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  • I cannot begin to explain how bad this show is. It was like watching an amateur play in a church hall, wooden acting, bad writing and not a hint of comedy.

    The trailers were terrible, but I thought it can't have been all that bad as it got commissioned, I couldn't have been more wrong. Whoever did commission it, may want to look into a career change.

    This programme is simply not funny, it has no plot, no storyline, no laughs... It's infantile and the "jokes" ate so desperately trying to shock, they forget to shock.

    I implore Comedy Central not to allow this travesty to go on any longer. I've watched World War Two Documentaries with more laughs than this. I apologise that I can't say anything good about this show, but I can't think of one redeeming feature, if I wanted British teeth and masturbation jokes I'd go back to the early 90's.

    Suffice to say, i have no intention of ever watching this again.
  • Wooden acting, stilted dialogue, pathetic storyline, no laughs ( apart from the canned laughter). Big disappointment, won't be watching again. This has to be one of the worst so-called comedy programmes I've seen in ages. The premise is weak, the characters are not plausible. I can find no redeeming features of this programme at all. I have to waffle on for ten lines to hit the minimum review for this, but there's so little more I can say about it. Three lines to go! Well, if you want to live longer, watch this. Time goes at half speed because you are just wishing it would finish! Just like you are probably wishing this review would finish. One more line to fill. I'm stumped. I can't think of any more to say.
  • iCode_v27 July 2017
    I've never written a review on here before, and I'm not going to make this a long one either.

    Notice how the only (and very few) positive reviews are all from accounts with no other activity whatsoever? Yeah, that has a reason.

    This show is genuinely bad. It is honest to god, the worst bit of television I have ever seen. Another reviewer wrote that they've had more laughs watching WW2 documentaries, and they're not even wrong.

    I get that taste is subjective, and that's why I usually don't bother with reviews. Everyone likes what they like and that's perfectly fine. But this. This is the one time I will say something is unequivocally and objectively terrible. The acting, the jokes, the "writing". Nothing about it works. At all. On even the most basic level.

    I don't know who signed off on this. I don't know how this ever got made. I don't know why anyone would put themselves through the horror of watching this.

    Personally, I'd rather jab my eyes out and wait for the world to end than ever watch a single second of this nightmare again.

    God knows we deserve it if this is what we're doing with the place.
  • gaden_ashley19 March 2015
    I can't believe how a show like this can even get funding whoever gave this show airtime will be fired pretty soon. Terrible acting unfunny terrible jokes which make u want to stab your face with a bread knife. The models are not even good looking the guy who lives with them is just as bad looking which makes it all just seem even more ridiculous. Never watch this programme unless you plan on being brain dead and are wanting to commit suicide. This programme would not even entertain your kids for 30 seconds let alone a grown adult. The laughing track is ridiculous for what is even happening on the TV screen. If this is where American humour and the future of it is heading I'm never going to watch another American TV programme ever let alone the station it's being aired on over here in the uk.
  • .......I look at this and wonder how the TV execs could have seen something worth investing any time, money an effort into, let alone how CC UK would have thought it was worthwhile enough to buy for the UK. It's so much worse than 'Joey' ever was, and that's saying something. It's actually 'Pucks'.

    None of the 'actors' are any good and so painfully have no sense of comedic timing (particularly the girls). Their agony (and ours) is just compounded by the joke-by- numbers dialogue, the clumsy and predictably boring scenarios, and the awful amateur stage play production values.

    It makes me think if I was standing next to one of these TV execs looking at grass only one of us would be seeing green. There's nothing about this whole thing that makes any sense whatsoever. Sorry......
  • The only reason I didn't switch off in agony after two minutes was a weird sense of masochism; I kind of wanted to see whether it could get any worse. So I sat on in disbelieving horror as the four poor saps whose agents somehow convinced them to star in this train wreck committed hara-kiri on their own careers. The plot, the script, the acting, the premise, the "gags" (there aren't any), even the laughter track: every single aspect of this show is utterly amateurish and hugely embarrassing to watch. In fairness to the actors, they have so little to work with that it's difficult to imagine anyone managing to do much better. You can see that, inside, they are writhing with shame. No one can turn in a reasonable performance under those conditions. I feel most sorry for the ones playing "Tommy" and "Anna" as they do appear to have a modicum of comedic talent. Unfortunately, after this stinker, it's hard to see how they will ever be given another chance.
  • I was intrigued with the concept. It could've worked, but I felt like the writing was rushed, lazy and absolutely awful. There is nothing original about any of the gags. That's fine if you're not aiming for a comedy to win awards (as another commenter pointed out), but if you're going to be using gags that have been around since the 80's and 90's, you need to at least make it interesting and witty. Nothing about it works. The actors and actresses overact in the way that the kids do on those awful Disney Channel/Nickleodeon Shows, and the writing (which I cannot stress enough) seems really lazy. You can tell that no real thought has gone into it at all. And if there was, this shouldn't have gotten the green light in the first place. It did not even bring a small chuckle or grin to my face. It was so boring... If you want to compare humour, I will list some of the comedy shows I have enjoyed: Boy Meets World, That 70's Show, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond. Now those were funny. I Live with Models is most definitely not.
  • robnero28 February 2017
    There are certain shows that I just can't get into the humor or the delivery or maybe it's the style. There are just a few. Two Broke Girls(Though I do like a few of the actors on it). Anger Management. And this: I Live with Models is like someones first attempt at writing as well as the casting agents first try at getting actors. It really is a vision of what NOT to do if you are a writer/actor/ director/editor.
  • I made this account just for this review.I saw that this new sitcom has really bad ratings,so i decided to watch a couple episodes and know I know why.This crappy "comedy"-show doesn't even deserve one star,the jokes are awful and the whole show looks ridiculous.And not in a funny way,in a really,really bad way.The acting is terrible and David Hoffmann shouldn't be an actor.Everyone who saw one episode will know why I said that.

    Jon Foster was probably on crack while creating this show.Comedy Central needs to cancel this unfunny show right away,it's an insult to the good series they show.
  • paulrawson8228 February 2015
    Might be the worst pilot 'sitcom' I have ever witnessed.

    Spare yourself the time to enjoy a nice bubble bath or even go around the park picking up dog doo... Either one you choose will be more enjoyable than this Garbage.

    Who ever gave this show the green light needs to be fired. The cast need to go back to working at Starbucks. And the writer needs to go back to college.

    Not going to waste any more time with this review. The pilot was truly horrendous. Wooden. Terrible writing, 'acting'. Everything. Avoid at all costs.
  • Once upon a time on a cold November morning I turned on my TV and started watching Comedy Central. Little did I know that what I would see next would make me doubt humanity so much. This show is awful. No way around it. I started watching halfway through s01e08 and was shocked by the horrible writing, terrible acting, complete lack of originality, and the predictability. Every 'joke' felt forced and the show as a whole was just a combination of worn out clichés.

    When checking IMDb to see if my opinion was shared by more (which thankfully it is), I also found that the episode I saw was in fact the highest rated one of all with a rating of 6/10! Maybe most people already gave up on the show by then but if it's any indication for the rest of the episodes I'm going to avoid those like the plague.

    Summary: worst show I've ever had the misfortune to watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I do not watch comedy shows for Oscar worthy acting and I am sure that the majority of true comedy lovers are the same. That said if you are looking for an Oscar winning performance watch another genre! I thought that this was a very good piece of comedy. Just yesterday I watched the first 3 episodes of two and a half men. I think this is on par with that if not even better. Who could complain? This show has loads of hot girls! I found aspects of this show hilarious. I was crying with laughter at the part where he said they had agreed to be boyfriend, girlfriend and girlfriend! At parts the story can be a bit boring but judging by other comedy's I have watched I think that this one is no worse. In conclusion if you are looking for hot girls some hilarious comedy and don't mind about outstanding acting this show is definitely for you.
  • prgv18 September 2015
    I really like this show, it is a way different than other comedy shows...

    If you are looking for a brainless show with monotonous jokes than only North American people like, this is not the show for you. This show is for the whole American Continent.

    This guys are doing a great show for the entire world, not for a certain group of people and the is great!

    Thanks for killing the routine in the comedy shows.

    Keep the good work.

    A very happy fan who really like GOOD comedy.
  • jasna24215 February 2017
    I don't understand why such bad reviews!?!I almost didn't watch the show after reading them.But glad I decided to watch it after all.The show is really funny which is after all most important thing for a sitcom.The humour isn't stupid or basic at all(like some reviewers seem to suggest),its actually quite clever.It makes fun of fashion industry people but not in a mean way.All the characters are really well written and dialogues and situations the characters get themselves into are hilarious.Am so happy it got renewed for second season despite such bad reviews! Looking forward to watching the new episodes.Overall people should really give it a shot and watch it and judge for themselves .Especially if you work in fashion, lot of characters/situations will remind you of real fashion people/situations.I think this show in couple years will become a cult favourite,people maybe will only later discover it as a gem it is.Highly recommend!
  • Very underrated comedy. Made me laugh every episode. The shows writers are very clever. The actors play the roles with comedic timing. Scenarios and storyline plots are reminiscent of watching an episode of Three's Company. I could see how some viewers would not 'get' the intended tongue and cheek humour of sitcom genre. Although I'm not a model, I do know male and female models and the agents involved and you would be surprised at the wacky activities that transpire in a models daily life. The models that have seen the show get a kick out of it. I like this show so much, I will take the time to complete 10 lines to post this review. Looking forward to a season 2!
  • I am surprised that many bad reviews have been written about this show. The show is bright and colorful which is something that is needed in a world full of "dark" shows. Anything that's gets me laughing and I mean really laughing can't be that bad. The show is very corny, but corny is not necessarily a bad thing.

    One piece of criticism - there is a number plate in the bar with the "number of the beast" on it, which as a Christian I find offensive. Whether it was put there by accident or on purpose it does not belong in a show. Maybe it is because Hollywood is very Jewish, because even in Looney Tunes cartoons that number has been slipped in. But if you are trying to convey some sort of message, convey it clearly in order that those who chooses to watch a show knows what they are watching.

    Hope there are more episodes than just the eight. Just take that sign out of the bar!
  • "I Live with Models" - trashy comedy. It is not for Family Viewing. If you can understand it and you like trash-movie - you will like ILWM. All the time we see Hyperbolas: All the models are dumb but hot. Producer like Souteneur. All the people in this show are human parodies. In the "Russian language world" this show has more higher rating. Because we like not only one type of humor. For example "KVN" - Russian invention. 70 years soviet people could smile with parodies, hyperbolas and allusions - because we couldn't smile openly. That's why this show not for Homo vulgaris but for Homo smiling. Who can step over himself.
  • I have been writing reviews for over 25 years since I was 15 years old back in the early 90's (Newspapers and magazines) These yahoos are not reviewers but terrible reviewers. I am disgusted with not talented reviewers that have nothing to do with the TV or movie industry.

    Review with decency, This show is hilarious! This show is non-stop exciting. If you like Zoolander this is way better and funnier. What a great cast of characters that live in the up life! yes, people, this is how rich people act and I know because I married a model. I lived with models and this comes close to it. The second season is much better and more refine but please watch it for yourself. I am on season two and I can not have enough of it.

    If you see a 1 star its because these people were hired to put negative feedback, it is a sick world out there and anyone can write a review these days.