Trivia (7)

The breed of the dog is called a Czechoslovakian wolfdog.

The theatrical release was delayed for an entire year. Originally slated for September 2017 release, the film was moved to March 2018. On December 2017, the film was moved once again, this time to September 2018. The trailer was released on July 2017, more than an entire year before the actual film's release -- a rarity nowadays.

Film cannot bear a "no animals were harmed in the making of this film" tag, as 4 bison were slaughtered for use on a skinning/hide-removal scene. The bison were dispatched humanely by staff from Longview Beef Jerky.

Marks the first feature directed by Albert Hughes without his brother, Allen Hughes.

Filmed near East Coulee, Alberta.

Was also filmed at Dinosaur Provincial Park near Patricia Alberta.

This is the first film Albert Hughes has directed that does not carry an R rating.