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  • Headturner118 June 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well I'm going to have to give away some things. I thought this was a pretty decent film. wallflower tries to transform to get the hot guy. The trailer makes it look like something totally different. The brother. Who acts like that and why? He acted like he was on some heavy drugs but you don't see him do any and why? That was so gruesome and sad. Ok I didn't give away too much. I would recommend to all those that like thrillers. Tho I'm not really sure what category or genre it fits in it has a creepy element throughout. The acting was pretty good and yes I'd recommend.
  • rookiehangman28 November 2020
    First of all, some of the acting is terrible!!! What is going on with those brothers? Why would anyone hire an English actor (or two in this case) to play an American as one of the lead characters? Unless they can do a flawless accent it's doomed to fail. These "American" accents are just embarrassing, it's worse than a bad impression. It makes it really hard to believe the film. The grumpy friend's acting and timing are bad too. But i'm not sure who is to blame, the actor or the director. All in all it was not a very interesting concept and not a very good execution.