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  • First thing first. I'm a big fan of Sanjay Mishra and have loved watching his movies for his performances.

    When actors like Sanjay Mishra, Rajpal Yadav and Vijay Raaz who have great comic timing, come together on screen, you're surely in for guaranteed laughs. That's exactly what Baankey Ki Crazy Baraat does by bringing the trio together. Hearing the term 'proxy wedding' itself will bring a smile on your face. Kudos to the makers of BKCB to come up with a really entertaining situation- based comedy with a shaadi backdrop. Actors like Rakesh Bedi, Satyajeet Dubey, Tia Bajpai, Pankaj Jha and Anil Mange have also done a very good job.

    In the movie, Baankey's family face difficulties getting him married. The astrologer from whom they seek advice informs them that there is a problem with Baankey's kundali and in order to ensure he leads a happy married life, he shouldn't be present at his own wedding as the groom. Thus comes up an idea of a proxy wedding where the groom would be someone else only for the period of the wedding. Bankey's family decides to keep this a secret and arranges for the wedding. No one apart from close members of Bankey's family know about what's cooking and thus starts off a fun and roller coaster ride of the wedding journey with a lot of funny and tricky situations even as the substitute groom and the real bride fall in love.

    What really works for the movie is that it stays true to it's genre and also stays simple and believable. There's a connect with the characters and you can feel their emotions. You will also be able to relate with the characters with a sense that somewhere or the other you've actually met with people with similar characteristics and mannerisms.

    With it's simplistic approach, you may take time to get used to the marginally slow paced first half but the second half absolutely makes up for it and ensures that the movie keeps you entertained. What I also liked about the movie is that it has been shot in some really beautiful rural locations of Himachal Pradesh. Another interesting fact that I read in an article is that some of the locals from the area were given a chance to do small roles in the movie which is really interesting.

    Go watch this movie with your family and friends. It's nice and clean entertainment and will sure make you laugh.
  • rohithbti29 September 2015
    you will die laughing. its an awesome comedy movie. you will love it. if you are from a middle class family. you will feel like a story of your near by. Must watch and enjoy. Its a clean comedy movie. The small incidents which are happening during marriage will surely make you laugh. And you will also be able to attach yourself with those characters. Every family has few characters like those. superb acting by all the actors,not even for a single minute you will feel bored.From start to end of the movie I was not feeling to move from my chair. Cant say about high end people but for middle class its a great family entertainer. One of the best comedy movie of my life i ever watched.
  • riteshgurjar-6037428 August 2018
    Entertaining, great acting by everyone. Good direction. This is definitely underrated
  • It indeed comes as a pleasant surprise when the one smaller film that you skip for watching later in a Friday (having more than 3 releases), actually turns out to be the best of the lot giving you a good time in the theater through some enjoyable performances. Thankfully BAANKEY KI CRAZY BARAAT made me feel that way last Friday as it did turn out to be a fairly entertaining watch in comparison to PHANTOM, KAUN KITNE PAANI MEIN and FARAAR (Punjabi) in particular.

    But before describing the experience of watching BKCB further, I would like to admit that the film has been made on a pretty bizarre plot that has no meaning at all in realistic terms. There can be no possible justification of the basic premises of the script wherein due to some 'horoscope complications' the marriage rituals are performed by a person different from the actual bridegroom for a fixed payment (like a proxy marriage). And this hugely absurd theme only becomes the biggest drawback of the film having many decent acts. So then, what made me fairly enjoy BKCB in spite of this foolish theme?

    It was the cheerfully positive show put up by three highly talented men who tried their best to lift up the film above its silly plot. And these three exceptional actors were Sanjay Mishra as the wedding planner uncle with his witty one liners, Pankaj Jha as the uninvited irritating guest and Vijay Raaz as the local don with solution to just every problem in the secretly planned proxy marriage. Besides, Rajpal Yadav as the real annoying groom, Rakesh Bedi as the over- eating father and Anil Mange as the silent lover also provide their valuable support in the film's second half during the wedding celebrations, whereas the lead pair doesn't get much to do despite being the center of attraction. Tia Bajpai looks pretty (particularly in the songs and few key sequences) and Satyajeet Dubey tries his level best to bring in the required humour. Plus in the supporting cast the girl playing Pooja and the rest perform their given roles in a decent manner.

    At times few clichéd insertions really put you off (like the one where two girls get dressed as men), but then the enjoyable trio of Sanjay, Pankaj and Vijay repeatedly bring the film back on track presenting it as a clean enjoyable family comedy through their relatable characters. Directed by Aijaz Khan its production values, art direction and cinematography never give you the feeling of watching any low budget small film (just like Dumb LAGA KE HAISHA) and the soundtrack also offers a peppy marriage song that keeps the spirit alive along with a supportive background score (having some loud tones).

    In all, due to the absence of any big star and a weird plot that could have been replaced with something more sensible, BAANKEY KI CRAZY BARAAT is sure not going to make any kind of dent at the box office in all possibilities. But if you get to watch it on home video or at a channel in the coming months, you are sure going to say that it wasn't a bad film at all and fairly enjoyable too.