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  • Warning: Spoilers
    There is no way that I could describe my emotions for this movie. I'm totally speechless. I haven't laughed (even cried) this much in Marvel movie or even in any movie. I'm fully on my emotion, there are so many tears of joy and loss. Amazing story, the acting is outstanding, epic action, great CGI, the best storytelling ever told in a superhero movie, amazing performance. I love it more than 3000.

    Happiness, sadness, pure joy, excitement... I'm gonna miss this moment in my whole life because let's face it- it's been awhile movies can bring such a big enthusiasm like this.

    It is such an experience you'll gonna remember it forever. People are clapping, laughing, crying, full of a state emotion. It's 3 hours long but it went by like a finger snapping by Thanos, and now I'm thinking I'm actually in Quantum Realm because it felt like 5 seconds. Even though you know where the story is gonna bring you because it's still a 'superhero movie' but it left me speechless. It's not just a superhero movie, it's more than that.


    Even some characters that you didn't like before, you will love them in this movie. Like Captain Marvel. I didn't like her before in her own movie but in Endgame they showed how powerful, how strong and how capable she really is. And now I kinda love her! But Marvel should really be careful of her line though, I didn't like some of her line like "I'm the strongest" and "You didn't win because before you didn't have me" duh. Also not gonna forget Hawkeye. To be honest, in Avengers I really didn't like Hawkeye because he's just a 'guy' with an arrow and just randomly showed up in any scene but actually he's character is so BADASS! Everything that we need, what we want is here.

    Also I don't get it why some people can not accept that Thor is fat or treat him like a joke. I mean, this movie might be trying to give us a message about no matter what 'shape' are you, you can be a hero and save the world. To be honest, I like what they did to Thor, that man is depressed and taking the most responsible after he missed the shot to kill Thanos in Infinity War. Even though he already did killed him but it's not gonna bring back his people of Asgard. Also he's God of Thunder for god sake, he could slap his stomach with thunder and got his abs back.

    I'm so happy too for Captain America. Finally he could do his dance with Peggy and I didn't expected that we could see the fight between Captain America with his own self. Also when Tony met his father really warm my heart, and we can see the 'real-life' Jarvis - I didn't expected that too.

    When the whole superhero arrived it is so EPIC! The whole person in theater are screaming and shocked. Gives me a goosebumps and still left me speechless!

    This movie is absolute perfection. The ending of this movie is we and the characters deserved. It gives a perfect balance for all these past 10 years. Epic and perfect ending, I was not disappointed at all. This movie was completely emotional and visually stunning. Now I get it why the Russo Brothers told us to do a Marvel Movie marathon before watching Endgame because this movie had everything to accomplish what left behind before all of this.

    Ready or not, whatever it takes.

    Go watch it for yourself.
  • Man! I thought Infinity War was off the hook, but this one... A perfect compliment to a two part epic. It was what I thought it was going to be, a lot of talk, a lot of planning, but amazingly it was not boring. Not for one second! Infinity War was the moment we were all waiting for and then they tell us they are going to split it into two films. End Game could have gone south with this choice, but it did not. It's always exciting, especally if you are a comic book fan or have been watching these movies for now eleven years. Don't want to say too much, but shine a light on Robert Downey Jr. who got to perfect his Iron Man persona to the point where Hugh Jackman can't even surpass him. Captain American is giving all us FanBoys everything we ever wanted to see and Thor...underperforms with hilarious results (and hopefully will create 2019's most popular costume for a certain type of man). Loved Mark Rufflo in this film and Thanos baby, still the baddest villain around. It's fun it's dramatic, it's like Lord of the Rings with one less movie. Three hours well worth the ticket. Stan Lee would be proud! Nuff said!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sidenote: this again is a review for a film I am writing as college homework so do bear with me for any SPAG errors.

    Welp, it has been a good 11 years of the MCU with some amazing films, sure there might be some bad movies such as Iron Man 3 and Captain Marvel but other then that the MCU has had many impressive films and now we come down to the endgame. Ever since 2008 there have been around 22 movies and now we probably have the best movie of the MCU in my opinion although, it is on a sub-par with infinity wars. I also felt very emotional because of a death of a character specifically an avenger not going to say who otherwise I might spoil too much.

    I finally got around to seeing it yesterday and I am completely mind blown. I was very disappointed with Captain marvel day before yesterday when I watched it but after this movie I am fully happy. I remember saying that Avengers Infinity Wars was the best movie of 2019 at present.

    If you have not caught up with the MCU like my sister was yesterday or if you haven't watch Infinity wars yet I recommend you watch all those first because to understand this movie you need to understand them first. Also, this review is filled with spoilers so if you don't want to get spoiled get out of my review right now and watch those movies before you continue reading. Cause this movie is going to be hard not to spoil.

    So, endgame takes off where infinity wars ended/ant man and the wasp post credits scene, when everyone but a few avengers disappear. It had been 3 weeks ever since Thanos wiped out human life on the earth, they find out where Thanos is hiding Thor kills him because he got rid of the infinity stones. They also take the infinity gauntlet with them.

    5 years later

    Captain America, War Machine and Black Widow are still figuring out what to do? Thor goes his separate ways, Hawkeye becomes a vigilante in Tokyo still grieving over his disappeared family, Iron Man starts a life with Pepper and has a daughter, Hulk mixes his brains and brawns together, Thor alongside the Asgardians and ant man finally escapes the microzone only to find out that Thanos invaded the earth and wiped out the population.

    They realise the only way they could restore everything is if they go back in time and stop Thanos from getting the stones so each of the avengers have a pym particle which can send them back in a moment in time before Thanos got to them. I enjoyed this scene because it gives me memories of each movie I watched of the MCU and makes me relive a few of their best moments. However, there was a high price for this.

    The effects in the movie were good, the camera angel was excellent and the time and pacing of the story was good too. The cast including Chris Evens, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Pratt, Scarlett Johnanson, Elizabeth Olson, Josh Brolin, Bradley Cooper, Robert Downy Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Tom Holland, Paul Rudd, Don Cheadle, Zoe Saldana, Evangeline Lilly, Chadwick Boseman, Karen Gillan, Tessa Thompson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Anthony Mackie , Rene Russo, Dave Bautista, John Slattery, Sebastian Stan, Hayley Atwell, Emma Fuhrmann (who knew after 5 years Cassie would become hot) Vin Diesel, Gwyneth Paltrow and everyone else did a good job as their roles. I am going to really miss Chris Evens and Robert Downy Jr as their roles.

    My only fault with this film is that there was a lot of talking in comparative to the last movie and a lot is going on at once. But that was my only fault.

    The best scenes in this movie are when we go back in the past and Steve gets to see Peggy again, Tony gets to meet his dad, the fight scene when Captain America gets to fight Captain America (I wonder how long that took for Chris Evens to film), the final fight between thanos and when War Machine calls ant man regular size man.

    This is possibly the best movie I have seen in 2019 I could even give it a 15, 50 or even 100 if I could. Thank you, Stan Lee (RIP), Kevin Forge and everyone who worked on this movie I really loved every bit of it.

    If you actually, decided to continue reading and haven't seen the movie it. Opps, but I still recommend you watch this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Warning do not read unless seen film.

    It's was a long time coming but it was well worth the wait (for me anyway) and the film is somewhat an end of an era for the MCU. The film is fitting in many ways as this helps celebrate another grand anniversary for Marvel, the late great Stan Lee whom makes one final cameo here, but also the departure of most of the MCU alumni as it's their last film.

    This film is different, from the fact it's one of the longest comic book film yet almost the length of "The Ten Commandments", ok not really but clocked at three hours it's close. But the pacing was good I hardly noticed the time at all. But also just it's overall format as it's sort of like with the film "A Better Tomorrow 2" (I said sort of) It's all a big build up to lead you to a phenomenal payoff; and that's not a bad thing as it kept me enthralled and invested in the characters and what their doing. This film is dark as usual but has a mix of emotion which makes the film bittersweet at time, where there are some exciting and cheerful parts but then there are some tragic moments, one moment I won't say what put tears in my eyes along with most of the other audience, where I actually heard some crying behind me.

    The first half of the film it's sort of a character drama as we see each of the Avengers deal with aftermath blues. Five years have passed and we see just like the post-apocalyptic world their living in everyone is just broken, I'll admit it was pretty damn sad watching this, even the very beginning of the film was tragic, which I'll admit is something different for a comic book adaptation film where it would usually start of with wham bam action, this just isn't that time nor day for the Avengers.

    There are certain scenes of grimness like Scott Lang/Ant Man whom is visiting a memorial site which has lots of walls and names and he is making sure his daughter isn't on there, same with myself. Or even Natasha/Black Widow whom we see is the new head of S.H.E.L.D. (or should I say broken shield) as she's talking with the others you see her eating what looks like an unappetizing and not completely healthy sandwich. Things like that just show how time doesn't heal all wounds, it leave a scar; it makes sense the Avengers would all be in a bad states of mind because before Thanos they all had lives and people in them which gave them reasons to fight for, strip all that away and they have nothing their practically directionless and roleless. This goes to show how truly human the Avengers are, their all are living in crap county and can't find a way out; this just even more makes us want the Avengers to rise again not just to save the universe but to save their own souls.

    Each of the characters are good they all have their moments and hand in things, but also some good drama. I just state some of the ensemble. Thanos (Josh Brolin): as usual is good, really like how he still a force to be reckoned with and isn't going to go easy on them anytime soon. There is one moment in the final battle that was so satisfying when he delivers a power punch to one character, I'm not a fan of, I won't say who, but I don't think I'm alone in saying it actually put a smile on my face.

    Ant Man/Scott Lang (Paul Rudd): he's his usual fun self but I really like how in some of the beginning and a bit of the rest of the film he's almost the main hero as he's the one that is not just offering a opportunity but also really helping bring the band back together.

    Thor (Chris Helmsworth): he's fun as usual, it's funny how he sorts of looks and is dressed like The Dude from "The Big Lebowski" but at the same time sad as it's shown how badly the aftermath blues have hit him. It sorts of your getting back in the saddle story where we see slowly but surely in the adventure, he's starting to become himself again.

    Clint/Hawkeye/Ronin (Jeremy Reiner): His character is tragic in this film; from the loss he's endeared he's became a shadow of himself. No longer an agent of Shield, he has become a Mercenary which we know in the comics as Ronin, where we see him not just use the bow but the katana which I thought was cool. Really like his back and forth with Natasha/Black Widow she's sort of like the sister he never had, she really helps in not just going on this quest but also toward self-forgiveness to reclaim his soul.

    Tony/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) is also great, it's interesting seeing him settled down with his wife Pepper and have a daughter Morgan, which makes sense if you remember the Matt Fraction run. Despite slightly settled in his ways he doesn't feel he's finished, and he wants to give his family a better place to live in.

    The Third and final half is just a phenomenal payoff as it turns into a war movie where we see pretty much 20-30 minute all out war. I won't say most of what happens you must see it all for yourself. But I really like before the battle begins we see as Thanos is giving a bit of a speech, just the look on some of the Avengers emerging from the rubble and the look Steve, Thor, and Tony all have is just great as each of them are just beyond pissed like Jason Vorhees pissed, you just know Thanos is a dead man now. It was great seeing all three just giving all they had on Thanos, Cap with his regular Shield once more don't get me wrong liked the double shields he had but it just isn't quite the same, the circular vibranium shield is still my favorite. Iron Man as usual unleashing his arsenal. But best of all-seeing Thor kicking ass once more but we actually see him duel weld by using not just the Storm Breaker but the Valkyr which I though was a welcome return, as much as I like the axe hammer, I still prefer the first.

    However the biggest pay off is really what happens in the duration of the time when lets just say we all get the best Christmas present of all which of course lead to the biggest applause and cheering of all in fact two of them; it was such an exciting moment I don't see often. It was just the biggest love letter that spelled Marvel; but most importantly the film reminds us and makes us grateful of the importance of having heroes/superheroes around.

    Now I'm going to get real guys, for some of the Marvel movie alumni thanks and hopefully we'll see much more in the future. But as for the cast of the Avengers and the characters themselves, thanks for what you've done over the years, without you there wouldn't be an MCU or even a Marvel which is why it's sad to see you go, but you fought your final fight and now it's time to rest. And for Stan Lee I'll miss you, you were the Where's Waldo for the MCU film, but more than that a big influence and inspiration in my life, rest in peace man.

    Avengers Assemble.

    Rating: 4 stars
  • Marvel fans in Hong Kong almost booked many seats before this week's theatrical release of Avengers: Endgame (2019) which series made the biggest box office hit in the history of Hong Kong film since 1897 (some archive source referred 1896 which same with Japan). The recent local box record was US$20,585,253. In fact, its franchise film box office records exceeded the box office giant Avator (2009) due to top 2 films ranked on the list.

    ''After half of all life in the universe was killed due to the actions of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, the remaining Avengers and their allies must reassemble to revert those actions in one last stand.''

    In fictional story tales, the good always win over the evil. And the justice side is the winner. However this Marvel franchise untraditionally broke the general principle of narrative stories successfully in 2018 with Avengers: Infinity War (2018). That was a surprise when we saw Thanos turns Marvel heroes into dust in the infinity war.

    Hitchcock said that the stronger the antagonist is, the more engaging the audience in the film.

    He believed that his antagonists should be attractive and complex in order to awaken curiosity. The more flaws and insecurities a villain has, more the spectator will recognize his humanity and, as humans themselves, be aware of how malevolent he can be. This will incite vulnerability in the viewer, who usually has ambiguous impressions of these villains.

    However Thanos is too strong like multi corporation billionaires, C.E.O.s who earn 312 times more money of average workers.

    CEOs for the 350 largest US companies earned an average pay of $18.9 million in 2017, a sharp 17 percent increase from the previous year, according to a new study by the left leaning Economic Policy Institute. These estimates include salaries, bonuses, restricted stock grants, cashed-in company stock, and other forms of compensation for chief executives at those firms. Meanwhile, wages for the average US worker grew a paltry 0.2 percent during that time.

    The growing power gap among Thanos and Marvel heroes are cinematic equivalence of growing gap of inequality among CEOs and average workers. This is why we feel some kind of reality and apocalyptic atmosphere in this film. Supremacy of individual power is at the maximum level in this film.

    Thanos is the representative of all antagonists. We can say that the true protagonist is the antagonist who is more powerful than the protagonist. Thus, the antagonist becomes the protagonist in this film. It is dialectically new and meaningful.

    Thanos is the ultimate antagonist in film history.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For those who are not entirely familiar with the Marvel Universe as offered in The Avengers series, Phase 1 introduces some of the Avengers with their own separate movies, culminating in their first assignment together. Phase 2 continues the development, adds more members and moves on to their second assignment. Phase 3 starts with a twist seeing the members pitched against one another in two groups and, towards the end, brings up their most formidable opponent by far.

    More specifically, Phase 1 comprises 6 movies starting with "Ironman" (2008), then introduces The Hulk (Edward Norton at the time), Thor and Captain America, culminating in "The Avengers" (2012) which shows these four teaming up with Black Widow and Hawkeye for the initial lineup.

    Phase 2, commencing with "Iron Man 3" (2013), uses another 6 movies to trace the evolution of the Avengers. "Avengers: Age of Ultron" (2015) detailing their second assignment adds to the team two major players, Scarlet Witch and Vision. Another entirely different team is also introduced in "Guardians of the Galaxy" although their path has not yet converged with that of the original Avengers in this Phase. "Ant-man" (2015), with his own stand-alone movie, brings up the rear of this Phase.

    Phases 3, with a total of 11 movies, starts with "Captain America: Civil War" (2016), which has been given the nicknamed "Avengers 2.5". The Avengers are divided into two groups, under Iron Man and Captain America, supporting and opposing, respectively, government supervision. While the Hulk and Thor are nowhere to be seen, newcomers brought in are Spider-man and Black Panther, plus a few others who have already appeared before (Ant-man, Falcon, War Machine, Winter Soldier). Then, more blanks are filled in. A new character, Dr. Strange, is introduced via his own stand-alone. Also in their own stand-alone movies are Spider-man and Black Panther, introduced belatedly. The whereabouts of Thor and the Hulk is revealed via another sequel of the former's franchise, in which another new character Valkyrie is introduced.

    Then comes the long awaited "Avengers: Infinity War", #8 in Phase 3 (and #20 in the entire "Infinite Saga"). The ultimate villain Thanos, menacingly lurking behind hitherto, comes to the forefront. Everybody mentioned above in the Avengers community join force, including the convergence with Guardians of the Galaxy whose key character Gamora is Thanos's alienated adopted daughter. Well, almost everybody. Ant-man and Hawkeye are not there.

    The devastating conclusion of Infinity War sees Thanos, at a snap of his finger, literally, kills off half the world's population, completely at random. That of course includes members of The Avengers, also entirely at random. Following that are two blank-filling movies. "Ant-man and the Wasp" explains why it was absent and introduces yet another new superhero The Wasp. Completing the assembly comes "Captain Marvel", hitherto unheard of, until the post-credit of Infinity War when Nick Fury, just before disintegration, sends her an S.O.S. message, as the court of last appeal.

    In the trailer of "Avengers: Endgame", when one of the Avengers, not addressing anybody in particular, says "Why would it be different from before?" Without missing a beat Captain Marvel replies "Before, you didn't have me." You will see this within the opening minutes of Endgame.

    So, where is my user review? There is so much to say. To non-fans, that wouldn't mean a lot. To hard-core fans who have watched each and every one of the 21 preceding movies starting from over a decade ago, it is quite unnecessary. I'll just sum everything up with three little words: down memory lane.
  • Avengers: Endgame (5 out of 5 stars).

    Avengers: Endgame is a magnificent awesome superhero film that concludes the infinity stones storyline that has been building up with 22 movies in the Marvel universe. They had done a great job building up each solo character and have there films bring something new and exciting. Endgame is the game changer that delivers the ultimate climax of the story arc with the big bad Thanos (Josh Brolin) going up against the Avengers. After the previous film Infinity War leaving the audience hanging with the cliffhanger. Marvel has done a great job in marketing and keeping this film spoilers free with the trailers that only show the same footage and very minimum. Which I will say it is best to see the film knowing very little about what is going to happen.

    I will try to keep this review spoiler free. Endgame is amazing and spectacular. Joe and Anthony Russo direction was fantastic and they did a great job in delivering a spectacular climax of the MCU. The plot was amazing. For a three hour long film. The film does move pretty fast and kind of feels short when watching it. I did feel like Endgame is a little short on the action set pieces like the previous films. Which this film does focus more on the emotional connections with the original Avengers like Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Captain America (Chris Evans), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and how they were all affected by the aftermath of Infinity War. The film does have a lot of fun and feels like a wild adventure with what these characters go through. The final hour delivers all out with an epic climax which every character has a moment to shine. And makes up for the lack of action in the movie. I love how every hero works with another when fighting there enemy. There were some moments where you will be in an awe and clapping moment with the climatic battle sequence. The visual effects are top notch great. There is some fun humor that will lighten the mood of the film. And there are some tear jerking moments that will leave you feeling happy and sad at the same time. The directors did a wonderful job in surprising the audience with something new and reaching every characters full potential. The climatic fight scene with Thor, Cap America, and Iron Man teaming up and bouncing around with there super powers are just awesome. The surprises do keep on coming throughout. Which will leave you feeling satisfied.

    Overall, Avengers: Endgame is a great and awesome superhero film. It is one of the best finales that Joe and Anthony Russo have delivered. The plot was amazing and fast moving. The direction focuses more on the emotional side of the characters and story. While delivering an epic climatic showdown that will have you grasping and excited. The cast ensemble was great. I will say this is one fun wild ride that I am happy how it ties the story arc together.
  • I usually do not watch movies twice in such a short amount of time. But after I did the Double Feature (at the Midnight premiere) with Infinity War almost 2 weeks ago, I re-watched Endgame yesterday and it was as amazing as my first impression of it was! And while I will not spoil anything about Endgame, I will talk about things Infinity War! So if you have not seen that yet, do not blame me for anything revealed here.

    My summary is a pop culture reference and there are quite a few in the Marvel movies, hinting at other franchises (Alien got name checked for example in Infinity War and even "copied" or "homaged" if you will and there are a few in Endgame too). But those little digs are not too important, they are just nice touches for those who know them. Having an understanding of the MCU as a whole, from Phase 1 to now Phase 3 is way more important. And as someone who is not too familiar with the comics myself, I can tell you that knowing the movies is enough to enjoy the franchise.

    Still you can google the other stuff or even make your own conclusions. Now that is a lot of foreword and I haven't even gotten one word about Endgame. But as I said above, no spoilers here. What we do know (from the trailers) is the beginning. But whatever we saw and thought we knew - what happens not even half an hour into the movie, will rattle you. Now what?

    Yes the first hour of the movie is "slow", but it had to be. There are ramifications after the snap and the characters we learned to love, that we have close to our heart, have been torn apart. Quite literally gone with the wind - everyone is thinking how is this going to be resolved (no pun intended)? And the movie will give you answers, and will even try to sort of explain things that are quite - unexplainable.

    And while there is full on drama, there is still a lot of humor. The movie takes beloved characters and does things to them - or rather the weight of what happened does things to them. What exactly? Well that would be telling, but let me tell you some very bold choices have been made. And if you are not emotional at least during some scenes, you are taking away a lot of fun for yourself.

    I can be a cynic too at times, but taking this apart (which you can do with every movie), is only hurting your own viewing pleasure. There is so much love in this, for the characters, for details, for the fans - it's just a rollercoaster and I'm not afraid to say that I shed a couple of tears. It is after all tying knots and bringing certain things to a conclusion.

    That doesn't mean there isn't anything more coming (because we know there is, next up Spiderman as an in between movie before Infinity War?). And there are some familiar faces coming back to Endgame from other movies that we haven't seen in a while but also new cameos like Ken Jeong. I'm guessing there will be a deleted scene with him, his scene seems to short for storytelling purposes I reckon.

    Epic fights, epic emotions and dialog that is hinting at things to come later in the movie ... which you will see even clearer with repeat viewing(s) ... The Russos did it - Kudos to them, Kevin Feige, Stan Lee (RIP) and everyone else involved in this of course

    Edit: Endgame works even for people who have not seen a single MCU movie yet (confirmed by a friend of mine). But of course the gravitas and the conclusions of everything will work way better if you have seen the rest of the movies. Also let me add that this is "technically sound" as some would put it - or just plain great visually speaking. But I reckon this is a given anyway. Popcorn (or Nachos or whatever you prefer) to perfection
  • This serves as the conclusion to the entire Marvel universe Infinity Stones saga. Not that there aren't going to be anymore movies. Disney likes making money. But with several main actors' contracts being up and bowing out, this will be the end for several of the original Avengers team. What results is something we've never quite see in a film: a season finale, the culmination of a franchise of multiple movies, characters, and story arcs. (The sheer logistics involved making this must've been insane.) And I had the hell of a time with it all!

    The one big issue about Avengers: Infinity War, the first installment of this film two-parter, is that it had to juggle so many characters, that there wasn't a lot of time for characterization. However, now the cast is narrowed down to mostly the original Avengers. Brought back is the characterization that made so many of the previous films. Here we find the heroes at their lowest and trying to right things. What proceeds is a great character piece We see the conclusion to some of stories of people we've gotten to know after all these years. The finale is the most I've ever been emotionally influenced by a film.

    Although this is an ensemble piece, Robert Downey Junior's Tony Stark/Iron Man is the big lead, the hero that started the whole universe off and all his scenes, his highs and low, are great.

    Thanos is in less of this, but the cool, collected planner still makes a great villain.

    Fans of the movie also get to see callbacks to so many plot points and surprise character appearances. (Although, some things might fly over your head if you can't remember or haven't had the time or inclination to watch everything.) In fact, be prepared for many surprises in general.

    There is some pretty serious subject matter here, especially the first act. However the script manages to nicely balance this with humor. Both Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Paul Rudd as Ant-Man have some great delivery and lines.

    The movie looks great. (Again, the ability to make Thanos' facial expressions look so realistic is amazing.) Although, I wished some scenes were lit a little brighter. You can't always make everything out. The final fight scene is amazing and may be considered one of the all time greats.

    Admittedly, the movie doesn't have quite the tension of Infinity Wars. The second act is interesting, but not as strong as the beginning or end.

    Considering the hype of Captain Marvel being in this, she really isn't used much. Karen Gillan does a great job as Nebula and she appears more than in any of her other films, but I kind of still wanted to see more interaction between her the and the other cast mates. A majority of characters from previous films are in this, but if you wanted to find out whatever happened to Lady Sif or Sharon Carter be prepared to be disappointed. I'm really surprised about Sharon, considering that the directors who forged her character did this movie, too.

    Overall, this movie was an event that will make you feel all the feels, and I recommend you see this before it's spoiled.

    P.S. Don't worry about sticking through the credits. No end final scene this time. (They really wanted to set this up as a final chapter.) Thought there is a slight something if you're a movie completionist.
  • Robert Downey Jr.'s gaunt Tony Stark records his message to his beloved Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, aboard the disabled spaceship last seen in "Avengers: Infinity War", "Part of the journey is the end..." After 11 years of Marvel movies, Directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo's "Avengers: Endgame" signifies the end of the journey with laughter and surprising poignancy. At one point holdout Avengers leader Natasha (former assassin Black Widow), played by beautiful soulful Scarlett Johansson, refers to the Avengers as "family". That resonates for us, too. For the last 11 years these screen Heroes have become family. We care what becomes of them. Do they find peace? Do they discover love?

    "Endgame" screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely patiently crescendo to the showdown with seemingly omnipotent galactic villain Thanos, motion captured by malevolently measured Josh Brolin, whom defeated the Avengers, by wiping out half of all life in the universe using the Infinity Gauntlet possessing all 6 Infinity Stones. The climactic battle is visually astounding, and oh so costly. Yet, what inspires most about "Endgame" is family and heart.

    Most of "Endgame" takes place 5 years after Titan's Warrior Thanos decimated half the population of the universe, including about half of the Avengers. Here less is actually more. Where as in "Avengers: Infinity War", way too many Superheroes resulted in the kluged narrative, focusing on the surviving Heroes: Chris Evans's Captain America (Steve Rogers), Robert's Iron Man, and Chris Hemsworth's Thor, displaced God of Thunder, empowers the story. Brie Larson's all-powerful Captain Marvel charismatically emerges as the new Avenger. Too bad the Russo's couldn't leverage more for Brie. Then again, that might have been narrative saturation.

    Where "Infinity War" was so dour and so self-absorbed, "Endgame" has a wicked sense of humor. Mark Ruffalo's glasses wearing civilized green giant Hulk taking selfies with adoring teen fans is hysterical. Critical to restoring their fallen Heroes in Thanos's aftermath, the surviving Avengers utilize time travel in hopes of preventing Thanos from possessing all Infinity Stones. In the hilarious expository exchange regarding the effects of changing past and future events: "This is not 'Back to the Future'." No, it's not. And I busted out laughing.

    The human narrative touches in "Endgame". The distinct strength of the Marvel Universe Movies are its Actors. Travelling back to 1970, Robert's Tony Stark meets his estranged Father Howard, the genius engineer, played by earnest John Slattery. Howard has no idea that he's talking to his future son, because his wife is about to give birth. Robert's authentic compassion moves. Tony hugs Howard, who expressed doubt about being a good Father, saying, "It'll work out." Then you realize that was the only time the two had ever hugged. On that same trip back, Chris Evans's Steve wistfully gazes at Peggy Carter, played by captivating Hayley Atwell. Peggy is the forsaken love of Cap's life.

    Chris Hemsworth's Thor travels back to the Norse legendary Asgard to retrieve an Infinity Stone. He encounters his mortal Mother Frigga, the powerful sorceress played by beautiful strong Rene Russo, on the day she's to die. In a subdued joke, rotund Thor has seen better days, since failing to dispatch Thanos in "Infinity War". His loving Mom tells her son that she knows that he's suffered. Looking into his eyes Frigga says, "The measure of the Hero is being true to yourself." Amen.

    Really, "Endgame" is awesome, because of heart. In that Karen Gillan is understated power as the mostly machine Nebula, daughter of Thanos. Her Father had contested her against sister Gamora, played by brilliantly strong Zoe Saldana, for his love. Tortured and devalued Nebula, becomes ravaged with vengeance upon her Father. Yet, Karen makes us believe that Nebula's soul is worth salvation.

    Yeah, at 3 hours and 1 minutes "Endgame" is the restroom challenge. I kid, well sort of. Despite all that, I loved "Avengers: Endgame". It's the poignant, whimsical end of the journey. At least for me, the Avengers are my fictional Hero family. Like the characters on the wide screen, we all experience suffering, profound loss, joy, and triumph. In life, like Chris's Cap says, "Take your baby steps... Move forward." I for one shall remember the Avengers in my heart.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Here it is then, after eleven years and twenty one movies of differing quality, we finally reach the Endgame.

    But does it deliver?

    Does it really live up to Infinity Wars sombre ending?

    Yes, my goodness yes, and despite my expectations being stupendously high on the verge of me thinking that I would not enjoy it, it's easily one of the most satisfying cinema experiences that I have ever experienced.

    The trailer would lead you to believe that this film would be emotionally draining, the most serious of the MCU, but there is as much humour in this than any of the other phase entries, and they are genuine laugh out loud moments.

    But the humour does not pull the viewer away from the emotional pull that the characters pour on to the screen, and with every laugh out loud moment, there are some gut punches the film gives that will leave you reeling, if you've been even semi-invested in this behemoth of a cinematic universe.

    At just over three hours, Endgame truly does not feel like that, and throws some wonderful curve-balls for almost every main character, and Kudos to the Russo Brothers, they give each character a goal, an ambition, that makes you care all the more for their quest.

    The main meat of the film is the strained relationship between Stark and Rogers, reluctance, denial, guilt, anguish, and anger all play a part when they are together on screen.

    The second act is the foundation of the film, it's genius, almost jaw-dropping in the fact that it shouldn't make sense, it could easily fail, but the writers have so much respect for the franchise, and filmgoers, that it works so effortlessly.

    To say a lot about the third act would to give too much away, but viewers will not be disappointed. It delivers on a grandiose scale, almost delusional, but its awe-inspiring stuff.

    You know not to read any spoilers, and unfortunately they are so easy to find, but everyone knows not to.

    But rest assured, it left me stunned, satisfied and teary eyed.

    Marvel have done something epic, and there will not be a film like this around for a very long time.
  • Not sure what all the fuss is about. It's no way an all-time top ten film
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What's funny about Endgame is that it's actually the first Avengers movie where they do in fact 'Avenge'. After the Thanos snap, half the population of the universe disappeared and thus creating the biggest problem the team has ever had to fix. Luckily, Scott and Tony figured out a way to time travel, to undo the snap and attempt to bring back all the people they lost.

    It's tough to comprehend just how good this film is. On one hand, I do have some minor issues with the middle act as well as questions about all this time travel and the lack of ramifications. However, on the other hand, (and I hate making this as an excuse) but it is a superhero movie after all. How much do you forgive a plot hole here or there? The answer lies with how well you like the 3rd act. Because I do believe the last 45 minutes is some of the best film ever put to screen. The amount of pay-off and satisfaction you get as all 22 films have led to that moment is something I will never forget. I've seen the film twice now, and I nearly teared up merely seeing the portals open, among about 10 other small moments that moved me as well.

    Of course the MCU will go on and make more billions upon billions as the universe continues to expand, but it won't be the same. We'll never get another core Avengers movie with this cast, and no matter how much or little your invested in the MCU, that has to mean something to you. It made the middle act worth it when the heroes go back and have to relive certain events that we've seen play out in other MCU films. But naturally, that act of the film does play out slower and more plotting than anything else. You certainly feel the lack of Thanos during those sequences. And I think that was my biggest gripe, the antagonist (Thanos) is only really there in the beginning and end, so you never feel true danger that our heroes aren't going to recover the stones for use one more time.

    With that said, I think the original crew truly give us their best performances yet, and that starts with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., the heart and soul of this series. I'll admit I did not expect them to kill off only Tony and keep Steve alive, but their arcs are almost perfectly capped off here. Pepper says it perfectly to Tony "We're going to be alright, you can rest now".

    There's not a whole lot to this review, it' mostly just initial thoughts, but if I can stress one thing over anything else, it's thank you. Thank you to Kevin Feige, the Russo Bros, and everyone involved in making this and the other MCU films. It's been one of the greatest pleasures of my life seeing this universe unfold the way it has and it's hard to imagine not having the next phase of films already in the pipeline but Endgame puts a stamp on the end of this series like not other. This was something special, and I don't think we'll ever see it again.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yep, this surpassed "The Dark Knight Rises" for its length although I think the uncut version of "Watchmen" might be even longer. Everyone was hyped to see this movie particularly with how the Avengers would defeat Thanos. They do it in the first 20 minutes, rather easily. People were also wondering how Ant-Man would be freed from the quantum realm. That happens immediately afterwards, and it's done accidentally by a rat. And we still have two and a half hours left!

    The basic plot is that Ant-Man tells everyone that time moves differently in the quantum realm and they can use this knowledge to get the Infinity Stones from the past. Turns out they can't actually change the past, so it's safe for them to do whatever they want, as long as they find the Stones. The time travel bit comes in exactly an hour long. I looked at my watch! They get the Stones and have to deal with Thanos from the past coming which happens exactly at the two hour mark. Dang, this was wonderfully paced!

    I think this is the last Avengers movie, even though there will be more movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I saw this for my 30th birthday and knew I had to see something that special for it. My mom was crying when all the superheroes came back at the end. It's very difficult to keep up the interest in a movie for over three hours and you have to be a movie as awesome as this to do that! Time travel's always a lot of fun and we get great interactions from all the characters as normal. If only we had a scene after the credits! ****
  • By the time Avengers: Endgame (2019) still fresh in my mind I can say that this movie is one of the best well spend 3 hours in my life and the best conclusion to the first chapter in the MCU history. I can't wait to see how they outdo all of this in the next 10 years
  • To make things simple, this movie is exactly what everyone wanted it to be, including myself of course. It's a great follow-up of the "Infinity War" which was simply astonishing and left room for sequel as it manages to maintain the pace, quality and excitement of its predecessor throughout its entire length of over three hours. It manages to be so dramatic, filled with action like every other installment but also very thrilling. You're always kept glued to the screen, waiting for the next thing to arrive with no room for boredom. The way it presents its ideas, its story but especially its action scenes is simply unique. As you can expect, all previous Marvel characters return to the scene with their great actors, which their job flawlessly regardless of the situation.

    It's one of those rare movie which keep me excited from the first trailer, which generates interest even when it isn't released, which makes me search for the best place in a cinema the moment it appears just to see it as soon as possible. The great part about it though is that it didn't disappoint in any way. Although pretty lengthy, it provided a satisfying watch with a good conclusion to the franchise. I couldn't find almost anything against it, thus the only thing I can do is to award it the maximum rating that it deserves.
  • If you've watched a lot of these Marvel Cinematic Universe movies-as I have-than you probably laughed, was thrilled, and was ultimately touched by this-the pretty much final chapter of this run of the series which began with Iron Man back in '08. The fate of him as well as Captain America and a few others were great epilogues for them. Oh, and one final cameo by Marvel Comics' late creator of many of the company's popular superheroes-Stan Lee-makes it even more poignant. So to quote him, "Excelsior!"
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***Minor Spoilers (that may be significant for some)***

    Avengers: Endgame is what happens a group of devoted filmmakers set up shop and pay off a decade's worth of storytelling on the big screen in a bombastic yet surprisingly satisfying way. First off, to prove I saw the movie, it starts off with Clint's family getting 'dusted' right after the SNAP in Infinity War. And from then on, it's a post-disaster movie trying to address the previous movie's aftermath. All the while it becomes a Back to the Future-like adventure on steroids and it even has Terminator callbacks as well. And it's got the emotional gravitas of Toy Story 3. Oh: and Thor's chubby in this, and a MASSIVE troll online whenever Korg needs him to be (in ### ######). It's got taught writing with just as focused direction telling a story through the action as opposed to action taking over the story.

    SEE THIS MOVIE! It's as much movie a movie can get this year! And we've still got PLENTY of other goods on the horizon still.

    5/5 stars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Without a doubt, the best movie that Marvel has ever done, I do not know what to say, is simply epic !!! The movie had a fantastic plot, I never thought it could be that good, I mean, "Avengers: Infinity War" was once fabulous, but this ...... there are no words. The actors have done well as always, the same for the soundtrack, sound mix, special effects and performance, the film is full of plot twists (the first one happens not even after 5 minutes of film), had epic scenes scene of the return of the avengers, it only warms my heart), the movie also makes us cry and have fabulous nostalgic scenes, the use of the characters is also good, Iron Man is as good as ever, Captain America was already a fabulous character, but in this film is even better, we have a version of Hulk that I've been waiting for a lot to see, Thor is just hilarious, and when I start to hear the Black Panther screaming, ......... I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I do not understand anyone who speaks badly of the film, I just have something to tell them: I HAVE PENALTY OF YOU. Of course you may not like the movie, after all they are opinions, each one has a different one, but giving 1 star to Marvel's best movie, it's just being ignorant and not realizing anything about it, ignoring these criticisms and constructive criticisms , may even be more critical, but as long as they are constructive, respect. One of the best movies ever. Highly recommend.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After the events from Infinity War, for those who survived life has not been easy, but make the best of what they can, until Ant Man comes in the picture, has the equipment to time travel, so they all make a plan to go back in time and get the stones before Thanos does, but the question is will they succeed?

    The best of all marvel movies, everybody gives a great performance, in my opinion nobody really stands out. It's a three hour film, but sure doesn't feel like it, so well paced. Effects are excellent, also don't disappoint. For all Marvel fans, please don't miss this.
  • Walking in, given Marvel's latest publicity, I was expecting, well, I was expecting an absolute cringe fest, and thankfully I didn't get it. In fact, there were only a couple of absolute cringe moments and each dealt with Brie Larson, particularly her appearance in the final fight.

    Thankfully though, Marvel showed a lot of restraint with that and as a result the movie really belonged to the characters that we all have invested over a decade of love and loyalty in....and honestly that was a relief. There were times where the film looked like it wanted to go the other way, and put the OG Avengers in the backseat. So, credit for not doing that.

    It feels a lot more like Kill Bill 2 in atmosphere than a real Super-Hero movie, all the really fun big fights were reserved for the first film and what's left is a long closing act that is more concerned with tying up loose ends than delivering on over-the-top action. And it works for a send off film after a decade of investment.

    So what you have feels very much like an intimate and sentimental film made by old friends at send off...or a funeral...but in either case it is absolutely appropriate.

    Unfortunately, you have the enormously epic CGI battle at the end and I, for one, am kind of done with that trope. It's starting to bore me now, and, honestly, I would prefer something a little more authentic. But, that being said, the film at least called for it.

    We've seen battles like that before, Black Panther, Aquaman, Infinity War, Lord of the Rings, and, honestly those CGI armies lack any real intimacy. So the end is kind of a bore compared to the rest of the film.

    The highlight in the film would be Thor with Hulk coming in as a close second. They steal the show from the moment they are introduced and the trademark MCU humor that Black Panther and Captain Marvel utterly lacked. And the humor was a source of comfort after two films that made vague threats of taking themselves far too seriously for a superhero flick.

    The wrap-up was more than satisfying if not heart-wrenching at moments making it a great send off for a decade of time and money invested in the characters, however the legacy that the MCU is passing on seems in trouble nonetheless and we can only hope that it doesn't go the route that the MCU has been teasing and toying with and continues to deliver fun superhero movies and not the heavy-handed or deadly serious films they have threatened the audience with.
  • jos-dsouza17 May 2019
    While I respect the fans going ga ga and people discussing the emotions etc, I beg to differ. I saw this movie yesterday after all the rush had died out. There were about 25-30 people in the Audi having seating capacity of approx 250.

    Pace: The buildup is slow and boring.

    Emotions: Forced and sometimes looks very artificial. You don't feel a thing. When some people said that they cried, I wonder for what. Action: It comes late and is limited. I expected more (isnt that expected in the avengers movies?)

    CGI: Was good.

    Storyline: Very weak. It could have been refined. Many of the characters were inserted and wasted.

    Length: It was unnecessarily prolonged, esp towards the end. They could have reduced the runtime by 20-30 minutes.

    Overall: Bad. Barely a one time watch, with lots of patience. The studios have created the hype and made their money. The previous avenger movie was way better. This one was a totally let down, just like the Game of Thrones final season.
  • This should be a solid 5/10 at best. This movie in no way rounds out the story that has been built up over the past 10+ years. My prediction is that the MCU is going to continue this downward spiral because that's just how Disney works. Endgame is really a swift kick in the face to all of the diehard Marvel fans and should be discarded as a MCU movie. It's sad that people can just make fake accounts and rave about a movie that is not good on just about every level. They dropped the ball and i don't think Marvel will be able to get back in the game after this. All around terrible movie with the most plot holes i think I've ever seen in one film. Sad times we live in...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I want to start out saying I love all the Marvel movies leading up to Endgame. I loved Infinity War because it seemed to be setting up a terrific conclusion to the original 6 Avengers story arc's. I was very wrong. Let's start with Tony's Arc. In Ironman 1 Tony is told you are a man who has everything and nothing. In Ironman 2 we find out his dad was distant and cold to him, and in ironman 3 he is getting panic attacks because he thinks it's up to him to save the world from all threats. So in Endgame he finally gets everything that's important. He becomes a Dad and husband and... was proven right by having to die saving the universe himself? Why? Because we are supposed to believe Tony can't retire? Of course he can. Didn't he say to Steve in AoU "isn't that why we fight so we can end the fight? So we can go home?" Tony wanted to retire. Tony's arc should have been about being a good dad like his father never was and finally becoming the man who has everything important. He should have learned that he doesn't have to do it all on his own. Team work should have won the final battle. What's the point of finally getting all the Avengers together if it's left to one man to sacrifice himself to save everyone? Tony's ending was not satisfying and it was not the end they have been building towards from the beginning. Now let's talk about the real tragedy in this movie. Steve Rogers character. We know he is a good man who always does what he believes is right. He calls Home the Avengers facility and says he can't ignore a situation that's headed south. He loved Peggy but found out she had gotten married and had a happy life and he tried moving on with her niece. This storyline was ignored which was ok because most of Steves storyline in the MCU has been about saving Bucky. You remember him right? Steve didn't seem to for the entire movie. Instead of thinking about Sam and Bucky and all the people they are going to save if their plan works when they find Thanos in the beginning of Endgame Steve's just looking at the Peggy compass that he hasn't looked at in at least 3 movies. Why? So we can all forget about his actual character development and think it's a great ending when he goes back in time to be with Peggy. I'm just going to ignore all the plot holes associated with Steve going back in time and just focus on the character assasination this commits. This means the same guy who says he can't ignore a situation headed south, who never ran away from a fight, who said I'm with you till the end of the line" to Bucky is just going to live out his life in the past never saving his friend from being a brain washed assassin, never saving his other friends parents from being killed by his best friend, never stopping any of the thousands of bad things he would know are going to happen? That's not Steve. The writers never let Steve get a personal life. He never found someone after Peggy and he never had anything except the Avengers. He was the one that was set up to die. The final battle starts with what is probably the most epic scene in comic book movie history but fizzles our soon after. Doctor Stranges plan makes no sense. How was this the only way they could win? Why couldn't Captain Marvel snap? Why couldn't captain Marvel just fly the gauntlet to another galaxy? Why couldn't Doctor Strange open a portal and drop the gauntlet on some random planet? In Infinity War why didn't Doctor Strange use his portal to go to Wakanda and tell Thor to aim for the head. The characters powers were very inconsistent for the first time in the MCU. Why was Thanos with no infinity stones able to fight Mjolnir and Storm Breaker but Thanos with all 6 stones would have lost to Storm Breaker if Thor would have just aimed for the head? Why can Captain Marvel fly through a huge spaceship 10 times but she gets knocked out after one punch from Thanos? Why does no one attack Thanos at the same time as someone else? Where's the big team up? You would think getting everyone together for the first time would have been the only way to defeat Thanos, but you'd be wrong because it's all about Tony stark. Even Steve picking up Mjolnir means nothing really because it has no affect on the end of the battle. Thor and Steve could be taken out of this movie and nothing would change. They do nothing of importance. This movie seems so disconnected from Infinity War that it's boggles my mind how this movie has the same writers and directors as Infinity War and it was filmed at the same time as Infinity War. How can you get one so wrong and the other so right? It seems clear to me that the writers and directors decided that Tony was dying and Steve was going back to the past no matter how much their story suffered from doing it. It's like they had a check list of things to put in the movie without actually making a good story that fit in with the rest of their movies. This is by far the most dissapointing ending to anything I've ever looked forward to.
  • You'll cheer, you'll laugh and you'll cry.

    But most importantly, you will enjoy.

    Avengers: Endgame turned out to be more than wished for and delivered all the action, humor and emotions balanced in a perfect manner.

    One must not forget that it's not a standalone film and due to that, the slow pace in the first half can be understood. It will however not bore you for even a second, that's for sure. All action sequences are masterfully crafted and choreographed, further backed not only by the CGI but also a strong thread of emotions that seems to drive everything in this film.

    The directors have dealt with the characters quite well. All performances are impressive, but Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans truly win hearts. If you've been following all MCU movies since Iron Man (2008), there's no way you won't like it.

    It's a great action movie, a great comic book movie, a true crowd-pleaser and possibly the best superhero movie, but first and foremost, it's... it's a...

    I'm speechless.
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