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  • Warning: Spoilers
    As this series opens protagonist Basara Toujou learns that his father has remarried and his two new step-sisters, Mio and Maria, will be moving in; shortly afterwards his father has to go away leaving him alone with the two girls. It turns out these aren't ordinary girls, Mio is a demon princess and Maria is a succubus! One might expect Basara to be a little shocked when he learns this but he isn't; it turns out he is a member of the 'Hero Clan'. As such the girls should be his enemy but after a short while they start to get along. For reasons I won't spoil Maria creates a magical master-slave bond between Basara and Mio; any time she fails as his slave she gets highly aroused! For the first half or so of the series we get mostly comic episodes but then the atmosphere changes when a threat emerges; then Basara and the girls must fight magical battles to survive.

    This is a fairly mixed series; starting off with lots of comedy, amusingly awkward moments and fan serviceΒ… although the last of these is fairly heavily censored; presumably the 'steam' will be gone in the DVD release but I wouldn't be surprised if other censorship remained. The comedy is for the most part highly sexual, in ways that may offend/embarrass some viewers while amusing others. When the more dramatic episodes begin it abandons most of the comedy and becomes a magical fighting show leaving one wondering if it is the same series you are watching! The characters are fun enough; especially Mio and Maria who can be hilarious at times and the animation is as one would expect from such a series. The final scene promises a second series will be made. Overall I'd say this isn't terrible but neither is it a must-see series.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    That's it That's the whole plot. Hero has unstable power and you know stuff like that.Also dude's kind of a borderline rapist.Lots of cringeworthy weird borderline sex.An ever growing harem. Basara Toujo is the son of a hero who was revered as the war god in gods Vs from s war.He kinda unleashes his power in the village,kills a bunch of people (accidentally),gets exiled,gets two sisters who btw are the future demon lord candidate and her succubus.Forms a master servent pact for which they used the succubus's power.So every time she gets jealous he has to 'make her submit' Which obviously leads to many of the most cringeworthy anime fanservice in the history of japan
  • Between love and hate I couldn't decide, but I didn't stop watching it either.

    With an amusing twist in the first episode the ecchi starts on a good foot, cheese and stilted dialog aside.

    As the season progressed and much as I wanted to hate "ToaNSD" for its predictability, "Fan Service" and shoehorned ecchi moments it grew on me.

    The "broken" protagonists growth was imperfect, the animation and story made me think it was a dated early 2000's anime vs 2015. But for all of that, for every flaw easily critiqued, I kept watching the anime and before long the first season was over.

    The 2nd season was even more over the top, more Demons, more cheese, more fetishes and seemed to make even less sense.

    • Classic Ecchi moments.
    • Predictable but lovable characters.
    • Consistent animation.
    • English Dubbing.
    • Amusing "Fan Service".
    • There is an OVA.
    • Only 2 seasons.

    • Early episodes have some silted dialog (English Dubbing).
    • Story often advanced with little explanation, I'm assuming those who've read the Mangas could follow allow better.
    • Story details left unresolved, for example the protagonist has two mothers, and a former god is watching over him, but that's left on the table.
    • Main characters are chumps in one episodes and nearly godlike in another (without a training montage to justify the "upgrade".
    • Some seriously over the top "Fan Service".
    • Fight scenes are often cut short and lack any epic flair.
    • The protagonist takes demon drugs for "reasons", seems like an unneeded story device.
    • Much if the audio effects seem "sampled", pretty sure they used the "Tardis" sound effects and different audio details from other anime's.
  • As I said above this has story which is actually strong and also the characters are rather beautiful (eg. Mio, Chisato Hasegawa) but... I didn't like the way they represented, like it's has full of lewd scenes (some might like πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰) it's too uncomfortable for those who don't like borderline h (even I don't like but still I like πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰) , they could have lessened the lewd scenes a but at least, and lastly in the ova of 2nd season(or maybe 3rd season's ova ie. Departure) we see lactation.... Watch it completely then you will get itπŸ™
  • It would've been better if the succubus's part was replaced something meaningful. I liked the direction and storyline (apart from succubus's deeds and actions and their consequences). Thank you.
  • hebert-866444 August 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have this 9 out of 10 because there was some missing part of the story that was left behind in season 1 when they talk about the Hero Village but when the member of the Hero Village was in one of the episode, it kinda didn't make sense being there since they didn't have a purpose to be there. Also the other thing is that they have to not make it so inappropriate so much for like 5-10min, this kinda ruins the whole episodes, but still looking forward to a season 3 hopefully.
  • charmainebrwn3 July 2019
    Basically high school dxd but super watered down. And raunchy.
  • puneetsharma922 February 2019
    When a show forcefully inserts lewd scene then this type of anime began.

    Ok i get it some time lewd scene is funny and interesting but in every episode and dumbest excuses and without any buildup to support this activity.

    Also the hero is predator for every women in this anime, i like to say what the hell wrong with him, also the cut are too much in his body.
  • Like this anime very much..waiting for the next seasons