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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Woo boy, where to do I begin with this? Let me start of by saying I love playing the Dead Island games. The original game and "Riptide" are fun as hell, they give you that honest feeling that you are trapped on this island with the walking dead and the games are certainly not boring in any way. If you are not killing zombies or gangs in occupied buildings, you've always got something to do that helps move the story along. I could go on talking about how great those games are but everything good I could say about them is completely the opposite of what became of "Escape Dead Island".

    "Escape Dead Island" ranks right up there with some of the worst games ever made if not topping them. I have never played such a broken, boring, frustrating, and flat out pointless piece of crap in my life than this game. The story makes no sense, the game play ranges from boring as hell to absolutely frustrating, the graphics are terrible, the comic-book style of the game is headache-inducing, the characters are annoying, and the dialog is worse than a Uwe Boll movie. Add the fact that the game freezes your system again and again (it froze my system 3 times in one night) which makes me question how much time the designers actually spent on testing this thing. You'll be walking through a room with no zombies in and then suddenly a dozen of them will appear out of nowhere, even from the sky.

    As I said before the story makes no sense, your character has hallucinations throughout the game which seem to have no rhyme or reason to them so you don't know what is going on until you make it to the very end of the game only to find out, SPOILER ALERT, your character is crazy. Plus the designers decided to throw in a little twist at the end revealing that your character is stuck in a time loop that reverts back to the beginning of the game. Why this was put in a game where you are fighting legions of the living dead makes no sense because it completely nullifies the entire point of playing the game.

    You get about 4 weapons in this game, all of which are utterly useless because none of them work any better than the first one. At one point you get a freaking' Katana sword that turns out to be of no more use to you than a butter knife.

    I could go on and on with this but I think I've said enough, please for the love of God avoid this game at all costs. Do not buy it or even rent it. It is an insult to gaming, an insult to the D.I. franchise and should be erased from existence.