The director of the movie 'Onir' had been so obsessed with 'Raveena Tandon's' role in movie that he waited for 11 years for the actress to do the part. As initially Raveena could not do the movie due to her marriage and later on because of her being pregnant with children, but Onir was adament that whenever he'll make this movie it will have Raveena in it. So as a result the director had to wait for 11 years till finaly Raveena agreed to do the film

The Film was originally written keeping Raveena Tandon and Sunjay suri as leading pair in mind in 2001 after their critically acclaimed pairing in movie 'Daman'. After 16 years the Movie is being made with slight changes in script. Raveena and Sunjay are still part of movie but in different capacity this time. Sunjay is Producer of film and Raveena has an Important role as 'sonal modi' in film.

However it is the most awaited TV show but still Censor Board has banned it from airing because of it's 'Bold Content'.