• gogoschka-130 October 2015
    Fantastic show for fans of the original Evil Dead trilogy and newcomers alike: the perfect mix of laughs, scares and gore
    Well, we've had to be patient for nearly a quarter of a century to finally see Ash wield his chainsaw again, but trust me: it was well worth the wait. Ash vs. Evil Dead fires on all cylinders.

    After so many years had passed since Army of Darkness (aka Evil Dead III) came out in 1992, it looked like a direct sequel just wasn't going to happen anymore, yet apparently, the Raimi-Campbell gang had been working on one for some time. According to recent interviews with the show's creators Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, what was first supposed to be a new feature film and the fourth entry in the franchise, over time turned into an idea for a TV-series, and I believe fans will be very happy with the result. Instead of a 2-hour film for a sequel, we now get 5 more hours with Ash and the Deadites (possibly more if the show's going to be a success) and judging from what I've seen so far, those 5 hours are going to be an absolute blast.

    (This paragraph contains some – very – mild spoilers; there won't be any in the rest of this review). At the beginning of the show we meet Ash leading a lazy, but apparently happy slacker life, residing in a run-down trailer and working as a stock boy at a Value Stop (for some obscure legal reasons, the writers couldn't use the name S-Mart from Army of Darkness' iconic last scene). In the show, 30 years have passed since Ash's last encounter with the Deadites, and while he might be well into middle age now, he hasn't matured one bit. Ash is still the exact same guy we last saw fighting walking skeletons and other ghastly undead things in Army of Darkness, cracking wise and appearing as cock-sure of himself as ever (despite still not being the "smartest cookie in the jar" - to put it mildly). These days, he likes to spend most of his spare time either getting wasted in his trailer or picking up random ladies - or both (mostly both). I won't go further into any of the story details (because that would only spoil the fun); suffice to say that his rather irresponsible lifestyle ultimately won't go too well with his duty as keeper of a certain (slightly) dangerous book, and (very!) bloody mayhem soon ensues.

    In my opinion, Ash vs. Evil Dead does everything right. Instead of going down the "gritty drama" route of shows like The Walking Dead or taking the "straight horror" approach of Fede Alvarez' Evil Dead remake, creators Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell fully embrace the over-the-top goofiness and playful tone of Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness, while still delivering the scares of the first film and plenty (and I mean: PLENTY) of gore. The Deadites are frightening, but they're also kind of comical in that they don't look too realistic (don't get me wrong, their make-up is gorgeous, but they don't look like the zombies from George A. Romero's films or The Walking Dead). The production values in general are absolutely great; the writing is in the vein of the first three films (no wonder, since the episodes were mostly written by Sam and Ivan Raimi); the music, the pacing and the direction: really everything just falls into place. It's clear that this wasn't some lazy attempt to cash in on the name of a beloved cult-franchise, but a labour of love for all involved.

    Another great plus of the series is the cast. Seeing Bruce Campbell step back into this iconic character is simply hilarious fun; it still fits him like a glove (or, perhaps more accurately in his case, a chainsaw). But there was never a doubt in my mind that he would deliver (it seems Ash is a character Campbell was born to play); what really surprised me was how well the rest of the cast fits into the show. Ray Santiago as Pablo and Dana DeLorenzo as Kelly (they're Ash's co-workers at the Value Stop) are completely able to hold their own; they are fully fleshed-out characters and just as fun to watch as Ash.

    So my verdict: Ash vs Evil dead brings back everything that I loved about the original Evil Dead films, but it also manages to introduce interesting new characters and story lines which help maintain the element of surprise for long-time fans. And the show works just as well as a stand-alone story, so people unfamiliar with the original trilogy need not worry either: they will find just as much to love here as those who know and cherish Sam Raimi's classics - as long as they have a certain affection for trashy, gory horror comedies and don't expect serious drama (Six Feet Under this is not). In my book, this show is already a winner: 8 stars out of 10.


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  • Mike G2 November 2015
    Bring back the Old Days, Jump scare with a laugh on your face
    I have to admit, i had high hopes for this show, only because Bruce Campbell "my favorite evil dead hero" is back. Usually, the pilot of nowadays shows fail to impress, they either succeed later or keep falling to their doom. The case is different for this one. The first episode was absolutely a blast. there was no unnecessary dialog, no boring characters, no bullshit. There is one clear fact about it. Evil is back and is not messing around or waiting. its coming with full weight. the episode is packed with amazing action, cheesy conversations and a lot of humor which is exactly what made the original movie a success. it will keep you entertain from start to finish, and leaving you wanting more. I'am looking forward to see the rest of the show. and i would recommend it to everyone.
  • brent-516281 November 2015
    Thank-You Baby Jesus
    I am at a loss for words... they should have sent a poet. I specifically just signed up so I can express my unequivocal support for this work of art. Bruce you a God. LONG LIVE ASH!!!!!! The dialogue was superb, the fx magnificent and it all adds up to the perfect continuation of a cult classic. I didn't even realize that I had a hole in my life until today... a hole ladies and gentlemen that only ash and the evil dead could fill. LoL. I look forward to this show going on for years until they have to drag Bruce's geriatric ass to the set and push cocaine down his throat to make one more episode. Again, hats off and congratulations on a masterpiece. ENCORE!! ENCORE!! ENCORE!!!!!!!
  • eatlights1 November 2015
    Superb! Ash is back and firing on all cylinders GROOVY!
    Was really hoping this was going to kick ass and it certainly does. It's Evil Dead-tastic. Fans of the films will certainly not be disappointed, cheesy jokes, gore and chainsaw/shotgun action against the Dead-ites abounds. It feels like a natural extension of Evil Dead 2, with Ash gone to seed and feeling the miles as he straps on the shotgun to do battle again. Brilliant. With a massive amount of practical FX on the go and a real lo-fi feel to the whole affair it's like a Saturday night VHS gore-fest all over again. The pacing, laughs and splatters come thick and fast, it just feels right and is pitched at just the right level for the nostalgia crowd and the horror fans alike. Winner!!
  • MattyAndAnnika1 November 2015
    Oh my god Ash vs Evil Dead is probably one of the best ideas to bring to TV Shows. We're huge Sam Raimi fans and of course we love Evil Dead, the fact that they made a TV Series based on the movie and used original Ash; woot!

    So we checked out Ash vs Evil Dead and were extremely happy with the outcome. It follows the Evil Dead movies as sort of an extension while at the same time the style kept in check, beautifully created. This is a TV Show that is for the true fans, and I think they nailed it Perfectly. I cannot wait to continue watching every episode and season that comes out, great stuff!.

    I laughed so hard I almost cried in many parts as the show progression kept rocking from the beginning till the end. Highly recommended.
  • Helene Brossoit2 November 2015
    Awesome comeback!
    For you huge fans out there, you will love reuniting with our Ash and all the ghoulish evils. Same demons, same feeling when you watch it. Thumbs up. And also, the actors, bravo great choice. Thank you for making it a loyal to a T. Can't wait to watch the rest. The plot is still like the original but in a modern concept, love all the original stuff. The ghouls are awesome and still scare you silly. About time you came back Mr. Campbell and what about Lucy Lawless, OMG Love this actress.I hope it will last long because there is no other shows like this out there.I do hope we do find out who the lady cop really is. So if you guys love your classic, take time to watch this, it will be worth your while.

    A loyal a huge fan of Evil Dead.Oh and Bruce Campbell, you still have it! Have fun watching! Hélène :)
  • Original_Fire31 October 2015
    The groovy fans of the original Evil Dead trilogy will love this!
    Ash is back in action! It has been over 20 years since the last time Ash fought deadites and he has taken a long vacation until the evil has struck again and Ash is sprung back in action with his chainsaw and boomstick back in his possession. But this time, he is not fighting alone, he will bring friends with him to stop the evil once and for all (again).

    I don't have to wait for a whole season to pass the judgment on, because I have a high hope this series will be as good as the Evil Dead trilogy, or it can be even better. I cannot wait to watch the rest of the first season and the future seasons it may feature on TV. True, he may be an old man, but it does not mean he doesn't have the same strength as he had one nearly 30 years ago because he will kick deadite's butts!

    Welcome back, Ash!
  • gwdrmmer3 November 2015
    Superb !
    I've already watched the 1st episode 4 times. I feel like I have to watch it again. I'm willing to bet Sam Raimi has a lot up his sleeve for the episodes to come. It's been a long wait and I wasn't expecting a good of start that it did. I was very excited to watch it and they pulled no stops. It has lived up to and went far beyond what I was hoping. The most epic part of this episode is, Ash flying, like Superman to catch the chainsaw. Sam had said he didn't think they could get nearly enough money to put together a new sequel. I'll bet the people who could have got the money to back it are crying right now. In fact, I believe this series type endeavor they have started could have been the better way to go. This way, there's always another episode coming and I wait on the edge of my seat for them. Acting, directing, screen writing...all across the board is superb. I don't recall any movie or series to start out with such high recommendations. I mean, 9.5 out of 10? That's unheard of on IMDb. Finally, there's something on TV that is worth watching, which isn't too likely these days. Yeah, it's going to be a GROOVEY ride !
  • cariagb-it2 November 2015
    Great return
    I love that! All the old-style evil dead and Bruce. Good idea don't add "innovation" but stay on the style of the trilogy, new "fans" need to understand, "old" fans will love it. I think is a big lesson for who make remake of old series or movies. Simplicity win in this case and in future if something wrong will happen i'm sure fans will support, because Ash didn't betray himself. A big lesson learned too: where you hide your Necronomicon copy? Under the xxx mag and weed. This and many other gag are in line with the Ash character. The new fans don't expect big effects, Ash don't need that, especially in this series that finally Ash is more present in the scenes than before.
  • rodrigad25 February 2018
    Absolutely love the series! It is a great revival of the original franchise, it combines the gore and horror aspects of Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 with the campy and over the top humor of Army of Darkness. The story is great, it is easy to relate to the characters, and it is simply just a fun show to watch for any horror/comedy fan! Highly recommend the series for a fun watch, or for anyone who wants to see some outrageous kills and gallons and gallons of blood!
  • davidhorup-7999531 October 2015
    Really good show
    I am a tad to cynical to laugh easily. I have seen many, many TV shows - and I laughed plenty watching the first episode. I have seen the Evil Dead movies as a younger person and I was concerned that this would not match my expectations. Wrong! Bruce is fantastic in the role of Ash (who else could play that role) and he has an excellent cast of colleagues. Such a good blend of humour and horror. Kudos to Sam Raimi, Bruce and all involved. Excellent entertainment. While being a horror buff in my younger days, I now prefer horror with a twist - and preferably humour as the twist. Hoping that the fun will continue for the rest of the season.
  • harzdk26 February 2018
    Bloody Magnificent!!
    I'm going to keep this simple. This show is everything I could've hoped for as a fan. The writing is fresh, the jokes are on point, and somehow they always seem to one up themselves. I'm thrilled to see so many positive reviews. And since everyone is entitled to their opinion, my opinion is that the folks that have left poor reviews for this show are likely those that have lost the ability to feel.

    In closing, best friggin show ever! Just wish it was longer than 30min.
  • nachoburger1 March 2018
    Absolutely Groovy
    Ash vs Evil Dead is one in a million. A cult-classic television show born from one of the largest cult-classic film series of all time. Say what you will about the logic of the plot of the show, because at the end of the day the show plays by it's own rules, and it sticks to them through and through. It's corny, it's campy, it's awesome. Ash is the ultimate fuck-up, but still an amazing badass, a character that we can all see a bit of ourselves in, while simultaneously a bit embarrassed, much like your man-child dad. Every episode is like the best drug trip ever, and explosion of awesome action and amazing humor, with no time wasted before the end. The show holds no punches being outrageous, witty, and ultimately a fun time to be had. It's the kind of show I thought I would hate but found myself being unable to walk away from because of the sheer charm. I had never seen a single Evil Dead film prior, and I loved this show so much I had to get as much content as I could and watched every single film. I keep waiting for it to drop in quality but I just find myself having a thrilling time regardless of what happens, and it has yet to disappoint. I would HIGHLY recommend Ash vs Evil dead to horror, action, AND comedy fans alike. If you're not watching Ash vs Evil Dead yet then you are truly missing out on the experience of a lifetime.
  • southdavid8 March 2018
    Very Very Groovy.
    Season One Review.

    Reading from the Book of the Dead, whilst high and trying to impress a girl, Ash Williams reawakens the evil forces that have laid dormant for the last 30 years. Along with his colleagues Pablo and Kelly, Ash travels across country to try and find some way to stop the demonic forces once and for all.... Or at the very least make it someone else's problem.

    God I loved this! I am absolute target audience, I accept. I had the films on Video, then DVD and now on Blu Ray. . so the very idea of a series continuing Ash's story was always going to be an easy sell to me. Then we had the slight hiccup that I don't have the channel the show airs on in the UK, but I've now seen the first season on Blu Ray and here I am.

    It did not disappoint. Very much in keeping with the tone of Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, the series uses largely practical special effects to tell a hyper violent funny story, that re-hits some of the best beats from the films; the cabin, the reanimated hand, Evil Ash, the book of the dead and most importantly, the chainsaw hand. Bruce Campbell returns to his signature role without missing a beat, keeping the arrogance that we saw in Army Of Darkness, but adding a smudging of regret and desperation for the life denied him since that fateful day at the Cabin.

    Ash is joined by Pablo ( Ray Santiago ) and Kelly on his trip (Dana DeLorenzo) who provide a fresh audience's entry way into the story, should they not have been watching the movies for the past 30 years. Performances are broad, as the subject matter requires it to be, but both prove welcome additions as the season continues. Also new to the story is Ruby, played by Lucy Lawless, who believes that Ash is the cause of the death and destruction that he fights against. Other characters come and go across the season, and when they go... it's usually in some horrifically violent manner.

    But it's not all comedy, there are some genuine scares, with the possession demon around the series half way point, and the horrific Children in the finale. The story is interesting and manages to find a way to weave a lot of those film points back into the plot, without them seeming desperate or forced. The music choices are agreeable and New Zealand does a good job of doubling for the States.

    Occasionally, the visual affects betray the budget, though usually only when the have opted for a CGI rather than practical solution and I can imagine it's not as much fun for people who don't have pre-existing love for the franchise but generally it's a cavalcade of blood spraying, chainsaws slicing and heads exploding and I can't wait to get season two.
  • liav160917 February 2018
    Thats a pure 12/10 show
    Totally America's old school bloody & gory and uncensored movie style, add lots of comedy and disgusting stuff and you got exactly Evil Dead movie series just separated to a bunch of chapters. I love that show!!!
  • hellodon24 November 2015
    This Show Has Been EXCELLENT!
    Being an Evil Dead fan, I was excited for this show before it aired...but now, 4 episodes in, it has been so much better than I ever expected and week after week, I find myself eagerly anticipating the next episode.

    And don't worry if you're not familiar with the Evil Dead movies, you definitely do not need to remember them vividly or even have seen them to enjoy this show. Conveniently, they brief the viewer on the Evil Dead story in episode 1 as Ash tells his co-worker, Pablo (AKA the kid DeNiro accused Focker of having with the family's housekeeper in Meet the Fockers), so you'll know everything you need to know before the show even takes off and can enjoy it no matter what your history with the Evil Dead franchise has been.

    It's perfectly executed as a "30 years later" story and I love the direction it is going. Also glad that it is a TV show and not a movie because that leaves room for so much more to happen. I watched several seasons of "Burn Notice" and was a big fan of Bruce Campbell's character, Sam, from that show. He was just such a likable guy, just like Bruce has always seemed. To me, Ash in this show has been a combination of the wit and charm of Sam from "Burn Notice" and of course the Ashley J Williams we have known from the Evil Dead movies...and it makes for the perfect lead.

    No spoilers here, just general plot points. As I already mentioned, the show takes place 30 years after the events of Evil Dead. Ash now seems to live a fairly normal/simple life, working at a hardware store, living in a trailer park and is friendly with everyone. He is single but seemingly leading a happy regular middle aged guy life...then, the "poop" hits the fan and the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis returns to "Finish What He Started".

    My only complaint is that the show is only a half hour long because every time an episode ends, I am thirsty for more!! Especially the way episode 4 ended. Can't wait until next week! But, that's how GOOD TV shows are supposed to make you feel. Thankfully I grew up needing to wait a week to see the continuance of a television program. Nowadays, this generation is more into binge watching entire seasons at once. I have some friends who won't even start watching a show until after it's over so they can watch them all in a row. I like having a few that I watch weekly/regularly and think about during the interim. It's more exciting having to be patient...I guess...

    Definitely looking forward to the rest of this season, and glad that there is already a season 2 happening! Yes, Starz renewed the show for a Season 2, three days before episode 1 even aired. You know when that type of thing happens, that you've got a good one (also happened with Better Call Saul). Enjoy!
  • garodardavis-0891317 August 2017
    One of the most brilliant comebacks to an epic franchise.
    Warning: Spoilers
    We all loved the original Evil Dead and we all wanted it to badly to return in the cinemas, but little did we expect that it was gonna become one of the best TV shows out here.

    The whole show follows a similar pattern to the movie. The good guy (Ash) accidentally summons demons by reading out of Necronomicon, demons start possessing people and coming after the book, while Ash works his way through them one by one. He has his friends; Kelly and Pablo to help him out. Not soon after, we're introduced to a new semi villain (or even anti villain later) called Ruby Knowby. Apparently, she's the 'Dark One' and she's after the book she wants to use in order to keep demons at bay. As usual, the evil is not so easily defeated and we get to see the story continue in new seasons.

    What makes this show so good is the combination of horror and comedy elements. The show is somewhat lighthearted and pretty welcoming to all audiences, but at the same time, it's a brutal gore fest action show that makes any gore look funny no matter how brutal.

    The overall performances are decent, the writing and the pacing are both remarkably well made. I myself burned through all 2 seasons in 1 day and I'm impatiently waiting for 3rd season.

    If you watched the original movie franchise, I can guarantee you will love this show, probably even more than the movies and even if you never watched the movies, you'll still love it.
  • Brave-Traveler.asf5 December 2015
    Incredible from a new fan
    I wanted to write this review to appeal to someone like myself. This show appeals clearly to the targeted audience that followed the movies. I didn't watch any of them but I heard such great acclaim for this show that I couldn't refuse it no longer. Instead of watching the movies i reluctantly jumped back in. BEST CHOICE I MADE.

    I've watched six episodes thus far and I'm not confused at all. Yes it would definitely be more enjoyable, though I can't imagine how that's possible, if I had the history of evil dead so I can be more informed. But this is the most fun I've had in a long time watching a series and Bruce Campbell can literally sell two left shoes. That man should run for president. This show is so funny I've been in tears rolling. I've read people complain about the length of the episodes (30 min)but I like it. It serves as non stop entertainment and no lagging. By the time an episode is over you immediately want more. It's a highly addictive show and everything about it works. I love the 90's style camera angles and although the first episode was a masterpiece, unlike some reviewers I didn't find the quality dropping off. This show is such a great escape from reality. Spending a half hour with ash is the most fun you'll have I promise. I can't believe it took so long for this show to come to fruition. This show will be an instant hit and cult favorite. If you haven't jumped on board do yourself a favor. There are so many one liners and so many moments of hilarity you will lose yourself in this show. That's exactly what TV is for
  • rsvp32123 April 2018
    Hollywood agendas ruining the entertainment industry!
    Ash is cancelled!

    This last bastion of comedy for adults has been abandoned, because it has bruised some snowflakes' delicate sensitivities.

    All the television shows that have been ruined by these same people - Arrow, Supergirl, Legends, et al, and squandered opportunities of the new Lost in Space *and even my beloved Walking Dead* - all with terrible ratings- that are so pc now they're unwatchable.

    RIP, Ash. You didn't fail us, you were sabotaged by the industry.
  • Amthermandes22 March 2018
    So much freaking gory fun
    Fan of the Evil Dead series and you still haven't started this series yet? Then you're wasting your time reading IMDB - you'd better get Netflix if you haven't already, and start watching this hippodrome of gore and giggles, like right now.

    It's not a perfect show. But it's pretty darn close. Any splatter-film fan will love it merely for the effects and fun deaths, but anybody else should love it for the humor, the story, the entertainment, and the fact that while taking a modern spin, it's still so similar to the original series.

    So fans of the old stuff should be happy. Any horror fan should be happy. Anybody who doesn't mind over-the-top blood/guts should be happy. I don't even consider myself a huge fan of the original series, although I'd consider it all a horror staple, but this new series is off-the-charts hilarious and so much fun. Only advice is: DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. It's meant to be played for cheap laughs. It's meant purely to entertain. It's not meant to be deep, or thought-provoking, it's just meant to be a good, 'ol fashioned, 80's style, gore-fest, great-while-drunk-and-watching-with-your-roomates, extravaganza.

    I don't wanna oversell it, but I've laughed every episode so far and I'm in the middle of season 2 as of this moment. There are rarely any dull moments. I'm right now absolutely loving the Ash "muppet."

    Yes, like I said it has its flaws. But they are few and far in between. Honestly may come back later and give it a 10/10.
  • hammer-2015121 March 2018
    Brilliant in every way!
    Very few times a classic like the original Evil Dead can not only be duplicated but transformed into a series. They stayed old school and only made it better. The directing, the writing and especially the acting is some of the best ever for this genre . I will debate anybody otherwise .
  • Jared-gastrock18 March 2018
    So Underrated!!
    If you are a fan of the Evil Dead movies or Army of Darkness you will love this show!
  • CB10 March 2018
    Pure insane genius
    Mixing the gore of the first Evil Dead with the slapstick of the sequels, this series picks up 30 years after Army of Darkness. Gory, insane and hilarious.
  • redwingsm9 November 2015
    Review from a completely biased Ash lover.
    Okay so at least I'm honest, vis a vis my review title.

    However, I DID wait for 2 episodes to be complete before making my review since I knew Sam Raimi would not be returning for the second episode in near the capacity as he had towards the first. I needed to ensure that someone else other than Raimi could take the Evil Dead universe and do it justice. So what's the prognosis?

    Ash is back and in all honesty, better than ever! There is not one single person on this earth who could play Ash the way Bruce Campbell has. There is nobody who has embraced their cheesy, corny and downright rude role with as much ferocity as Bruce has managed to do with Ash.

    The show is funny, corny, cheesy, intentionally bad in all the right places and, much to my surprise, way more gory than I would have ever thought. This show isn't for the kids folks! However, it IS for any and ALL Evil Dead fans. There should not be one single fan that is disappointed in the show, and if they are, they weren't truly fans to begin with.

    Now what about people who have yet to see the 30 year old Evil Dead franchise and would like to take a gander? I say go for it! The show does a great job of NOT REQUIRING any prior knowledge of past events to be able to understand the current. If you are a fan of the horror comedy genre then this show is for you.

    To sum it up, as I am a biased Bruce Campbell/Ash lover it was tough to come up with many negatives about the show. Every time I came up with one, it was easily dismissed as a purposeful act to keep the spirit of the show.

    I ordered Starz just for this show. It is money well spent!
  • Charles Herold (cherold)14 December 2015
    Bruce Campbell and exploding heads
    Evil Dead is a film series that moved from low-budget horror to crazed slapstick comedy. Following in the footsteps of Army of Darkness, Ash vs. Evil Dead offers the always entertaining Bruce Campbell as an aging and utterly obnoxious anti-hero whose unique ability to kill "deadites" is only matched by the utter stupidity that causes him to release supernatural evil into the world in the first episode to impress a girl.

    Ash teams up with a few random people and sets out to repair the damage, a process that involves chopping off the heads of a few deadites in every episode. The show is cheerfully gory, with blood spurting out and laughing decapitated heads flying through the air, but it is so cartoonish that it doesn't really trigger my aversion to gross stuff.

    While Ash tries to fix things, a mysterious Lucy Lawless seems to have other plans. So far her part is surprisingly small, but I'm hoping there will be more of her. The young cast of Ash foils is fine, particularly the goofy guy, but none of them have the star power of their older co- stars.

    If you liked Army of Darkness, watch this. If you like Evil Dead (I didn't), well, you get to go back to that cabin.
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