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  • It's 1986, and Chuck Steel is the LAPD's best, baddest and most maverick cop. He may be unorthodox, but boy does he get the job done! When the Governor starts advocating a clean-up in California liquor laws, important and not-important people start to disappear, leaving nothing but a pool of blood. Everyone is baffled by this, until Chuck comes across Abraham Van Rental, who whispers the tale of the trampires: vampires who have fallen on hard times on Skid Row and can only survive on the blood of inebriated victims. And the pair soon learn that the Master of the trampires is about to arrive, intending to usher in the death of humanity.... Claymation is a very specific form of filmmaking that audiences either love or don't; one thing it does is to let the film-makers be as inventively gory (or sexy, or absurd) as they can imagine, which is to say that this short (88 minute) film is steeped in gore, heads exploding, massive blow-ups and the like. And it's really hilarious while it does those things! A note to parents with small kids, there's a ton of swearing and, well, gore in this film; it's definitely intended for mature audiences, preferably with a warped sense of humour!
  • This film had it US premiere at the worlds top horror film festival Screamfest in Hollywood. I must say I did not know what to expect going into this film. It did look intriguing, but boy was I not prepared for the sure awesomeness of this film. It was an insane non-stop ride to horrorland claymation style. It was raw and very adept to today's current political climate even tho this film was conceived back in 2014 as it took many years to create the worlds and animate the characters depicted in the story. I don't want to give away much of what you will experience. However, rest assured it will blow your mind and open all of your senses to this cinematic experience. This is the work of a creative genius. There is just no other way to describe the experience of watching this film and at no time did it let up. Kudos to the terrific talent involved with this film. You took me back to the 80's with the style and music of the film and brought me right back to current issue perfectly performed by dolls. This is one film you will not soon forget. I could not wait to get home to write the review of this film and share with the world the awe inspiring film that blew everyone who saw this away tonight. I look forward to seeing this film again in a theatre where I hope it will be released widely because it certainly has mass appeal and it most definitely deserves to been consumed for all of its brilliance. This is nothing short of a cinematic achievement, with Best Oscar for animation among other accolades written all over it. I'm also very excited to be the second review here on the imdb page. If you hear about this movie playing in your neck of the woods, do yourself a favor and do not hesitate to seek it out.
  • Just recently watch this film and it is nothing short of a masterpiece, the story of the development of this film when mike originally write the script in 2001 and the character conceived in school is very much a an epic underdog tale in its self. Anyway, moving on to the film its self it has got a short film based in 1986, Chuck Steel: Raging Balls of Steel Justice which I also highly recommend watching as it is available to watch online for free and is 14 minutes long which gives you a insight into the world of Chuck. The feature film it self is truly stunning, I came out of the theatre speechless. The visuals of the film are beautiful with the right style and cinematography to give you the style of of a classic 80's action film. The story of the film was lovely were you get the development through the film and the film is really hilarious with brilliant comedy that really had me laughing constantly thought the film. The film is definitely intended for an adult and is one definitely to add to your list of films to watch (High up that list I may add).
  • kosmasp27 December 2018
    Well what other way could it go, right? If the word "bonkers" can be applied to any movie at all, it is this one right here. It might be tough to follow the story, if as some might argue there is one to follow, because you are going to be constanctly distracted. This does not play in the realm of the real world ... I know "duh!", but it has to be said.

    So there are a lot of things happening, including sexual acts, violent acts and just overall crazy things. If you cherish political correctness, need clear structure and/or are easily offended anyway - well do not watch this movie! Unless you hate yourself or feel you have to punish yourself I guess. Seriously though: this is really way out there, especially when it comes to its humor ... you've been warned, now enjoy