Kettering was the site of a celebrated UFO sighting in February 1976. During this period, Tasmania was considered a major hotspot for UFOs.

Anna Macy (Elizabeth Debicki) wears Fergus's (Henry Nixon) old "The Saints" t-shirt for much of the series. The Saints were a seminal Australian punk band from the late 70s to the early 80s. In real life Nixon's father - a recording engineer - engineered, mixed, and co-produced The Saints' fourth album "The Monkey Puzzle".

The Kettering Pub in the series is actually the Lewisham Tavern, which is a little over an hour's drive from Kettering.

Filmed on the Australian island state of Tasmania, the series was one of the highest profile shoots in the region since The Hunter (2011). The Tasmania Government, through Screen Tasmania, invested one million dollars (of a 14 million budget) in the series. At the time of its release, it was the biggest television production yet made in the state.

Had an eighteen week shoot, which took place from late August to December 2014. From the start of filming, it would take the series almost two years to premiere on television.

A second series was in development in May 2017, but creator Vicki Madden confirmed on Twitter in June 2018 that it was ultimately not picked up by Foxtel.

The series won the prestigious Special Jury Prize at the 2016 Series Mania Festival. The festival was created in 2010 and is entirely dedicated to series.

Lead actress Elizabeth Debicki (Anna Macy) and co-star Sacha Horler, who plays the role of Barbara Holloway, would both appear a few years later in Peter Rabbit (2018). Debicki plays the voice of Mopsy in the live-action/computer animated film adaptation of Beatrix Potter's beloved children's books, whilst Horler has a small role as Taxi Driver Betty.

Series creator Vicki Madden grew up in northeast Tasmania, and just like Anna Macy (the show's protagonist), lived in London. As a child, Madden remembers seeing unidentifiable lights in the sky when she was driving home with her mother one night. A lot of people in Tasmania see similar lights and accept them.

The show was first broadcast on Foxtel's Showcase channel on 04 July 2016 in Australia. A sneak preview was launched a year earlier at the 2015 Dark MoFo festival, with the first two episodes shown to select audiences at nine locations around Tasmania.

Creator Vicki Madden was influenced by Scandinavian noir like Forbrydelsen (2007) and Bron/Broen (2011) when it came to filming in the brooding gothic landscape of Tasmania. She also took inspiration from Life on Mars (2006) for the supernatural side of the story.

The series was filmed in and around the town of Kettering and Bruny Island in Tasmania, as announced in February 2014 by the then Premier of Tasmania, Lara Giddings, during a press conference in Kettering. The series was a co-production between Porchlight Films and Sweet Potato Films, developed with the assistance of Foxtel and Screen Tasmania.

Won three AACTA Awards at the 6th Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards in December 2016. It won Best Lead Actress in a Television Drama for actress Elizabeth Debicki, Best Original Music Score in Television for composers Matteo Zingales and Max Lyandvert, and Best Telefeature or Mini Series for creators Vincent Sheehan and Vicki Madden. It was nominated for five other AACTA Awards: Best Cinematography in Television, Best Direction in a Television Drama or Comedy, Best Guest or Supporting Actress in a Television Drama, and Best Screenplay in Television.

One of two television productions that aired in 2016 that lead actress Elizabeth Debicki appeared in, the other being the BBC television serial The Night Manager (2016). The latter began broadcasting on 21 February 2016 on BBC One, whilst this series was first broadcast on 4 July 2016 on Foxtel's Showcase channel.

This is director of photography Ari Wegner's first time working on a television series. She previously shot two features films, Grey Matter (2011) and Ruin (2013).

According to series creator Vicki Madden, the development process lasted four years from beginning to end. Madden spent almost a year on the first draft alone, then she went on to write ten more drafts of that first version.

Series creator Vicki Madden hadn't seen Elizabeth Debicki in anything before casting her as the show's lead. Debicki's name popped up during the casting process, and although Madden was at first worried about her beauty and concerned that she was too young for the part (she was 23 years old at the time), her maturity and fascination with the role eventually won Madden over.

Second time lead actress Elizabeth Debicki has portrayed a doctor. She also played the role of base camp physician Dr. Caroline Mackenzie in Everest (2015).

Amazon Prime Video acquired exclusive U.S. rights from BBC Worldwide North America to the first season of the series. The show became available to Amazon subscribers on 30 September 2016, almost three months after it first aired in Australia.

The actors didn't receive any of the full scripts during shooting. This came about after the show's creator, Vicki Madden, talked with some directors early on about a few plot points, and the details leaked to the cast and crew. Madden decided then that she wasn't going to tell anyone where the script was going.

The scene of Anna Macy (Elizabeth Debicki) riding her bike through the streets of London on her way to work was actually filmed in Hobart, Tasmania.

Elizabeth Debicki (Anna Macy) and co-star Kevin MacIsaac, who plays Travis Kingston in the series, would both appear several years later in Peter Rabbit 2 (2021). Debicki reprises her role as Mopsy in the sequel to 2018's live-action/computer animated adaptation, whilst MacIsaac has a small part as Pet Shoppie.

The poem that both Anna Macy (Elizabeth Debicki) reads to her patient and Roy (Anthony Phelan) reads to Anna's mum in the asylum is 'The Song of Wandering Aengus' by William Butler Yeats. In Irish mythology, Aengus was a god who was conceived, gestated, and born in one day. This could allude to the cloning process and the two Annas that are seen in the final episode of the series.