Red: [battling her mortal foe, the Wolf] The better to kill you with!

Red: I was busy fighting Thralls when you were marrying into a life of luxury. Don't lecture me about war!

Cinderella: Don't you understand? If we kill Rumpelstiltskin, all his Thralls will be released!

Red: But the Wolf will go free!

[repeated line]

Snow White: No life is worth a Kingdom!

Snow White: What took you so long?

Rapunzel: The Thralls still hold the Castle. They've infiltrated every inch of the Kingdom and beyond.

Cinderella: The Mirror's broken! But... a piece of it did come through with us.

Snow White: [impatiently] Where is it?

Cinderella: [uncertainly] Red Riding Hood has it.

Sleeping Beauty: [scoffs] Commoner.

Cinderella: Ally! The Wolf came through as well. She's after him now.

Rapunzel: Well, all she cares about is killing the Wolf, nothing more. She can't be trusted.

Snow White: We have to find Red and the Mirror before the Wolf reaches Rumpelstiltskin. If that bastard gets his hands on it, he'll open the portal again and bring his army through!

Cinderella: Red wouldn't let that happen, Your Highness.

Snow White: I'm not Queen of anything anymore.

[the others share skeptical looks]

Rapunzel: How long has it been?

Snow White: [angrily] Too long!

Rumpelstiltskin: You can do whatever you want with your little red plaything. Bring me the Mirror! My army awaits!

Cinderella: [to Red] You think royalty is a luxury? It's not. It makes you a target! We are not heroes. We are Avengers!