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  • I don't know how to express in words what this movie is "about" because it is about A LOT of different things. It's about the world, it's about life as an adult, it's about marriage and love; it's a story that is prime example of Murphy's Law.

    It's life itself shown in an entertaining way with at times very funny and shocking moments. It's "moving" art in a very abstract way (not Kubrick abstract, more of a Shakespearean irony).

    This (after 1 viewing) has become one of my favorite movies of the year because of how different it was.

    A good movie that's hard to summarize yet I get exactly what it's about, that's one of those movies where you don't mind talking about it with friends later (you may not want to watch this with your significant other) or just chatting online about it.

    I could actually see this being done as a Foreign film so it's surprising that this isn't a Foreign film (although now i am going to see where the screenplay came from). It had that story that we neglect these days in our films.

    Honestly I can go on and on about the things in this film that just were fantastic but I'd be saying things vaguely because I just don't want to ruin the film for anyone.

    This is a movie meant to challenge your way of thinking; yes it is very funny at times but it does a lot of things very clever and if you just pay attention to the surface story you will miss a lot of these things that impressed me so so much.

    It's one of the best B movies / Indie films you will ever see
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Applesauce is the story of a man named Ron, his wife, and their friends. It kicks off when Ron calls into a skeezy talk show to tell the worst thing he's ever done.

    Before he can spit out his story he's interrupted, but the talk show and the subject of Ron's call come up again that evening when Ron and his wife meet with their friends for dinner.

    After some cajoling and stalling Ron eventually tells the group the story of how back in his college days he accidentally severed a man's fingers by slamming them in a heavy door.

    And once the story is over and the couples have gone home, the fireworks really kick off as the question "what's the worst thing you've ever done" is asked and answered in ways that are both comedic and tragic by turn.

    And then someone starts sending Ron body parts.

    That tone of comedy and tragedy echoes throughout the rest of the movie, alternating between bitter and sweet in a way that leaves the viewer more and more on edge as the film progresses.

    The characters are interesting at first, funny, smart, and seemingly sophisticated. But as the plot unwinds we start to see that under the veneer of charm these are all deeply flawed, and generally despicable people. The adults in this film are children in grown up clothes. They're petty and selfish and spiteful at every turn.

    To give any further summary of the plot would lead both to spoilers, and to a review several thousand words long. The story morphs and meanders from one thing to another in a way that doesn't immediately make sense. But slowly a theme becomes clear, a riff on the idea of retaliation endlessly leading to more retaliation. Applesauce is like the jazz graces its soundtrack: wild, improvisational, and unexpected as it tackles its theme.

    Unfortunately the narrative and theme both overstay their welcome. The latter act of the film is badly in need of trimming, and it seems apparent that the filmmakers don't fully trust their audience to get what they're driving at. So much so that after too many examples of offence begetting offence, Ron flat out tells us the moral of the story, as if this were a Very Special Episode of some kids TV show.

    But for all of its faults I can't dislike Applesauce.

    It probably helps that it's really really funny, often in surprising ways (though again near the end of the film we've grown weary at laughing at such despicable people).

    There's nothing artful here, no cinematic beauty to admire. The camera hovers close in on faces for long shots that are occasionally slightly out of focus. There is nothing pretty or appealing. This is an ugly story about selfish people.

    It's a tough pill to swallow, but a heaping spoonful of comedy helps the medicine of Applesauce* go down.

    *I still have no idea what's going on with that title though.

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  • This is one of those film with no special effects or males running around in cod piece embellished leotards.It's movie with actors acting smartly.It's a funny,quirky,thought provoking adult creation.The kind of film you can discuss not just immediately afterwards,but years down the road.I happened upon it and it was an enjoyable voyage for 90 minutes.
  • gerryabcde17 April 2017
    this the greatest movie about relationship's between friends and couples since Hannah and her sisters . it made me scream with ecstasy about five times and believe., me that is somewhat astonishing. onur tukel is the only director who can mix humour and caustic wit ,and also intelligence,because when you watch one of his films you care about the characters,and you leave the theatre glad that someone is making films that make you think about the human condition ,i beg you to watch truly a work of ART
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Movie tells us what human beings do when someone takes their precious or most lovable thing from them that ruins their whole life.

    It creates really funny scenes which are slowly making a change in Ron's head that whatever he thought of for alternative to war is wrong. He can't just negotiate if some one attacks and has ruined his life.

    Revenge is the only option left he realizes but he used his own peculiar way. Don't know why though. Mixed thoughts can't put the movie review in simple words. It was worth to watch this movie.

    The name isn't suitable to movie either. The actors acted really well specially the scene Ron's friends went to bathroom. Hilarious, in the end i would say adults must watch this movie as a couple don't watch it on double date. This can ruin friendships heehaws.