Horatio P. Huntington: Now FLY, you FOOL! And don't come back until you have those Animal Crackers... and clothes that don't smell of manure.

Chesterfield: They say a circus is a lot like a family, but every family needs that special something that holds it all together.

[to Owen and Zoe]

Chesterfield: Surprise! You are now the proud owners of one run-down, worn-out circus!

Bulletman: I hold it true, what e'er befall/ I feel it when I sorrow most/ 'Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all!

Mario Zucchini: Okay - who has a cactus room in their house?

[Brock closes on Owen]

Brock: [whispering] Does it bother you when I'm this close?

Owen: Your breath is not great.

Brock: Yeah.

Brock: [breathes on Owen]

Owen: Okay, this is too close.

Chesterfield: [to Owen in gorilla form] Oh, look kid, look I know - it's been hard these last couple of weeks. Not being human and all, spending your life without opposable thumbs, you're shedding everywhere, shunned by the entire...

Owen: You're not helping.

Chesterfield: You didn't let me finish! You're shedding everywhere, shunned by the entire world...

Owen: Okay.

ChesterfieldOwen: ...but look at the bright side! You and Zoe brought life back to this circus! You not only brought our circus family together, but you brought tons of other families together to laugh and cheer and eat overpriced cotton candy! Come on, that's gotta count for something, right?

Mario Zucchini: [skidding on his motorcycle] Mamma mia!

Mario Zucchini: [dodges a truck] Papa pia!

Mario Zucchini: [goes flying off the road] ZUCCHINI'S GONNA DIE-ARI...!

[lands in a manure pile]

Chesterfield: [looking in the box] Always hard to find - like love, Waldo, a good Chinese restaurant... Ah-ha!

[pulls out a human shaped cracker]

Owen: [in bear form] Wait a minute - is that me?

Mario Zucchini: That is you!

Owen: In jeans!

OwenMario Zucchini: Tight jeans.

Chesterfield: It is you! Yessir - every time you eat an animal cookie, a human cookie appears in the box! To change back, you just eat it! Pretty good, huh?

Owen: You want me to eat... me?

Chesterfield: [holding up the cookie, high-pitched voice] Look at me! I'm Owen! My pants are high!

[low voice]

Chesterfield: My IQ is low.

Owen: Hey!

Chesterfield: Is for horses! Which you could turn into if you eat this one!

[holds up horse cracker]

Mario Zucchini: Okay, so, how do these things work?

Chesterfield: Gypsy curse, stale flower, radioactive sugar mites, who knows, who cares? It's magic! That's why the box always stays full!

Owen: [struggles to pick the cookie up in his bear claws] Okay, so I just... pick... little cookie-me up... and... um...

Chesterfield: [tosses it in his mouth] Down the hatch!

[Owen changes back]

Owen: I'm me!

Chesterfield: For better or worse! Mostly worse. In your case... definitely worse.

Horatio P. Huntington: [on his 'Buns of Steel' underpants] They were on sale - no judging!