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  • This series appeals to a specialized audience, folks who have drunk the Kool Aid provided by pornographers regarding "female ejaculations". So the vanilla substitute for good old Golden Showers is trotted out in six mediocre Brazzers vignettes.

    Cytherea demonstrates why she's perhaps the all-time Queen of screen squirting, firing up a long-distance fountain of Evian water on cue, or perhaps Poland Spring was used here. Oddly enough, I recently watched her in two early videos where she gives a perfectly good performance without resorting to this gimmick.

    Opening scene features the delightful combo of top-heavy Nikki Sexx and Jenna Presley ganging up on Johnny Sins. It has an amusing premise, as he's their new roommate who keeps spewing dumb and vulgar come-ons, requiring his punishment by the duo before they throw him out. His big dick and sexual prowess cause them to change their minds after his money shot.

    Perhaps the best scene is included as a Bonus, a shot-in-England vignette starring Jasmine Jaye and set in a restaurant, where her real-life mate Ryan Ryder (in a NonSex role) supposedly has bragged about her promiscuity, leading meek employee Danny D to give it a whirl with great success.