• ma-435484 October 2017
    Great comeback for 2D animation
    I know I speak for a lot of people about wishing for a 2D film to return to the big screen. None of us expected it to be My Little Pony, but don't let the title fool you. The story is a bit simplistic, but the colorful cast of characters and personalities make the adventure worthwhile. The animation really brings these qualities out and is reminiscent of classic Disney movies. The songs are also great; two of them already stuck in my head. This isn't a kids movie just for the parents to groan over. This film gives everyone of all ages something to enjoy. Give it a watch and I'm sure you'll have a great time with it.
  • latinvspiscator4 October 2017
    The movie didn't necessarily make me into a brony but... (possible spoilers)
    The movie is great and is praiseworthy. The animation is engaging to the eye, and it enables to arouse interest in going along with the characters & plot.

    The characters are great, such that there's a diverse disposition for each array of character. This is probably an exaggeration, once you realize in the end that Fluttershy is voiced also by the same person who voiced Pinkie Pie, and Apple Jack & Rainbow Dash being voiced by one person as well.

    The main character is Twilight Sparkle (consistent enough with the movie poster), and we get to explore her power as a princess, which is Power of Friendship. The antagonist is a new/guest character named Tempest (Emily Blunt), a disenfranchised pony who has become calloused and driven. If you don't care about My Little Pony at all, Tempest is the powerful character you'd like to watch. The character of Tempest however will take you on a journey to an unexpected destination, because Tempest's interaction with Twilight Sparkle becomes very important. Another antagonist, Stormking is just as important as Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Candence.

    There is a cat character, Capper, who you'd soon realize is a smooth talking cat. Capper would fall into the male prototype character category in the midst of female characters, worthy of their fancy, disdain and then fancy again.

    There are various absurd situations (mostly because of Pinky Pie) the characters are put into, and as a group, you are able to assess, compare and contrast the reactions of each member of the group. Again, the animation conveys the situation well, and because of its comical effect, it engages the mind into hilarity.

    The movie is quite an adventurous one, and would appeal to any audience other than young girls. The plot is a rather good one, and the pacing moves along quite well. For those who have seen adventure films before, one may realize that the movie captures recognizable thrilling, and momentous stages of an adventure. Again, the coloring of each backdrop, background, is lucid & vibrant, with a great use of acute hues.

    The animation quality of the movie is good; it appears to be a mixture of rotoscoping, mixed with 2D hand animation (I guess by computer). The coloring is with a balanced saturation and hues.

    I could digress about the movie in its trivialities, but in summary, the movie is great. I enjoy it. It didn't make me into a brony though (that's probably because I don't know what brony really is or what he does).
  • charlottemiller-883244 October 2017
    Recommended for all viewers of the show
    First time reviewing a film . There are some bits that the pace does feel fast but the rest lives up to it's standards. the animation and visuals are amazing and gives the feel of like watching classic Disney films and the 2D works very well with the 3D. The songs are great as well and the voice acting fits very well. Highly recommended film for fans of the show and for family's and younger audience.
  • bakkahentai4 October 2017
    A worthwhile animated movie
    My Little Pony's current iteration has been a strange if not fascinating family friendly product, and their movie continues this trend. Make no mistake, this movie is definitely written mainly with children in mind but with enough thoughtfulness that adults should be able to adequately enjoy it to at least a modest degree.

    The songs are catchy and worth remembering, and the characters are distinct enough to be memorable. Although the main seven characters are not equally distributed in terms of screen time, they still get enough screen time to remember who they are for even a new watcher.

    The movie is mainly straight forward with very few twists, but it makes up for it with strong writing. The pacing can be a bit too fast at a couple of points, but only just so.

    Unlike most current Disney movies, however, the villains are quite straightforward in who they are. If you are a fan of twist villains, you'll be disappointed, but if you enjoy a good villain, you'll enjoy two out of the three villains shown. The weakest member - Grubber - at the very least only suffers from not being funny enough as the comedic sidekick to the serious Tempest.

    As for the comedy, the movie goes for a more hi jinks, silly comedy with a few deadpan jokes here and there. Don't expect to a lot of sarcastic remarks or much in the way of deprecation towards their series or its ideals.

    Finally, the soundtrack is quite good. There are six sung songs in the movie and they all keep a different beat and genre. Their distinct style keep them memorable, and not only help progress the plot but explain certain characters in an easily digestible fashion.

    Overall, it's more of a classical styled Disney movie, and wholly enjoyable to anyone looking for a solidly written film.
  • jaxenross4 October 2017
    A very resplendent movie
    Wow, there's "No Better Feeling" that could describe this experience; I can see a rainbow after all. When the intro begins, I get chilly over the staggering soundtrack. There it is, in all of its glory: MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE. And almost instantly, we dive into the exploit.

    The one thing that REALLY stands out for this movie is the animation; it looks magnificent and resplendent for its time especially in contrast with the TV series. It really makes the characters all vivid and vigorous; did I even mention the celebrity cast involved? Songbird Serenade blew my mind, especially by the fact that she's played by Sia herself - and while her original song "Rainbow" wasn't all that astonishing, I'll still give credit to the grand soundtrack that this movie provided as I was told that Daniel Ingram would be composing it with a full orchestra.

    Sure, the movie did remind me of "The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie" and "Lilo and Stitch" based on its borrowed elements - but it was still stunning for this type of storyline. Overall, I thought that the movie was all bright, smart, clever and observant - especially the collaborative, action-packed ending - even if it didn't meet up to all expectations. As for any-pony? Feel free to take time out of your life to enjoy this cinematic masterpiece. We got this together!
  • warofprogramming6 October 2017
    I believe! I believe!
    My Little Pony: The Movie is certainly not the Citizen Kane of animated movies, or the Citizen Kane of animated movies based on toy lines or TV shows. Yet it bears one great distinction. It's the most refreshing experience that I've had in a movie theater for the year of 2017. Simply put, they don't make animated movies like this anymore.

    In an era that we are experiencing a period of social unrest and chaos in this country that has not been seen since the late 1960s- early 1970s, the last thing a lot of us want to do is to go to a movie not only to feel bad, but also to be lectured on how bad the world is today. This sort of negativity has been creeping into animated films, including last year's Zootopia.

    I saw this movie at a Thursday night showing, before everyone starting coming in on the weekend. Let me tell you, you should ignore these negative critics, and come in with an open mind like I did.

    There are various reasons why they don't make animated movies like this anymore. First, what everyone notices, it's done with 2D animation, an art form that a lot of studios gave up for dead just 14 years earlier in favor of CGI. It also features 3D CGI backgrounds, which to some viewers, will contrast to the 2D animation, yet truth be told, wasn't the famous ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast like that? Yet while it looks like it could have been made with pencils and paper, it actually isn't. They upgraded from Flash, used extensively on the TV show this movie was based on, to Toon Boom, a higher end animation software developed in Canada, which was where this film was made. Given that I'm a very tech savvy person and that Adobe is killing off Flash in 2020, I'm not surprised that the production team made this move. The animation is such an improvement from the TV show, it looks more cinematic, and it made me feel like I was watching a Disney or Don Bluth film from the 1990s rather than My Little Pony. The production crew worked under the film's limited budget, which actually gives me hope because budgets get high for animated films these days. Given the fact that Blade Runner cost $150 million and that I believe My Little Pony only cost a fifth of that amount, there's not too much pressure on this film to get a huge opening weekend like Blade Runner. It appears that given merchandise, ticket sales, and social media clicks, this film will actually make money for Hasbro.

    Speaking of Disney, here's another reason why they don't make animated movies like this anymore. While the story has elements very evocative of Disney, including the story (kingdom sets up festival, bad guys come to take over, princess goes on a journey to save her land, songs that move the plot, meeting new allies on their journey, defeating the bad guys, celebrating, and roll credits), there are several story elements that Disney doesn't use anymore. First and foremost, a dark villain that stays throughout the entire movie. Disney used to have a lot of these in their films, now they just cop out and give us surprise villains, such as a prince or a sheep. They also used to have funny little villain sidekicks, now with these surprise villains, they are virtually nonexistent. This film has a funny little villain sidekick, and when he gets screen time, he's pretty fun to watch. Also, unlike many of the new Disney and Pixar movies, the villains, along with several bits of imagery in this film, can actually be kind of scary, which is more than what I can say for the people who make those Despicable Me movies.

    Third, and most importantly, the film refuses to make cheap jokes, obnoxious pop culture references, and preachy political statements. The recently released Emoji Movie, which proudly sits at the Bottom 100 on IMDb, is an example of all three, judging from what I have heard from people who saw it. My Little Pony: The Movie offers real escapism, which is something that a lot of these recent movies have lacked in the last 3 years. The first movies I ever saw in a theater were The Lion King and Toy Story, and both those movies had stunning imagery, captivated me, and made me want to go to those worlds. Watching My Little Pony: The Movie in a theater made me feel like that kid again. It's an escape. The people that made this film, Hasbro, Lionsgate, and DHX Media are very much like Peter Pan whisking us off to Neverland. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, these animated movies, but there's enough elements in here to satisfy both existing fans of the show and newcomers. My mom, who isn't even a fan of the show and is not really into animation, watched the movie with me and she found it to be delightful. Speaking of, this film is an absolute delight for anyone ages 2-110. Even if you're not into animation or My Little Pony, you'll still find something to like in this film because it is filling with innocence. I would really like that kind of innocence to be brought back to the movies. Why would you hate something that is cute? It could have been an hour and a half feature length toy commercial, but instead acts much like a fine Disney movie made during the 90s. Two words I can end this fabulous review on: I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE!
  • ponyphuckcast5 October 2017
    Souped-up episode of the TV series.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Before I get into my recommendations for viewing, let me first comment on the film as a standalone experience: The movie has a perfectly cogent narrative, it's very straightforward, none of the characters are obnoxious, unnecessary, or out of place. The dialogue is excellent, and the themes are sincere. The film is not overly saccharine, and it's conflict and subsequent ideas presented are handled with a degree of verisimilitude that helped make the TV show popular with a wide array of demographics in the first place. That being said, what is presented is not very complex or interesting, it's all relatively straightforward stuff and the ideas the film presents will in all likelihood not surprise you in the least. MLP FiM's strongest point has always been it's characters, and the protagonists lead role here is no exception. Because of the large ensemble cast, many of the other characters do not get such well explored spotlight, which is to be expected given the films short length. That's not to say that the films large main cast does not jive thematically with the ideas of friend presented, but a longer length could have made some of the characters inclusion a little bit more pertinent to the eventual wrap-up.

    The visual aesthetics of the film are mostly beautiful. The production is a hybrid between 2D hand drawn animation, and 3D environments. Aside from some 3D models that stick out like a sore thumb (Most of them being objects rather than background set-pieces), the art, cinematography, and animation is all top notch stuff and should keep most people sufficiently interested in looking at the screen for the films length.

    This film is partly a musical, and as usual from Daniel Ingram, you can expect a treat. Everything from fanfares, to tangos, to Broadway swing tunes are present, all being recorded with live instruments. All of the song serve a narrative purpose and are not gone to waste.

    If I were to estimate the average audience members experience who is not a fan of the TV series, a 6-7/10 movie going experience seems like a reasonable estimate. It does plenty to transcend it's cultural baggage as being a My Little Pony movie, but does not stretch it's limbs far outside of exploring the easy to understand themes the TV show presents. This can be seen as good or bad depending on your disposition, which brings me to the next part of the critique: My Little Pony The Movie is best consumed with the added context of the first three seasons of the television series the movie is based on. Audience members with no exposure to the wider canon of the series will be missing out on a lot of established characterization and concepts that rightfully so are not expounded upon in the film due to the central narrative taking precedence. This information is not necessary to follow along and perfectly understand the story, but the added context easily bumps the experience from a 6-7/10 to a 8+/10 film going experience. Some concepts may seem absolutely ridiculous, like Twilight Sparkle being the princess of friendship. Any regular movie-goer who did not follow along with Twilight's arc between seasons 1-3 will have no idea why this is significant, or how such a title makes sense in the slightest. Again it is not necessary to know why Twilight is the princess of friendship, or what this means exactly, but the added potential confusion and/or absurdity the idea presented can have a negative affect on ones viewing experience, especially an older audience member. The added emotional connection and characterization from the series with the main cast makes this movie better, seeing them all come together and take on this challenge is much more satisfying at it's conclusion than otherwise.

    My Little Pony The Movie is more ambitious and looks a lot prettier than it's TV counterpart, but peeling back it's layers reveals the fundamental core that makes MLP FiM MLP FiM.

    If you are somebody who is not familiar with the series and you want to give this movie a try, you might as well watch the first few episodes of the TV show first, because you'll know for the most part exactly what you're in for. If you like it, continue watching and try to get through as much as you can before seeing the film. This is a lot to ask of somebody, but if you dislike the show and have no other reason to see the movie, you can merely skip it entirely as this will probably not be something you will find to be sufficiently entertaining.
  • jonsefcik8 October 2017
    Eh, it was okay I guess.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't consider myself a brony, even though I've seen some episodes of Friendship Is Magic. I haven't seen every episode, but I've seen enough from each season that I have a good idea of what the show is all about. I personally don't like the first few seasons but the series does get better as it goes along. Overall, it's fine. It's a fine show. It's not the most amazing thing ever like some would lead you to believe, and it's not cancer like others make it out to be. Considering it's a show aimed at 5-year-old girls, this is the best show aimed specifically at that demographic I've ever seen. The strongest aspects of the show are it's good voice acting, relatively complex plots for a little kids show, and character arcs that span multiple episodes. You can tell a lot of effort was put into it, the creators have respect for their audience, and it doesn't feel cynically pandering at all.

    For this reason, I decided to give the first theatrical movie based on the series a chance.

    So how does the movie hold up? Eh, it was okay I guess. The animation reminds me of the Spongebob Squarepants movies where it's a little different from the TV show, and the cinematography is more traditionally cinematic, but it still captures the same spirit of the show's universe. Out of the six new songs featured in the film, at least half of them advance the plot in one way or another, and aren't there just to pad things out. Yes, you guessed it, the lyrics of all the songs are about friendship. The female villain pony has a decent amount of depth to her character, although she does have the generic scar over one eye that every villain seems to have these days.

    This seems to be a movie designed for people already familiar with the series since little is done to develop the main six or establish the world of Equestria. Imagine the show didn't exist. You'd know almost nothing about the main characters or the film's universe. None of the characters really have an arc. With the exception of one character, no one changes or learns anything that they didn't already know at the beginning.

    The dialogue in the show was fairly timeless, but the dialogue in the film is more modernized, which felt a little weird since its directed by a guy who's directed a bunch of other MLP stuff, so you'd think they'd try to keep things consistent. The cat character felt like a Puss In Boots ripoff at first, that is until he opened his mouth. I can't say I was expecting that voice to come from that character. I know the FIM universe has other nations with species other than ponies, but this still felt like a move to appeal to the furry demographic as well as the bronies. Why did the bird pirates still have all their pirate stuff on board their airship? They presumably got employed and their ship would have to fit regulations, right? The movie ends Zootopia-style with a pop song no one's gonna remember.

    Since I compared this to the Spongebob movie earlier, one point I wanna bring up is that this movie doesn't have much of an emotional center. Now you may be wondering "what emotional scenes were in the Spongebob movie?". Well you watch the scene where Spongebob and Patrick are "dying" on the drying table in Shell City and tell me you don't get at least a little teary eyed! The best family movies are the ones with a certain level of emotional maturity and treat their audience like thinking adults. Half the MLP fan base is 25-year-old males. You might as well give them something more.

    If you or your children are die hard fans of the franchise, go knock yourselves out. If this was surprisingly great like the LEGO movie, I would have no problem recommending it. Unfortunately, My Little Pony: The Movie doesn't offer much to entice the average moviegoer.
  • lassie19915 October 2017
    Best Animated Movie I Have Ever Seen
    First off, I will say that I have been a lover of My Little Pony: Friendship Of Magic since it first began to be aired back in 2010, so I'm not someone who went into this blind. However, that being said, this movie is phenomenal. It's pretty much everything you could ask for in an animation movie, especially with a lot of the garbage they create nowadays.

    The animation? Absolutely spectacular. I can't recall the last animated movie where I saw animation this beautiful, this well-designed, and clearly so much heart put into it. The characters? All enjoyable, all entertaining, all likable (even if they were meant to be evil), and all pretty important to the plot in their own ways. The story? Pretty solid. I'll admit they did try to rush some of the introductions to the new characters that were never shown in the television series, but honestly I think it works better that way. This didn't need to be drawn out, overly complex, confusing, or something it shouldn't be. This is My Little Pony: The Movie. And it succeeded above and beyond what it set out to do. The voice actors? Amazing. None of the celebrity voice actors overshadowed any of the normal ones from the TV series whatsoever.

    Even if you're a hater of the series (for whatever reason), or you claim that it's "just made to sell toys", or you have something against Hasbro, or you think you're "too old" for this, or whatever other excuse you have...please trust me when I say this movie is amazing. It's definitely worth your time. The songs are really good, composed by a great talent in Daniel Ingram, and the messages and morals the movie teaches you is honestly something more people nowadays need to hear. With how dark the world is today, a good dose of heart, friendship and magic like this is exactly what we all need. Your age or gender shouldn't matter at all. From start to finish, from the characters to their voices, from the story to the animation, this movie has it all. All the effort and passion is there, and I'm extremely proud to call myself a fan of the show. I won't use the "brony" moniker, since I always found that silly, but I'm a strong, passionate lover of the series and this movie was a great accomplishment that everybody involved should feel 100% proud of for doing.
  • imdb-149315 October 2017
    A good movie for a good franchise
    This is by no means a masterpiece, but it is an excellent animated movies that both the target audience of little girls, their parents and bronies will enjoy. It has a few flaws in how it drags the protagonists around by their plot-noses, and inconsistencies compared the development of the characters in the show. It seems to be roughly late season 4 with several characters regressing a bit compare to their character development in the latest seasons.
  • ashleyfaithspencer4 October 2017
    The best movie of 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is by far one of my most favorite animated movie of 2017

    *spoilers ahead*

    The animation is very beautiful and fluid. Even the ponies look adorable in ToonBoom. I love how the animators did with the program.

    The setting too is creative. It consists of land, air and water. One of my favorite scene of this movie is the Seaponies and some musical parts of this movie.

    Daniel Ingram is an amazing song writer. His music piece "One Small Thing" and "Open Up Your Eyes" are very catchy and fun, it made me did a little dance in the movie.

    Overall, this is my most favorite animated movie of 2017.
  • roccosketch8 October 2017
    Amazing animation with a side of originality on a established cartoon!
    I have been a fan of the series for quite sometime now and a active community member since 2012. I have seen every episode with my kids and consider myself a snob to animations regarding this series. All I can say is... WOW. I knew that the crew had made the shift to ToonBOOM for the movie but I never expected it to be this... AWESOME! The animation was flawless, the presentation on point and the writing superb!

    This is not the series we know as fans, this is Disney levels of quality in style and writing. The characters are very well fleshed out as well, and that villain... Finally we get a bad girl that is portrayed as more than a character with a grudge. I. Freaking. Love. HER!

    Add to that I am a Tennesseeian and that The Nashville Scoring Orchestra did much of the scoring for this movie and you have a mix for a bit of bias. That being said, This series has always had amazing songs in it thanks in part by Daniel Ingram and this DID NOT DISAPPOINT! But bias aside, this is a movie that even parents can enjoy. It is cute, funny and well written. Sadly due to the adult community of fans, some of the 'trolls' that take joy in pick on them have decided to flood the internet with false reviews.

    Seriously, go watch it! If you want something besides the typical Disney product with the same story line you have seen a million times, this movie is for you! This has to be one of the few cartoons out there with core values that is still GOOD! I rank this up there with The Secret of NIMH, My all time favorite movie as a child. You go DHX and Hasbro! Stellar job!
  • Robert Setlock, III14 October 2017
    A Downgrade from TV
    Well, if you ever watched an episode of this series and thought, I wonder what it would be like if they made this four times longer, gave it a much bigger budget, and half assed the story. Then this movie is for you.

    I definitely wouldn't call myself a brony, but I've seen plenty of episodes and my daughter loves the show. This movie feels so much more hollow and isolated then the show. Ponyville is attacked by the Storm King (Live Schriber) with the help of his second in command Tempest (Emily Blunt). The six main characters flee and attempt to find allies that will help them defeat this foe.

    We follow the six leads on this adventure, but their characters that are very distinguished and defined on the series are muted here. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity all get one brief character moment and that's it. Pinky Pie and Twilight Sparkle have a fair bit to do and Fluttershy… well she gets nothing. You could cut her from the movie and have it bare no impact on the story. Actually, you can cut everyone but Pinky Pie and Twilight Sparkle and have the same story. The whole TV series is about friendship, but this movie opts to ignore most of the key friendships in the series.

    Let's look at villains. In the series easily one of the best villains is Discord voiced wonderfully by John De Lancie essentially reprising Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation. We also got Nightmare Moon and the Changelings. All of which were far better villains than the bumbling Storm King. Discord is a very silly villain, but he still has menace. While Storm King was just silly but without the menace. How does a character like that build an army and invade with no warning? I get doing a new villain, but shouldn't this villain feel like more of a threat. As it is, he feels like a lesser threat than the six have already beaten dozens of times.

    If you think this isn't a movie made for me. This is a movie made for fans. My 9 year old daughter who loves the series spent a fair bit of time after the movie complaining about how it took elements for the series and squandered them. She seems a heartbeat away from screaming betrayal. And if the movie can't satisfy non-fans or fans, then who was it possibly made for?
  • castielfan897 October 2017
    Better than expected
    Warning: Spoilers
    To start the animation in the film is a upgrade compared to the TV show. The plot is interesting, the Mane 6 must go on a mission to save Equestria from the Storm king and his minions. The movie has got awesome catchy songs as well as great voice acting. Taye Diggs and Michael Pina provide a comic relief along side funny pony Pinkie Pie. Leiv Schreiber and Uzo Aduba provided solid voice acting and great supporting story lines. Emily Blunt, Kristin Chenoweth and Zoe Saldana all shine in their roles to make this movie better. Princess Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack and Fluttershy all shine perfectly on the big screen making this movie a wonderful adventure for all ages.
  • ninjamidget259 October 2017
    Pure awesome for fans of the show..others? Well we'll see about that
    It was pretty much what I expected; a longer version of one of the TV episodes, which is fine with me since that's really all it's meant to be. The songs were all very good, but the one done by Tempest really stood out to me. The new animation used in the film was absolutely beautiful. A true step up from the flash animation. All of the characters had their moments, from Pinkie Pie's party canon to Fluttershy telling one of the big baddies "You seem tense. Do you want to talk about it?" Rarity is absolutely adorable with her meltdown proclaiming "The bad guys have won!" Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom looks awesome with the new animation. The storm king seemed more like an afterthought than a real villain with Tempest playing the biggest role on the bad guys side. Extremely well done animation and voice acting. Fans of the show will love it, but it will not get many new fans. I would say a rock solid movie effort well worth another one in the future.
  • masonrobledo8 October 2017
    One Of The Best Films Based Of A Cartoon That Made Me Smile
    Say what you want but I actually like MLP: FIM (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic), It has good animation, good morals, good laughs and good characters, It may not be perfect but It's great for what It Is and I am a fan of It (or a Brony If you will) however the Equestria Girls (or EG) were not quite as strong, It has good animation but rather average as a stand alone series with the first EG being the only great one, the rest go from okay to bad not that good at all.

    But when I heard there was a movie about the original series and not another EG, I was overly excited, the trailer made It better and could be one of the best movies based off a cartoon and........... It kind of Is... "kind of", It's not quite the best but darn, I was surprised by this movie, the effort, the animation, the plot and characters, this Is what I always wanted In a MLP movie and they did just right, where do I even started?.

    Let's start with my favorite, the animation, HOLY MOLY IT's FANTASTIC!, It almost has a Disney look to It, the character designs on new and old characters look very well crafted and nicely upgraded, the backgrounds look beautiful and very colorful and the execution on all of It Is great!, so nice work movie for upgrading the animation from good to amazing!.

    The plot Is not anything special, It's very predictable and you can tell what will happen from a mile away, but It's done well from execution and fans can still have fun and get invested with what's going on Including myself, others might not get into It as much as the bronies or the younger fans but It's not for everyone.

    I like most of the characters, I like the Mane Six as always, the new characters are interesting my personal favorites are Storm King, Princess Sky and Tempest, the rest I do like Capper, Grubber and the pirates but those three do stand out as far more interesting characters.

    The voice acting Is very good, I'm glad the original voice actors from cartoon are in this movie without them, this movie wouldn't feel like a My Little Pony movie, the celebrities are also pretty great, Emily Blunt, Michael Pena, Zoe Saldana and Kristin Chenoweth are all doing very well and they do fit in, Sia Is the only one I thought was out of place, not that I hate her In fact I think she's great and makes wonderful music, but her character and her voice acting was sorta strange even though she wasn't In the film that long and I know there has been ponies that have played as other well know characters like Doctor Whooves and one of the characters from the Big Lebowski, But Sia who Is Songbird Is just....weird.

    So with all that said, Is this the best movie based off a cartoon, well... close and I MEAN CLOSE, what the film did right was upgrade the animation to make It look beautiful, colorful and well crafted, the new characters are funny, well developed and interesting along with the old characters, the story maybe predicable but It has enjoyment for fans and maybe non-fans, this Is one of the best films based off a cartoon, It beats all them garbage live-action films like Yogi Bear, Mr. Magoo and especially Inspector Gadget, If you love My Little Pony then go check It, If you don't then you'll hate It, I'm glad I saw this movie, It made me smile so much and made me have hope for more movies based off cartoons, not the love-action garbage.

    I'm happy to give My Little Pony: The Movie a 8.8/10.
  • jesslmc-380225 October 2017
    Just an amazing experience!
    As a fan of the show for 5 years, never have I seen a movie that brought me so much joy! The characters are all great, the story is pretty good, and the songs are all amazing! If you're a fan of the show, I highly recommend seeing this movie. If not, well you can at least enjoy seeing your brony best friend have a smile on his/her face! :)
  • juba-aj16 January 2018
    Certainly one of the bests movies for family...
    With a stunning 2d animation and tons of comedy, the only flaw of the movie is the story which could had a better development. However it's good enough to keep the interest of young and mature audiences, and the visual quality is just gorgeous. It also has a crew of characters with different and interesting personalities. Certainly one of the bests movies for family and will make fans of the tv show proud.
  • Bulldog172113 January 2018
    Cute, Peppy, Lovely, and magical. MLP seizes the day!
    Honestly, I have never been a big fan of the franchise. But after the movie, I felt like that this movie had something for everyone in the family. I know that this movie haven't received the best credentials out of critics. But in my opinion, This is still something that surprised me as i watched this entire thing front to back.

    The Plot line had a great flow, The characterization was funky (In a good way), It had some innocent soundtracks in it's storyline, etc. All these things are what made these movie rethink the franchise's motive towards kids.

    This movie creates a sense of imagination for people who had never seen the original franchise. For those who have watched the series, It still creates a balance of new and old elements in it's storyline.

    Still though, Awesome movie, From a guy who is not a big fan of the show. People alike will love this movie! TRUST ME!
  • Emily Smith5 October 2017
    Review of MLP:The Movie
    Last night I saw the premiere of My Little Pony: The Movie. As a lover of the TV show I have to say they actually pulled it off! Through out the movie it's never a dull moment. This time the problem can't be fixed in 30 minutes. There's also new friends, including Princess Skystar who's voiced by my favorite actress, Kristen Chenoweth. I never thought I'd hear my favorite pony, Pinkie Pie and Kristen Chenoweth singing one of the best songs, in the franchise (One Small Thing). That was a real treat! I love the fact that the movie is not kiddish looking but it's for us adults as well. They pulled off the CGI animation. It was impressive! They did stay true to the TV show but added new elements that went well together. I would see this again in theaters and can't wait to own it!
  • Peter G.15 October 2017
    My Little Pony: The Movie is more than a toy commercial, thanks to a mature adventure plot, Disney-quality songs and villains who give you chills - even as adult.
    Warning: Spoilers
    My Little Pony: The Movie starts in the capital city of Equestria, Canterlot, with a short introduction of its main characters; Princess Twilight Sparkle (Tara Strong), Applejack (Ashleigh Ball), Fluttershy (Andrea Libman), Pinkie Pie (Andrea Libman), Rarity (Tabitha St. Germain), Rainbow Dash (Ashleigh Ball) and the dragon Spike (Cathy Weseluck), as well as Equestria's remaining three princesses Celestia (Nicole Oliver), Luna (Tabitha St. Germain) and Cadance (Britt McKillip). Princess Twilight's anxieties about the upcoming Friendship Festival lead into a cheerful song, but soon, a menacing airship emerges from a dark, foreboding cloud.

    Out come Commander Tempest Shadow (Emily Blunt) and her partner Grubber (Michael Peña), to conquer Equestria and take the magic of its four rulers, including Princess Twilight, on behalf of the Storm King (Liev Schreiber). Utilizing surprisingly strong spells from her broken unicorn horn, Tempest Shadow neutralizes three of the princesses quick. Princess Twilight evades this fate thanks to one of her citizens, a gray pegasus mare named Derpy Hooves, but vastly outnumbered by the Storm King's invading army, she can only flee.

    After escaping Canterlot, Princess Twilight and her friends embark on a charmingly-classical hero's journey south to find the mysterious "Queen of the Hippos", last words spoken by Twilight's mentor and co-princess, Celestia. They come through a variety of environments, including a desert town with nefarious citizens and an underwater capital. Mentions of additional locations like the mystical-sounding "Blackskull Island" give the immersive feeling there's more beyond the screen's confines.

    Classical is also their enemy, the fearsome Storm King, a yeti-like tyrant determined to increase his power with an old relic able to control storms, once charged with magic. He fits perfectly into the dark villain line-up of the "My Little Pony" TV series.

    On their journey, always fleeing from Tempest Shadow, the team of heroines runs into the sly cat Capper (Taye Diggs), who has his very own interests in mind, swashbuckling pirate captain Celaeno (Zoe Saldana) and her crew, who are the Storm King's slaves, and a whole tribe of seaponies whose queen, Novo (Uzo Aduba), refuses to help to protect her own citizens.

    Once Capper breaks into song, My Little Pony: The Movie cements itself as half-musical. The songs are memorable musical numbers straight from equestrian (and non-equestrian) mouths, in a quality that puts them on the same level as Disney's best musical repertoire. Offerings range from a happy celebration song to Tempest Shadow's own, dark anthem; a chilling performance that reveals her reason for following the path of ruthless villainy. The latter will be kept a surprise here, but Tempest's motive paints a black picture of the world's potential for mercilessness, in a cynical and realistic tone one would not expect from "My Little Pony". Only Sia's song "Rainbow" feels a bit generic and unfitting to the world of Equestria, but it still provides an enjoyable enough tune that gives the movie's grand finish the right atmosphere.

    Although commonly seen as a girls franchise, "My Little Pony"'s movie adaptation still gives great roles to male characters. Seemingly reserved for antagonists at first, Capper becomes a comrade-in-arms later, inspired by Rarity's generosity. Even Grubber seems to be motivated more by the Storm King's meals, he never comes across as truly malicious. His interactions with Tempest Shadow radiate a feeling of mutual understanding, implying a deeper bond between them than it seems at first glance.

    As all seems hopeless for the sextet of heroines, Capper makes a surprise return with Captain Celaeno and crew. The aforementioned Queen Novo's daughter, Princess Skystar (Kristin Chenoweth), joins them against the will of her mother and, together, they return to Canterlot to save Equestria from the Storm King's greedy claws.

    The king himself finally takes center stage near the end of the movie, going right down to his terrifying business. Illustrating how much Equestria's pony culture disgusts him via quite refined statement ("Deliver the punchline, Tempest, because this is gotta be a joke!"), he charges his staff with the princesses' magic and blasts Princess Twilight through a wall to test his new weapon.

    During the, literally, stormy finale of the movie, it shows again that the modern "My Little Pony" is not just kiddy-fare, but well-written and mature all-ages entertainment, as a good amount of (non-bloody) violence is needed to fight the last battle, because the power-hungry Storm King is not one who listens to the "Magic of Friendship". A significant step-up from the flowery past incarnations of the franchise, as well as the more recent, brand-defying "Equestria Girls" spin-off movies that turn the ponies into humans and focus on overdone high-school drama.

    My Little Pony: The Movie presents itself as a clever all-ages movie, with sharp dialogues and intelligent, mature jokes. The characters simply being themselves provides more humor, like Rarity's best drama queen performance when the journey gets hard, which is the big strength of the movie's comedy.

    My Little Pony: The Movie also received an animation upgrade from the traditional Flash animation of the TV series to a more fancy version called "Toon Boom Harmony". The feats are impressive, rendering Equestria's beautiful landscapes and the architecture of its capital city in good old 2D animation from days long gone, with realistic-looking visuals that invite to scan the backgrounds for neat little details, something that modern, synthetic CGI animations have forgotten how to pull off.

    In the end, My Little Pony: The Movie offers a positive message: One of tolerance, inclusion and overcoming one's insecurities, without being cheesy, as the path to these values is long and hard for some. If you seek a worthwhile My Little Pony adventure, then the journey of Princess Twilight and her friends to defeat the Storm King and save their home is the right choice for you.
  • jakepatrickbb8 October 2017
    Great Movie, but it could been better.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Warning: This Review contains spoilers those of you who want to watch this movie should not look on this review.

    Animation: The animation was amazing. It looks a lot more smoother than the show. They fixed the animation that was in the trailer. But, there two problems the 3D animation and CGI.

    The story: The story was good for the most part. It focus on action and adventure more than comedy and drama. This movie feel like an adventure. The humor was fine, it probably not the main focus. However, The humor could been better. One problem about the story the pacing. I feel like this pacing was going too fast. The songs move the plot really quickly that it make the story slightly less interesting and weaker as the result, The plot was predictable. It could been better story if they could add more part of the story. One thing that could make the story better and character more memorable: their backstory. They could make Capper's, Bird Pirates, Storm Kind and Hippogriff's. The reason why Tempest was more memorable and likable, her backstory. That one part they waste some potential. They need to put the story in the comic book and move them to the movie itself. So that way it should make story much better.

    Spoiler Alert

    The reason why it rated PG because Tempest been attacked by a monster which as the result losing the horn. Twilight and pinkie having a big argument after their plan failed. One character die from falling.

    Character: The most characters are great I did find all character are likable. I wish they could bring Shining Armor, Discord, and other character from the show on the movie, but unfortunately they did not make appearance in this movie which was disappoint to those who are fan of those characters. King storm could been better. Although he was a good villain, he doesn't appear much in the movie. Tempest was by far the best character in the movie. She not just the best villain in the entire movie, she also become my favorite character and the best villain in the entire series. Her motivation are great as she try to get her horn fix, She has really good backstory, and She did deserved redemption more than Starlight.

    In the end, Tempest give Twilight and her friend the real name: Spoiler Alert Fizzlepop Berrytwist. 2 questions: Did some pony called tempest or herself? Where and how she get her real name?

    Song: The songs are great. I did find 4 or 5 out of 6 songs are amazing those songs are We got this, Time to be Awesome, One small thing, Open up the eyes, and rainbow. the one called "I'm your friend you need" was good song it not as good as the other songs in this movie. I also find 2 songs Tempest song and Sia song was by far the best song in my opinion.

    Voice actor: The voice actor did really good job. They did same voice actor for Mane 6 from the show. I like Capper voice because I like the way talk like a gentleman. Also the rest of these characters voices really fit throughout the entire movie especially Tempest.

    Overall: This movie was great. It have so much potential to be one of the animation movie in 2017, but without any risk, unable to make a biggest hit on box office. However, in my opinion, I think it's one of the best movie based on TV show. (not number 1) They may not make to Oscar nomination, but it still possible to make the nomination. As a Fans they will love this movie while the non-fan they may either love it or hate it, but mostly disappointed. I agreed to those critics say it was average, but I disagree to those critics as they think was terrible like (IGN and Hollywood report) which those two reviews was inconsistent and bad-written and they think that emoji movie is better than my little pony. they're wrong and lying to you because this review prove that they never watch the show and/or movie. The evidences was not good enough to make MLP the worst movie because of those points makes no sense and dumb reasons why its bad, and the final score didn't deserved that low. MLP has more positive and more moment whatever is best/worst than Emoji movie. Those reviews was like written by the Kindergarten or Anti-Brony. This also proved that it may be put on the spot for the movie that critics got it wrong. This movie will be one of these movie. Don't let critic stop you from enjoy the movie, Ignore them and go watch the movie.

    I wish they could make a sequel in order to improve from the first movie. However, because of box office doesn't make a big hit despite not being bombed, it may less chance to make the sequel. If they going to make sequel, they need to make sure that the pace are just right and have a better story in order to not only attract fans, but also non-fan and impress Critics. which it was a big challenge. The few things I agree with critics was pacing, predictable story, underdeveloped character, frame rate, out of character like Twilight, and 3D animation and CGI. couple of things I disagree with are songs was not somewhat memorable and 2D animation. If they do get the pace right, it could be one of the best kids movie of all time. I am the fan of this show. I do believe that DVD will be much bigger hit than on theater. If you're a fan of this show, Go buy a DVD.
  • islandraven16 October 2017
    An animated masterpiece
    My Little Pony: The Movie is jaw dropping beautiful in it's artwork, a solid story of the power of friendship, and a musical score to rival other animated masterpieces such as The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go To Heaven and An American Tail; indeed, a viewer could think Don Bluth himself was at the helm of this venture.

    The young pony princess, Twilight Sparkle, stays committed to saving her homeland alongside her friends, fighting her own fears as she resists the very real threat pursuing her. Innocent, gentle, and emotionally fragile, she is inspirational in her bravery to seeing this adventure to the end.

    Children will be swept up in the silliness and vibrant colors and the not-so-young will enjoy the nostalgia of a finely crafted 2D animated movie such as were made when they were children themselves. This film will be a treasured part of any families video library for generations.
  • noitocho20007 October 2017
    With Flying Colors
    This film such a nice return to 2D animation. I have been a Brony for a while and i was extremely proud of what i saw. I walked out of the theater with my family smiling. This film is just so innocent and adorable.

    First is the Animation... The animation style is smooth and an improvement over the TV show. The color pallet itself is bright and beautiful making the film blow up. the 2D cartoon ponies mixed well with the 3D style backgrounds.

    Voice acting... The Original caste is joined by Brilliant actors like Emily Blunt, Taye Diggs, Uzo Aduba, Michael Pena, plus many more. they bring all they have into this and it clearly shows. I want to praise Emily Blunt as Commander Tempest...Her character was the most powerful and Emily Blunt makes her even stronger with brilliant voice acting. Her as the main villain was the perfect choice and for a movie about little ponies, her aura was threatening and dangerous. Everyone else did good but she stood out the most. The original voice cast did their job and made me adore the mane 6 once more.

    The story itself was solid and i was with the Mane 6 every step of the way. There are some well animated animated action scenes that keep the ball rolling. There are some very heartfelt scenes that made me surprisingly feel for the characters.

    negatives... This move isn't perfect, there are some flaws that even I couldn't look past. For one...Pinkie Pie...her character in the show is over the top, but she she is smart about it and knows when to act more serious. There were moments where i thought she was too much and she took up a lot of the screen time from the others like Fluttershy... Fluttershy was underused and simple choices made within the script could have made her presence more well known....Some of the jokes didn't land all to well, i chuckled because the charm of the film is infectious, not because the jokes were funny...some jokes did land, but don't expect any gut busters.

    In the end i loved this movie and i recommend all fans see it whether you're a brony or need to take your daughter to see it.
  • agensahu6 October 2017
    Best MLP movie till date
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is the best MLP feature length film I have ever seen till date!!! It has adventures, Mane 6 going beyond equestria to save their home.Badass villain who lost her horn and new places to see beyond equestria.Oh man!!! It was a emotional roller coaster ride for me. I laughed at certain scenes, I cried at certain scenes and I got extremely shocked at some of the shocking things.

    My Advice is to Give this movie a try every pony and every human!You will love it a lot. And don't forget, the Animation is so smooth and fluid for a 2D animation feature film like this.
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