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Katie Walsh The Playlist
Anchored by a quartet of equally strong and understated performances by Hemingway, Stanfield, Wisdom, and Dillon, Live Cargo proves itself to be a singularly artful film of great emotional heft.
Eric Kohn Indiewire
Fortunately, the black-and-white debut of writer-director Logan Sandler is just sharp enough to complicate its clichés with strong performances and a mesmerizing tone that pushes the mopey proceedings into psychological thriller territory.
Chuck Wilson Village Voice
The need to tell a story and the desire not to collide in Live Cargo, the narratively uneven but visually exquisite debut feature from writer-director Logan Sandler.
Andy Webster The New York Times
We are largely left with the images, which take us far, if not far enough.
Justin Lowe The Hollywood Reporter
Although visually observant, the film’s narrative remains frustratingly vague, disclosing little about its central characters and often burying the principal plot points.
Wes Greene Slant Magazine
The faces in Logan Sandler's film, like the landscapes of the paradise setting, only convey an empty sort of ambiguity.
Nick Schager Variety
Live Cargo is one of the most evocatively shot debut films in recent memory, which is why its shabby storytelling is such a crushing disappointment.
Angelica Jade Bastien
Despite the care put into the story and its heavy themes, Live Cargo has no emotional impact.
Robert Abele Los Angeles Times
Logan Sandler’s Live Cargo is stuffed with arty close-ups and stunning backdrops, but the emotions to connect them are missing.

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