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  • Sweetheart Cinema makes dough with its spotlight series "... Loves Girls", in which a star chooses and then humps four actresses of her choice. The interview and play-acting format hosted by director Dana Vespoli is boring and reduces the show to mainly filler, incorporating lots of material usually reserved for the Bonus BTS short subject on a DVD (though this release also features a separate 9-minute BTS).

    Belle's choices of companions tends to favor the alt-porn spectrum, especially tattooed favorites Skin Diamond and Nikki Hearts, plus bad-girl Lesbian icon Raven Rockette and that wonderful jail-bait gonzo flash from the past Kristina Rose, still looking very young at age 29.

    The sex is desultory, and Belle should give it a rest to her own "little girl" ploys like a silly bow in her hair or various knee socks in cliched schoolgirl stylings. Vespoli appears briefly on screen and in both the interviews and feedback following scenes keeps gushing about chemistry and other self-aggrandizing stance, as well as buttering up Lexi. Clearly the entire enterprise, as with other segments in this series, is aimed at rabid fan-club members of the particular star being featured.