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  • g_hilse11 May 2019
    I can't believe TBS is cancelling such a funny, original show. I haven't seen a show that made me laugh like this in quite a while. The TBS network has been my go to for programming since this show arrived, but they've lost my viewing (and respect) when they made the very, very poor choice of cancelling this comedy gem.
  • BennyTV3 October 2018
    Please do not cancel this show! And if you are a fan, Watch on a platform that will support positive ratings! TBS was churning out poop for years... dont let that junk make you pre-judge this show. Lets just say I watched the pilot about 4 times in the first week (years ago).

    I must also mention that the talented cast here- from chemistry to individual talent is through the roof. These are some of the best comedic actors you will ever see on screen, and even if you only know the 2-3 HUGE comedy icons, the rest of the cast is also quite accomplished. The meta for putting lesser known actors in tv and movies is proving to pay off for all.
  • Its better than ABC's LOST. Please bring it back. No other show gives me the best laughs.
  • Tired of predictable sitcoms, serious dramas and the darkest of dark programs? There aren't many real comedy shows being made out there now are there? So this show beams through as a ray of light purely in the absence of any competition and because it dares to be just plain funny when every other 'comedy show' is bogged down with their agendas. And the comedy is pretty clever, not that obvious and just a little bit boundary pushing. It's not a ten or anything but it's a solid 7.5 and when you've had a hard day at work and just want to unwind with a laugh or three this program comes as a welcome and difficult to find treat.
  • sonrichard766 May 2019
    From start to finish I cannot stop laughing, excellent cast, hilarious episodes one after another.
  • chefkpaul27 September 2018
    I love this show so much! Watch it. That is all. Oh, never mind. I'm being told that my review is too short. Great show, but I don't want to give anything away. Just watch it.
  • I am going to add to the review I wrote last year just to say that I think series 2 is even funnier. This is to me is a classic.

    I must say the first episode had me crying with laughter. It is not supposed to be even remotely accurate, or plausible, and it is slightly dark but very very funny. Do not be put off by those who propose cell phones would or would not work under those conditions, this is an hysterically funny parody of Lord of the Flies. The funniest show since Veep. It can be silly at times but the pure wit of some of the lines and the absurdity of the situation makes it a must try if not an absolute must see. All the episodes so far have been a pure delight in comical entertainment and I enjoy the fact that there is a progression of the story from episode to episode. One scene, about 2/3 of the way through the first episode ranks to me as one of the funniest I have seen particularity in a pilot. I will not spoil that for you but if your sense of humour is anything like mine you know it when you come to it because you might have to wipe the tears of laughter from your eyes.
  • merz-4990617 July 2016
    I started to watch wrecked one night when I was bored with nothing to do. At first I thought it was going to be a complete p**s take of lost which it is in a way but it isn't all about that. It has lots of humorous moments and I like most of the actors. What I like most about the show is the two female Asian actors, especially Jess (Ally Maki) they make the show worth watching. So overall I would definitely recommend wrecked if you are looking for a good laugh and some nice girls.. I need to get to ten lines so I am going to keep typing and typing and then type some more up until I have reached the ten lines. I am now on the final line. I hope my comment is well received
  • First The Detour and now Wrecked, TBS has really made a nice investment into a couple of very funny comedies. Wrecked is about a couple of losers trying to lead a group of people on an island after a plane crash. Some of the jokes aren't hard to see coming but the payoff will still make you laugh. I'd say it's just in time for a good summer comedy from a network you really wouldn't expect it from. I'm excited to see what direction they are going to take and it looks like they have a solid cast and writers who can create a story that's better than a run of the mill comedy. Now I've run out of things to say but the powers that be always want a 10 line review and by gosh somebody should say anything about this show.
  • Really a great show addictive and fun. It's entertaining, adventurous and Mysterious it keeps you wanting more wish it has more season.
  • "Wrecked" never fails to make me laugh! It's far better than the commercials/trailers would lead you to believe. Some think it's simply a parody of "Lost", others say it's annoying with too much yelling and compare it to It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I say it's the best thing TBS has done (aside from Conan) and can't wait for new episodes. The cast is amazing and there are plot twists I never would have seen coming. If you like Always Sunny, do yourself a favor and give Wrecked a chance. In two seasons, it's managed to give me more laughs than anything else on TV today.
  • Having been a big fan of Lost, I was a bit weary seeing the first few previews for Wrecked in 2016. It was hard to gauge from the previews as to what to expect from the show. The starting events seemed pretty much like those of Lost, a show I very much missed, but nothing else seemed comparable. I was intrigued and set my DVR. In all honesty, I didn't expect too much and even forgot the premier date. I was only reminded of the show when I checked the DVR and it had recorded the first episode.

    I was in love with the show by the end of the first episode. Yes, I fell a bit quickly for it and was worried the rest of the season couldn't keep up with the premier episode, but it did.

    The show is quirky. It is nothing like Lost, which you probably already knew. The cast really jives well and seem to enjoy working with one another. The plot, often times, is so outrageous, but there is heart in the writing and soul in the acting, that you just buckle up and enjoy the ride.

    As a quick parallel to Lost, I was always worried in the early seasons that the show would never have a resolution, as they may never make it of the island and the show could stretch into twenty seasons. However, with this show I laugh so much with every episode, that I actually fear them going home too soon and the show ending. I was very much relieved to read that it was renewed for season three.

    What I appreciate the most about this show is the writing and its humour. It makes many reference to pop culture and current issues without being obnoxious and in a light-hearted manner that you simply get sucked into the show.

    Wrecked doesn't take itself too serious, which makes it so appealing. It's an easy watch with each episode clocking in at 30 minutes and the seasons count 10 episodes each. One can argue that seasons and episodes should be longer, but there is a fear that some of the novelty would wear off. I find it just the right amount of Wrecked and at the end of both seasons I have looked forward to the next.

    If you are looking for a new group of friends to care about on TV and don't mind television that is a bit outrageous then this is the show for you. If you are looking for a Lost replacement, this isn't really it. Though I would still suggest giving it a try, because this may be just what you need without knowing it.
  • cekadah16 June 2016
    Winner winner chicken dinner!

    Zach Cregger (of WKUK fame) is back as an incompetent flight attendant now surviving with fellow passengers after their plane mysteriously crashes on an island. This island is in a hot climate because there are palm trees! To survive or not to survive that is the question. No food, no water, no shelter, no communication with outside world. Sounds depressing doesn't it? But it is not! This rag tag collection of self absorbed goof ball survivors had me laughing and looking forward to more & more.

    If you like a bit of a sick twist to your comedy then "Wrecked" is your bowl of fun and laffs! The WKUK series isn't too different and that show was & is still a blast.

    A TV winner for this 2016 summer! Catch it.
  • Imagine you are a flight attendant on a plane piloted by Leslie Nielsen and right in the middle of half the passengers complaining and the other half getting wrecked (see what I did there?), the plane goes down. Next thing you know you are dealing with a lot of panicked people on a tropical beach--sort of like "Lost", but with a greater chance of a believable storyline.

    Well, Owen, it doesn't take long for everyone to assume their places in this new society. What will be yours? Looking on the bright side (now that the pilots are gone and the one guy who seemed a natural to take charge has perished), will you finally realize that flight attendants have a higher calling?

    "Wrecked" also ponders other basic questions, like are people basically good, as Danny (the big guy) believes? Or will the island be all "Lord of the Flies", as the corporate-survival-of-the-fittest woman believes?

    It's an opportunity for the survivors to redefine themselves, to reinvent themselves, if they like. Maybe you'd want to be a cop? Or an importer-exporter? It's your big chance.

    This parody of survival shows plays with all the usual tropes (it's a trope-ical island, after all) and is not afraid to get silly, though not as silly as "Angie Tribeca". So sit back with a mai tai, put your toes in the sand, and enjoy the comedy stylings of a bunch of misfits who couldn't survive on an island if Waikiki were just over the first sand dune.

    Update 6/30/16: After a few episodes, I am enjoying this show, which has a kind of "Last Man on Earth" vibe.
  • I got hooked because I was a fan of Lost and also love a good comedy. The first season started out with a bang and really hope more of the same into season two! If you are tired of the monotone settings of popular TV shows, definitely take a look at this one.

    The cast is great, the show is funny and the concept is hilarious. I really hope they keep it simple for the other seasons and not steer away from the original idea. Ridiculous plots, in-show advertisements, steering away from the original idea is what kills shows. Developing relatable characters, situations and keeping it funny is what will keep this afloat.

    One of my favorite shows at the moment.

    Worth a watch!
  • fixscott14 January 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I knew this show was going to get canceled. I wish TBS would have at least finished the story.
  • kingneudy21 September 2019
    How could this show be cancelled. It was amazing. Great comedic writing when there are so few shows that focus on comedy. The actors were amazing together.
  • I was not expecting much from this, as TBS has had some hits and misses, but I LOVE this show! A group of eccentric misfits (some with sordid pasts) band together for survival after a plane crash. I never watched LOST, so I can't compare the satire, but this is just a great cast of lovable and interesting characters. It is also constantly evolving with different situations, and the characters never cease to surprise us. It is very funny. I highly recommend.
  • I started watching this show last season briefly and found it funny not hilarious but funny however I have thoroughly enjoyed this season and have even caught up on the last season I love every character for some reason or another .the nerdy blondes hot lol. and the show is hilarious even a little heartwarming in parts I highly recommend you watch this show it might not be the best but I love it and every tbs comedy so far if you like angie trebeca or the detour or any tbs show I suggest watching it you wont be disappointed by your choice just give it a chance you wont be sorry you will love the characters and humor just please NO KIDS too much sex and swearing for the younger set
  • sheepshearer4 August 2018
    It's a good show. Stuck on an island but keeps giving. I am keen to watch the next season to see what happens.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I would record Lost episodes for my sister so I ended up watching the series. I enjoy watching Wrecked more. If you watched convoluted Lost, Wrecked is the opposite where the characters are just funny and silly. You know they're just making fun and light of their situation. The cast is an ensemble and the series was first shot in Puerto Rico and now Fiji. The second season includes a woman named barracuda and her two henchmen. It turns out that one of the survivors is wealthy. I enjoy the cast in this zany series. If you enjoy parodies, you will enjoy this series and hope is ends well for all of them.
  • ybraunstein24 June 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Its Lost meats Parks & Rec. Its silly but extremely funny and the characters are great. It also makes fun of other TV show stereo types and definitely makes fun of Lost.

    The plots for each episode are usually around something simple (whos suitcase full of dildos they found, deciding what movie to watch with 2h of battery that they have left on a DVD, etc) but what makes it funny is that they are stuck in the jungle and there are so many other things they should be worrying about but don't. The characters are well done so they pull off each episode well without seeming too silly.

    The characters are the best thing about this show

    I would recommend watching this if you need something lite and not too serious.
  • amandabeth-9355710 April 2019
    Love it
    This is one of the funniest shows! I needs to continue 🙏
  • lilithmerciful6 October 2018
    I enjoyed each episode! There are tension, drama and high quality humour. It's so good! I hope someday they'll make a video game
  • Definitely not a show for everyone, but definitely a show for me!! Zany, crazy, and just a bit of loony thrown in there too. And one more thing, yes i read the episode discriptions so keep writing them ya nut jobs!!! :)
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