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  • This show is really bad. At first blush, it looks like a typical low-budget children's show, not unlike what you might see on the Disney Channel. But it has some huge problems. First, is that the Murry, Richie's money manager is a Jewish stereotype. For some reason, Richie Rich's money manager is a 12-year-old like him and has a bunch of Jewish money manager stereotypes. He also has a bunch of weakling nerd stereotypes, but those are just annoying, not insulting.

    The second problem is that the robot maid is a typical model in french maid outfit. It's weird that a kid that hasn't hit puberty yet (at least not in the first episode) would choose a blatant sex symbol. That said, she has the best lines. Heck, she's the best developed character. It's like the writers knew how terrible the concept was, and gave a bunch of great dialogue to compensate.

    The worst problem is Darcy, who is a girl Richie's age who 'spends his money' and otherwise acts like a vapid spoiled trophy wife/girlfriend. But she's twelve (or around that age), and they're not dating.

    It's unsettling to see young children acting out these adult tropes. The only actual adult (besides the robot) is a Richie's father, a man child who doesn't seem to have ever held down a job in his life. How he had two kids (Richie has an older sister) is beyond me. It isn't that I can't picture a woman having sex with him, it's that he's so immature I can't imagine him being interested.

    I'd stay away from this show. Far, far away.
  • I loved the Richie Rich movie (1994) with Macaulay Culkin when I was a kid. Of course, once I watched it again as an adult, I found some things in the movie just dumb, but I could still see why I loved it so much. It was well written, had a good plot, good actors, etc.

    This Richie Rich show, however, is simply bad. No, wait, I have a better word for it: horrendous. Story is pretty much inexistent, characters and dialogues are horribly written, and actors are just... not good. After watching a few episodes, I couldn't take it anymore.

    I know they are just kids that were probably just very poorly directed, but still, this is something else. They remind me of puppies that are avidly learning to do new tricks. In this case, their "punchlines" are the tricks, and the "laughs" are the rewards. And honestly, it gives a stink of desperation to the whole show. They kinda look like they are on speed or ecstasy too. Yep, a bunch of puppies on drugs, that's pretty much what they look like to me.

    And let's not forget the obviously objectified/sexualized robot French maid... She has the best lines, and she's a freaking robot! And just like all the other characters, she's an overused stereotype that is just inappropriate. It's like they took her character from a bad indie porn movie and put it in a kids show on Netflix.

    I don't often take time to review movies/series, but this show just made me so mad I had to vent somehow. I can't believe such a show can still be produced in 2015. It's sad for the actors, because you sense they do have potential and talent hidden behind the poor direction, but I officially brand this as unwatchable. There's too much wrong stuff at the same time, and I honestly don't understand how someone could enjoy it.
  • I don't think that this concept is something that will ever translate well from comic books to television or movies. The Richie Rich comics were funny because they described wealth so outlandish, that when Mom went to the East Wing of the mansion, she traveled by plane. Money gushing out of oil wells and vaults so big they were measured in acres. Stuff like that.

    Of course, that stuff does not translate to the real world very easily. Richie Rich may be a good comic for kids fascinated by money, since it teaches that friendship and family is far more important than money. But trying to translate that into a real-world TV show by papering the walls of Richie's bedroom with foreign banknotes just seems silly.

    The concept COULD work if it were "dialed down" a bit... Like a show about a kid in an extremely wealthy family who just wants to play with other kids and is a good person, but who has to contend with things like the security guards that follow him everywhere for his protection. Or who asks his Dad for lunch money on his way out the door and his Dad hands him a $100 bill because it is the smallest bill he has. Little jokes like that would at least be believable.

    But this series is completely over the top. I know that most movies and TV shows require a suspension of disbelief, but this one requires a suspension of your entire brain.
  • At first I was excited about the possibility of a live-action Richie Rich as I grew up watching the original cartoons and movies. They weren't the best, but they were entertaining! However, this show is absolutely the worst one I've seen with Netflix's name attached to it. The stories are terrible, the acting is terrible, the characters are the worst, it's an insult to 'Richie Rich'. I don't see why the father has to be a complete idiot, the mother is non-existent, and why the sister is a terrible character. Richie's friends are also quite insulting, a girl who steals from him, spends his money and is out-of-this-world obnoxious, and a dorky boy who dresses like and acts like a stereotypical Jewish accountant? I don't get the reasoning behind it. Richie's character also has no appeal. He became rich because he didn't eat his vegetables? He's a spoiled kid who does whatever he wants with no accountability. This show has no genuine funny moments nor a cohesive story. I cannot believe someone read this crap and said 'yes let's do it' nor can I believe this got onto season 2.
  • Though this series shares the title as the 90's movie, cartoon, and comic books that preceded it, it takes place in a completely different universe.

    instead of being born into wealth, young Richie somehow eliminated the use for carbon fuel, by using his uneaten vegetables. he became a 'trillionaire' as a result, and moved his family (father cliff and older sister harper) into a huge dream mansion.

    though he gains a lot of material possessions (such as; a robot maid named irona, pet whales, jetpack, and amusement park), he is most concerned with staying connected with his two best friends; murray - his money manager (played by Joshua carlon), and darcy (played by jenna Ortega) - his 'money spender' .

    this is all explained in the opening credits by Richie himself (played by jake brennan).

    with the help of cgi and expansive and stylish set designs, a surreal utopia - which serves as a playground for Richie and his friends, is created. most events and activities take place in the makeshift living room or bedroom of 'master richie'. it's vital that they're nice to look at - which they are:)

    a little imagination from the viewers is needed to fill in a few blanks. as there are some things that either happen off camera, or are not explained at all. this is a nice touch, as it keeps us engaged. it's a fantasy world where anything can happen.

    the focus is wisely kept on the children. the average age of the cast is twelve - which is also the extent of the target audience. they all give energetic and charismatic performances in their distinctive roles. the story is mostly told through their eyes. Richie and his friends, as well as robot irona (played by brooke Wexler), have great chemistry. even the reoccurring non rapper 't-nice', aka taj, aka 'bulldozer's son' (played by Nathan Anderson), fits in effortlessly with the group.

    there's an interesting dynamic within. darcy and murray are polar opposites and don't seem to get along. it's unlikely that they'd even associate with each other had it not been for Richie - who seems to love them both equally, and is the glue that holds them all together.

    the older robot maid irona, is both an adviser and servant to Richie. despite not having any feelings, she sometimes acts as though she doesn't want to work. she appears human upon first glance, however, she talks in autotuned voice and is the subject of many special effects.

    the b plots are usually reserved for Richie's father cliff, and older sister harper. harper is an angry overachiever, desperate to get into Harvard university. she wants to carve a lane for herself, and is unimpressed with Richie's success.

    cliff is a lazy, jobless, barely functional, 'man-child'. he seems to learn from his children rather than the other way around. he wants to spend time with them, but mostly ends up helping, or hindering, harper's plans.

    the overall tone of the show is light, loud, and in a similar vein as some of the Disney tween sitcoms from the late 90's/early 2000's. this is not surprising as it borrows some of the same writers. though I don't find it to be anywhere near as obnoxious.

    sure, there's some slapstick, sight gags, and subtle references to bathroom humour, but they are few and far between. they don't get in the way of the colourful, fast paced action.

    there's also a fair amount of heart sprinkled throughout - without things getting too sappy. the intention is to entertain, not teach. this isn't high art and shouldn't be judged as such.

    there's a sense of wonder and comfort. each episode is a new adventure. 21 of them in total, span over two seasons - which makes it easy to binge. the show actually improves as it progresses . part of me wishes that it could have lasted longer. then again, it was best to end it before the actors outgrew their roles.

    it's been four years since it's debut. i'd definitely call it an unlikely classic! I only hope Netflix keeps it available for us to watch until our hearts are content :)
  • cabooseminusone13 July 2015
    Literally the worst show I've ever seen. Horribly corny, Horribly bad acting, Horrible characters. The dialog actually sounds like the child actors wrote it. It amazes me that this show was ever green-lit. Also, As one reviewer pointed out, the show is actually borderline offensive. There are so many offensive stereotypes. I can put up with a lot of kids shows but this one is torture. Now to formulate a plan to convince my niece to watch something else... On a side note; What is up with the random little girl whose only purpose is to spend the kids money? And the creepily sexualized robot maid? Also, How does the father even feed himself. He should be placed in a home for the mentally challenged.
  • So, this show is really terrible on every level. It has that typical absurd situational humor but that's not why I'm writing this.

    Let's start off with the fact that this kid becomes a trillionaire by not eating his vegetables. But the two things that get me the most are his sex symbol French maid robot slave and his walking stereotype of a 12 year old money manager. These two things do not belong in a children's show. His best (friend)?? Is a girl that spends all of his money and doesn't stop complaining. The main character himself a spoiled, selfish and suffers zero consequences for being an absolute donkey to his sister and his "help". The dad belongs in an institution of some sort for allowing all this behavior and for allowing his 11?? Year old to purchase a sexualized slave. I hate this show and it is now banned from this house.

    If you took any lessons from this horribly written show they would be:

    Treat everyone like your help Hold your money over everyone's head

    Objectify and buy attractive slave women

    If you're rich you suffer no consequences

    Don't eat vegetables

    Treat your family like they are meaningless
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have this weird thing with the Netflix original series Richie Rich, based off the famous comic strip. The whole show is about the titular character making a trillion dollars overnight after his brand new invention that makes greens become an energy source. He moves his dad and sister into a new mansion with a Robot Maid. He has some friends like an accountant named Murray and Darcy who is the money spender (seriously why would he need a money spender?) and it follows the family and friend's adventures.

    The whole thing is so cheap. I mean, seriously so cheap. You could put cardboard as the background and it would still look more expensive then this! I always riff this show for having excuses of why they can't show anything expensive or cool and that is the reason.

    The show is completely ridiculous. The Kids do act like most kids, but with a few adult traits to them. Murray has a phobia of losing money and loves to save up and invest in things while Darcy is a shopaholic who contrasts from Murray a lot. The show has some extremely dumb things like in Episode 7, Murray goes to Antarctica to get Richie a check to sign, but he loses it, ends up going back and thinks he is a penguin.

    You know what the weirdest thing about this show is?

    I actually don't mind it at all.

    Not all kids are going to enjoy the humor of the show. I mean, the thematic elements of the show is money and I still don't know how kids are going to enjoy the economy jokes, but maybe for the older audience it will appeal more to those who grew up with the comics.

    Some of the jokes can be really funny and sometimes they can be really dull. My favorite by far is in Episode 7, one of my favorite episodes by far where Darcy has two musical numbers about how they should abandon Murray and why Murray was better off as a penguin.

    The show reminds me of old Disney Sitcoms from the 2000's like Suite Life/On Deck and that's a good thing because I did like watching a few of those shows on TV.

    Not a lot of people and kids are going to like this, but to those who do, Season 2 is out now with 11 episodes. Check it out, I don't think it's a terrible show, it has a cool likable lead and some good characters. Definitely for kids though, unless the old timers want to watch it.

    67/100 C+
  • alexsbanks14 August 2015
    So we have the:

    Rich kid who is easily manipulated by girl who wants his money.

    The girl who wants his money. The Jewish/Nerd accountant stereotype.

    The dumb dad.

    The non-existent mother.

    The sister (ok character).

    The slave robot (okcharacter)

    The plots are bad, the lines are bad, some of the actors are bad. It only appeals to a 1 year old. Even so I think that even THEY would get bored by the 3rd episode.

    I recommend never watching it. My little brother adores it, but I can see through its lies, DO NOT WATCH. Watch the film instead.
  • 4 VERY important things you have to keep in mind before watching this...

    1.Imagine if Anthony Jeselnik wrote and directed this show.

    2.If this show was on cable, it's be on adult swim at like an 10:00-11:00pm slot

    3.Its low budget. Be that as it may, they made each dolor go the MF distance. They even have green screen special effect and for what it's worth, it's super good and very creative to enhance this LOW BUDGET production. They really make the best use of every bit of set piece they have and it's all comes together so beautifully. My respects to the art department! Wow!

    4. This show is meant for adults, not kids. Picture this, you have a show that is shot in the style a Disney Chanel show like Wizards of Waverly place, with the over acting and exaggerated sets and characters. But it's offensive, it has dark humor, it has stereotypes but it's marketed to the people who grew up watching that style of tv show (The Suite Life, Hannah Montana, iCarly) who are now adults and can laugh at the dark humor that the show is going for. And if you're a little bit older, the legendary dark humor of Married with Children. However, this show is super watered down because that humor is ever so subtle. Just like how in the Tarantino Universe, someone from Pulp Fiction could go to the movies to see Kill Bill, someone from Married With Children Universe could Watch Richie Rich!

    I would say that this show is not for kids because yes, there are some cliches and stereotypes that you just wouldn't want kids watching. But if you see It with a set of eyes as an adult, your can appreciate it as a whole so much more!

    Which by the way, EVERY ONE OF THOSE ACTORS crushed it!!! They play the exact characters they were directed to play perfectly!

    The nerdy kid plays a nerdy kid like a BOSS!!! Shot out to him in episode 3 where he double spinning kick like a ninja!

    The material girl (aka Baby Jackie from That 70's Show) was told to play a material girl and she nailed it.

    The sister "Hey, Play an over acting Disney Chanel Show villain." She plays one to the T

    AND THE ROBOT MAID.... my favorite character in the show! She's hilarious!! In Ep 2 she mocks the sister in her voice and I was dying I rewatched it 3 times it was so good!

    Every single actor does an amazing job creating what feels like a Dark Disney Channel style show aimed at the 18-30 age range.

    I hope that whoever was involved in this show gets a chance to read this and know how awesome they did.

    I think that would be a cool new genre of Tv Style that look likes it's for kids but it's really not. Think Happy Tree Time Friends and how violent that cartoon is. Definitely not for kids.

    But that all I have to say, I created an account just so I could write this review and make that observation! How am I the only one that's noticed this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

    I hope that if anyone watches it, they got a chance to read those 4 things I mentioned to have a better experience. Take care✌🏻
  • emil-1446216 August 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Would have never watched this, but daughter had it on one day and I spent the next three days watching both seasons. The only disappointment was when he calls his mom in the last episode and you hope to get that backstory, that was the end. Way to leave us hanging Netflix :(
  • nukeman-003593 February 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    there are things that work in the show, and Some aren't. The good, i like the Richie character. He's a funny kid and he can provide a convincing role i like the Murray kid, he's a great comic foul for the other friend. I also like the premise, making a new fuel based out of vegetables creating a good idea with no such need for fossil fuels. now to things i hate, i hate the father and the sister character. The father feels a lot like a sitcom dad stereotype. I mean he can't get through a knob and peephole? Come on, the jealous sister is irrelevant. I mean she does nothing except be upsetting annoyed and be the complaining sister and Darcy. Darcy being the friend that i think is just friends with him for the money. I honestly don't know why. It's OK
  • When I saw this on Netflix, at first glance it looked terrible.. But I'm happy I took a chance and watched it. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire series, and would recommend it to others to watch. Some of the writing is bad, but some of the writing is good as well. As with any series, with a bit of fine tuning, it has the potential to be great. The acting is very good in my opinion, and I feel like the actors (especially Jenna Ortega who plays Darcy, and Kiff VandenHeuvel who plays Cliff, Richie's father.) I really hope more episodes are made in the future, so we can see how the show, and their actors improve. I feel that many young ones alike will enjoy the show, seeing that it is very entertaining, and attention grabbing as the viewers can visualize themselves in the situations, and have fun watching the show. It's very fun and entertaining, I'm sure you'll love it!
  • nicki-6160712 November 2018
    I get that most kid shows are for entertainment and cheesy, but I must admit as I sat and watched the first season with my 8year old, I found myself more aggravated than with any other show I've watched on Disney or Nickelodeon. The "teen" robot maid in a maid costume and heels, the "6yr old acting" dad makes this show beyond cringeworthy. I've watched alot of Disney XD and Nickelodeon and yes they have their fair share of cheesy, but this brain cell killing show takes the cake. All the characters are weird and horrible actors. I understand why it was canceled, why it was picked up again, baffles me.
  • This has got to be the worst series on Netflix. He "jokes" are lame, the characters are pathetic, and if the parents are so stupid family services would've taken him away from them.

    This show is so bad that they had to give it a second season to confirm that the first one was not an aberration.
  • At first I hated it but the more I watched it the more I liked it. The writing is bad. The jokes are bad but sometimes their funny. I did get attached to the characters especially Harvor she is just really pretty. This show isn't that bad it just needs some better back backgrounds better writing better plots and better jokes
  • jstephan122011 March 2019
    I never bother with reviews but this is pretty awful. I get it, it's a kids show. But this is poorly written, poorly acted and honestly just a really bad story line. 2 πŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ‘ŽπŸΌ
  • I rarely review but I sat and watched an episode of this with my 11 year old daughter and have to say it's just awful! The sad part being it could have been good. There characters that play Richie, his dad and the maid seem to be talented actors/actresses who seem appealing to me as such, just not in this show. Why they would agree to do such trash just screams $$$$$$.

    The theme song makes clear that Richie is rich from "not eating his vegetables" and creating an alternate energy source. Yes, let's put that out there right off the bat for our kids to see. Then there's the fact that he allows one of his best friends to blow as much of his money as she wants but his sister has to try and trick him into finances and is jealous of his wealth. Or that his dad is still a stereotypical jobless deadbeat dad even though his minor son obviously has the means to provide for himself, just no one else.

    Like all well rounded kid shows these days only parent is present for some reason and it's the dad. He's a love able post 80's stoner type character who loves his kids but can't take care of himself let alone a family it seems, I like the actor that plays him though.

    Ritchie's maid is a "super model model" robot. I guess dad had no problem with him ordering her, you know since he's like, 10. She's an objectifiable character slammed into the middle of a children's show im guessing to attempt to pull some appeal from a slightly older pre teen genre? I can't image why else she's there.....if couldn't be to attract adults because it's clearly a children's show and there's no way anyone over 12, maybe 14 would watch this.

    In all I couldn't believe the writing when I sat down and watched a couple episodes. I colder believe the hook to not eat vegetables and I'm still wondering why these two kids have no guidance and don't go to school. The character could have been a great one considering the actors, the idea and writing is just all half assed
  • Nothing like the comics. Truly terrible. It should not been titled Richie Rich. The series would still be terrible, but at least actual Richie Rich fans wouldn't have been horribly disappointed.
  • This has gotta be the cheesiest show I've seen in a long time, a cross between bad sitcom and lame children's program. I wasn't such a huge fan of the original 1990's Richie Rich films, but at least they retained the characters to some degree like Reggie and Cadbury. As for this show, Richie Rich's altruism, meant to break the stereotype that all rich people are greedy and callous, is nearly all but dissolved, and instead we're left with an obnoxious brat and his annoying, unmemorable friends. Not a lot actually happens during this show's dismal one-season run, and what does happen just comes across mostly as corny antics that go nowhere. It wasn't even enough to entertain my five-year-old cousin for longer than three minutes, let alone viewers who are any older, but then again, this is Netflix, which has a habit of buying up the rights to great books and films and turning them into terrible adaptations. This is just my opinion, but the only shows created by Netflix that I even remotely like are the ones that try something new and innovative with never-before-seen plots, not the same regurgitated stuff that's already been done before. I'm not saying adapting Richie Rich was a bad thing, but couldn't they have at least tried to make it genuinely funny and different instead of hokey and stupid?
  • To put it simply, this show stinks. The laugh track is heinous. The acting is wooden and the jokes are lame.

    Avoid it at all costs.
  • The show has 0 humor and there's nothing in the plot, even when considering it's a kids sir, to carry it.
  • Every single aspect of this show is absolute garbage. The cheap sets and the disgustingly bad acting are only a few things wrong with this trash. You'd think for a show about wealth they'd at least have enough money to get better actors and sets and maybe write something a little better. The terrible story just contributes to this mess. The characters on this show are horridly annoying even for a kids show. Every single character is a bad stereotype who contributes nothing but more trash to the show. This show should be pulled from Netflix.
  • Geez...c'mon producers!

    This series provides yet another example of stereotyping on American TV.
    • white rich kid
    • ditsy girl that just likes to spend money
    • bespectacled boy that saves money and is a numbers geek
    and worst of all
    • robot slave girl dressed in maid outfit direct from a porn studio!

    I am raising two girls to be strong, independent, driven, positive women. The constant profiling of girls and women in TV is outrageous!

    Time for this sort of junk to get off the box.
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