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  • The movie centers around a young enforcer, Toro, and his brothers, working for a big- time kingpin. He wants to get out, and go straight, but things won't be so easy. Adding an element of what feels like Shakespeare to the storyline, it turns out the kingpin has an interest in prophecy, and gets his Tarot cards read in the opening scene. What the cards tell him makes him nervous. The young enforcer agrees to one final job - more of a little vandalism operation against a restaurateur who is not using the kingpin's shrimps (No spoilers here, this all happens before the opening credits) Things get a little crazy and lot more violent as the movie progresses. Toro begins to reveal his Jason Bourne fighting skills in moments where it is best to suspend any disbelief, both at his abilities and his choices. Some nice cinematography and action sequences throughout. Things get a little more bizarre than the usual Mafia flick, as the kingpin is into both prophecy and Christian occultism, leading to stuff you want to keep your children far away from.
  • Thrilling and emotive story about a long chase in which a con , his brother and niece are pursued by nasty delinquents . From start to finish this moving film contains drama , intrigue , thrills and shootouts . The movie is set in October of 2015 in Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain , it is starred by ¨Toro¨, (Mario Casas) who along with his two brothers Antonio (Hovik Keuchkerian) and López (Luis Tosar) , Toro's older sibling, scheme a robbing that goes awry . Then , Toro is sent in prison . Meantime , Romano , whose full name is Rafael Romano García (José Sacristán) , a faithful devotee of St. Lucy , realizes that López, is taking him money from his tourism business . Later on , Romano plans his vendetta against López . After that , Toro goes out of prison with the third grade and close to get the parole and he is working as a touristic driver , as he only wants to be free to marry his sweetheart Estrella (Ingrid García Jonsson) . Shortly after , there takes place an overlong road movie and a ruthless searching for they three escapees .

    This exciting picture packs drama , emotion , action , violent events . This acceptable Spanish thriller has noisy action , intrigue and spectacular pursuits with car races , motorcycles and car crashes ,including bounds and leaps . Decent Spanish film with top-notch performances from main cast as well as secondary cast . This is an exciting film though relies heavily on the long pursuit . Mario Casas gives a passable acting as Toro , a previous con man must be back to his old habits to save his older brother and niece , and Jose Sacristán plays masterfully his ex boss and mentor . This is a thriller/drama that keeps you interested and expecting , including stirring and tragic events , as the premise is the following : Romano orders to abduct Toro's beloved niece , until this one get back the money and Toro ends attacking Romano's men and fleeing attempting to escape from his vendetta . Nice film , though has a few gaps , but anyway, its is compensated with the enjoyable performances from Mario Casas , Luis Tosar , Ingrid Jonsson , Keuchkerian and especially José Sacristán . This is the sort of story we've seen sometime before about unfortunate people escaping , while other people seek reckoning , but one that is always fun when executed with style and filmmaker Maillo certainly seems to have that .

    It packs a colorful and briliant Cinematography by Arnau Valls Colomer . Moving and attractive musical score by Joe Crepúsculo . The motion picture was well directed by Kike Maillo , being filmed in his usual formal and stylistic scholarship , without leaving a trace the thought-provoking issues , in terms of dramatic and narrative excitement . Formerly , he deserved Goya to New Director , Kike Maillo , for his above average film titled ¨Eva¨ starred Daniel Brühl , Marta Etura , Alberto Amman , and he also directed shorts as Los perros de Pavlov , Las cabras de Freud and Cuánto mas allá del dinero .
  • kosmasp17 May 2017
    Crime thrillers are either your thing or not so much. This starts off pretty good and continues on a good track. It may be predictable but that still doesn't take too much away from the suspension. Of course the viewer can identify with the main character, even though his relationship with his brother is not the best anyone can have.

    We get to see a thriller on the road, that has all the right ingredients. It may not fully get all of the action you could expect from it though, because it does feel like you've seen certain things before. But that's always a problem with a very strong start, even when a movie sort of keeps a certain pace like this one. It's entertaining enough and there are enough things to love about it - if you like the genre that is
  • 07/26/2020 I've watched this movie at least 3 or more times since it came out and it's still an enjoyable watch for me. A decent plot and an easy storyline to follow makes for brain free easy viewing. Watch for yourself and see. Bon Appetit'

    Spanish crime thriller so be prepared for subtitles but....

    A sort of low key John Wick crossed with Transported as a young thug tries to leave the Spanish mafia by going straight and becoming a taxi driver but events caused by his brother send him on a path that culminaits into a good film, not the best but with enough to keep you watching until the end.

    Some parts of the film I've never seen in a film before so in parts was original but in others predictable.

    Not as action packed as John Wick because in this film you actually get to know and care what happens to Toro and because of this I certainly enjoyed this Spanish film.

    Worth a watch if you enjoy good characters and a story, if you can find it that is.

    Rating 7 out of 10
  • Normal revenge story, with normal revenge plot that has decent action and drama(along with some high octane car chases).

    Negatives? There are several huge glaring plot holes even by the standards of action/drama movies. This could have been a 7-star, but direction/writing got extremely lazy at the end.
  • ivans53620 February 2019
    Incredibly suspenseful and fresh action movie and a gripping revenge tale.Some great performances and a strong script are complimented with amazing visuals, some cool setpieces and good (and occasionally great) acting.

    A must watch!

    Liked: -cinematography, photography, locations -Luis Tosar's acting -the story -the tempo

    Disliked: -the believability (some "superman" fight scenes)