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  • Pisasu - saying it as a horror comedy, there is slight dominance of comedy in the movie, but its completely planned in the script. Because the ghost is not intended to scare you but it might end up you might start loving the character as the film progresses. Inspite of the fusing genres, it is strongly driven by emotional concept of "Forgiveness".

    The music and camera work is notable, in way I see a part of story telling is being done through camera. Radha Ravi scores with his performance even if it was for a lesser time scope. Why the ghost decides to stay with the protagonist is a little unclear, Because of love? or to protect him from her father?

    It's not a completely screaming horror, laugh out comedy or tear wiping emotional. Its a blend of all that makes it entertaining .
  • The movie was so good. Another best movie of Mysskin. The story in the movie was excellent. The movie has so many interesting scenes. But the 2nd half in the movie was slightly boring. Songs and BGM were also good.
  • guna513128 January 2015
    awesome movie from a talented director, just used a limited number of casts to create an awesome movie, the movie is just emotional, hats off to the director myshkin, its very tough to think a story line like this, and the way he carried out the character of that girl(bhavani) after death is great, radharavi's acting is a great plus, which made me to cry,and the movie is absolutely an awesome piece of work..... pisasu is just emotional and the movie will be remembered in our hearts.......... ........................ have to thank director myshkin for giving such an wonderful experience in the form of movie............
  • nomadsorion10 January 2015
    Two words to describe the movie : Emotional, Beautiful

    Following the rave reviews and that fact that I have loved most movies of Mysskin, my expectations from the movie were pretty high.

    Pisasu is yet another well-written tale from Mysskin. He has given us a new perspective to look at Pisasu; something that is very different from other ghost/horror movies.

    Drawbacks: -I felt slightly cheated as I was expecting more horror-filled scenes since the movie was being promoted as a horror thriller. -Naga's acting looked very amateurish

    Positives: -An interesting story line and tight screenplay -Great music -Good cinematography -Radha Ravi's performance -Overall impact. Pisasu is beautiful.

    Recommend to others? Definitely Show this to my non-Tamil cinema lovers? Yes
  • In this era where horror genre is picturised with special effects,loads of blood and gore,freaky haunting background score, Myskkin creates His Pisasu.. Well is this Pisasu that Good enough and Scary enough?

    And the answer is Yes.. Truly sticks to it name. Pisasu in simple is a beautiful drama entangled with some chilling Atmospheric Background Music.. Music is the soul of Pisasu. Takes the movie entirely to a different Level.

    After my first viewing of this beautifully-acted, beautifully- filmed, intelligently written story by Mysskin and thanks to Bala Sir Believing in Mysskin Sir that he can pull it off. I Hope the Pisasu Team Will have a good run and share of its Success in Tamil Cinema..

    Pisasu is not just another ordinary supernatural thriller but its an emotional roller coast and intense,sometimes scary yet thought provoking and Powerful Film.

    Supporting Cast to be mentioned, Radha Ravi Sir he did put up a good show, and Naga the lead actor is one hell of a talent to look out for, has some great acting skills in store.. Arun You Nailed It Due...

    The story is simple and it slowly unfolds and some good twists to be expected as well. The Lead character experiences supernatural incidents right after the accident of a young female. Mysskin has done justice to the story in connecting each elements.

    Well in this Pisasu there is humor, something i didn't Expect from Mysskin.. There is Drama,Love and most important of all its a Character Driven Story.. Mysskin is an Awesome Entity of Brad Anderson notable for Creating The Others Staring Nicole Kidman.

    Finally The Verdict Mysskin has created a Pisasu,a very Different Aspect on Pisasu... Which will be remembered for a long time to come. Kudos To The Entire Team Of Pisasu For This Brave Supernatural Drama.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This kind of horror movie we wont come across often. Usual Tamil horror movies will involve hero heroine and a bad bad ghost trying to kill people. But for the first time we see a ghost who isn't much into blood and gore.

    Movie starts with an road accident. Despite the lead character's desperate attempts the victim succumbs to her injuries and this leaves the lead character in a distress. This makes him loose his concentration in his daily chores.

    Then the lead gradually understands that the girl who passed away in the accident is actually turned into a ghost and he assumes that its trying to haunt him. The scenes where the lead character and his friends get horrified by the activities of the ghost is sort of hilarious. The ghost in a way behaves like a saving guardian for the lead character.

    The rest of the story revolves around why the ghost is behind the lead's back, what does it want and mainly who is responsible for her accident.

    The main plus points of this movie are the way the director again relays on the music to bring out the emotions. The music director has done a terrific job. The actors are excellent in their respective parts. Good to see Radha Ravi on the screen again.

    The only minus in the movie is that it really doesn't justify the ghost's actions. And also the graphics should have been concentrated on a bit more.

    On the whole, nice movie with some scary moments. And it subtly conveys a message. But is way better than the things that come out today in the name of horror movies. This is a slap on the face for people who rely only on skin shows and lots of blood for a horror flick. If u want to watch a horror movie without any deviation from the story, please watch Pisasu.
  • First of all applause for Mr.Mysskin for give such a nice and entertaining ghost movie. I've saw all of his movie and honestly i'm saying that i'm a big fan of him. OK about the movie, it runs about 1 1/2 hour if not mistaken and everything is in there. Supporting cast, sound design, casting and the predicaments in the story are Pisaasu's lifeline.Pisaasu is definitely fictional and one leaving the theatre satisfied with the story will depend on how he or she has conceptualized ghosts and to what an extent they are willing to be flexible with what they have conceived in their minds about the supernaturals. The love angle of the story, pretty weak and unconvincing for me. Overall it is good ghost movie. Watch it with patience and open mind, perhaps it might send you back home with a smile.
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    Pisasu (U/A) TAMIL ----------- my Rating: ★★★★ FEAR LOADED ROMANCE

    STRENGTHS :- * Thrills were chilling..... * Direction by great mys-skin... * Background score was passionate... * Screenplay was splendid for a perfect suspense horror.....

    WEAKNESSES :- * Climax: gets predictable.....

    FINAL VERDICT :- * Overall... the movie is a scary entertainer with a beautiful heroine comes for just few seconds... an acceptable watch for horror movie lovers.

    A violinist experiences paranormal experience in his flat after a death of a girl who he tries to save due to accident. Later he realises that actually the spirit is helping him and he tries to find out who killed the girl by accident.

    Director: Myshkin Writer: Myshkin Stars: Naga, Prayaga Martin, Radha Ravi | See full cast and crew »
  • 'Pisaasu' is all about the incidents in life of a violinist after an accident occurred to a young woman,whom he admits in a hospital. There is a ghost theory, there are emotions, there is everything you will love to watch. It is engaging,emotional drama. Pisasu is truly a masterpiece. I can't talk about it much now. My eyes were moist for some scenes. Now I just can't explain the unexplainable. As everyone say I do not consider it for the Horror genre. Its something besides that, kind of a new Genre. Added to list of my favorites. Mysskin take a bow. ‪#‎GreatFan‬ of your screenplays. Highly recommended. Must Watch.
  • vogonify5 January 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is a very interesting film. On the face of it, a horror, it slowly twists, turns and melts into a love story. Scrape a bit more and it reveals an obtuse social commentary on marriage, affection and love in modern south India.

    Quirky generally, it follows a clear vision from Mysskin the director. To go anywhere into the plot would mean flirting in the spoiler realm. So suffice to say it's about a man who tries to save an accident victim, a woman. From here on, it cleverly seams into horror territory, only to swing away onto a strong, emotional stage.

    One of the best films of 2014 in Tamil (there have been quite a few), Pisasu is a must-watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I will not say I enjoyed the movie ... it was a different attempt at a horror movie, based on forgiveness and love and that, Ghosts need not be threatening always ... However, the plot is weak and the narration fails to hold one's attention to the end. Not scary ... not convincing either! It is not a bad movie, but different.

    However, they failed to establish why the Ghost came to the hero's house or what it wanted ... to the end ... there was no reason to haunt and then just burn itself once the hero identified he was the killer!

    The director has done his best to make audience feel for the ghost more ... and his attempt was a brave one. For a bala movie, I expected more than this!
  • ramkrish202027 December 2014
    My first Mysskin sir film on theater. After awaiting so many days after watching Wolf and the Goat, the movie really moved me since the start of the only song.

    Scene in which the girl takes away Cigarette box and matchbox still stays in my mind.

    Fight scene has been choreographed beautifully such that I was feeling the guy's pain when he was hit at the back.

    Prayaga's hard work will definitely pay her.

    Arol Corelli has done a beautiful job with his song and background score. I am listening the BGM from the making of the movie at least a 1000th time now, such a great use of solo violin and humming.

    Driving without attention, driving without helmet, cruelty still prevailing on so called enlightened families on woman at home, father's love, mother's care and FATE!
  • Pisaasu Movie - Director Mysskin has once again come up with a brilliant film that stands out in every frame. Pisasu differs from the usual horror tales, as it offers a friendly ghost -- not one that wreaks havoc and makes you shiver. In fact, there is nothing really supernatural in Pisaasu, in spite of being a horror flick. The ghost presented by Mysskin differs from the other frightening creatures of Kollywood Now, as it doesn't belong to the revengeful type. The very first scene starts with the blissful face of the heroine Prayaga Rose Martin (similar to the end scene of Irreversible) and as the camera zooms out you see the pool of blood. That's when you realize that she has met with an accident. The hero, a passerby rushes her to the hospital. She dies and enters his house as a Ghost. From here on, the director takes the film in an interesting manner till the well planned end. At less than two hours, the film has no dull moments. Even the Mysskin type of characters and fight scene don't bring the déjàvu feel. The music and cinematography are top notch and have Mysskin stamp all over. Some scenes are really frightening and so it is better not to watch with the kids. The only uneasy factor is the hero's hairstyle which hides his face and expressions at times. For those who have been fed with a regular supply of Hollywood horror films, Mysskin's Pisaasu might appear inadequate. Yet, the film offers Kollywood Cinema fans something refreshing in the Horror genre. And, it is definitely superior compared to most of the mass masala entertainers that Kollywood churns out nonstop. A must watch film for fans of good cinema. You will definitely fall in LOVE with the ghost. Performance : Naga Sai Prathish has given a brilliant performance, while Radharavi is powerful in his role as usual. Kalyani Natarajan impresses in her part as Naga's mom. Cinematography (Ravi Roy) : adds beauty to each frame and keeps it simple and straightforward. would focus on legs of people running, camera angles will be differently placed, fight scene will have people attacking in a phased manner, etc. Music (Arrol Corelli) : is a major highlight of the film. The background score is haunting. His violin pieces add the right effect to match the horror theme. HEART TOUCHING Editing (Gopinath) : has helped in hiding a few flaws in the narration
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First and foremost it's a pure myssikin film(leave behind horror). from the beginning to the end its myssikins film. though he has taken the horror genre(first for him) he hasn't failed to serve it with his own trademark touches. from shot one till the end the camera captures the scenes from the angles which only the sir(myssikin) can imagine. the main plus for the film is the bgm composed by a newcomer arrol corelli who doesn't make you feel even a bit the absence of illayaraja sir. said that its a pure myssikins film he makes it more different from his previous flicks by adopting more shots taken from the top angle and even the ant's eye view. coming to the story it has everything in it that you expect from a horror movie. it has some really terrifying scenes which can stop your heart beat for sec or two. apart from those few moments you wont get a full length horror in this film. the second half takes you into the much unexplored side of the pisasu. you get to know who really the good one is and who the evil one is. you are taken into one of its kind climax leaving you with a emotional feeling. that said i wont reveal anymore and let you enjoy the feel of the film. it has a packed acting performances by the new comer naga and the well known radha ravi who plays the father of pisasu. PISASU a must watch emotional horror Myssikin has researched a lot on this pisasu and has produced this film which is worth every penny spent
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie starts with an accident like in the previous Mysskin movie "onayum aatukuttiyum". The protagonist Siddharth, tries to help save the girl met with an accident, but the girl dies soon after reaching the hospital. Siddharth can't digest the fact that a beautiful girl died in his hands. He keeps her slipper as her memory. Soon after a few days he realizes that the girl dead in his hands is still with him. Siddharth tries to find the reason why she haunts his place as she is not related to him in any way . The movie ends with a unexpected twist for those who have not watched the 2004 psychological thriller movie "The Machinist" by Brad Anderson. Just the plot is inspired from The Machinist, not a complete rip off though. All the spooky stuff is Mysskin's hard work.

    Good acting by Naga and Radharavi. Especially Radharavi's acting in second half in a scene where he calls his daughter's ghost home is exceptional. The man of this movie is Mysskin. His movie angles are unique in his own way and good story telling throughout. He will keep you interested till the end of the movie. (His negative is his speech in public. He should learn to control his tongue, so he could grow bigger with silence. If someone accuses of plagiarism, just accept it, tell them that you go inspired with this film and give credits to the original movie maker. That's it, end of the story. After watching his speed, even a movie buff would think twice to watch this movie in theater) Definitely a good movie to watch in theaters. Not a jump scare movie though. Just keep an open mind and watch this movie. Mysskin would do miracles with the storytelling.