Romano is a faithful devotee of St. Lucy. She was a woman born in Siracuse, Italy, in the 3rd century AD, turned into a martyr by Christianity when she lost her sight after her eyes were torn and extracted from their orbits, when she was condemned by Paschasius, Siracuse's Roman governor.

The movie is set in October of 2015. This is revealed very fleetingly during one of the radio shows that can be heard in background.

Toro's full name is revealed as Christian López Domínguez. It can be seen when he reads the mail after it arrives to his home at the beginning of the movie.

One of the buildings shown on the movie, is located at Avenida de los Manantiales 24, Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain

Romano's full name is revealed as Rafael Romano García. It is mentioned at the beginning of the movie, when he is being ordained into the brotherhood of the Procession of Silence.

Romano professes faith for a female saint who was condemned and had her eyes extracted. At the end of the movie, he extracts the eyes of Estrella, Toro's girlfriend.