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  • Wow, I started watching first episode and was skeptical. Those type of shows about hackers and conspiracy are not my favorite. But I loved the first episode, it is well done, acting is amazing however it seems to be going too fast. It seems they have too many ideas and only show us a little bit. The first episode had just over an hour, yet so much happened in it that it could easily be split into 2-3 episodes. But at least it is not boring. It also seems real. And they use command tool for hacking, not one of those super spy CIA graphical interface that you just have to press "HACK" and you are hacker .. oh how I hate those. I am not saying this is the way hacking works, but it does seem closer to the real thing more than dumb Hollywood movies. I watch many TV shows and this one really got my attention. Highly recommended.
  • Mr. Robot is sweeping up all the important awards (Best drama, best actors) and well deserved! When i started to watch this series i didn't expect much, but it has blow me away even in the first episode. A dark story about what is right and what is wrong, and the madness that that question brings. The acting is solid and so is the directing.

    This character, Elliot, is really drawing me in. He's so fantastically flawed, beautifully destructive, sane and insane. His outlook on the world is perhaps pessimistic, or arrogant, but there is a truth in his words - his inner dialogue that comes across as well-written poetry. By the time you're on episode four, the confusion somewhat kicks in. This is okay though, as each character is slowly becoming themselves in the show and synchronizing.

    I can tell how each character is going to intertwine for the most part - but Elliot is the main attraction. I believe there are people out there who are like him; snorting Morphine 30's and taking Suboxone so he doesn't withdraw - a computer genius and natural poet, and a complete sociopath who abuses his power over computers and the internet to understand the human condition and even himself.

    This show is well worth your time; I think even the older crowds (I'm 22) - so basically people who would be my parents, can learn something from this show. They can catch a glimpse of what we're all really like: Sociopathic internet nerds who tweet and text and share, passing information around this sterile country as if it's the very air we breath. This show captures the current zeitgeist, or overall spirit of the times - Elliot is just the extremity, of course. A job well done. I give this show a 9/10
  • The pilot episode of this series shows great promise. At the risk of failing to appeal to the modern television viewer who has become accustomed to shows lacking true substance, it will most certainly captivate a core audience of viewers who feel alienated by the typical programming of the modern day. The narrative touches on topics like social and digital revolution through the thoughts of the protagonist as he narrates the episode. The status quo of modern social behavior, consumerism, and corporate greed prevailing by virtue of the complacency amongst the proletariat is a core issue that both the show and protagonist address with great disdain. It ironically begs the question that if our complacency with the quality of consumer items––such as substandard television programming––is so entrenched in our society, when we are finally greeted with an oasis of the kind of talented artistic expression that this show offers devoid of being dumbed-down or hollowed out in effort to appeal to a wider audience, will we be able to transcend our usual tastes, or will the level of real, thought-provoking narratives lead a disinterest among the typical armchair audience and eventually the show's demise?

    Much like other successful programs such as "The Big Bang Theory" and "House", that received a large following despite some very technical aspects of the dialogue that tend go over-the-head of the majority of their viewers, Mr. Robot followed suit and still holds true to it's core audience by fact-checking its more technical content and preserving its validity.

    Most films or programs with a hacker or computer science theme tend to overplay the "coolness" of what is shown when it comes something as dry as computer code by representing the digital world as it it were a fantasy, in lieu of the more accurate yet bland, plain-text unix coding on a computer screen. I was surprised and also relieved to see the actual computer science portions of the episode be accurate representations of a real-life scenario down the very character. As with other successful programs with story lines derived from complex subject matter (like medicine or theoretical physics), the amount of technical dialogue is not so much that it will bore the majority of the audience who will not understand it, but just enough that it will captivate and perhaps even educate them slightly as they are offered a glimpse into a fascinating world whose power and influence they wouldn't otherwise comprehend.

    My hope is that USA––the network on which the show will air––will recognize that they have struck gold, and not run scared if viewership starts off slow. Most shows of this caliber do not take off will a large audience, but rather begin to amass a strong cult following and later become a huge hit.

    We saw this kind of skepticism among network executives with Breaking Bad. Much like the idea of a school teacher cooking meth to pay his medical bills, a computer nerd with a social disorder and possible schizophrenia working for a network security firm by day and playing social hacktivist by night is not something that immediately screams "blockbuster".

    It's my hope that the timing of this show will prove to be its greatest strength in light of recent events in the hacking and cybersecurity world involving Anonymous, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Ross Ulbricht, and Aaron Swartz. Viewers are educated now more than ever when it comes to hacking and the impact that individuals can make on society through their "hacktivist" work.

    The protagonist of Mr. Robot is similar in many ways to these individuals, and the plausibility of his disposition is validated by their individual plights. Where they have fallen short of their ultimate goals and failed to elude capture, the audience will root for their new favorite anti-hero since Walter White to incite a social revolution through his hacktivist work. Whether he succeeds or is met with the same demise is up to the writers who have crafted this brilliant first episode.
  • chris54321328 May 2015
    Going in with low expectation, not knowing anything about this show, the pilot turned out to offer a pleasant surprise. In short, the show is a bit unconventional, like a mix between an audio book and a TV show, but one rather well researched and executed.

    The acting is fairly good, the narrative style felt novel and fresh, and there's ample room for various subplots and story lines. The setting also felt real, as others have pointed out. Some interesting creative decisions were made, such as blatantly spelling out the antagonist, a company, by giving it an unmistakable name. It also makes subtle jokes and pokes fun of things probably only people in the IT industry would recognize.

    Whereas most shows and movies seem to throw all connection to reality straight out the window when it comes to IT related stuff, this show does not. In fact, it seems extraordinarily well researched for an entertainment piece. Being in that industry myself and having had a bit of "fun" as a youth, I'd have to say that overall the portrayal of IT security and hacking in this show is leaps and bounds more accurate than anything that has come before it, even if the attentive viewer would be able to spot some minute factual errors.

    Perchance even entertainment execs have realized they can no longer get away with silly and unbelievable things like "magic picture enhance", nerdy super hackers who as through divine insight guess their targets passwords in 1-2 attempts, or with peddling notions of tools that have weeks of artist design effort spent on them, for buttons that once clicked, reveal some information that would logically be impossible to get hold of through the channel used.

    It seems as though we finally have a show that doesn't treat its audience as idiots, and where the writers actually spent some time doing their homework. I'm just concerned that the show may be targeting too small an audience, an audience consisting of people who do not switch their brains off when they turn on the tele, and as such it may not be awarded a series contract.

    So far, highly recommended to tune into if you're interested in seeing something fresh and aren't allergic to narration (getting inside the mind of a somewhat odd protagonist), as there's quite lot of the latter.
  • Did USA really just do this? They have managed to give me a combination of the best parts of Swordfish AND Fight Club and managed to make it coherent, suspenseful and a joy to watch. And Christian Slater gives yet another go at TV-Land and may have finally hit the mark!

    The premise: A young man working at a security firm by day, and an elite hacker vigilante by night.

    Sounds like it would be a bore-fest full of misplaced techno jargon, dry suspense (remember BlackHat?) and poor acting, right? Wrong! Not only was I amazed at how the story was presented, but I fell in love with the main cast with some spot on character development, GOOD use of technological aspects of hacking and a great use of voice over.

    Color me impressed! I am a computer geek by trade and they hit the nail on the head with almost every aspect of security and defense without making grievous errors (think The Net & the worst aspects of Swordfish). This is a must see for geeks of all ages and even hits the mark for those not so tech savvy.

    While the show is littered with clichés, they are all so well done and accurate that I could not find this an actual fault with the show. Try as I might, I could not find any glaring faults with the dialog, character development or even the subtle "Big Brother" aspects that they were going for.

    This is a MUST continue for USA and I will be ecstatic if it gets picked up and more episodes are made (at the time of this review it appears only 1 episode has been made). Kudos for USA for taking a risk!

    To sum it up; if you are a tech savvy user of the internet, smart phones or computers this is an absolute MUST see. Even for those of you not so tech savvy please give this a go!
  • Mr. Robot Staring Rami Malek, Christian Slater, and Portia Doubleday is a work of art. While telling the story of a hard working, slightly struggling cyber engineer with a hard drug addiction; it also depicts a realistic representation of how "our democracy has been hacked." It is also a very realistic life story with quotes like, "I should just tell her what she wants to hear," and, "We're all living in each other's paranoia." A must watch for all. There is no better role of Rami Malek than of Mr. Robot's Elliot Alderson.
  • Mr. Robot is underrated. Definitely deserves better. Everybody can't understand this series.
  • dmitrymiller13 December 2018
    Not knowing anything about this hackers stuff, I was skeptical. But the first episode proved me wrong. It's an amazing show. Full of emotions. The first season is very well done, acting is very strong and powerful. Rami Malek is full of potential.
  • Though Christian Slater's previous tech-geared TV drama flopped without notice, this new effort has just enough grit to keep people interested. The main character, not Christian Slater, could be one reason for a positive shift. Elliot, played by Rami Malik, pulls off the beady eyed grayhat fairly well, and riffs of "Fight Club", "The Matrix", and "Hackers" all coexist to compose a decent melody of scenes. For me, it appealed to the cyberpunk bookworm and anime watcher of old who spent decades in a barely fed genre.

    Yes, the technical aspect of hacking is dumbed down quite a bit, but you won't see giant pacmans eating pixels on the screen or progress bars labeled "VIRUS" either. Social engineering is given equal weight as well, which is a welcome area of focus. Hopefully the writing team and creative directors develop plots and characters in a non-linear fashion, and don't begin to rinse and repeat the show into yet another formula driven cash-cow.

    I look forward to the future of this series, with fingers crossed.
  • wimvdwerf29 May 2015
    This is a show worthwhile watching. A series about hacking, but not the usual whiz kids. That helps a lot. The first period was already an eye opener and the characters are as real as they can get. The protagonist has personality problems, which makes him the more acceptable. He knows his way computer systems and is able to dig up all kind of information on others. And how is does is very believable.

    I won't go into details in order not to spoil it for other viewers, but I can really recommend it and suggest you lean back and pay very good attention.

    It is certainly not your run of the mill sitcom and requires your attention from the beginning till the end.
  • When I watched the first episode i was feeling kind of skeptical and i forced my self to continue watching... i am glad i did.that The performance of the characters is beyond brilliant and the plot is very intelligent and requires the viewer to be attentive every minute in order to understand. What is also enthralling about this show is it keeps on surprising you, so whenever i felt it was getting dull something mind-blowing happens and flips the plot! I remember i almost cried in quiet few scenes in season 3!I think this show should receive more attention and credit than it has and i truly hope they do not ruin it in season 4.
  • christian-mander31 May 2015
    Another winning Dexter style formula of hero, the wife and I enjoyed this program a great deal and think this is a winner.

    Modern, gritty and self medicating

    a good cast and well acted, the lead character is instantly likable and i know enough IT guys to see bits of some of them in there.

    watching him act in peoples lives and his struggle with his own mind is quite a refreshing scene in this day and age, i grew up with mechano and buckets of lego, this generation has a world of knowledge and with the right know how can get under the skin of anyone they meet, scary and cool in a happy bundle

    keep making this one!!
  • ArchieIMDb29 January 2019
    An intense psychological thriller that is held up by fantastic characters, iconic cinematography and one of the more interesting and creative portrayals of mental illness put to the small screen, all thanks to Sam Esmail's ingenious vision. While details of the technological aspects may allude some viewers, the enticement of the mystery is more than sufficient to keep the audience's attention through an ever-growing story.
  • emmareviews25 January 2019
    Mr. Robot is, to put it simply, a brilliant series. You don't have to be a total tech-savvy in order to enjoy it and appreciate the marvellous storylines. The genius writing of the show is impressive (and its pretty much accurate portrayal of hacking) as well as the execution; the narration is intriguing, always leaving me wanting more at the end of an episode, and it never slows down. The interesting framing gives something unique to it, too.

    The characters are well-rounded, three-dimensional; especially Elliot, the main character, is very well-written with the accurate portrayal of his mental illnesses and disorders. I believe I read somewhere that they had an actual psychiatrist read the scripts to get it all right.

    The acting is superb and believable. Rami Malek, who plays Elliot, makes every monologue captivating with the way he speaks, which is the reason why the generous amount of voice-overs never feel "heavy" to me. That and the use of voice-overs works wonderfully in this show to get inside Elliot's mind.

    Currently anticipating season 4 (which will also be the final season). Hopefully, it'll be as rewarding as the previous seasons. Kudos to the cast and crew!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I reviewed the pilot episode and gave it a high ranking. I looked forward to the next episode ... it was so-so. Waited for the next ... oh dear, what a dysfunctional mess. The main character, who 'seemed' so interesting in the pilot, has degenerated into little more than a shallow child and the other characters in the show are little more than window dressing and as undeveloped as the main character. A show with great potential sadly wasted on a clichéd hum-drum who cares anyway story. I am left wondering why, when there are so many interesting and stimulating places to which scriptwriters can take an audience, they choose depressing life-scenarios and self-obsessed pseudo-intellectual ghetto types as their subject of choice. Pointless and boring. Rated at 2 and I'm being kind.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***This contains spoilers*** ***look away now of you don't want spoilers***

    The pilot was really good. Built interesting characters with a "requiem for a dream" feel , but for tech geeks. The 2nd episode was OK, still seemed legit , some of the characters had broken a bit but there was still a lot to work with . 3rd episode .. seriously .. what the hell. A complete break down of rationality got me thinking if the screen writers were snarfing morphine themselves. Mr robot turns out to be such a cheese. As for the explicit explicit scenes .. my god , just why?!?! From a tech head based story into the dribble of hedonism , self loathing crap where you just not sure which character you dislike the most. There are so many holes in the story that is literally seems like the people who wrote the pilot are not working on this anymore. As for how a senior at a security tech firm gets flawed by one of the most basic hacks is completely beyond me. Are they not using all safe on their personal computers? Good enough for the the "evil" company but not them. What does he even do at the company?!?! Its been a long time were i have actually gotten so frustrated watching a show. I was so keen for this series as well .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The creator seems to have ripped off huge chunks of ideas from the plots of The Matrix and Fight Club (with the Marxist BS cranked up to 11), smushed them together, and populated the world with nothing but cardboard characters and scene after scene of clichés.

    This show has the sensibilities of a comic book; smirking young hipsters rule the world. Everyone over 30 is an idiot and plot holes abound in the pilot alone. Among other things, I learned that if you ever want to know where a taxi is going, just call the cab company and say you left your keys in it. They'll totally tell you the car's next destination with no questions asked (as if that would help you get your keys). It's great for stalking and plot convenience.

    The buzz on this is empty hype. This is an utterly insipid show.

    Oh, and the main character's pupils are always gigantic. He looks like he's tripping balls.
  • Just an all rounder with this series. Sam Esmail's amazing directing completely takes the audience on a rollercoaster through all of its twists and turns. The whole series is amazingly directed with every single shot playing an important part in every episode. The directing perfectly shows Elliots state of mind in a creative and satisfying way. Every season has its own plot twists and always takes the story on a completely unexpected path. Rami Malek's acting and character are both outstanding. Elliot is such an unconventional but amazing protagonist and every episode is just beautifuly crafted. The show is honestly like no other i have watched and i couldn't recommend it enough.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The series has a very interesting premise. By far it has the closest technical reality when it comes to hacking .(i am talking about the bullshit they show in movies probably using hackertyper). Very nice portrayal of solving computer problems in real world. The lead character has done a really good job convincing the viewer of his mental state. The writing was decent.The cameo from Christian Slater was very good. When he talked about software running the world, virtual money and moving away from gold standard which are absolutely true. Overall the subject is really tough to deal with and the director/writer did a wonderful job in giving the audience a clear picture. One hour pilot was spectacular and I hope it will progress into a more engaging TV show. I am confident of USA network since they have been giving excellent TV.
  • First off, can't believe Hollywood was able to pull of what realistic hacking looks like, after decades of graphics mumbo jumbo.

    If you are programmer or a professional pen-test guy, you will love it a bit, seeing all the tools that you use daily. It's not perfect but its quite good.

    Second, after Season 1, the show went to rambling its LIBERAL PROPAGANDA about Non-Binary Sex, Anti-Trump n0n-sense and it keeps getting worse and worse ...

    I don't understand ... why can't we have a decent entertainment without any political bias .. Then again, who am I kidding ...

    All in all .. great show... After season 1... its draining down the rabbit hole
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first few episodes are great. They seem realistic and plausible. Something that could happen at your local city centre.

    Then the whole series starts to unravel around the half way point....A murder happens that involves one of the main characters....but he simply tells the police that he's too busy to talk to them. Not bloody likely.

    Then it turns into a Fight Club rip off (they actually play music from the movie to make the connection).

    After watching the whole first season, I am extremely disappointed. I thought this was going to be a really great show. But by the end I can tell I won't watch another episode. It's just too far fetched, and stretching to make the story exciting.

    It has the opportunity to delve into the technical aspects of how the main character is able to hack into other people's lives, but instead it focuses on the outlandish.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Rami Malek gives an outstanding performance in the initial episode of "Mr. Robot", a promising thriller series from USA debuting this summer. I caught a special screening at Google hdqts. today and was impressed with the premise and his powerhouse acting.

    The Ryan Philippe/Tim Robbins movie ANTITRUST, made 15 years ago, is the precedent that came to mind for this paranoid thriller which falls neatly in the vein of THE PARALLAX VIEW and other classics about conspiracies. Creator/writer Sam Esmail has bitten off a big topic, as our hero (or antihero possibly?) goes up against E (for Evil) corporation, a vast conglomerate that encapsulates our worst fears about how the contemporary world is rigged by just a few powerful & shadowy figures against the rest of its inhabitants.

    For this 62-minute opener, the ground was set for future episodes, as well as delivering a satisfying one-off story for starters. Most unusual aspects of the pilot are its truly dark mood and serious tone, plus the incredible emphasis on the central character.

    Rami Malek as Elliot, a computer whiz working at a Manhattan cyber security company which has E as its chief client, is in every single scene of the hour, and dominates nearly all of them, with his heavy narration (including interjecting his thoughts) talking directly to the viewer who he terms an "imaginary" audience. There is a crucial pivot after the halfway point, when previously dangled before us in cameos Christian Slater as the mysterious "Mr. Robot" takes over center stage and begins to manipulate our hero and hint at a counter-conspiracy of even greater potential power than the evil powers-that-be.

    Beyond the computer techno-babble (which of course elicited some chuckles from the theatrical audience of Googlers on a lunch hour break), what really made this series work for me is the bug-eyed (when necessary) spooky performance of Malek as we are invited to wonder is he crazy, is he merely imagining things, or is this social misfit going to save our world? I grew up addicted to morbid TV shows ("The Outer Limits" most obviously) like David Janssen in "The Fugitive" and its lighter but also effective Ben Gazzara clone "Run for Your Life", and Malek's anti-hero dovetails nicely with these brooding, romantic '60s figures and TV icons.

    Other cast members made a nice impression, though it was difficult to get one's foot in the door opposite Malek's one-man-show. Michael Gill as his boss Gideon was quite sympathetic and had a smashing (and needed) comic relief scene aboard a private plane alone with Malek when the boss "comes out", announcing to the bewildered introvert that he's gay, for no particular reason confiding in Elliot.

    Portia Doubleday is arresting as theoretically a love interest for Elliot, though as a co-worker she already has a comic relief boyfriend (also co-worker) who wants everybody to like him, even the untouchable Elliot. Guest star in first episode Gloria Reuben as Elliot's shrink and sounding board was also a good foil, as Malek insists on meddling in hers and everyone else's life according to his whim. I hope the producers don't head too far into "The Equalizer" territory that at times is suggested.

    His is a most complex character and I suspect part of the fun of watching the show will be to calibrate week to week how much the viewer identifies with him and his actions or disagrees with his peculiar tactics and issues. I can't recall such a self- divided frankly mixed-up hero since the Golden Age of film noir nearly 70 years ago.

    With Slater positioned to move potently in and out of the storyline at will, this otherwise top- heavy project could catch on, especially given today's audience having such a propensity for ingesting dark subject matter ("Banshee", "American Horror Story", "True Detective" and "Hannibal" to name a few).
  • I wish there was a way to rate this series by season. I started the series based on IMDB 8.8 rating.

    Here's how it should be

    Season 1 : 9.5 Season 2 : 1 Season 3 : you are real brave to survive season 2.

    The season 1 started so great with gripping story line, strong characters and Screenplay. Season 1 left me thrilled and I wanted more so I started season 2. After s2ep3 and started to feel like elliot himself. "Am I crazy?","Is it a dream?". I swear to God, i started the series looking at the rating. So I cameback to IMDB to carefully read all the reviews.

    DO NOT watch season 2 and beyond. You'd be thankful that saved few valuable hours or your life.

    I think people prematurely rated the series without completely watching All the season. which bumped it up to 8+.
  • This show is just good. I can't put it into words to describe the excellence that comes from the carefully crafted and well thought story lines, acting and directing. Sam Esmail is truly a living legend as this show is a masterpiece.

    It's funny, Dark, scary, realistic, yet it includes elements of the paranormal, romance and even Sci-fi. This is all brought together by an excellent cast, in which is very likable, even including the shows antagonist (In season one). Combine all of this with dozens of fantastic plot twists that carefully explain themselves, while opening up new questions for speculation in future episodes.

    Mr Robot is quite possibly one of the greatest shows of all time, as it combines everything subtlety into almost each episode. It truly deserves a 10/10 rating. Please, go out and watch this!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Season 1 got me so hung up. The season was brilliant, original with great character and original story development. The themes treated were new and never seen on a general public TV series. Also it uncovers a world of hacking with great accuracy and inspiration. Elliot's story was completely unexpected and all the side stories were intriguing.

    Season 2 is just a disaster. I don't know what happened to the authors. I have already spent 6 hours of my life watching Elliot talking to himself trying to fight his other him with absolutely no purpose. Also the original story has been partially abandoned and it is moving forward without Elliot. I am sure they will connect them at some point but the current situation is that the series is NOT entertaining. Several times I find myself just checking my FB while watching those infinite pointless monologues which very poorly describe Elliot's mind and have nothing to do with what's going on around the world. Also most of the time they are shallow and repetitive with no main thread. What are they trying to describe? The mind of an autistic? A man's refusal of society? I still don't get it.

    The direction is becoming too pretentious. the movie is beautifully shot. Experimenting is great, photography is master but nothing makes sense without an interesting story to tell. This is not 8 1/2, it does not have the premises to be like that nor is what people are expecting to see. A TV series and a movie are two different things.

    I will keep on watching the whole season 2 and decide if to move forward with season 3....I hope the things improve.
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