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  • Fun and uplifting Spanish romantic comedy with crazy events , amusement and absurd situations . The picture is well starred by Dani Rovira , new king of Spanish comedy . This entertaining film packs amusement , slapstick , comical situations , tongue-in-cheek , surrealist comedy including conventional pitfalls and many other things . Sitting in a strange middle ground between the completely absurd and the stylishly cool . This is a fast crazy movie with lot of fun situations , grotesque incidents , bemusement and with a bunch of very hilarious roles . This is another Spanish comedy romp , it is a bemusing story that displays lots of humor , entertainment , embarrassing situations and involving a young suitor , his bride , relatives and friends . It deals with a likable Spanish couple Álex (Dani Rovira) and Eva (María Valverde) about get married and the subsequent preparation for a wedding o in which everything goes wrong . Although he believes that's not a good idea the wedding to be celebrated in Castle Comble , England , a peculiar location in bucolic outdoors and then problems crop out . As when they go aboard the England flight , it is spontaneously suspended by a strike carried out by flight operators . Everything that you can imagine is far from the stupid things that may happen her , as it results in the wedding celebrations turned upside down .

    This is a slightly funny film with entertaining events , giggles , emotion , craziness , binge , twists and an intimate love story . The film moves in fits and starts most of which would be desirable , with more traps the viewer resists any kind , and some moments of enjoyment and others quite a few embarrassing . Close comedy concerning about friendship , mayhem , antics , frolics , and a moving romance ; including enjoyable interpretations with outcast roles were pretty well developed . As their touching love story and , subsequently , a possible wedding suspension that becomes extremely affecting , partly because it's so innocent and partly because it's under threat of being ripped apart by an error . Humor is sometimes cheesy and gross-out with some naughty and picaresque situations such as sex jokes , bad taste and spicy scenes . This is a special Spanish comedy from the 2015s with the usual ingredients such as wild humor topped with a little bit of original touches here and there and the tone of the film is light-hearted . It's an agreeable , moving film , perfectly acted and concerning the narration about the relationship among bride , guests , fiancée , fiancés , best man , relatives and friends . This is a typical Spanish comedy from the recent century , similarly to ¨La Gran Familia Española¨ by Daniel Sanchez Arevalo , ¨Quién mató a Bambi?¨ (2013) by Santi Amodeo or ¨Tres Bodas De Más¨ with Imma Cuesta with the usual ingredients such as silly humor , absurd events and close relationships among people . It turns out to be pleasantly fun that offers no intellectual stimulus whatsoever ; an exercise in pure amusement in which entertainment and fun are guaranteed . The characters are quite odd , grotesque and weird and the film races on at incredible speed . Higlights of this film include a peculiar bet between Dani Rovira and two Dutchmen , an amusing race for a rolling cheese , an impressive irruption in helicopter and spectacular as well as puzzling ending celebration . On the surface, ¨Ahora o Nunca¨ doesn't get much wrong , it looks okay , the comedy misunderstandings pile up in a reasonably amusing fashion and the performance is acceptable . My feelings are extremely mixed but I must admit there are things I haven't been able to stop laughing about ; however , it also contains ridiculous happenings and some grossed issues . Great acting by Dani Rovira , he truly steals the show . Dani is the recent king of Spanish romantic comedy with successes as ¨8 Apellidos Vascos¨ and ¨8 Apellidos Catalanes¨ . In fact , the film is a Dani Rovira recital , as he stooges , jokes , makes acrobatics , and puts faces and grimaces . It's a pretty amusing farce with this master actor , ordinary in ¨Stand-up comedy¨ shows . Sympathetic acting by Maria Valverde as lovely young who wishes really to marry but things get awry . And enjoyable performance from Clara Lago as beloved friend . In reality Clara Lago and Dani Rovira are a couple and this film marks the second time they have worked together . Fine support cast such as Alicia Rubio , Gracia Olayo , Jordi Sánchez , Joaquín Núñez and Melody's film debut.

    Colorful cinematography by Pau Esteve who has photographed successes as ¨Hermosa Juventud¨ , ¨Tú Y yo¨ , ¨Alpha¨ , ¨Buried¨ and ¨Caníbal¨ . Atmospheric and catching musical score by Simon Smith , including attractive songs . The motion picture was professionally directed by Maria Ripoll . Maria Ripoll was born in 1964 in Barcelona, Catalonia , Spain and considered to be one of the best Spanish female filmmakers that has won several prizes and nominations . She is a good director and assistant director , being especially known for the successful ¨Tortilla Soup¨ (2001) , ¨Lluvia En Zapatos¨ or ¨The Man with Rain in His Shoes¨ (1998) , "Your Life in 65" (2006) with Javier Pereira , Oriol Vila , Tamara Arias and ¨Rastres de Sàndal¨ (2014) . Maria has directed known international stars such as Penélope Cruz , Lena Headey , Héctor Helizondo , Leonardo Sbaraglia , Tchéky Karyo , Jacqueline Obradors , Elizabeth Peña , Douglas Henshall , Mark Strong , among others . She also made a thriller that failed at box office titled ¨Utopia¨ with Najwa Nimri , José Garcia , Emma Vilarasau and Fele Martínez .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this movie without watching the trailer, so I went in completely blind, not knowing what to expect. All I knew was this this was a Spanish comedy involving a wedding. As a fan of wedding movies, both comedies and dramas, I expected to at least have a good time. Except I didn't, because the movie tries too hard to be raunchy and off-the-wall and it just came off as cheesy. It is extremely politically correct but, worse, fancies itself as anything but. Not to mention, this movie with this exact or similar plot has been done countless times before (and better) by Hollywood, French and Italian cinema.

    When watching comedies where everything goes wrong, you are expected to sympathize with the main characters, you are supposed to come to like them even if they start unlikable, so that when the happy ending comes you feel good for them and feel less bad about laughing at their misfortunes. But in this movie there are no lessons, no real character growth, only "getting out of it" situations, and if that involves lying and manipulation so be it.

    One of the plot lines in this movie is that, while the husband is moving heaven and Earth to be able to attend his own wedding and not disappoint his wife, his wife in turn gets drunk and ends up sleeping with a random man. Her group of female friends immediately dismiss it as an issue of no importance and the movie goes the extra-mile of portraying the random man she slept with as the villain. As she if she had just made a minor mistake by betraying her fiancé on her own wedding ceremony.

    There's a scene that involves a group of women ogling at the naked body of an unconscious man and, when he wakes up startled, one of them, clearly playing the butch role of Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids, punches him in the face, giving him a black eye. The tone of the movie makes it very explicit that we're supposed to find this very funny but I don't. I wouldn't like if the roles were reversed, so I don't like it when misogyny is mirrored as if that's somehow empowering. Despite all the infamous machismo Spanish society is known for, I notice a trend in their comedies, where the women do as they please and the men are supposed to forgive them immediately. We fantasize about Spanish men like Antonio Banderas and Javier Bardem, but according to Spanish comedies, Spanish men invoke nothing but feelings of pity or, worse, disgust.

    There are some funny shenanigans involving the groom, his father and his father-in-law, as they travel around Europe trying to find ways to reach the wedding on time but facing the unexpected situations that make comedies funny. The actor who played the groom's father, Joaquin Nunez, did a wonderful job. His comedic instincts are on point and, frankly, if it weren't for him, I would have given this movie 1 out of 10.
  • Well, this is a very cliché story. A story about a wedding and all things start going wrong and the bride and the groom must do anything to be together again.

    The story might not be very original but it still provides some very funny moments, specially with Dani Rovira, who is one of the best comedians in Spain right now.

    But it also has a lot of cheesy moments with some uncomfortable situations but I think this is normal in this kind of movies.

    It's entertaining while you're watching it but it's not the best Spanish movie you can watch.
  • Now or Never has actors whose previous work I've greatly enjoyed (Dani Rovira, Maria Valverde, Clara Lago). But it also has a basic plot that I totally despise: a quest - here, getting to the wedding on time -- is endangered by happenstance, aggravated by bad decisions and incompetence. What results is not quite "irresistible force meets immovable object," but I watched it fearing the worst.

    This isn't Rovira's, Valverde's, or Lago's best film. It isn't even their best rom-com, and Rovira and Valverde hardly share any scenes. But, fortunately, good acting and sympathetic characters overcame the plot limitations. I laughed as much as I groaned. My eyes teared up a little at the end. (In Billy Crystal's voice: Hate it when that happens!). It's enjoyable, overall.
  • manel-1721 October 2015
    A bit cheesy Although the trailer makes you want to see it, when we finally see it, it has very funny moments but also moments between actors too corny and sentimental passes.

    Dani Robira is not doing very well this role or at least used to roles where the actor can do what he does best, the monologues.

    For those who enjoy weddings (in the cinema or out). (...) A good example of this type of commercial cinema, white comedy for all ages, fun and without creating any discomfort.

    For my taste, it is made to be seen as a television series, but with a slightly higher budget.