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  • cbrich26 April 2015
    This black family is about success, love and fun, which is what we need to see on TV now. America needs to see more Black American families in a positive light other than the negative stereotypes they have assumed. There's no dark cloud that blankets us all. We are smart, funny, loving, caring, hard working people capable of the "American Family Dreams." This show represents a lot of black families across this country and I'm glad it's on. There aren't enough black shows on any network that shows how family life truly is in our black homes. We all don't argue and fight, we live lives just like any other non black family. We are top consumers in plenty of markets but when it comes to who we are, it's left to those assuming our stories. Black Lives Do Matter as we live lives with ups and downs just as any other race of people.
  • Gwendolyn is a model for "The Price is Right". She has a big smile and a teenage daughter (Monique aka Momo). Kenny used to play in the NBA, but now does commentary for basketball games, notably with Shaq and Charles Barkley. He has a teenage son (KJ) and daughter (Kayla). Together they are The Smiths, along with their younger son Malloy and youngest daughter London.

    Most of the action in this reality show takes place at the family residence. It does not contain the edge of The Osbornes or the drama of The Kardashians. They appear to be an attractive, all-American family that enjoys spending time together. Most notably, they seem to respect each other and even when the kids are being disciplined, there is no rebellion or acting out. It's like The Chrisleys without the deviousness, which is not to say that they never try to pull pranks or go behind each others' backs. They just do it with a gentle spirit and a chuckle, not a smirk.

    Some viewers may find this family too tame. Don't look for major drama. This is Ozzie and Harriet for the new millennium. I find them likable and that's enough for me to enjoy their daily stories and skirmishes. You might even find them a model family, though they are not perfect. I mean even Wally and the Beav were confined to their rooms once in a while.