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  • Enjoyable Sci-Fi/Adventure series developed with emotion , suspense , thrills and noisy action . This is an imaginative , glamorous , strange fantasy based on the wonderful adventures by a group of heroes against ominous enemies who want to modify historical facts . It is a familiar but satisfying and agreeable Sci-Fi yarn . This a fun series starred by a group of time agents at charge of avoiding nasty people to change world history . Long time ago , during Catholic kingdom (XV century) , kings Isabel and Fernando , was discovered some weird doors , they are enough to go other epochs and take them all back . ¨Time Ministry chief¨ (Jaime Blanch) along with his underlings (Juan Gea , Calletana Guillen Cuervo) look for intelligent as well brave applicants throughout time , the candidates are the followings : Julián Martínez (Rodolfo Sancho) , a SAMUR paramedical worker affected for recent death his wife , Amelia Folch (Aura Garrido) , she is a XIX Century valiant and feminist woman and Alonso De Entrerríos (Nacho Fresneda) , a XVI Century captain Alatristre-lookalike . All of them wind up throwing into their past and future world , but they have to stay alive . The protagonist group will have to confront deal of dangers and adventures and will fight heinous characters such as Lola Mendieta (Natalia Millán) , Napoleon's spies and even Himmler ; ending for themselves against marauding spies who attempt to change history . The group must survive in ancient centuries long enough to resolve the missions assigned by the ¨Ministerio Del Tiempo¨ . Our starring friends even involving into love intrigues , as Amelia meets Lope De Vega and , foiling history , they fall in love . Can our loyal agents survive twisted plots , violent battles in world history and make it back to the 21st century alive ? .

    Imaginative as well as lush fantasy about some fantastic doors in which our heroes one time enter , they take on several adventures and dangers . This splendid series blends action , historical events , suspense , battles , intrigue and results to be a lot amusing . This is a far-fetching but acceptable story about intrepid agents traveling backward in time to just to discover weird incidents and save the world and they will fight all kinds of risks to get their purports . From start to finish fantasy , action , duels and delightful adventures are interminable . The protagonist group will have to confront deal of dangers and to run the risks of other times . There are great budget , just amusement enough to cover production gaps and some flaws . As an important group of re-enactors and extras were used for soldiers in battle sequences and recreations of historical moments . Fine special effects mostly made by CGI and liking performances by the leads manage to keep this one afloat .

    The picture is partially based on historical events such as ¨the defeat of Armada invincible (1588)¨ and with appearance of several famous roles . As in first episode , our starring go back to Spanish Independence War , they have to avoid Napoleon's spies to kill a known Guerrillero : Martin Diaz El Empecinado ; in second episode , our beloved protagonists try to impede Lope De Vega Y Carpio well played by Victor Clavijo aboard a galleon with a fateful destination . There also appears Velazquez (Julian Villagrán) , Salvador Dalí (Enrique Alcides) , El Empecinado (Keuchkerian) and Isabella the Catholic , here Michelle Jenner reprised her role of from the series Isabel (2011) , the cameo was recorded on the same stage sets as Isabel (2011) before they were dismantled , Rodolfo Sancho played Ferdinand The Catholic on the same series . And even Himmler (David Luque) attempting to Francisco Franco to prevent the meeting in Hendaya in which accorded Spanish neutrality in WWII . Pablo Olivares and Javier Olivares were the excellent creators of 8 episodes from this original series . Being realized in memoriam of Pablo Olivares who recently and unfortunately passed away . The chapters were well directed by Abigail Schaaff , Marc Vigil and Jorge Dorado
  • Found this whilst browsing Netflix on a boring afternoon. Three 70 minute 'binge' watching later and I was totally hooked. It is subtitled into English but that is really no problem. This is a time travel Ministry located in Madrid - every country has secrets - Spain's is time travel and run by civil servants not the military which makes a change. Imagine a secret branch of the Spanish civil service spread backwards through time - sorting out temporal irregularities whilst complaining about budget cuts. You need a composite drawing of a suspect - no problem - the ministry's artist is Velasquez who is obsessed with Picasso. It is has moments of laugh out load humour and beautiful examples of culture shock but balanced with very dark and challenging ideas all set within strong stories. It has a very 'European' style which feels very different to the American programmes we get swamped with in the UK. There are no 'mini dramatic moments' where you know the advert break would be or the 'meaningful looks to camera' and definately no 'syrupy endings'. I find myself rushing to Wikipedia after an episode to get the background of Spanish history. Enter our heroes - a new 'crash team' - consisting of Spain's first female university student and team leader, As the Under Secretary in charge says 'In our time she could have been anything - make her team leader', a knight from the 16th century ('Put him in a room with a modern marine armed only with a knife and the marine wouldn't stand a chance') and a present day paramedic. These are really strong and complex characters each with their own issues. The acting is really good and the writers are happy to have fun - 'Plan? We are Spanish, we improvise!' If you haven't found this series yet I urge you to do so. Three seasons so far, so fear not - it won't be cancelled if you like me get hooked.
  • First, about the show itself ... an unusual team is put together to go to the past and ensure that certain things happen the way they should or that certain historical figures survive to live out their destiny. They travel through doors that are time portals, which sounds totally nutty, but the matter-of-fact way the characters travel through time makes it believable. Most important, however, the show is just a ton of fun! Guau ("wow" in Spanish), I almost died laughing during Episode 2, where the team has to save Lope de Vega. The actor's portrayal of Lope as a shameless womanizer was one of the funniest acting jobs I've ever seen. The episodes are intriguing, suspenseful, funny, and so much fun, all at the same time!

    My knowledge of Spanish history isn't good enough to verify the accuracy of the show, but I've read it's quite a bit more faithful to history than "Isabel," although that might not be saying much because "Isabel" gained some notoriety for its dramatic license. What I am sure of is the show accurately reflects the significance and impact of its figures, works, and events from Spanish history. The foreign (that is, non-Spanish) viewer gets a good sense of what Lope de Vega, Lazarillo de Tormes, and El Guernica mean to today's Spaniards.

    Finally, I can't recommend this show enough if you're a non-native speaker trying to learn (Castilian) Spanish. First, with Julian (the nurse from 2015), you hear how Spanish is actually spoken today. It's not the Spanish you hear in the classroom, but it is how real, honest-to-goodness, normal Spaniards speak. Then with Amelia (the brilliant university student from the 1880s), you hear perfect formal Spanish - the kind still taught in the classroom. Perhaps the least practical but the most entertaining is the Spanish spoken by Alonso, the 16th Century soldier. Alonso's Spanish is more Siglo de Oro than 21st Century, but it's fun to listen to.

    Watch the show because it's massively entertaining. And if you're trying to sharpen your "castellano," you've found a gem in "El Ministerio Del Tiempo." The videos of all eight Season 1 episodes are available on the RTVE website, with captions (but only in Spanish) if you need them.
  • I can't say enough about this show. There are so many little things that are so good about it A lot of subtle humor that one has to watch out for but it helps if one is Spanish I think to catch it all. Being American I missed out on Spanish history and this show brings some of the important Spanish history to life. Beautifully done with gorgeous scenery and sets. Photography is outstanding with beautiful lighting. Even the dyes used for the 15th century clothing fabric seems right to me. There are no gaudy reds, greens or blues in the 15th century clothes as one might see in American films.. All of the costumes must have been dyed with herbal dyes. The episode about Napoleon and the Mother Superior was so well done; so very warm and nice and funny too. Casting was perfect. Wherever did thy find the guy to play Napoleon? Perfect! I can't say enough about Nacho as Alonzo. We need more men like Alonzo in the world today. Fierce, sensitive, principled, religious; Great job Nacho!. It is interesting to see the way the English and Americans are seen by the Spanish. It makes one think! There is a metaphysical or spiritual aspect to the show too. It is interesting to think about whether one could or does transcend time at some point. This is an outstanding series. Give it a chance, even if you don't know Spanish and don't like sub-titles. It is a great way to learn Spanish, especially if you have been trying to learn it on you own for a while.
  • I'm really enjoying this Spanish SciFi series! It takes the past and rolls it into the present and back and forth in an entirely entertaining manner! I've grown to love each of the characters, one more than the other, depending on the episode. It's also a good way to help me brush up on my Spanish. I'm currently watching it with English subtitles but plan to switch to Spanish and rewatch the entire 3 seasons. I hope it continues well into the next few years so I can learn more about Spanish history, practice my Spanish, and continue to enjoy this remarkable sci-fi show!
  • Tonight the Ministery of time has started to work at full capacity and I hope in the future episodes they're able to show us more information and facts about this secret agency and his curious characters. I recommend it for all the sci-fi fans and enthusiasts of the history in general, but there's only one con for non-Spanish people, the original language is Spanish and maybe it's hard to find the video file and the subtitles in the habitual websites.

    I wait anxious for the next chapter!!! :)

    PD: You can see previous chapters, teaser and promo videos in the official page of the series inside of the TVE website ;)
  • How accurate these series are, I'm not sure. I'm no expert, but so far all the historical facts seem quite correct, and that is part of the fun. This series is funny, and also smart and exciting. Well written, well acted, decently edited, professionally directed. I'm really enjoying watching it!

    Even for those not familiar with Spanish history, many of the characters are fictitious anyway, and those who are not are big names. And in case someone in the audience wouldn't recognise those big names, they are all explained so the plot makes sense for everyone.

    So give it a try, you won't regret it!
  • I am not going to say this shows concept is anything original, it is not, there is a plethora of shows that revolve around the concept of time travel. Slider & Quantum Leap to name but two.

    What makes this show stand out from the crowd are a number of things

    1: It is not always 'family friendly' it uses expletives, there is nudity it touches on subjects that other shows would avoid in favour of popularity (murder, child abduction, etc, etc, etc)

    2: The actors, Nacho Fresneda, Juan Gea, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo & aime Blanch all stand out adding humour & gravitas to the show.

    3: History, every show these days feeds us American & British history and I imagine like most I take what I am told for granted, because for the most part I know a little of the history being told. But being Spanish, this show had me Googling every episode. Whoever wrote this, either had a passion for Spanish history, or spent an amazing amount of time researching, the good, bad & funny parts of Spanish history.

    4: the photography and sets, I suspect this show doesn't have the kind of budget that Agents of SHEILD or other such shows can boast, this show looks just as polished as any of them.

    It will be interesting to see what Netflix (who have apparently brought the rights to this show) do for season 4, personally I hope they allow the actors & writers to carry on as they have.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The series has many strengths. Especially the script that is of great quality.

    Many nods and references to other series and movies are made. But the best thing is a more scientific than fantastic series:

    Warning: spoiler of the argument!

    The series is based on a simple argument regarding understand. The Ministry of Time is an entity "secret" that is based on preventing evil traveling to the past can change something that harms the future (of course, the future of the past is the present). To that does not happen there are a number of people elected from different centuries, they must complete a series of missions, traveling different times.

    The characters of the series, they encounter different situations, some funny and some not so. In any case, the mixture is perfect for maintaining the tension in each episode.

    The script, as I said, of high quality. The characters, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, another key point and the argument itself, together form a series of high very entertaining and enjoyable to watch quality. Highly recommended.
  • This show is very good. The characters really grow on you. I like the concept of the doors through time. The Ministry of Time also has a great sense of humor. I find the acting quite good and engaging. It is refreshing to watch a show from a different country with a totally different perspective. The costumes are very lush and lovely. I have learned so much about a history I knew almost nothing of. This has been a fun side bonus. I liked the American show Timeless, which is not even half as good as this one and seems rather silly and ham-fisted compared to this one. The company that owns MOT, took Timeless to court for ripping them off and I totally can see why. This show is much better than Timeless. Which I will still watch, but now I will be comparing it to this show. If you are American and watching this show, you will get a total laugh out of the very bad American accents, when they attempt some some stories involving American figures. That is fun too. When J Edgar Hoover introduces himself the rolling R's in the attempted American accent cracked my family up. We replayed that about 5 times, laughing our heads off. If you like history and time travel, give this show a try. All three seasons with English subs is now on Netflix. I highly recommend it. I hope they make a 4th season.
  • I have developed a mild obsession with Spanish drama over the last six months and whilst I've enjoyed Grand Hotel and Velvet, the Ministry of Time is something very special. Cleverly written, beautifully acted it has so much depth to it, it has taught me about Spanish history but still managed to retain warmth and heart and not be just give facts. It has made me laugh and genuinely weep, it makes you consider so many things in life - would you want to know your fate and how you die? I can't recommend it highly enough.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This series is in Spanish with excellent acting and dramatization iof the history of Spain. The views of the Spanish cities and the euphemisms used by the cast are awesome. My wife and I both speak and read Spanish but some of the saying they used were new to us (e.g. "Por los clavos de Christo") and very entertaining. The telling of the history of Spain by the acotrs was great and had me googling the places and people in the stories and for the most part they were historically correct. The final episode seemed to be a parody of the suit against the writers of the show TIMELESS and will have you scratching your head unless you google and read about the suit. We watched every episode and have recommended it to our friends.
  • Like the sublime 'Life On Mars' this superb Spanish time-travelling adventure weaves out of chronoclasm a wise, witty and altogether wonderful drama about the Quixotic healing process of nostalgia. Riding various hobby-horses of Spanish history, our three dashing agents of the Ministry of Time, like a benign Adjustment Bureau, set forth to right Spanish history whenever it threatens to go wrong. Spain's only great secret - as the Minister of Time himself confides - is this vividly present access to her own stirring history.

    Apart from TV's 'Life On Mars,' I haven't enjoyed a drama series as much as this since I listened to the time-travelling adventures of 'Pha, the Phoenician' on the radio, all of sixty years ago: I experienced the same child-like wonder, watching time being played with. This is a tribute to the sheer magic woven by a series deeply in love with the history of it's own land, Spain. How wonderful to see a fantasy that dares to imagine the past as salvation, in preference to damnation - which implies that the future will be as carefully curated to build a world we can be glad to be alive in. I'm tired of gloomy and hideous dystopias that make you want to stop time: This drama makes time go with all the swing and swagger of a Spaniard's sweeping soul.

    Of course, the personal tragedy of the Agent from our own time could possibly hint at the sad 'Life On Mars' type threat, from which the time-adventure proves to be only the psychic escape of a ruined mind - - - If so, how piquant if it should transpire that Spain's ownership of this underground warren of the Past is but that romantic country's national dream of another vast Empire, where Ministers of the Spanish Crown may still hold sway - and also one ordinary protagonist's mental fugue from his own tragic reality? After all, it is intimated to this new recruit by the Minister himself, at the outset, in the establishing episode, that our Quixotically heroic paramedic has the choice either to serve the Ministry of Time, or to be reconciled to incarceration for life in a mental institution, as a danger to himself and others.

    I cannot praise this witty, stylish series too much. I shall be relishing every episode on Netflix (to whom thanks are due for making it available).
  • chrisangel4917 September 2018
    I had heard that El Ministerio Del Tiempo influenced Timeless so I decided to give it a shot. Even though I'm not fluent at all in Spanish and rely on subtitles, I'm hooked! It's similar to Timeless but much less campy. The storylines and characters are well thought out and the world they create is fantastic.
  • "El ministerio del tiempo" (The ministry of time) is about the highest (an only) secret in the Spanish government: a ministry located in an old abbey in Madrid which has many doors underground. The doors take people to different times over the whole history of the country, and always within Spanish boundaries (either the peninsula, or back a couple of centuries ago, to the Spanish colonies). The workers of the ministry has to ensure that the Spanish history doesn't change. The plot is breathtaking and highly addictive. Each episode deals with a particular event in the Spanish history or literature. The director and screen-players are advised by historians in all episodes. The history events and characters are very accurate, except in those few episodes where they treat a topic which there is not complete historical records, as "El lazarillo de Tormes", written by an anonymous writer, or the Siege of Baler. There are always on stage several characters from different moments of the Spanish history. The screen-players have respected the way of talking, and adapt it to reflect the period they belong to, with little modifications to adapt it to modern Spanish. I can't wait to see the next season.
  • Like most of us in North America, I came upon this gem while scrolling Netflix. This is a diamond! Well acted, well written and such a great plot device. I've now watched and re-watched season 3 and its just such a great ride. I truly truly hope that they decide to do a fourth series.
  • aileencita25 November 2018
    Spain should be so proud to have such a great actor as Nacho! The best character I've ever seen on a TV show.

    Ver a Alonso De Entrerrios solo te dan ganas de ser Español!!!
  • It's so nice to see a "sci-fi" show where they don't have to go crazy with CGI effects and where they maintain a focus on the importance of dialogue. The actors in this are outstanding, the characters are deep with their own struggles and ideas and their actions are true to who they are throughout the storyline.

    On the plotting side the show has an overarching struggle vs internal decay and rogue agents and human stupidity and yet they string together missions that are fun and enjoyable here and there to keep things light. They also take time to demonstrate how the agents adjust to the difference in eras and sometimes to hilarious effect, and all of it ties together to create a show that is absolutely fantastic. Bravo!
  • hartunga4 September 2018
    Best spanish series... Just hope they decide to have a season four! Very pleasant to watch... Awesome figurine
  • This show is an excellent historical sci-fi series. Each episode is refreshing, interesting, and fun to watch. All the characters are unique, likeable, and funny. It's one of the most original and enjoyable shows I've seen on Netflix.
  • davemerino20 November 2018
    At first, this show reminded me of Timeless, but this one actually has substance. It meshes, it flows, it has chemistry,the characters make sense, the actors are all dynamite.

    In researching this vs Timeless, I see that this show came out first, making Timeless a BAD copy.

    On Netflix, no commercial interruptions help keep the story flow going. You get immersed in each episode for an hour. You develop feelings for the characters, you like most, loathe a couple, & love a few.

    I highly recommend this mysterious, suspenseful, will they/won't they, WTF just happened moments & ohhhh, saved by the ring, show.

    Don't speak Spanish, put on the CCs in English.
  • A series of clever episodes with extremely good acting and subtle situational humor. I liken it to Mission Impossible except you must travel thru time to pull off the caper. That adds the novel ability to take any historical incident , major or minor, and expand your historical appreciation of the event. And the movement back and forth thru time demands your attention to the story, because your disbelief is always just below the surface, crying to be listened to. And it does improve your Spanish.
  • Whilst the concept behind this Spanish series has been done before I can not think of a single instance where its been done with such polish.

    Ministry of Time takes a well worn idea and infuses it with a sophistication and at times romantic/nostalgic elegance that makes this series instantly addictive.

    It works so well because it renders real characters, with human imperfections and asks the question of how these people would cope and react to different situations that are, quite literally out of their time.

    The other reason it works is the stories it weaves are intelligently rendered. It asks questions and presents scenarios, that are at once familiar and unfamiliar. Its time travel tales with maturity. On the subject of which this is I would think 16+ fare, definitely not one for the kids.

    Suffice to say if you love sci fi this is an absolute "must watch". 8/10 from me.
  • Actually, it hooked me the moment I saw the excellent production values -- even though great writing (think the early Dr. Who) can transcend cheap sets and props, a beautiful, well thought out and deeply detailed setting can only enhance the good. This is good. I love the way the writers use the bare minimum of back story to really delineate the characters, and leave the iffy parts of the premise pretty much up to us as to how we wish to explain them. They just plunk us down in the world and let 'er rip. Nice! The little flourishes are great, too, though probably wasted on most Americans. I have read the Alatriste series of books, so the moment Julian snarked "Why is Alatriste here?", my jaw dropped and I laughed myself off the couch. Those references are pure gold, as are the other occasional pokes at the vagaries of bureacracy, governmental austerity programs, football fanatics, and cultural idiosyncracies. This is a clever, clever show!
  • chetan-5623223 April 2019
    This is show is really cool and the characters are well done. One thing I wish Netflix did is for the viewers who don't know Spanish history and their famous figures was have a part of the episode where viewers are given a brief description about the importance of the historical figure that we are going to meet in the episode.For a lot of these episodes I have had to google who the famous historical figures are and that gets annoying since I know very little about Spanish history. It's like if the American Show Timeless didn't explain who the historical figures are for non-Americans. Other than that, great show.
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