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  • If you like this film you can do so because it is a well made film with a heart warming story without focusing on whether racing is right or wrong. Have enjoyed films about wars without thinking that a war is good. However I did find this film enjoyable.

    As someone who has been involved in the sport as an owner and currently as a rehomer of retired greyhounds I found much of the film very realistic and I enjoyed it.
  • Love everything about this wonderful story and plan to take my whole family to see it. The makers have captured the era and the local culture wonderfully. Smashing characters and acting. Obvious the cast enjoyed making this film and I am sure audiences will enjoy seeing it just as much.

    Very well done to all involved in this remarkable film 10 out of 10 Should have been a Christmas release ! .
  • bryangary6514 September 2019
    Good old fashioned family entertainment

    Great to see the wonderful animal that is a greyhound featured, make very good pets by the way
  • Who can resist a story about a boy and his dog? Especially the drama of the mut being stolen! Great emotion and set perfectly in both time and location to maximise the drama. Well done. Strongly recommended as this year's children's film!