In season one Eliza Coupe plays head flight attendant Rosa in two episodes, in season 2 when Rosa returns she is now played by Erinn Hayes as Coupe was unable to return. When her character returns Owen looks at her with slight confusion to which she replies 'What, you don't recognize me?' too which Owen responded 'You look...different'.

The first season was filmed in Puerto Rico while the second was filmed in Fiji.

"Wrecked" plays as an amalgamation of three different television series: "Lost", "Gilligan's Island", and "Police Squad", with the actors playing out the absurd situations (most of which they unwittingly create themselves) and dialogue completely straight.

In the pilot Florence is seen without wearing glasses, however every episode since she is never seen without them. Strangely in season two we find out that Pack, who has always worn glasses, only wears them as fashion function due to his boss forcing him, saying his face 'looks dumb' without them. Later in the same episode he throws his glasses in the ocean claiming he no longer needs them after having a small self-finding moment earlier in the day.

Both Ally Maki and Brooke Dillman guest starred on "The Big Bang Theory". Ally was the North Korean spy who seduced Leonard Hofstadter.

The characters full names are Owen O'Connor, Daniel 'Danny' Wallace, Todd Hinkle, Pack Hara, Steve Rutherford, Florence Bitterman, Jess Kato, Emma Cook and Karen Cushman.

The plane the survivors were flying on was operated by a company named Lotus Airlines. The lotus is a popular symbol for rebirth. This is possibly a reference to the survivors starting new lives after the crash.

The film, "The Most Dangerous Game" (1932), can be looked at as one of the inspirations for the show.

Lotus Airlines is the name of the crashed plane's fictional company.

The character of Liam is clearly an homage to the character of Jack in Lost. Liam dies in the pilot episode when the nose of the plane crushes him. The original idea in Lost was to have Jack killed off in the pilot episode.