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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bravo once again to Netflix for bringing this intelligent French production to U.S. screens. The series is reminiscent of Woody Allen's work. Its humorous and cynical look at the behind-the-scenes foibles of show business is very engaging. It is well paced and visually interesting. The acting is superb. It pulls off its use of star cameos flawlessly. Anyone familiar with American productions with star cameos will know what I mean. They are often awkward and horrible. The series ensemble is excellent throughout. The production offers diversity as well as subtle mockery of it. I hope Netflix will do another season. It seems to me that some of their best work dies after one season, unfortunately for us viewers who appreciate higher quality productions like this one.
  • A fantastic show. The language is beautiful, intelligent, with a wonderfully dry sense of humour. I've watched all three seasons with fascination, and because of my brutish english ways I never even knew the stars were playing themselves!! I didnt know them. That just raises it to new levels. Nicholas Maury stands out as a shining underdog I believe. PLEASE release another season...
  • pmollenholt24 November 2017
    I've just binged through 2 seasons of "Call my agent" and loved it. It's really funny and surprisingly often thought provoking. They point fingers, rub it in, caricature and tease without a hint of value judgment or sentimentality. I'm likely missing some insider jokes and some bits get lost in translation but overall it's a hoot. Keep it coming!
  • It is impossible not to like this show. It is a comedy with the brilliant idea of actors playing their own role. The acting is great and the screenplay is excellent. I have not seen Season 2 yet, but Season 1 is definitely worth watching. I hope that the French sense of humor translates well in other languages. I would bet that a US adaptation is on its way (because this is what happens, they pick ideas from others). So "très charmant", my dear.
  • Just finished the second series and loved every minute. It is very smart and entertaining. I love French film but sometimes while brilliant you find they take life too seriusly. This is the first French TV series I have watched and it has won me over. Of note, season 1 was good but season 2 was much better. The characters just grow and grow on you. Can' t wait for more.
  • I stumbled on this show & couidnt stop watching it. Great character development & storylines. Looking forward to season 3. Highly recommend!
  • Dix pour cent (Call my agent) is a fantastic comedy. It's well written and acted, modern and fresh but without any politically correct preaching (because it's French, the same concept made in most other western countries would have been a disaster). The characters are human, flawed and likable, their problems relatable. Like all good comedy there is an element of drama and some sad moments. This is fantastic television.

    Highly recommended almost regardless of who you are, assuming you have an ounce of sophistication.
  • Call My Agent is fresh, funny and so well done! It's pleasure to watch. From the behind the scenes aspect of a theatrical agency to the human interactions that can get twisted it's - to borrow a book phrase - a "page turner." Fresh perspectives, lies and blistering truths all wrapped up in a comedic bow, but a sophisticated, intelligent bow. Just such fun to watch. I can't wait for more episodes.
  • ladychiro12 November 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Wonderful TV series with depths and yet humor.

    Actors are playing well and very different roles. They are so many guest appearances, sometimes for only seconds which keep viewers on their toes as it is easy to miss. Characters are well played and one can recognize a trait of herself/himself in each, making each even more real. I found this French series wonderfully refreshing as it gather many if not all aspect of the world of entertainment and only one working/living it can recognize and smile about it.

    Sadly, translation does not do justice to this series which explain the poor comments from another reviewer.

    It's too bad that there are only few seasons as I binged through the two first and cannot wait for the next to be Revealed.
  • ebclyne28 February 2018
    Behind the great cast, storylines, wonderful guest stars, excellent soundtrack music and lotsa fun, there is a great deal of cleverness. Unlike American shows it is not wearing a PC corset.
  • froggie0099 January 2019
    Wonderfully observed portray of agents and their actors, their actors playing themselves in a spoof way, at the same time hilarious and then vulnerable, and so real that you attach yourself to each agent. Very witty satyre of the movie business made with such affection that you fall for it. Awesome.
  • This show is so intelligent, human and funny that I simply couldn't recommend it enough. I hope that there will be many, many seasons.
  • neldewijn17 January 2019
    I loved this show! Lots of humor! Gabriel and Arlette are so endearing. The young girl, who becomes Camille's assistant is so sweet and cute! She saves the day many times. Camille is fantastic, at first I disliked her, but her doggedness for the company her dedication and clinging to her true self are so admiring and wonderfully portrayed by her, I came to love her. Herve is wonderful, what a team he makes, and how he saves the day as well.
  • I loved the first two seasons of this series. It is truly delightful, wonderful actors, attractive, flawed but seductive characters, carefully constructed scenarios, sharp and memorable dialogue and consistently funny, often laugh-out loud (not generally a French speciality) and less often but in nicely judged moments, poignant and sweet. Parfait quoi. And like all the best TV you learn to follow the characters and the subject matter, necessary of course and super fun (French cinema, show biz, the often tough business world of a medium-sized agency, but less important than the drame comique. Nothing ever goes over the top, it plays with the cinema, the jobs actors have to do, their narcissism, of course, the sheer silliness of the films and nuttiness of the directors, but it is never cruel, cliched or mercilessly satiric. The Actors, real stars all take part in a particular story and the aura of their stardom is secondary, which is quite a testament to how good each episode is, Binoche Adjani Baye etc. are merely part of the story, they don't throw anything off balance., they are humanized but not with any larger drama in mind than shaping the story. Looking forward to the next two seasons.
  • oohlala-2162725 November 2018
    I really enjoyed watching the series. Superb acting, interesting characters I cared about. Can't wait to see season 3 when it becomes available on Netflix.
  • This series is incredibly funny; but it isn't an American joke machine or a zany British farce, it's French humor. That means the humor is very basic but the scenes are shot with a kind of cinema verité look and feel. It is also great for once to see the movie industry and its stars step down from their use self-aggrandizing and pompous attitude.
  • panou-5206918 January 2019
    It's a beautiful deep dive on the reality of "agents world"
  • What a great surprise this series is; there is no violence, murders, guns and still it's so dynamic! It has everything: talented writing, complex characters, great acting, good humor and flawless directing. It's so enjoyable, never boring and often full of unexpected turns. After so many generic Hollywood series Dix pour Cent was such great pleasure to watch. Highly recommended for connoisseurs!
  • I absolutely loved this series especially for its Paris backdrop, the brilliant cast and the humour! The cast of 'actors' which changes every week is fabulous and its great that these famous actors can poke fun at themselves. Its a brilliant satire on the movie business - its sophisticated, funny and intelligent!! I absolutely recommend it and just can't wait for the next season!
  • This show is hilarious, my family and I accidentally stumbled upon it while we were trying to find something to watch on Netflix and we're so glad we did. Nicolas Maury makes the funniest faces and his one liners are hilarious. I definitely recommend this show!
  • x-9686020 November 2018
    No doubt this is the best french show. Well written. Good directing. Great actors.
  • If these characters were real people, you might want some as your new best friends. This show is warm and involving and just a blast to watch. Let's hope a Season 4 is in the works for this TV msterpiece of fun!
  • oohlala-2162711 January 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Season 3, at last, didn't disappoint. I'm giving it 7 ( I rated 8 the first 2 seasons), for some developments were little stretched out. "Double agent" and " double actress" in my opinion were weak parts of the series as well as using a doll instead of a real infant. Performances were great, as usual. Andréa Martel and Gabriel Sarda were my favorite characters. The ending was justified. Great job overall.
  • This is one of the best and real miniseries from Netflix. A rest from American A fantastic show. The language is beautiful, intelligent, with a wonderfully dry sense of humour. Please Netflix create more like this,love the fact that the actresses have no fillers and Botox like the American, Latin ones
  • graciamona26 February 2019
    It is really refreshing after watching American sitcoms only, it is funny and witty.
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