Edward Asner voices Santa. He is the only actor from Elf (2003) to reprise his role.

Kate Micucci and Jim Parsons were both on The Big Bang Theory (2007).

All people without speaking parts are blue.

"Basil's Review," on the Broadway marquee is a nod to Tony and Grammy award winning Choreographer Toni Basil.

Based on Elf (2003) and the Broadway musical adaptation.

Jovie has a much smaller part than what she did in Elf (2003).

Gilbert Gottfried also voiced Santa in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Billy and Mandy Save Christmas (2005).

The scene where Buddy walks into NYC, and he says "Wow", you see signs saying Dance Zowie, Jazz Hands, Tonite, and Basil's Review. The rest are cut off or too small to see.

There are several differences from this and the original comedy. · It is narrated by Santa instead of Papa Elf · There's a subplot with Michael not believing in Santa · Emily has a bigger role · Jovie works at a diner instead of Gimbel's. · Walter gets the skateboard instead of Michael. · The boss and the famous writer seem to be morphed into the same character · Santa & Buddy are attacked by naughty kids instead of the Central Park Rangers Many of these changes are due to this 1-hour TV special being an adaptation of a 2-act musical, adapted from a feature-length film.