When the Marvel logo appears at the end of the closing credits, the sound of a hammer hitting metal can be heard several times (this is the sound of Tony Stark forging his suit in Iron Man (2008), setting in motion the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Images of the original six Avengers' actors shown mid-credit with autographs shown with the names.

The Marvel logo in the opening removes all the heroes who got erased in Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

"Make Way for Tomorrow Today", the Stark Expo song from Iron Man 2 (2010), is heard in the closing credits.

There are no opening credits aside from the movie's title.

Does not include a mid-credits or a post-credits scene, the first film in the MCU to include neither.

In the cameo of Stan Lee, the car plates is "nuff said" which is a a famous quote that Stan used to say.

The signatures of the six "original" Avengers in the end credits mirrors that of Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country, where the main characters signed their names. This was the final movie featuring the original TV show cast.