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  • The story it is telling is really interesting. You may want to know how and why a woman fell for someone the general public does view as a monster now but wasn't really seeing as a sex symbol either back then. One of the main flaws I already mentioned is the fact that everyone is talking Czech, even the Germans/Nazis, which doesn't really make much sense. Especially because when they film movies from time to time the same characters speak German. Even our main character has to learn German for her career ... so the Czech part of it all, is to make it work for home/origina country this is from.

    But that's not all of course. Looking back on those things, we do realize that a few things seem out of order. The chemistry is not the best between the actors and you might get bored from time to time. So while overall an interesting topic, this cannot convey and convince as it should be able to
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "The Devil's Mistress" is a 2016 Czech made for television film starring Tatiana Pauhofová as the real-life film star, Lida Baarova, who was Goebbels mistress.

    Baarova was Czech, but became a big star in Germany and was involved with another star, Gustav Frolich. Though in the film he is not divorced, in real life, he was. She eventually became the lover of Goebbels (Karl Markovics). Hitler intervened and ordered the relationship severed, which made Baarova an outcast in the social and film scene in Berlin. She was forbidden to leave the country.

    With the help of a friend, she escaped back to Prague. She worked in film there and in Italy. When the war was over, she was imprisoned by the Americans and later released. Later on, she resumed acting in Italy. After the fall of Communism, Baarova wrote her autobiography, and the 1995 film Lída Baarová's Bittersweet Memories won an award in Slovakia.

    "The Devil's Mistress" deals with her life up to the time right after the war, with a quick narration about the next few years. Her two marriages are omitted. And, of course, there is some dramatic license taken with the story. For instance, while involved with Goebbels, a costar in the film version of Die Fledermaus, Friedl Czepa, was taken out of the film because she was a Jew. Lida appeals to Goebbels so she can be rehired. In real life, Friedl Czepa was a major Nazi collaborator and in no danger of being fired.

    One of the reviews mentioned the love scene between Goebbels and Lida. I have to admit, it was a scream, with overly dramatic, loud music, images superimposed on the fire, and Goebbels' hilarious facial expression of ecstasy. That scene and the hair on the actor who played Hitler were over the top.

    Tatiana Pauhofová is effective as Lida; Zdenka Procházková does an excellent job as the elderly Baarova. The rest of the acting is fine.

    This was a very expensive production with gorgeous sets and clothes, plus the '30s-40s atmosphere. But somehow it had the stamp of TV movie all over it. Possibly it was the music or the fact that the script wasn't biting enough. At any rate, it didn't deserve the one star someone gave it here.
  • bevonola28 May 2017
    this was so bad I couldn't stop watching it. A total waste of great costuming and scenery. As once was said of Kate Hepburn, the leading lady's talent ran the gamut from a to b.The burning fireplace sex scene had me laughing out loud. There was absolutely no chemistry between anyone in this mess, and the cartoon Nazis were about as scary as kittens.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "The Devil's Mistress" is the (allegedly) true story about the Czech actress who became Goebbels' mistress for two years immediately prior to WWII. The story is based on the actual biography of Lída Baarová, though it played loose with the timeline of events and what the actress was doing even after the onset of the war.

    Though I can appreciate why a dramatic license was given, it's a tough sell turning Joseph Goebbels into a sympathetic romantic lead. Even with the understanding that a woman could deliberately blind herself to her lover's actions, the actual story is hard to stomach. It is portrayed as Baarová's narration of her own life, told in a way that makes her own actions more palatable. The realities of history were mostly ignored.

    *If* the film could have succeeded showing the romance between the actress and the monster, it lost that chance with the narration. Too much plays out like a soap opera, including with its unfortunate choice of music. This train wreck of a movie culminated with a sex scene so unfortunately hilarious that I likely sprained something from laughing so hard.

    Then I hated myself for being such a juvenile that I'd laugh at this movie.

    Ultimately, this whole film was nothing more than a cheesy disaster, finally coupled with an even cheesier ending. (Remember, Baarová married many times. The last husband left her financially affluent, though this reality would not have meshed with a storyline that portrayed Nazis as being about as ferocious as teddy bears.)

    The movie was so bad I couldn't look away. I am not a better person for having seen this. You've been warned.
  • rps-215 May 2017
    This is a powerful, superbly done, compelling film, produced with that wonderful "European" quality that Hollywood never has been quite able to replicate. It's apparently a true story although, even being a war history buff, I had never heard of it. I suspect it may have been tarted up a bit for dramatic effect. If so, fine! It is a great and captivating couple of hours with brilliant cinematography and wonderful sets that capture the flamboyant Nazi pageantry of pre-war Germany. Most of the characters look real: Pavel Kriz as Hitler, Jan Lepsik as Himmler. But the key character, Joseph Goebbels, played by Viktar Preiss, looks nothing like the man. An intriguing snip of history most effectively converted to an engrossing movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When they made the actress Lída talk in German during the filming of her German movies but couldn't let her keep that German whenever she spoke to Hitler and Goebbels. If they can make her talk German in some scenes of course it would make sense for her to talk in German to Goebbels and Hitler, afterwards too. So I skipped most of the movie. But after reading another review about the awful "sex scene" between the Lída character and Goebbels I had to fast forward to watch it. At least it was so bad that it was funny and made me laugh! But yes, it makes more sense that Hitler and Goebbels would speak German and if Lída has already spoken in German (there is even a pointless scene where she is learning to speak and pronounce perfect German by a female teacher) then why not make her speak German whenever she speaks to Hitler and Goebbels and other Germans? Makes no sense that the Germans would all speak her language when she is in G.E.R.M.A.N.Y. The acting is also flat that I wasn't sure if all the actors just hated each other on set or not and I have done a good deal of acting myself to recognize when it's horribly done. There was absolutely no chemistry between the leads, except awkward cringeworthy "I-have-to-smile-and-pretend-to-like-this-person-because-I-am-in-a movie-and-my-character-in-this-movie-is supposed-to-like-this-person". Usually I love movies about the old school nazi's, Hitler, the holocaust and WWII, (no I am not a neonazi just really interested in that historic period) but this crap was very easy to skip. If you want a good laugh you can fastforward to the "sex scene by the fireplace" between Lída and Goebbels but otherwise you should avoid this trash all together!
  • anntonia516 February 2020
    Very poorly made. The leading actress was sooo bad. It was like a school project or something. And oh my... Hitler... Taika Waiti one looks more realistic.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My head is reeling. Where to even begin? This was a bizarre product of amateurish players given a huge Hollywood budget.

    Costume design gets an A. Cinematography a C. The camera work looked like a student. All those endless close-ups of the lead actress showing her full range of 3 strained expressions: Surprise. Seductive. Questioning. She looked like a very ordinary Meghan Markle in a perm-fried, bad wig and was supposed to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

    This movie was so shallow that if you scratched the surface there was nothing left. It should have never have made it out of the reject pile. ZERO character development. I had ZERO sympathy for ANY of these characters. The characters all appeared to be in a chaotic dress rehearsal and there was no chemistry between any of them.

    The street scene where the merchants were attacked looked like a stage play (Lida in her perpetual SURPRISE expression) then later we see her SEDUCTIVE expression at hideous Goebbels. The lizard Goebbels had the sex appeal of a dirty dish rag.. Truth is they ignored that fact that superficial, ruthless women like Lida were mesmerized by the money and power of the Nazis and were attracted to the comfort, benefits, and protection they received in exchange for sex. Instead, they pretended Lida was sexually attracted to the little lizard Goebbels and "in love with him." Any woman who looked the other way while Jews were being burned tortured and murdered in the streets was as soulless and evil as the brown shirts that did it. How fascinating this story could have been if it had dived into Lida's flawed greed and ruthlessness instead of sugar-coating it!

    There were two unintentionally hysterically funny scenes in this film. The first was the love scene in front of the fire. We see his leather leg brace rubbing over Lida's legs. Then his floating face of ghoulish ecstasy through the flames. Oh such sophisticated analogy! Fire. Flames. Devils. Gee I wonder that meant? It was so shockingly amateurish, even for this film. That love scene is memorable as probably the worst in cinema history. The second was Goebbels calling Lida on the telephone to end the affair because "Hitler made me do it." And he is bawling like a pathetic baby. You just want to slap him hard and tell him to "MAN UP GOEBBELS You still have millions of people to slaughter!."

    ALL THAT MONEY WASTED when there is such untapped REAL raw talent in NYC and L.A. screaming to be discovered! Netflix is going down a rabbit hole. They need new leadership.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not sure why there has been negative reviews of this film. For myself, I thought it was not only quite capably acted but more than that, its shows what happens to those on the "losing side of history."

    Did Lida Baarova do anything fundamentally wrong in aligning herself with the Fascist cause in Nazi Germany? What would have happened if she had accepted contracts in the US like actress Marlene Dietrich (an obvious point of comparison)?

    How would history have viewed her if Germany had won the second world war? Of course its hypothetical but still though provoking and I think that's why this film is interesting.

    The story line follows along well and does touch on some of the worst aspects of Nazism such as the persecution of the Jews if only briefly. Perhaps a little too briefly.

    I felt too, there was a little subtle revisionism here. I doubt some of what the German actors and others said in this film would have really taken place in Nazi Germany. At the time, words were as dangerous to a person as actions. Suggesting, for example, Lida would do well to stay away from Joseph Goebbels, would to say the least, be career ending had it gotten back to him.

    Moreover, what Fascism represented was not really a new concept in Europe. Totalitarianism in one form or other had a long history in Europe as did mistreatment of minority groups for political gain Viewed from this perspective Baarova's actions can be understood, if not accepted when viewed through modern eyes. It's hard to convey such realities on the screen but its worth mentioning nonetheless.

    All in all, an interesting and thought provoking proposition, that looks at the history of cinema from a different perspective.

    6/10 from me.
  • matukonyc114 September 2020
    I could not watch this film in its entirety. It has all the hallmarks of a bad television movie, and is possibly the worst thing I've ever seen from Netflix. The production is silly, the plot pedestrian and oddly framed. The scene where Magda Goebbels fights with Baarova while swimming in the Wannsee made me laugh out loud, it was so preposterous. It really was a waste of a good story, and it succumbed to the same shallowness exhibited by its characters.
  • A young actress from Czechoslovakia falls in love with Joseph Goebbles and becomes famous in Nazi Germany. Her career and relationship start well but end terrible. The movie portrayed a different and fresh angle on the time period; i.e. it did not center on the struggle of the Jews.
  • Very interesting story about a Chech actress who becomes a mistress of the Nazi killer Gobbles . In spite of the darkest seriousness of the material they still oddly added the PC soft selling of what this chick was actually doing . Basically , she was doing what ambitious actresses have been doing since the silent film era and before : throwing themselves at powerful men who could advance their career , while ignoring the fact that they and the man were both married to other people . The thing I found most ironic was that the leading lady was portraying a beautiful actress while she was almost shockingly plain . No offense but , she was rather horse faced (if she went to the Kentucky Derby they wouldn't know whether to seat her or enter her ). Every time they would allude you how gorgeous she was , I almost burst out laughing . It was defiantly a lost opportunity to examine a time period which was fascinating and effects the world to this day. Maybe if they used a truly beautiful actress it would look too much like the Nazis could score top shelf women ? Whatever the reason , it just fell flat , and looked a bit like an acid version of a lifetime channel special .
  • Watched this on Netflix in 4K. Quality didn't seem massively different and couldn't really tell the difference was just surprised such a film was shot in 4K

    Anyways first film I hAve seen telling the story of Lida and Josef goebells and I must say I was hooked. Its a very interesti g story it had me googling her during the movie..

    The movie is well produced and not rushed or too long just about right..
  • BigDuck202230 October 2018
    Amateurish, inconsistent, humanizing Nazis, horrible waste of an amazing story.
  • thomas-leitha20 November 2018
    What could have been an interesting story turned out to be little more than a conventional TV soap. Lida was Goebbels mistress, but don't expect to be told why.
  • Do yourself a favour by not watching this film. Absolute trash paired alongside terrible acting. The movie is sympathetic towards Nazi's. If I could give it 0 stars I would.
  • This film gives us a idea about Hitler's "gang of propaganda". This movie can consider a good historiy based content where we can see the key players visions about their life and other life's. A movie about fake love, greed, stardom, misusing of power and fall down. A good movie for all history lovers.