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  • TGGeeks5 April 2016
    A Tricky Treat by Patricia Chica is very tricky indeed. It starts with a little musical vamping to set a light mood and then in the first shot something seems to be slightly off. It isn't anything that you can really identify, just a feeling that is accented by the use of body only shots.

    Once the real action starts there is an artifact-y overlay to the film that gives it an ethereal atmosphere and emphasized by little bits of music. I really enjoyed the effect. Of course, I love any type of effect used to appropriately enhance a film whether that is lighting, coloring, or cinematography.

    The short gets a little gory but in retrospect it really isn't that much considering the subject matter.

    The dialog is a little campy but then you realize why at the end.

    This short (just over three minutes) is a almost master class in misdirection from a filming perspective. I really enjoyed it and the surprise at the end is delightful, Patricia Chica has done it again.

    You should make time to see this fabulous short.