Josef Bublík: 'Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.' That's Shakespeare.

Marie Kovárníková: You're going to murder Heydrich?

Josef Gabcík: Assassinate... murder implies he had a life worth living

Ladislav Vanek: You kill Heydrich and Hitler will tear Prague apart

Ladislav Vanek: I don't want to see Prague wiped off the map

Jan Kubis: I have to believe there's a way through this! that there's a normal life waiting for us! the way things used to be!

Jan Kubis: Marie makes me feel that there is hope. I love her. I do love her

Lenka Fafková: Marie still thinks war is romantic... there's nothing romantic about it

Torturer: We managed to save your mother... and here she is

[shows off her severed head]

Lenka Fafková: We've been fighting the occupation in our own ways

Jan Kubis: [Stopping Josef from avenging Lenka's death] So your going to shoot a few Germans? So you want to get us all killed?

Josef Gabcík: [to Lenka and Marie] Your gonna get yourselves noticed and that gets us noticed... and if we all get noticed we all get killed

Marie Kovárníková: A little lipstick makes some women feel normal

Marie Kovárníková: You get rid of Heydrich and three more men just like him will take his place, it won't stop any more deaths