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  • Warning: Spoilers
    At the beginning of the film you start to think it's promising, that is until the fifteen minute mark. What starts off with the potential to be another "Take a break holiday that goes pear shaped" really does nothing but go silly in a very Dull way.

    The Couple ( who are obviously the main stars ) offer little more than cheap and silly humour that in no way is meant for anyone over the age of 15. Although the setting looks great and the ambiance of the location comes across it's just spoilt by the lack of believable feelings by the cast. The Editing is terrible and the Music choice is at the least Mediocre.

    I've avoided talking about the plot because i think the directors made it as they went along.

    All in all watch it when you have really nothing else to do, it may tickle some peoples fancy but certainly not mine.
  • I was so surprised to read positive critics rating this movie here... Excuse my french but it's the worst pile of crap I've seen in a very long time. Poor acting, awful photography (while shot in a gorgeous place), no plot or so poor, and a lingering pseudo anti-morality that is just pure Trumpism... we are living in a world of morons, I want to move to Saturn... or maybe Uranus, I heard it is friendly.
  • This was a sweet indie movie filled with comedy and adventure. Julie McNiven did a stellar job as Hanna, and the supporting characters brought lots of personality and laughs throughout. The Babymoon is a great watch with something for the whole family. I can't wait to see what writer-director Bailey Kobe has in store for us next!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved how this movie makes it OK to be a couple in their mid 30's, having a baby, and not have everything figured out.

    It's a fun, super entertaining jungle adventure. Where the couple finds how to be together as they struggle to find themselves thru separate journeys. As a new parent I found myself emotionally connected to this little film and its perspective from both the husband's and wife's side of things.

    Caught this as a very high recommendation from one of the top Mom-Blogs. If you are pregnant or thinking about it, do yourself a favor and watch this movie. No pending baby required, but when you are in this mode, it will hit all the feels.