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  • Its slightly less than 2 hour movie and it takes around 30 minutes to come to the main plot - Initial 15 minutes main characters are introduced and next 15 minutes we get to see their Non existent chemistry. In all honestly even after they take the trip story keeps meandering aimlessly without any direction from their lacking chemistry to love life of main hero to Bhangarh trip, revenge story and blah blah.

    Let me try introduction of passengers in this trip. Jay an expressionless leader of the gang. Kavya who has just two expressions smiling and giving twisted smirk,gets offended at adult jokes taking jibes at girl but mouth cuss words and even worse jokes in order to look cool. Golu- An overacting fat ass trying to be funny. Jaddu the Casanova- whom i don't think even witches would date. Ashu who is projected as someone who can outsmart anyone by showing his boss getting fooled by his childish buttering. Along with these passengers we have pretty loose script , bad direction, old SMS jokes which are no more funny and bad acting to contend with.

    With such passengers on the trip i think this trip should be COMPLETELY AVOIDED
  • I thought of watching the movie as the poster really attracted me, and believe me I don't see evdn a single scary moment and even an ounce of good acting in it. The cast was neither good looking nor they know acting , Kavya was Suzanne who apperared on MTV ROADIES. Don't watch it
  • They should have really tried to make a horror movie. Spoilt 2 hours.
  • theforager30 July 2020
    When Bollywood will learn to make horror movies. All new horror movies are just rubbish and time waste.
  • Bad acting, bad direction and random songs throughout the movie. The director didn't know where he wanted to take the film, and it ended up becoming a tragedy.
  • I remember watching the trailer for this one back in 2014 as a fresher working the graveyard shift: I added it to the informal watch list in my head and promptly forgot all about it, especially since I don't remember ever seeing the theatrical release. Oh well.

    More than three years later, here we are: netflixing this on Saturday night.

    Definitely, this is an indie production done on a limited budget with new actors: it might be a good idea to set your expectations accordingly.

    To the first reviewer above, I disagree when he/she says that the group of friends didn't have any chemistry. I think they did! PJs or no, that's exactly how my friends speak to each other, the exact same kind of double entendres and innuendos.

    I found the actors themselves to be quite attractive in an earthy, normal way: nothing too airbrushed and perfect like we see in more mainstream movies. (Looking at you, Pyaar ka Punchnama 2)

    The production values were...nice...quite organic and polished given its budget. I quite liked that it was rather low-key and natural: several shots had the guys with unseemly sweat patches on their shirts. (And that's OK: that's *exactly* what happens when you go out on road trips in Indian weather)

    Given all of the above, I do agree that the film meandered quite a bit and couldn't seem to make up its mind: is it supernatural horror or a thriller or both or neither?

    I feel it may have worked better as a mini-series than a film.
  • boomshaak7 February 2015
    This movie has new casting which gives a good view as we all are sick and tired of watching those old and outdated stars. Again coming to the point, I was always curious of this fort, finally somebody took a bold step and made a movie on it. There are a lot of hate comments. But again that is what I'm always looking at. Masses always prefer what shines in box office. Sometimes some movies are not for that. I love the acting of the new cast too. The girl is very bold throughout the movie. And the other guys should be given chance to act again. Overall I'll say if you can watch shahrukh or salman movies 10-20 times then giving this movie a chance is no big deal. Rest the work by the director is appreciated. Explore more India and bring out the truth that is hidden somewhere.