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  • Like 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' (based on the true story of Anneliese Michel) this movie is also based on the true story of the Tanacu exorcism, which was a case wherein Maricica Irina Cornici, a mentally ill nun at the Romanian Orthodox Church monastery of Tanacu in Vaslui County, Romania, was killed during an exorcism by priest Daniel Petre Corogeanu with the help of four other nuns.

    Adelina's story is told through a series of flashbacks and this is where there are some truly disturbing elements and shocking visuals which push the genre from murder/mystery/thriller to actual horror.

    The Romanian setting has an almost Gothic allure and certainly adds atmosphere.

    Although there were some cheap jump-scares it did actually manage to shock (and disgust) me a couple of times when something 'real' occurred.

    I don't want to come across as negative in this review as this is a nicely made movie, however it's nothing I haven't seen before (done better).

  • Not the most exciting film, it's a horror mystery, that's more mystery than horror and the mystery was not that interesting. It was about a faithless journalist trying to prove God is not real by doing a story about a Priest in jail for murder because an exorcism went wrong. Sounds like a good story. The setting of the movie also seemed good as it takes place in Romania, during a holiday that, according to the film is similar to Halloween, and when I herd this at the beginning of the film I was jazzed to watch a Halloween picture during the season. ┬áThe Crucifixion shows a lot of elements of mystery and sexuality that makes if feel like a homage of Hammer Horror, but it falls a little short from become a classic of even a cult classic, real short.
  • fil-nik0912 November 2017
    I decided to watch this film because I was attracted to the fact that it was based on a true story and that it is connected to Romania, which is very close to my city.

    Anyway, the film is quite good. The rating of 5 here really does not reflect the overall experience.

    I would give 10 for the setting, the interiors ( especially the room of the possessed girl and the churches and all the rooms ) as they have that 'something' that really stands out.

    The acting of all the actors, except the main actress is really good. The main reporter girl is kinda too ... hasty and there was something about her abrupt ways that did not click with me. Maybe she was meant to be like that.

    The last ( 2nd exorcism) was kinda non believable while the 1st one was on point.

    I am not 100% sure if they filmed all in Romania but it looked that way and that gave extra + to the story.

    My rating is 8. The film was entertaining and interesting 99% of the time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A priest and several nuns are arrested after an exorcism in Romania goes wrong and a woman ends up dead. A young female, American reporter with an ax to grind shows up to tell a biased story about the tragedy. Her initial reporting suggests the priest was a dangerous zealot but later experiences suggest something supernatural may actually be happening.

    Let me start by saying I normally don't like these kind of movies. In fact, with the exception of The Exorcist part 1, I don't really like any of them. I only saw this because I really like its director, Xavier Gens, the man behind the memorably trippy French splatter fest Frontier(s) and the truly outstanding and very under-appreciated bomb shelter thriller The Divide. But The Crucifixion has none of the visual flare or shocking imagery of his past movies. I would actually say this is his worst movie by far and I can't help but wonder if he just had a house payment due or something because the whole effort feels kind of half hearted.

    This movie is painfully slow with a story that could be described as a thinner, cheaper remake of The Exorcism of Emily Rose. They draw inspiration from similar true stories and hit many of the same notes. But, The Crucifixion isn't nearly as good or well made as Scott Derickson's breakout hit.

    The lead actress is terrible. She's too young for her role and delivers her lines as though she's reading them off a cue card. The movie seems to realize how boring she, and the film itself, is so she starts showing a little skin around the half way point and, sadly, this is the most interesting thing about her. The supporting cast isn't dramatically better.

    So, with a weak cast of dull characters and a story that takes forever to get started and pads its run time with lame jump scares, I can't say there's any reason in the world to watch this movie.

    Maybe check out The Exorcist TV show instead. It's actually really good and its ratings are terrible so watch it while you still can and avoid The Crucifixion like the plague.
  • Had seen the trailer n was looking forward to it. My curiosity n excitement doubled after i came to kno that its directed by Xavier Glens. I am surprised that after making such a brutal n atmospheric film, Frontiere(s), what made Glens create such a slow n tame film. Saw this on a rented dvd. It is a beautifully shot film. The Romanian country side was pleasant but the overall film was a disappointment. Firstly, the film was unoriginal, stale n not scary enuff for horror fans. Its more like an investigative mystery drama but predictable. U can call it poor mans Exorcism of Emily Rose. Forget the blood, nudity or sex, the story was dull, the tension was zero n the character development nada. In the trailer v get to see spiders in the crotch which was scary but the real scene in the film is meh. Also, in the trailer v get to see the needle scene which was again scary but the scene in the movie was a blink n a miss.
  • Finfrosk8618 October 2017
    What the hell is this crap? What happened here?

    This is so by the numbers, so bland, so boring. Check it out: every single jump scare in this movie, which is pretty much every single "scare", is accomplished with an ear piercingly loud sound. Seriously. Every time. A car horn. A dogs bark. A bang on a door. And the sound is so ridiculously loud, while the talking is super low. Man I was just so effing angry. It pains your ears. And the sound is not even accompanied by scary imagery! Most of the times it's just a fake scare. With SUCH loud noise. JEEEZ.

    The best thing about the movie is Sophie Cookson. She does the best she can with a very uninteresting and boring script. There is very little gore, the little there is is OK. There are a couple of effects, they also work. But all in all it's just very tame. The story, I think, leans on being "true". Unfortunately it's still boring.

    I should probably give this a lower score, but if my mood were better I think I might have enjoyed it more. Also, the movie does have some qualities, it's just all to by the numbers.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Plot is boring and repetitive but the worst part is the way main character plays her role, she might be the weakest chain of this movie. Also, it is pretty unbelievable that all Romanians speak fluent English...(no ofence here, this just makes this movie strange to watch). If you seen more than 5 possession horrors you can skip this one, there's nothing new.
  • I am not even sure this is a movie to be considered in the horror category, but I suppose it contains some pretty scary moments that qualify it for this genre. Well, in my opinion, this movie is more than a mere horror. Since people don't seem these days to appreciate movies that promote, even delicately and in a non-intrusive, dogmatic way, Christian faith, I believe that might be the reason for its low scores. I don't apply some rigid criteria in order to judge a movie, but whether a movie is able to convince me, make me travel and stay with me some time after it's over. Also, whether its characters, ideas, story touch me intimately is an important element that I take into account. This one managed to make me travel, it has touched me and still stays with me. It has fully convinced me. I haven't seen a single fake note in the actors' play, the images are great and, beside a solid, touching story, it provides the opportunity to visit nice places in rural and urban Romania that are exquisite and astonishing in terms of sightseeing. If you happen to have the opportunity to come across this movie, give it a try: you'll see it's way worth your time and money.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Where do I start?... the main actress was unbelievably terrible. Not convincing at all any time. This so called 'horror' relies on cheap fright moments throughout to justify its label in this genre. And the plot? Good luck finding it. Nowhere in sight. Incoherent, laughable & an absolute waste of time. Dont say I didnt warn you.... utter rubbish.
  • kaefab17 October 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have to admit in watched this movie because Sophie Cookson was in it, she is the super hot girl next door look and i loved her in kings men.

    This movie as nothing to offer, and we all seen it before, the not so scary jumps, dead flies in the win, the rain, the dog that comes up to the window will she is parked. Really deceived by this one.

    To say that i watched Annabel Creation before this one so i guess it got over shadowed.

    Just another addition to the possession movies like another boring zombie movie......
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I must agree with Sebastian Billman's review

    I am not catholic, but I am from a catholic family, and we all agreed in loving horror flicks... so we reunited to watch "this", and even my family was completely disgusted with this movie.

    From words from my mother: Having faith is what is important, no matter in what do you have faith. This film is trying it so hard the wrong, wrong way.

    This movie take advantage from the kids and their taste from horror movies to create this "be catholic or demons will come for you to eat your soul" (in the way it is always showed in this kind of "be catholic" horror movies) playing with fear...but not fear as we used to in horror flicks, you know: full adrenaline and want some more!

    I always love exorcisms films, they are creepy as hell, and some times are very good (like The Exorcist with Linda Blair, or The Rite with Anthony Hopkins).

    Ressumming: a young 23 year old girl confess that she had sex, and a completely orthodox priest crucified her for that, adducing she was possessed by a demon. This pries is (at least for me) a disgusting character: he thinks he knows the truth and that "God" spoke through him (god complex, anyone?)

    What it concerns me and worried me the most is the way how this turns in giving him the reason, like if a woman that is free to be sexual is so bad that she have to die.

    And that is the impression it let me: a complete catholic brainwash.

    I really hated this movie, and for only this time: I recommend NOT to watch. I will not give any stars, because is a minus 0 for me
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I would give this film a solid 10 if the jump scares weren't done to death in a zillion other films. I give it a 9 because not many Horror films give glory to God and end on a good note concerning the power of Jesus in our lives. Otherwise, I would have given it maybe a 5 or 6, but the pro-Christian angle is worth recognition, and really worth a watch for anyone who, like the protagonist, is struggling with trust (faith) in God. I hope this director continues forward with great filming and good storytelling as he relates the many diverse stories which have the ability to show the power of Christ in our dark world. It's not as dark as it was when Jesus was born thanks to him and his ever-growing light, but it's still dark, and we need him. Truth is, Jesus is all we have.
  • It lacks a good scenario, directing, horror element,good acting. It is extremely boring and meaningless. It is not even a pure horror. I advise you all to stay clear from this bad movie... It is a total waste of time and it does not offer you anything at all. There is no reason to watch it even to fall asleep.
  • I so often have such high expectations in this genre, but am almost always disappointed. I went into this with very low hopes, but was pleasantly surprised. Based on true events, this film is interesting, entertaining, and very well made.

    Initially I thought it was a historical story, and was a little confused to see it was present day Romania. I liked the setting, it was certainly different.

    Very well acted, with super production values, and of course we get every single stereotype known to man, the voice, the levitation, the flies, and of course the dishy priest.

    Predictable, but very well made. 7/10
  • Of all the horror sub-genres I have to say I think possessions are my least favorite, they're all the same! In fact they frequently have scenes so identical to others they could interchange them and you'd likely not notice.

    This particular one is based on a true story, about one of the many many many many did I mention many cases of an exorcism gone wrong and some poor innocent girl dying because of the beliefs of those she trusted to take care of her instead of trained professionals!

    Starring the surprisingly good Sophie Cookson this bland possession tale see's a reporter travel to Romania to do a story on a nun who died during an exorcism. Lots of interviews, a lot of the usual exorcism cliches and you'll know exactly what to expect going in.

    If you want to see a movie you've already seen just with a different cast then this is for you, it's just a remixed version of something we've seen countless times. Made even less funny when you realize this stuff actually happened and an innocent girl died as well as countless before her and plenty since.

    Generic exorcism picture.

    The Good:

    Great location and architecture

    Sophie Cookson

    The Bad:

    Too much religious foolishness

    Highly pro-Christianity rhetoric

    Absolutely no originality
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There is so much wrong with this movie I don't know where to start. There were warning sings though, the opening title says "INSPIRED by true events" not based on, which is clearly not a good sign.

    Then, without wasting any time, we jump straight into the story. No character introductions or mood-establishing shots, nothing. I thought they didn't want the movie to feel boring because it's too long, I checked the run time - almost 90 minutes. That was the moment when I realized I'm in trouble.

    In like the first 5 minutes our main character, a journalist, driven by a very bleak motivation we know nothing about yet (remember, no introduction), decides to go to Romania to investigate a crime based around exorcism (INSPIRED by the Tanacu Exorcism of 2005).

    Throughout the movie the main character just walks around, drives around and asks stupid questions to provide for more expository dialogue. There is no atmosphere or any sort of horror feel to this, no mystery. They way it is directed, lit and shot makes you feel like you're watching a bad commercial. It's so unoriginal and as much NOT SCARY as a movie can possibly be.

    After 70 minutes of wandering around while being subjected to non-scary scares (boring jumpscares, mostly) the movie finally decides it is time to end. A sort of climax comes and the big mystery is revealed which was never a mystery to begin with. 2 hard cuts and the movie just stops. Wow.

    The movie ended and here is what I can say about it:

    1. It feels heavily cut and re-edited, some scenes contradict each other and are out of order, some scenes are very noticeably split into two segments (like the talking scene with Sister Vaduva). The introduction and a better ending was probably cut out as well I assume.

    2. The director of photography is either in a relationship or is heavily obsessed with Sophie Cookson. Up to a 15% of the movie are close-ups of her face. She is a beautiful young lady, but there is really no need to focus this many shots on her face. They also introduce a lot of unnecessary nudity from Sophie Cookson. It really feels like they just wanted to see her naked or something, this is so wrong. In fact, if you google "Sophie Cookson nude" the first results you get will be from this movie (don't ask me why I did it), FOR SCIENCE!

    3. This has no story, no characters and thus no character arcs, no horror or scares, no interesting locations, no creative shots or setups, nothing.

    The only thing that didn't suck was probably the casting. Some of the supporting cast was in fact Romanian and felt somewhat believable.

    Why even bother with the "inspired by real events" thing? Just take pseudo-Romanian setting - mountains, small county, introduce us into Orthodox Christianity and try to defile it in front of us. So much can be done with this concept...

    Anyways, if you want to know more about the Tanacu Exorcism - watch Dupa dealuri (2012) instead.

    I rarely say this, but seriously, don't waste your time on this movie, it is not worth it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Nicole Rawlins (Sophie Cookson) who has issues with her own mother's death works as a reporter. She travels from NY to Romania to cover a story about a priest accused of murder while performing an exorcism on a nun. She visits everyone involved in the case who have no trouble talking to her. She does some of her own investigative work as she begins to doubt her skepticism.

    This is another skeptic comes to Jesus film with a possession and exorcism. Nothing great, low action.

    Guide: No swearing. Brief sex and nudity.
  • This is so lame. Watched it yesterday in cinema and my expression is that watching this movie is waste of time. I was so excited when I watched the trailer but when the movie starts it was really bad. Low performance, low budget and the acting is not so good.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I Love this movie plot,simple but good one.The human can fight against demon not only waiting for died (I really hate the horror movie with main character or anyone in movie cant fight back the demon). Sometimes horror only surprise with silent and high sound and give high tense and the ending sad or unknown. But this one have happy ending(sorry spoiler for ending). I guess anyone who love happy ending horror must watch this movie!
  • Over the years, many movies have failed dismally to deliver that hair- rising horror experience. The Crucifixion succeeded where many failed, and if you wanna have those scary jolts, I recommend this move. The plot is simple to follow, the scenes are well-executed to give that intense but memorable horror experience.
  • IMO this movie is not "Catholic Indoctrination". Just as the left's new chick flick paranormal flop "Ghost Busters". That was indoctrination. This movie captures the paranormal and fear. If your story consists of demons, and demons are old, most stories use the Catholic church as the opposite of old dark demonic forces. Can't really write the story with Reverend Billy BOb from the first Baptist church bustling in with the choir to save the day. The central theme is not lost here. Its one of paranormal, so allow yourself this escape and focus on that instead of church-shaming distractions. A good solid B horror movie.
  • Let's face it. Most of these movies on exorcism are pretty much alike and The Crucifixion is no exception to the rule. The story is not really interesting and I had a bit of a hard time to even get into the movie storywise. The acting was quite good though. And by this I mean not only the main actress Sophie Cookson, but also the small side roles like the hotel manager/receptionist. It is well shot and the strongest parts are actually those where you see the actors being actually possessed. The effects then come out great and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Aside from that the movie is unfortunately a little boring and when it really comes to the final showdown you really can feel the tension within you rise from out of nowhere. The abrupt ending is pretty disappointing then. The best way to describe it is, when your partner is teasing you and you both are on a high of lust and passion, but then your partner is done, stops without caring if you had your fair share and just turns around to sleep. And you lie there and just think: wait... that it? Really? Seems like someone here didn't care much about the audience.
  • It's not that bad - the setting of rural Romania is pretty atmospheric (and guess what- everyone speaks English, albeit with a slight American accent!) but the storyline is pretty standard. I always watch these films hoping to see a really terrifying demon but so far no luck. The acting is OK. Compared to the Insidous and Conjuring series, there's nothing original or shocking here and the ending is totally predictable. 5/10.
  • Your usually exorcism flick with an attempt at social commentary. The Romanian setting had some potential but it was wasted. The journalist/main character is so incredibly annoying omg
  • buzz_babe10 May 2019
    Storylines not bad and it's nice and scary but the main actor is rubbish
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