, with society increasingly dominated by global corporations.

    It takes the current problems caused by rampant, unfettered corporate capitalism and projects what they will look like as the 21st century steadily draws to a close. Massive global warming causes desertification, concentrating power in the hands of a small number of elite corporations and their scheming minions. Corporations own and control food and water supplies, medical care, determine social and economic status, creating overriding extremes of poverty and wealth.

    The story line is not only very plausible but its backed by a classic tale of poor boy makes good not for lust for money but out of a nobler emotion, love.

    The acting is excellent helped in no small part by terrific storytelling and narrative. There's so much to like here, any flaws that do exist are rendered inconsequential. A rare gem of a series in a television marketplace crammed full of mostly unremarkable series.

    Nine out of ten from me.
  • This futuristic drama-venture is a diamond in the rough. If you can see a future through its first year growing pains you can see its potential. Ben is the main protagonist that all the sub-stories splinter off of. He is in love with a girl from the red zone who is a childhood friend but lost touch with her when she went off to be a escort in Arcadia, she wants out and Ben is trying to figure out how to get her out. He lives a double life married to elite green zone debutante who has had a not so pleasant taste of what its like outside the walls and though she has become comfortable in the green zone life she is rebelling against it. Ben seems to be helping her along in that area for his own interest. Kaplan is the quintessential bad guy who has it out for Ben and has a advance in the corporation or die attitude. He is the guy you love to hate and adds a fun edge to the show. I won't drag this out but I think if you keep watching, as the writing and acting mature you are going to have a great show to watch each week. Probably won't win any Emmys but it will be a solid show to download each week.
  • I had to stop and pause the show 8 mins and 49 secs into to fully absorb one of the shots.

    I don't know if the cameraman had freedom to focus on what ever he wanted or the scene itself was carefully scripted right down to camera angles and elevation but it was a very remarkable and memorable series of frames.

    I must have seen millions of frames like this over the years but never has my attention been focused like it was on this actor.

    I look forward to some other interesting shots over the length of what I would like to think will be a long season.
  • gherota7 March 2018
    Yep folks , someone upthere , pull some strings and canceled this really good show... Why ? well, maybe because it did show an alternative truth ( hmmm... where did i hear/read that ? ) ? My healthy side of paranoia ( refined reality ) tells me that this REALLY GOOD show was about o open some eyes , and certain people do not like that. So, no matter the quality of acting, directorship, CGI, writing or cinematography, all top knoch , just let's get rid of it... too dangerous for a prozac nation. Let them enjoy " Cirque de Trump " it's for free now... They'll pay the price later. Shame on you Sci-Fi , you just killed a very good show .
  • I was looking for a new series, started several! plots were thin dialogue empty acting pity-full, story lacking etc... i thought i wouldn't get a contender to compete with things like; vikings the walking dead, GOT accost others. This is a masterpiece cast you want to learn about and you get BITE size snippets which really helps :) the ration of future to past serves you up a real treat in this marvel. The acting and future tech the idea and the cast incredible shame i dint find it later could only binge 7 episodes but love this really looking forward to the next episodes. Futuristic elements second to none cast eye candy in the least with mad skills story gripping action 50% a serious thriller tbf. really clever i think
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I went into this not expecting much, but it turned out to be an interesting show with a great cast of actors. You can't really go wrong with Dennis Haysbert. I wouldn't say the premise is all that original but the underlying plot involving the main character was good enough to keep me coming back. My one annoyance with the series is Syfy's silly censorship of certain swear words. Have them or don't have them, but if you're going to have every possible swear word without censoring them why censor the f- word?
  • SF series take a variety of forms; Battlestar Galactica (space opera), Star Trek original (action), West world (robots vs humans) and many others. Incorporated takes a dystopian future, combined with a high-tech world, and human intrigue. It is truly excellent. The futuristic details in Incorporated lend it a ready air of believability; in-body tech, driverless cars, mind-reading machine, corporate warfare, all contrasted with poverty, climate refugees, and people doing anything to get by. Each character is made clear, their motivations explained, their actions understandable even if nasty. People are believable and it's easy to love and hate them. Well written, well filmed, intriguing, exciting, dramatic, Incorporated is also subtle and complicated with details revealing much, if not at first. Maybe too subtly for some viewers. Inception meets Cypher (2002, Jeremy Northam, Lucy Liu). Sadly, the powers that be have decided not to renew for a 2nd series. Viewing figures were low, I really cannot understand why. If you like your SF tense, believable, and thoroughly engrossing you can't do better than Incorporated.
  • vittadinni18 January 2017
    Sci Fi
    This is surely my first review on IMDb! I really enjoy watching this show. It's been awhile since I watched a TV show faithfully. I was compelled to watch the show once I saw the executive producers involved in the show. Incorporated is good on all levels. The writers, directors, D.P. I can't believe the first season is almost over. Anyway, great job everyone apart of this production. I need to find a t-shirt to help promote this show. The special effects are crazy on this show!!! It's suspenseful, action, thriller, and futuristic. I look forward to season 2. Beautifully shot show! Love the diversity in this show, well done. Thanks, Z!
  • This show has some great elements, the subtext is stark - eat or be eaten. This is an all too plausible a future for all of us, Shrinking resources, stratification of society, a multi-global corporate takeover of martial and civil order. Think EXXON, Samsung, Foxconn, Apple...the top eight companies of the world control annual revenues of over 1 Trillion $. That is power. The tech in the program is not all that implausible either , we are nearly there in bio-medical interfaces that would allow some of this dystopia in about 20 years from now. Maybe less. The cast is good, Denis Haysbert is great the other star is Julia Ormond the rest are just great up and comers. I really recommend Incorporated along side of The Expanse, two of the best scify shows on TV.
  • After getting so used to un-original and predictable story-lines in most TV shows, I was blown away by this. I am a science fiction and fantasy fan, in fact I write it (not well:)) and this is one of the best TV shows I have seen in a long time. Part of the reason I started writing myself was due to the lack of original stories out there. Again and again I would start to watch something and be shocked at how thin the plot was and predictable the characters and choices they made were.

    Incorporated has depth, it has real storytelling that takes the viewer in unexpected directions. In directions that even though are set in a dystopian future, not so subtle hints of current real world issues come to mind. At the end of each episode I would be grinning with the sheer brilliance of the direction. I am flabbergasted beyond belief that this was canceled. When I see, time and time again, films and TV shows that are so lacking in depth, and I wonder how on earth networks throw money at them and then something as original as Incorporated comes along and it is canceled? Gutted.

    For anyone with imagination, any of you reading this who end up writing stories yourselves because you can barely find anything with enough depth to capture your curiosity and appreciation, this is a must.

    I just hope that a movie based on this will be developed because it is too good to just stop where it leaves off. S A Strongheart. Ps, don't let the fact there is only one season put you off, it is brilliant.
  • After season one, the judgment is clear. This show is better than average.

    Classic cyberpunk themes like, climate change and society collapse, "high tech low life" in red zones and luxury bought with loyalty to the megacorporations in the green zones.

    Protagonist and other characters in the series are constantly facing the same moral dilemma in every level: choosing between self preservation and morality, looking after the number one and looking after the common good. Everything in the society works against choosing the latter.

    The show has good production value and grand vision. The story itself, what happens to the people and how they manage provides suspense without being very original, but it's good fun. The real star is the world those characters live in.

    (It's clearly better than Colony. Close or similar in quality to Expanse)
  • Original, engrossing, good enough acting, strong dialogue, excellent pacing.

    Did you like aspects of BSG..of Gattaca? I could add another 10 shows but youll get it. The biggest disappointment you will have is that there is no season 2 while so many terrible shows are still on television.

    Just a great series. You will absolutely binge this 20 minutes is enough to know if it's your thing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I will avoid spoiler till my last sentence.

    This is the first time I've ever left a review here. And sorry for any mistakes - English is my second language.

    This is an amazing show and I have no idea why some people leave bad reviews. They think it is all about corporations! That's funny because shows about zombies are very popular and they are not about zombies at all! It is all about people in difficult situations. And this show portrays really interesting situations.

    Laura has become my favourite hero here. She is a rich girl who was not spoilt by her family's status. She's been in a very, very traumatic situation but managed to get over it, to change for better and wow...!

    Ben/Aaron - I can understand him. He's been fighting for so long for someone that it has become his obsession. And he doesn't see his happiness under his nose (imho)! But still he manages not only to survive on an enemy's territory but to achieve success. How? - just watch it!

    This show keeps your attention from the first minute. And I am so sad that it was cancelled after the first season.

    Spoilers: OMG! There was so much chemistry between Laura and Goran! There must be season 2! Please!
  • Guess I am just getting tired of seeing "big bad corporations" and dysfunctional futures, both of which are the premise of this series. I should have guessed from the title that it would be that, but always hoping for a something that will become less predictable, something that will have plot twists which do not drive towards expected outcomes. Yes there are some interesting devices and premises here which may - or may not - materialize in the future, but given the money that is being lavished on this show, I would certainly expect some of that.

    More broadly, I am waiting in vain for the writers to get creative and write something that is more intellectually stimulating; this sadly does not look like it will be it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The production values on this show are top-notch. Good CGI, classy sets, and appropriately grungy slums. The plotting and acting, however, are strictly B-list. Sean Teale and Allison Miller seem to be giving their roles their best effort, but either it's not good enough, the writing's too stilted, or both. Haysbert's best moment is a feral glare at a surveillance camera, meant for Julia Ormond's eyes, but otherwise, he's wooden. It's fun to see Douglas Nyback get physically debased in exchange for some Red-Zone tech, but his young face (or heavy makeup) doesn't allow him to display the humiliation and seething anger such an experience demands. Ormond is the only one able to bring some subtlety to her role.

    Some plot holes are just too big to be disbelieved. The ease with which Ben Larsen goes in and out of the Red Zone to visit Theo is one such example. Corporate surveillance would flag his comings and goings and he'd be questioned for their frequency. The corporate tech. that Ben takes to the Red Zone club in order to obtain his boss's blood would undoubtedly have an RFID tag to monitor its whereabouts, and Ben would have to have answered for that. As others have noted, the health of Red Zone residents seems too good for their squalid living conditions, and their superior tech. R&D is simply not plausible. Ben's father's suicide makes no sense. What parent wants to abandon their child in such a harsh realm, much less make a demagogic speech before doing so? In the latest episode, the defection of an Inizaga SVP is completely unbelievable. In a world where corporations have replaced nation states, employees would absolutely want to inculcate loyalty to their employer in their children from an early age, just as parents of today want to make their citizens' children patriotic; it would be seen as a sacred duty. For a senior Inizaga exec. to claim otherwise should have raised a red flag to Spiga execs as a pretense for a double-agent operation.

    While I think the premise of this show is highly plausible, the execution is too flawed to enjoy the show.
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