The cutout character that Vers shoots in the Blockbuster store was originally supposed to be The Mask (1994), with Vers mistaking the green face for a Skrull, but the filmmakers couldn't secure the rights.

When Stan Lee makes his cameo, he is seen reading the script for Kevin Smith's Mallrats (1995) and reciting the line, "Trust me true believer". As revealed on Smith's YouTube page, Stan's health was in decline and he could not muster his trademark enthusiasm so the producers looped in Lee's unused audio from Mallrats.

Goose is played by four different very professional cat actors named Reggie, Rizzo, Gonzo, and Archie.

Brie Larson is allergic to cats, so her scenes involving Goose were filmed with a puppet or computer-generated VFX.

In the comics, Captain Marvel's cat is named Chewie, after Chewbacca from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977). In this film, it was named Goose after Goose Bradshaw from Top Gun (1986).

The security guard Captain Marvel speaks to at the beginning of the movie is Marvel security director Barry Curtis.

Stan Lee passed away while they were editing the film and the folks at Marvel put together the special opening logo to honor him.

Project PEGASUS stands for "Potential Energy Group/Alternate Sources/United States." It was previously mentioned in The Avengers (2012).

When Larson showed up on set to film the post credits scene, she got a redacted script page with everything blacked out except for her own line. There were no actors present. The crew couldn't even tell her to whom she was speaking. The other actors filmed it seperately. Brie Larson was digitally inserted into the scene afterwards.

While Monica Rambeau is choosing a new color for Carol Danvers' suit, we can see many references: a red and yellow suit (the colors worn by DC's Captain Marvel, currently known as Shazam) a black and golden suit (the colors of Carol Danver's Ms. Marvel suit) and a white and green suit (the classic Kree armor suit colors in the comics)

In February 2019, Marvel launched the official website of the film which emulates design from the 1990s, including HTML frames, a mix of rainbow fonts, pixelated GIFs, a hit counter, a guestbook, and a low-resolution trailer framed inside a window resembling Real Player.

In the movie Carol refers to Monica as "Lieutenant Trouble". In the comics, Lieutenant Trouble (a young girl named Kit Renner) was Captain Marvel's biggest fan and later on became her friend.

Samuel L. Jackson improvised checking out the Skrull's junk beneath the sheet.

There were concerns that Brie Larson was too young to portray a pilot. Screenwriter Nicole Perlman consulted with the U.S. Air Force, who said it was possible for someone between twenty-eight and thirty-four to become an accomplished pilot like Danvers.

Jude Law took counsel from his Sherlock Holmes (2009) co-star Robert Downey Jr., who plays Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, on appearing in this movie. Law stated, "He talked a little bit about how making a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie is fitting this one piece into a bigger picture, and giving yourself over to that. It's not about trying to understand everything. Just do your piece."

The name "Captain Marvel" is never spoken in the film, and is not seen in print until the closing credits.

Both Marvel and DC had a superhero named Captain Marvel, the DC version being better known as Shazam. After lengthy legal proceedings, Marvel won but in order to retain their copyright, they required to publish Captain Marvel comic books. Not being a popular, money-making character, Marvel fulfilled this requirement by publishing a series of one-off comic books over a series of years. Also as part of the deal, the DC version was not allowed to use the same character name on the cover, so the title is Shazam after Captain Marvel's (Billy Batson's) catchphrase SHAZAM which is also the name of his mentor.

Fury's ID showed him having only level 3 clearance at the time.

Pancho's Bar is a reference to female aviator Pancho Barnes and The Happy Bottom Riding Club that was the hangout of test pilots from what would become Edwards Air Force Base in The Right Stuff (1983). While in the Blockbuster store, Carol (then known as Vers) picks up a VHS cassette of The Right Stuff. Carol had once been a test pilot at Edwards.

To prepare for her role as Captain Marvel, Brie Larson trained for four hours a day over nine months, learning judo, boxing, and wrestling. She also visited Nellis Air Force Base and met with active duty airmen, including Brigadier General Jeannie Leavitt and Thunderbirds pilot Major Stephen Del Bagno, who died in a crash and whom the movie pays tribute in the credits. He, and other members of the unit, had given Brie Larson the callsign "Sparrow".

(At around 20 mins) Vers' scream back at the growling Skrull, was devised on set. They loved the idea of small pieces of her humanity crack through even before she realizes she's a human.

Pinar Toprak signed on to compose the film's score, making her the first woman to score an MCU film.

In the film, Talos claims that all Skrulls are shapeshifters. However, in the comics, Talos is one of the few Skrulls who is unable to shapeshift.

When Brie Larson's casting was announced at Comic-Con, CNN ran the headline "Shazam! Brie Larson is 'Captain Marvel'," apparently not realizing that they were thinking of the wrong Captain Marvel.

This film is set in the 1990s, and serves as a prequel tale for established Marvel Cinematic Universe characters Nick Fury, Phil Coulson, Korath the Pursuer, and Ronan the Accuser.

Fury mentions that he likes to operate in locations that start with the letter "B" because he can make them rhyme. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Alexander Pierce talks about a rescue mission that Fury initiated, against orders, in Bogot√°.

Samuel L. Jackson described this version of Nick Fury as a desk jockey with two good eyes, who has not yet become cynical towards bureaucracy.

Fury says no one calls him "Nick." In the MCU films that take place later in the timeline, Tony Stark and Agent Maria Hill both call him "Nick."

Ben Mendelsohn was called 'Ben Mendelskrull' when he was in his prosthetic make-up.

Most songs featured in the movie are sung by 90s female singers; Des'Ree [You Gotta Be], No Doubt [Just a Girl], Garbage [I'm Only Happy When It Rains], TLC [Waterfalls], Salt-N-Pepa [Whatta Man], among others.

The film was the first from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to have a female lead and it was released at cinema on International Women's Day

This was the twenty-first film to be released by Marvel Studios for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Nine Inch Nails (NIN) t-shirt worn by Carol is a bootleg. According to Rob Sheridan, the band's former art director, the rectangle surrounding the NIN wordmark should be the same width as the typography found in the logo. Marvel subsequently reached out to Nine Inch Nails, and an official NIN t-shirt commemorating Captain Marvel became available.

Jamie McKelvie, who designed Carol's Captain Marvel suit in the comics (used starting in 2012), praised the movie costume for closely adhering to his work.

The older lady's stunt double during the train fight is Heidi Moneymaker. Larson's stunt double is Renae Moneymaker. "So there are two sisters fighting each other for a lot of this sequence."

The film featured the cinematic debut of the Marvel alien race the Skrulls. In the comic books, the Skrull made their debut in a "Fantastic Four" adventure.

On Nick Fury's ID card his birthday is seen to be the 4th of July, 1950, which makes him 45 years old in this film. In real life, Samuel Jackson was born on December 21, 1948.

Maria Rambeau's pilot call sign is Photon. In the comics her daughter Monica Rambeau gained superpowers similar to Captain Marvel and briefly took on the title of Photon (She had other titles too - Captain Marvel, Pulsar, Spectrum).

The filmmakers cited 1990s action movies as an influence on the film's action, in keeping with the era in which the film is set.

A nod to the original character is Captain Marvel's combat helmet she wears during her missions and in outer space. The helmet features the iconic mohawk haircut Captain Marvel was often portrayed wearing in the comics. There was some debate among fans regarding Brie Larson's hairstyle, with many fans claiming it is too long and not similar enough to the usual short hairstyle Captain Marvel has in the comics.

As a large portion of this film is set in space, and presumably because the Kree use similar technology; the iconography of location displays (font, coordinates) within the film when shown on screen is very similar, if not identical, to the location displays from the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

This film is based on the "Kree-Skrull War" storyline, which was written by Roy Thomas and published in The Avengers issues 89-97 between June 1971 and March 1972. Carol Danvers only had a small role in the story, before she received her superhuman abilities (in 1977).

Quantum physicist Spyridon Michalakis, of the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter at the California Institute of Technology, was consulted on the film.

The Skrull makeup took two hours to apply.

This film marked the second directing pair in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the Russo Brothers (Joe Russo and Anthony Russo), this time Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden. Boden was also the first female director for a Marvel movie.

Most of the quad jet is vfx, but the front/cockpit is a practical piece that they had to share with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The filmmakers debated which was more 90s , "fresh" or "dope", and finally decided they were equally correct and then went with "fresh."

This was the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be released after Stan Lee's death.

Producer Kevin Feige announced that this movie happens before the events of Iron Man (2008), and features the Skrulls as the main villains.

The special key that Vers pulls from her suit to connect with 1990s tech and communicate back home is later a part of the pager that she gives to Nick Fury

The film takes place in 1995.

The filmmakers used real-world animal biology, particularly octopus videos as reference for the look of the Skrull transformations.

While in the classified file room there were a couple of boxes with the name Kevin Larosa clearly behind Carol. Kevin Larosa Sr. is the stunt aerial coordinator in the movie.

This was the first solo female-led movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018), released the year before, was led by a male-female superhero duo.

Katheryn Winnick, Natalie Dormer, Emily Blunt, Katee Sackhoff, Yvonne Strahovski, and Rebecca Ferguson were rumored for the title role.

Nicole Perlman previously wrote the first draft of Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).

Despite the fact that this movie takes place before, and was released before, Avengers: Endgame (2019), it was actually filmed after the latter.

Movies listed as references include Gimme Shelter (1970), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), The French Connection (1971), The Conversation (1974), The Godfather (1972), Star Wars (1977), and Top Gun (1986).

Keanu Reeves was almost cast as Yon-Rogg.

The movie is not a traditional origin story, as the heroine already possesses her powers when the film starts.

"We went through so many songs that we experimented with for this sequence," says Fleck about the fight scene they eventually scored with No Doubt's "Just a Girl." They looked at tracks from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, but they finally decided to go with the obvious choice.

The trailer received about one hundred nine million views worldwide in its first twenty-four hours of release.

(At 17 mins.) The memory shot of the Skrull approaching the camera, shifts very briefly to a more humanoid form to tease the later reveal that the person in that memory is actually Yon-Rogg.

While this isn't the first movie with a female superhero, it is the first to be written primarily by women. Supergirl (1984), Catwoman (2004), Elektra (2005), and Wonder Woman (2017) were written by men. The closest was Catwoman (2004), which gave a writing credit to Theresa Rebeck. However, that movie also had three male writers credited.

Some have interpreted Talos drinking the milkshake as a nod to Pulp Fiction (1994), but it's actually a reference to Reservoir Dogs (1992).

This film is NOT the chronological introduction of the Kree race. In Season 5 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013), the agents were kidnapped, taken into the future and held captive by the Kree. However, the alien corpse from which the TAHITI project sprang in earlier season was Kree. The Kree also appear in "Guardians of the Galaxy" (specifically, Ronan the Accuser).

When Vers/Captain Marvel is looking around the bar and remembering past experiences there, she notices the arcade cabinet for a Street Fighter video game. Since the release of X-Men vs. Street Fighter (1996) in 1996, one year after the year this movie is set, Capcom has published fighting video games that pit their characters against Marvel superheroes. However, Captain Marvel did not appear in any of them until Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite (2017), released in 2017.

When Brie Larson was announced at the end of the San Diego Comic-Con for Marvel's panel, she took part in a photo selfie with the cast and crew of Doctor Strange (2016), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), and Black Panther (2018).

The movie was announced at a Marvel event in October 2014.

This is the second prequel of the MCU after Captain America: The First Avenger (2011).

This is the first Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures-distributed film not to stream on Netflix, after Disney decided to let their licensing deal with Netflix expire. Disney plans on releasing this movie on their subscription service, Disney+.

One of the pieces of communication equipment that Carol salvages for parts is a Nintendo Game Boy.

The pinball machine that one of the Skrull children has been mastering for the last six years is Bally/Midway's Space Invaders.

At 14 mins.) The hangar door shot, was originally the opening shot of the film in an earlier draft of the script.

(At around 36 mins.) The wide shot was pulled directly from the "Secret Invasion" comic run.

Roy Thomas, writer of the comic, declared that his plan for the Kree-Skrull war was one that would turn planet Earth into "the cosmic equivalent of some Pacific island during World War II".

Brie Larson (Carol Danvers) and Nelson Franklin, the medical examiner, both starred in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010). Brie Larson played Envy Adams and Nelson Franklin played Comeau.

Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson both previously appeared in the films Farce of the Penguins (2006), Unicorn Store (2017), and Kong: Skull Island (2017).

This second film in the MCU to have Pulp Fiction references since Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014). In this film, there's a shot of Phil Coulson and Nick Fury in the car which is the same shot of John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, the cup Talos sips on is a reference to Pulp Fiction (1994) when Jackson's character, Jules Winfield, borrows a cup to wash down the burger. And the opening of the glowing lunchbox references the briefcase. In CA:TWS, on Nick Fury's tombstone, there's a scripture that says, "The path of the righteous man Ezekiel 25:17" which Winfield recited in Pulp Fiction.

Nick Fury refers to Hannibal Lecter, a character made famous by Anthony Hopkins, who has appeared in the MCU multiple times as Odin.

This is the second Marvel film to feature a main character (protagonist/antagonist) who is a U.S. service academy graduate but the first to explicitly show that character's time as a cadet/midshipman on screen. Whist Erik Killmonger's time at the United States Naval Academy is only alluded to in Black Panther (2018), revealing that he commissioned from Annapolis at the age of 19 (presumably as a U.S. Navy SEAL officer), this film includes a clip of Carol Danvers attempting to complete an obstacle course as a Basic Cadet during Second Beast (pre-Fall Semester boot camp for first-year students) at the United States Air Force Academy. It's also worth noting that she is not the first Air Force grad to grace the MCU screen as James Rhodes (War Machine) has been known to sport a USAFA grad ring on one of his fingers.

The Star Force team includes Algenis Perez Soto as Att-lass, and he worked with them previously on their film Sugar (2008).

This film marked Jude Law's debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Kree named Yon-Rogg. Law previously starred in Sherlock Holmes (2009) as Dr. John Watson, appearing alongside Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes and Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler. Downey Jr. is also part of the cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having played Tony Stark since his role in Iron Man (2008); Rachel McAdams is a part of the MCU as Dr. Christine Palmer in Doctor Strange (2016). The cast of the MCU now also includes Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, who also played Watson and Holmes in Sherlock (2010).

Gemma Chan is the tenth actress/actor from "Doctor Who" to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after Toby Jones (Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)), Talulah Riley (Thor: The Dark World), Jenna Coleman and David Bradley (Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)), Christopher Eccleston (Thor: The Dark World (2013)), Tony Curran (Thor: The Dark World (2013)), Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019)), Peter Serafinowicz (Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)), and Riann Steele (Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)).

The official trailer for the film was released on Good Morning America (1975) on Tuesday, September 18, 2018. This is the United States Air Forces' birthday (September 18, 1947.)

One of two 2019 theatrical releases in which a VHS copy of the film The Right Stuff (1983) appears. Us (2019) is the other.

Elizabeth Wood, Emily Carmichael, Rachel Talalay, Niki Caro, Lesli Linka Glatter, Lorene Scafaria, and Rebecca Thomas were on the short list to direct the movie.

Near the phone booth is a poster advertising a concert taking place on Friday and Saturday, September 15-16, 1995. On the bill are Bush, Hum, and Toadies; all of which were bands that were active at the time. The venue is the Warfield Auditorium in San Francisco.

The colors of the experimental airplane Carol flies are the same as those of the Colonial Vipers from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and the X-wings from the original STAR WARS trilogy.

Ryan Fleck worked at Blockbuster Video in 1995.

Both Ben Mendelsohn (as Orson Krennic) and Samuel L. Jackson (as Mace Windu) star in Star Wars franchise.

This film adds the seventh and eighth actor from a Sherlock Holmes franchise to appear in the MCU: Jude Law joins his own Sherlock, Robert Downey Jr.; Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman; and of course, John C. Reilly (Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Holmes & Watson (2018)). Rachel McAdams (from Doctor Strange (2016)) was also a part of the Robert Downey, Jr., Sherlock Holmes franchise. Gemma Chan also appeared as Soo Lin Yao in Sherlock: The Blind Banker (2010). Sir Ben Kingsley played a brainier Dr Watson in Without a Clue (1988).

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) in the Marvel Universe and Supergirl (Kara Danvers) in the DC universe share the same surname; Danvers. Kara Danvers was adopted by the Danvers family. Both have similar superhuman powers.

One of two films released in 2019 based on a Marvel comic, set in the 1990s, and featuring shape-shifting aliens as characters. Dark Phoenix is the other.

The name of the character Yon-Rogg is not spoken until the bottom of the second act, leaving only about 45 minutes left of the film.

DeWanda Wise was set for the role of Maria Rambeau in this movie before dropping out due to scheduling conflicts.

Monica chides her mother for not wanting to fly a suicide mission against a technically more advanced alien force, asking if she'd prefer to stay home and watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990). The title character of Fresh Prince is played by Will Smith who, as Captain Hiller in Independence Day (1996), would fly a suicide mission against a technically advanced alien force. Once Monica helps Carol to redesign her uniform, she describes Carol's new look as "Fresh." Independence Day also starred Jeff Goldblum, Who appears as the Grand Master in Thor Ragnarok.

This film features one Best Actress Oscar winner: Brie Larson, for the film Room (2015).

Brie Larson and Clark Gregg both previously starred in the film Hoot (2006), where they played adversaries, of sorts.

Ronda Rousey had expressed interest in playing the title role.

Minn-Erva, a Kree played by Gemma Chan, is also known in the Marvel Comics universe as Doctor Minerva. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck's earlier film It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010) also featured a character named Dr. Minerva.

Jennifer Kent and Jennifer Yuh Nelson were in the running to direct to the film.

Annette Bening, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jude Law are all Academy Awards nominees for acting.

Captain Marvel blasted up the movie poster "True Lies". Bill Paxton play Simon in True Lies and also played John Garrett in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (which could result to be a universe-paradox, like Samuel Jackson playing Nick Fury in the MCU and also Mace Windu in Star Wars, which are mentioned that exist in the MCU)

Gemma Chan is the eleventh actor from the "Transformers" films (having previously played Quintessa) to appear in a Marvel superhero film, after Rachael Taylor (Maggie Madsen, Trish Walker), Hugo Weaving (Megatron, Red Skull), Kelsey Grammer (Beast, Harold Attinger), Titus Welliver (Felix Blake, James Savoy), Nicola Peltz (Tessa, Jane), Stanley Tucci (Abraham Erskine, Joshua Joyce/Merlin), Laura Haddock (Vivian Wembley, Meredith Quill), Omar Sy (Bishop, Hot Rod), Sir Anthony Hopkins (Sir Edmund Burton, Odin) and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (Jason Ionello, Memo).

One of two 2019 films to prominently feature the song "Just a Girl" by No Doubt. A Dog's Journey (2019) is the other.

Jude Law and Vik Sahay were also in eXistenZ (1999) together.

Kelly Sue DeConnick: Captain Marvel writer (from 2012-2015), as a bystander in the train station who looks at Marvel.

Nick Fury tells Goose, "I'm trusting you not to eat me," towards the end of the movie. Shortly afterwards, Goose scratches Fury, causing him to lose his left eye as he is seen at the very end with a patch over his left eye. This is a callback to Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) where Fury tells Captain America, "Last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye."

Lee Pace reprises his role as Ronan the Accuser in this film. However, he does not wear his iconic face paint of Xandarian blood because this movie precedes Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) wherein he first applies it.

Carol Danvers' pilot call sign is "Avenger" in the film, which Nick Fury names the heroes he founds to protect the Earth. In the comics, Danvers took the call sign "Cheeseburger".

The filmmakers discussed various options as to how Fury would realize that Keller was actually a Skrull named Talos before settling on the man referring to him as Nicholas. Boden's favorite had Fury point out to Keller that his shoe was untied and then have Keller wholly unaware as to how to tie it.

The twist of the Skrulls turning out not to be the villains is not too far-fetched since in the comics, it is revealed that the Kree were the ones that started their war.

Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) and Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson) were digitally de-aged in order for their characters to look like their younger selves, since the movie is set in 1995. This was the first time Marvel did de-aging of characters for an entire movie. They previously used this tactic in Ant-Man (2015), Captain America: Civil War (2016), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017), and Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018), but only for flashback scenes. They also did it to Tony Stark when he was presenting to his college with his parents right before they died.

Carol's powers came from an exploding Pegasus ship engine. We later learn the engine was powered by the Tesseract, making Captain Marvel the first (chronologically) MCU hero whose powers are derived from an Infinity Stone. (The space stone is hidden within it.) Wanda Maximov/Scarlet Witch and her brother, Pietro/Quicksilver, would become the second two (the Mind stone), followed by Vision (also the Mind Stone)

The final fight with Yon-Rogg was originally scripted as a brawl that Carol wins, but through production they came to realize she should no longer be playing by his rules.

When portraying the alien Skrull Talos, Ben Mendelsohn used his native Australian accent. When Talos adopts a human disguise, Mendelsohn used an American accent.

In the film, Carol Danvers visits a bar called Pancho's, where she has flashbacks of her previous life on earth as a test pilot for the Air Force. Pancho's Bar, named after Pancho's Happy Bottom Riding Club, was a real bar/ranch/hotel, located near Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave desert, in the 1940s. It was once home to many famous test pilots including Chuck Yeager, Robert Anderson, Jack Ridley, Jimmy Doolittle and Buzz Aldrin. It was owned by Pancho Barnes, a female aviation pioneer. She was an air-race pilot and Hollywood stunt pilot, and even replaced Amelia Earhart as a record holder for top speed. No doubt, the reference is a double-nod to Pancho Barnes's groundbreaking contributions to women in aviation and to her connection to the Edwards test pilot community.

Throughout the history of Marvel Comics, eight different characters have taken the name "Captain Marvel." This movie features three of them: Carol Danvers (the most famous version, previously known as Ms Marvel), Mar-Vell (the original version, a Kree alien and superhero) and Monica Rambeau (who briefly carried the title of Captain Marvel).

The mid-credits scene was directed by the Russo brothers, who previously directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Captain America: Civil War (2016), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), and Avengers: Endgame (2019).

There are two post-credit scenes in this film. One sets up Avengers: Endgame (2019), and the other finishes off Captain Marvel.

The film is based on Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers, a pilot who gains her super powers during an incident with an alien craft, but her origin incorporates the alien Captain Marvel's, Walter Lawson/Mar-Vell and Khn'nr. Both Kree and Skrull soldiers who come to Earth and decide to defend it. Furthermore, Khn'nr had his memory tampered with which causes him to suffer from an identity crisis, which Carol suffers in this film.

Carol cannot breathe in space without the helmet, which comes out of her suit. However, when she unlocks her full power, she is able to 'breathe'/survive without a helmet, as shown in the climax of the film.

In the comics Mar-Vell was a male Kree who was caught in an explosion while rescuing Carol Danvers and the explosion passed his powers onto her by imprinting his DNA onto hers. In the movie this is changed slightly by Mar-Vell being a female Kree who built the core that gave Carol her powers when it exploded. This marks the fourth time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that the character portrayed in the film/TV series is the opposite gender of the original version from the comics. The first was Jeri Hogarth in Jessica Jones the third was the Ancient One in Doctor Strange (2016) and the fourth was Ghost in Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018).

This was the first chronological movie appearance of Agent Phil Coulson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since he was stabbed and, apparently, killed by Loki, in The Avengers (2012). He was later revealed to have survived, as explained on the television show Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013).

Nick Fury's full name is given as Nicholas Joseph Fury. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) he mentioned only the middle initial "J."

To act as an incubator of sorts, Goose swallows the Tesseract for safe transportation. This may be an homage to The Avengers (2012) in which Bruce Banner is approached by Natasha Romanov who briefs him about the Tesseract. His response to her is "What does Fury want me to do, swallow it?"

The use of Nirvana's "Come As You Are" when Vers (Brie Larson) confronts The Supreme Intelligence (Annette Bening) has multiple connotations, as it discusses memories, something Vers is slowly regaining over the course of the film. The song's title coincides with The Supreme Intelligence finally revealing herself as she is, in this case the "unknown enemy" and not the "friend."

Goose is first among everyone in the movie who touched the Tesseract. She checked it with her paw.

In the film, Mar-Vell is killed by Yon-Rogg while the destruction of an experimental engine powered by the Tesseract causes Danvers to gain cosmic powers. In the comics, Danvers got her powers from a similar event, a fight between Yon-Rogg and Mar-Vell, only then Mar-Vell survived and it was an alien device that grants superpowers.

Monica Rambeau talks about building a spaceship and flying up to space. Fury says she would need to glow like her Aunt Carol. This may foreshadow the story in a future Captain Marvel film. In the comics, Monica grows up, becomes charged by rays from space and can then fly at the speed of light.

They made a point in the blocking and visual fx to ensure that the exploding photon power source blasts specifically toward Carol so there was no question as to why Yon-Rogg didn't gain powers.

In the film, Soh-Larr (Chuku Modu) is a Kree spy investigating the Skrulls. In the comics, he was the father of the first Kree-Skrull hybrid, Dorrek Supreme.

In keeping with the era in which the film is set, the action is inspired by many 1990s action movies. For example, Vers sparring with Yon-Rogg and meeting the Supreme Intelligence inside a giant simulation evokes scenes from The Matrix (1999); the scene where Vers is just able to board a moving train is reminiscent of the finale of Speed (1994), while the dogfight in the canyon at the end is an almost shot-for-shot homage to a similar scene in Independence Day (1996).

In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013), Phil Coulson is resurrected using the biology of a Kree, in a project tagged "TAHITI".

In the finale, Carol puts her old Air Force flight jacket over her Captain Marvel costume. This is in keeping with the mid-1990s cliche of superheroes wearing "edgy" costumes which invariably included a leather flight jacket.

They initially debated introducing Ronan as head of the Accuser assault ships during the attack on Torfa, but they eventually decided it would have more impact holding him until later. It also would have given away the Kree's true identity as the villains too soon.

Dr Lawson (Mar-Vell) has brown hair in the film, while the Dr Lawson avatar the Supreme Intelligence uses has gray hair. This makes her resemble Phyla-Vell, in the comics Mar-Vell's daughter who briefly held the title of Captain Marvel, and took other names too (Quasar, Martyr).

The Tesseract (previously shown in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), The Avengers (2012), Thor: Ragnarok (2017), and Avengers: Infinity War (2018)) appears in this movie.

In the comics, Yon-Rogg and Mar-Vell became enemies when Yon-Rogg betrayed Mar-Vell out of jealousy and inadvertently killed his girlfriend.

The film reveals how Nick Fury came up with the name for The Avengers when he first founded The Avengers initiative. Fury sees a photo of Carol Danvers when she was a fighter pilot and learns her call-sign was "Avenger".

The entire purpose of the opening dream imagery was to set up the mystery involving Vers' past and her connection with Dr. Wendy Lawson.

When Captain Marvel and her allies explore Dr. Lawson's (Annette Benning) lab, there is a sticky note on a computer monitor that reads "What planet are you from?", which was also the title of a 2000 film also starring Benning and the late, fellow MCU alum, Garry Shandling (Iron Man 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier).

Yon-Rogg is the 5th MCU villain to be revealed through a plot twist following Aldrich Killian from Iron Man 3 (2013), The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes & Alexander Pierce from Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), and Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017). All other villains were either building up their intentions as a villain, or were clearly evil from their first appearance.

Among the VHS tapes on the shelf are Hook, First Knight, Jumpin Jack Flash, Junior, and Just Cause. The one she examines is the Right Stuff, which is about test pilots who join the space program. Among the planes tested was the Lockeed F104, which was able to fly from the ground to the edge of the atmosphere. Danvers' blocked memories are about her being a test pilot who took an experimental plane and flew it from the ground to the edge of the atmosphere.

Vers is chastised for using her pulse blast during a martial arts fight, and while it seems perfectly reasonable to help teach someone how to control their power and to know when to use it, it's meant as a negative here when Yon-Rogg does it. It's a complicated idea - the big reveal later on shows that the Kree are trying to limit her meaning this attempt at control is a bad thing, but the idea in general remains a responsible one that we teach to our kids every day.

Goose possesses human levels of intelligence (being an alien species known as Flerken). The most notable aspect is her clear sense of right and wrong. She easily warms up to both Carol and Fury, seeing past their hardened exteriors and into their innate goodness. She also purrs and rubs up against Talos's leg when the heroes (and the audience) still believe the Skrulls are the villains. Finally, she's able to recognize the Skrulls when they are disguised as Kree soldiers on Mar-Vell's ship.