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  • When Rumpelstiltskin destroys the Magic Mirror and escapes to the modern world, the four princesses of Once Upon a Time—Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Rapunzel—are sucked through the portal too. Well-trained and endowed with magical powers, they must fight Rumpelstiltskin and his army of thralls before he enslaves everyone on earth

    It could lead to a good story... But it didn't. The acting is hurtful and embarrassing, the plot ridiculous and even the fighting scenes are horrendous. So if you've got time to spare watch something else. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!
  • Why isn't there a negative scoring system? 1 (Awful) is being kind.

    There is a 10 paragraph review in here on this film and I couldn't keep a straight face whilst reading it. Let this be a lesson; Trying to ride on the backs of multimillion dollar movies with a budget of $25 is not advised, even if you do have the opportunity to hire 5 MILFS and a couple of actors ready to shame themselves due to owing a backlog of rent. I suppose one shouldn't blame the actors, we all have to eat. I suggest to them a change in Agents.

    I would rather wait for eternity for the right script and never see it than enter into a project that would of stunk on paper as bad as this surely would of.

    This film was made as a tax write off, Right? .. Right? I believe I probably watched it a little longer than most, right up until Snow White demanded the others "Get In The Car!" at which point I watched the rest in fast forward skip mode.

    To painful for words. Do yourself a favor and stick to the original fairy tales & marvel Comics that this modern pooper derived from.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love my Sci-fi, and will at least try the movies (specially if I'm bored). Daredevil is one of those movies. But this one takes BAD to a whole new level. At first I was annoyed with how bad it was, but then it got so bad that it became enjoyable. Poor actor who are either really really desperate, or don't know a good script if they see one. Some TV-shows are known for having bad actors in main characters. You know, like David Caruso in CSI Miami, or William Shatner in pretty much everything he stars in. And those shows becomes infamous for it. Let's face it, nobody watched CSI Miami for it's good quality. The same goes for some movies. So if you want to indulge yourself with a suck-fest, this is your movie. Enjoy =)
  • This movie has a lot of problems. There are moments of truly terrible acting. Some of the lines are extremely poorly written. There are continuity issues (especially glaring "how did they run off and suddenly get to a completely different location in a split second?" ones.) The character motivations and choices are some so illogical, and so bad, that they make no sense, some of the characters are ill defined, and the progression is sometimes so so, sometimes obvious, and even sometimes just bad. And all this, this gigantic pile of weird- bad, the movie isn't terrible, not actually.

    The name choice doesn't help. It's a terrible choice for a name for this movie, other options, pretty much any other option, would have been better. It sounds like it'd be a comedy-style-version of avengers, but it's not. It has nothing to do with Marvel at all!

    The core concept though, it's really not bad.

    This is a movie that has moments of true B movie hilaribad and the occasional moments of "oh my gods this would be awesome if it wasn't bad".

    If you like B movies, and are a forgiving personality who can laugh at the parts that don't add up, this is a diamond in the rough.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yes.. it has the word Avengers in it. It has supposed fairytale princesses in it but in reality, it's a shallow babefest. The acting is abysmal, it was nice seeing Lou Ferrigno acting again though. There's guns.. some sort of slovenly attempt at a plot which really started off slow and just meandered around and didn't really keep my attention. I did finish it though, although a part of me wishes i hadn't. The princesses are very action oriented and throw around amazing magical powers but do little more than spew horrid lines and look attractive. There was a little money put into the film for the effects budget, i'll give it that.
  • By all means, there are worse Asylum movies out there than Avengers Grimm, but this was especially disappointing because the premise was great, one of the best ideas they've ever come up. However, the execution was bad, terrible even at worst, and the very misleading and irrelevant title does nothing in its favour and that's putting it mildly.

    What saves Avengers Grimm from being unwatchable are the confident Red of Elizabeth Peterson and Casper Van Dien who is clearly having fun as Rumpelstiltskin (the one character that the writers even attempted to do something with). The rest of the acting is atrocious, Lauren Parkinson's Snow White's line delivery just grates, Kimo Leopoldo is as un-wolf-like as one could possibly get and Marah Fairclough spends the entire time looking dead as Sleeping Beauty. There's also the most forgettable version of Cinderella ever, both in acting and how the character is written. With the exceptions of Peterson and Van Dien, nobody looks interested or like they wanted to be there. Lou Ferringo is nice to see but is made up weirdly (the Dr Freeze and Colossus comparison is pretty apt) and bogged down with bad material and an under-characterised character who's barely in the movie to make enough of an impression, good to see him again but it doesn't go beyond that.

    The characters are just dull, dumb stereotypes, with characterisation almost non-existent apart from Rumpelstiltskin, while the horrid (and that's being kind) dialogue is enough to make even an amateur actor embarrassed. The story does absolutely nothing with its concept, being told in a constantly sluggishly paced, paper-thin and muddled way, further disadvantaged by very confusingly choreographed, pedestrian-paced and sloppily edited fight scenes. Avengers Grimm is directed with little competence, has a soundtrack that is too often too loud and too quirky which jars with the 'darker' (in quote marks because the movie is little more than tired cheese throughout) moments and looks cheap. A couple of sets are decent, but most are basic and too darkly lit, the editing is besieged with continuity errors with all too obvious stunt doubles, the camera work is going-through-the-motions-like and while there are worse special effects around the effects are slapdash at best.

    All in all, a great idea with near-disastrous execution. 2/10 Bethany Cox
  • When Rumpelstiltskin (Casper Van Dien) kills the king of Once Upon a Time kingdom, he proposes Snow White (Lauren Parkinson) to open the portal through the Magic Mirror to the real world; otherwise he would kill her. Snow White does not accept the deal and tries to kill him, but they are sucked by the mirror and vanish. The princesses Cinderella (Milynn Sarley), Sleeping Beauty (Marah Fairclough) and Rapunzel (Rileah Vanderbilt) ask to the Magic Mirror where Snow White is; however, The Wolf (Kimo Leopoldo) has captured Red (Elizabeth Peterson ) and throws her through the Magic Mirror that breaks, sucking her, The Wolf and the princesses to the modern world. Red chases The Wolf through Los Angeles with a piece of the mirror pierced in her shoulder while Snow White rescues the princesses in a car. Soon they learn that Snow White and Rumpelstiltskin arrived a long time ago and Rumpelstiltskin is now the major of Los Angeles. Further, their only chance to return to Once Upon the Time is retrieving the piece of the mirror from Red. But first they need to destroy Rumpelstiltskin and his army.

    "Avengers Grimm" is a fantasy adventure with a great premise wasted by the lack of talent. The acting of the heroins is terrible highlighting Snow White and the blonde Sleeping Beauty; the screenplay and lines are ridiculous; the special effects are poor; and the fighting choreography and battle scenes are incredibly awful. Lou "Hulk" Ferrigno has a minor participation and it is always good to see this actor. It is very funny to see the blonde Sleeping Beauty breaking the piece of glass that would be their only chance to return to their world and her reaction. My vote is three.

    Title (Brazil): "Avengers Grimm"
  • It's obvious that the familiar title is meant to lure unknown people as they assume this is a big budget title with fine presentation, while the fact is Avengers Grimm is barely the level Halloween play. It uses mythical princess' tales and translates them into modern world but the execution is far from magical. Acting is incredibly bad, graphic effect is from two decades old and no attractive princess can save it from the abysmal production.

    No in-depth analysis requires. From the first couple of scenes it's clear that the acting suffers significantly. Delivery for most of these princess is outright overly dramatic or rigid reading. The actresses fit the look, but as they speak the illusion of glamor falls almost immediately.

    It has some decent costume and set, although most of the scenes are shot in random warehouse or street. If anything, it's probably worth just to see mature version of the princesses for brief amusement, you don't need magic mirror to know there's not much else here.
  • anymouse21 July 2015
    Poor Casper Van Dien cant seem to find a good film ever, and this was no exception. Good old Lou takes hokey films because he's still rich from his days as the Hulk 40 years ago; he knew how to invest. And thats all worth mentioning. I had to read the IMDb page twice to make sure I hadnt picked up a whore-core film by mistake; the dialog, acting, and womens' "outfits" were so gawd-awful. To find that this schlock was supposed to be legit, and wasn't just sleazy "r" rated near-porn garbage was shocking.

    So, yeah, if you want to watch some bimbos in short, nearly transparent dresses with thongs underneath (which occasionally does have its charm, I'll admit) in a plot more see-through than the dresses,with acting worse than a Kindergarten class program, this is your flick. The only directing in this film was giving directions back to the trailer for "extra perks". Special effects were iutta the 80s.

    In all, it sucked. I got it on Netflicks, and I still overpaid.
  • I found the actresses portraying the 4 princesses to lack inspiration, I really got no sense of them being princesses at all. Its pretty tough to find movies where the actress can sell her character as a fairy tale princess, many of them just 'blow it off' and that is pretty much what occurs in this movie.

    On the flip side of things the primary male characters got into their parts. The wolf guy, Rumple and the Iron thing guy all did well with their characters, but unfortunately the princess quartet just brought down everything. I blame this on the director and script as much as the gals with the acting parts.

    Less karate chops and more classical fantasy please
  • Warning: Spoilers
    While this low-budget, fairy-tale film 🎞 spin on superheroes certainly isn't going to win any Oscars or major awards🥇I still found it entertaining. The plot line is fairly decent. The acting by Casper Van Dien as the evil "Rumpelstiltskin", the beautiful Lauren Parkinson as the somewhat snooty but determined "Snow White", Lou Ferrigno as the misguided but later noble "Iron John" and the stunning Marah Fairclough as "Sleeping Beauty" worked collectively enough to deliver a good story. Yes, it's a B movie 🎥 but if you're just looking to enjoy a campy film and have some chuckles this might be right for you. - Like when Snow White makes an ice path for a charging Iron John and sends his dumb ass smashing through a wall 😫out the hundredth story of a skyscraper 🏙 below😵! Definitely good for some laughs!
  • I don't give bad votes to small publishers, much as I would like to occasionally. This would be such an occasion. These guys gotta eat, live and learn you know. Red Riding Hood (Elizabeth Peterson) and Lou Ferrigno! give a good performance. Set design is pretty good. Just about everything else is straight out of the 1980's day time television as far as sophistication of the script and special effects. The plot was derailed by the script and wooden lines.

    I suspect this was a good learning experience for everyone involved in the production and I look forward to seeing more. Really, they aren't more than a mile or two from "campy" or fun.

    It could make a good series (spoiler?). Despite the above I think if they get some outside help they could become a group with decent Saturday entertainment value. The vision is blurry.. but best of luck!
  • Short version: These "princesses" are not to be trifled with.

    Longer version: These five ladies kick butt, they look good doing it, and this film entertains anyone willing to suspend disbelief and accept that unbelievable stuff happens in an action/fantasy/sci-fi flick.

    This movie does get a little boring in the first 20-25 minutes or so, but once the action starts it simply does not stop. The four princesses plus Red Riding Hood (yes, really) just... well... take it to the house.

    You could compare this to Van Helsing, in which the female lead shows how tough a woman can be in difficult situations. Multiply that by four (five if you count Riding Hood), throw in a truly evil antagonist and his minions, and you have about 90 minutes of mindless entertainment.

    To be honest, I would love to see a sequel, or even to see this folded into the current Avengers franchise. These ladies did a great job of keeping me engaged and I frankly think they'll do the same with you.

    Fun stuff.
  • This film is a very, very, very poor attempt to capitalize upon some of the ideas behind Once Upon A Time. It fails miserably. The acting is comically bad. I have quite literally viewed high school productions of superior quality. Casper Van Dien as Rumpelstiltskin is awful. How awful? Jay North from the old Dennis the Menace television series is Olivier in comparison. And Van Dien was the high point. The plot holes are large enough to sail the 7th Fleet through. It was boring and disjointed. It was painful to watch. A root canal without anesthesia would have been preferable. I would rather listen to Rosanne Barr sing the national anthem on loop. Watching paint dry is more exciting and a better use of your time. If you are considering buying it on media, burn the money instead - at least that will light the room for a few seconds.
  • If you like all kinds of movies and you know what you're getting into, this movie is a lot of fun.

    Casper van Dien is having fun playing his role, Lou Ferrigno is impressive at 64 and the princesses are intentionally bitchy and thus work quite well, even though the performances were, um, all over the place. The effects, the overall production value and especially the camera are great FOR THIS KIND OF MOVIE.

    If you're like me and you enjoy a movie despite OR especially because of the fact, that it has an IMDb rating below 3, give this one a try, it's one of the best of that kind.
  • If you like action B movies then ignore the nay sayers. This is a fun action flick worth the time if you like low budget action when your bored.

    OK the production values are low, but I have seen much lower. The script is bad but I've heard much worse. Video and Sound are fine and some of the effects are fun. The girls kick-ass in the usual B movie way. All in all quite entertaining.

    Some people really don't know how to dial done there expectations and enjoy a cheap theatrical type movie. Don't be put off because of their snobbery.
  • This mash-up of Once Upon a Time and The Avengers definitely played out like a movie that wanted to go somewhere, but didn't quite have the oomph to pull it off. All the actors suffered to a degree, attempting to squeeze out lines that might work whilst working with a director who clearly didn't care about performance quality enough to do a whole lot of retakes.

    Iron John (Lou Ferringo) was an excellent addition to this film's mythos, though his arc was a tad rushed. The princesses are tolerable for their roles, but again, could have used some better acting coaching. Red easily steals the show.

    The girls say each other's names so seldom, it can be easy to forget that the purple-haired one is Cinderella - or even why she has purple hair. By far, the most effort appears to have been put into Rumpelstiltskin as the villain. As a dime store Loki, he chews up every scene he's in and does it with class.

    Sadly, most of the other characters are quite forgettable. And the logistics of how the princesses would survive in our world are barely even mentioned outside of clothing choices.

    If you can tolerate some of the movie's shortcomings, however, it has a lot of great nods to the properties it shamelessly rips off. Some have complained that it depends too much on the "babes" being "hot" to sell its point, but I'd say it manages without that. Outside Red, I personally had difficulty seeing how any of them were treated as sex objects. Or if they were supposed to be that, even Rumpelstiltskin's secretary did a better job at it. Making Rapunzel a redhead instead of a blonde also struck me as an odd choice.

    This movie definitely wanted to be something. And if your standards aren't astronomically high, it will succeed. Just don't count on this measuring up to any of Marvel's Avengers films any time soon.
  • This is an interesting film. Yeah the storyline might be slightly strange at one point, but overall Avengers Grimm is an entertaining tale of good versus evil.

    The main protagonists are all female, which for me makes the film stand out as for majority of films or TV shows the main characters are male. It's good to see some strong female characters for once, who are both strong and attractive.

    As for villains, well everyone loves a good villain and Casper Van Dien plays a realistic performance as the sadistic, power crazed antagonist. If you enjoy the dark side of fantasy, I recommend that you give this film a go.
  • Stars : Casper Van Dien,Lou Ferrigno and Snow White,Rapunzel,Cinderella,Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood.

    Write & Directed by : Jeremy M. Inman Must admit,Have wanted to see this flick since it was announced.

    Not disappointed in the least,It has all The Mockbuster goodness,You would expect and more much more in exact dialogue 'That puts that tongue in that cheek' and Even a Avengers Hawkeye nod in plot that Rocked ! Casper as an oddly named villain is mucho over-the-top and enjoys every moment of his scenery chewing.

    Lou Ferrigno may have had that once in a career chance to shine, And he plays with gusto,Not seen in other Superheriocs by major studios.

    OK,Don't think a major spoiler that this looks like a franchise and a welcome one at that.
  • A real snooze fest!

    Wanted to root for the heroes but they just act like royal idiots.

    Snow White is just a privileged little brat that I wanted to slap myself.

    Only Red gives a little life to the movie probably because she is not a royal.

    This movie manages only one thing correctly: to show that Royals are privileged only because they are Royals not because of any intelligence on their parts.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It might have worked with a better script but the dialogue is terrible and the four actresses playing the princesses wouldn't convince anyone that that is what they are, sounding like they were in a high school drama most of the time. It says something about the acting that the best thespian in the film is Lou Ferrigno, no offence meant to him, but his character does convince, even when he was turned into iron!

    Apparently their was a sequel. That's a grim thought.
  • A lot of people see this as a movie no knowing that it was made by the asylum. You know, that company that ripps off other movies. Mockbusters are their stock in trade, even tough this is actually illigal. But then you might say, well the story isn't ripped off! That's the thing, they make the cheapest thing they can think of and slap a poster and title that looks like the original film on it. I mean avengers Grimm, you can't tell me that isnt a rip-off. Then you might say, well avengers isn't trade marked or anything, it's probably just this occasion! (INSERT OFFICE NOOO MEME HERE). This isn't their only mockbuster, they ripped of cars, Ratatouille, kung-fu panda, avengers, etc ! Like I said, this is actually illigal, but the asylum is a much smaller studio which isn't really picked on. Please, stop liking this stuff, these people are profiting off other people's work.
  • These 5 stars go directly and only to Casper van dien. Why on earth did he even take this role! wear that costume! But I've never seen a guy give 110 percent to such a terrible movie. Every other actor didnt even try. I'm not even gonna bother reviewing anything else haha
  • This movie was on my media server, and on a quiet night with not much going on I was intrigued by the title as I scrolled through the available options. So the opening credits roll and I see Asylum, and already know its going to be bad...and the movie starts and what follows is some of the worst acting I've seen on screen, hell even the porn stars from the Bang Bros flicks have a better method. What made me turn off the screen and call it a night was seeing the poorly executed looked like it had been executed with a Pentium 1. I know it's supposed to be a parody of a blockbuster but these producers weren't even making an attempt, it was simply poor on every measurable scale. Fifteen minutes into this POS I switched off my TV and decided to call it a night, nothing I watched immediately after this garbage would salvage my evening.
  • a_baron22 August 2015
    This film is pure fantasy, but as it never pretends to be anything else you can forget about little things like the laws of physics. It has had some surprisingly bad reviews, but perhaps some people don't get it. Dude, this is not to be taken seriously, it is based on characters from world famous fairy tales bundled together, transported to the West Coast of America - where else? - and brought up to date.

    There is a principal bad guy, five good guys who happen to be gals showing plenty of cleavage and refusing to be damselled, there is plenty of action, and sex appeal without any sex to speak of. And there is redemption for one character who although a nominal villain is really anything but.

    Okay, it isn't for everyone, but the soundtrack isn't too bad, likewise the special effects. And not a profane word is uttered throughout, so some might even consider it family entertainment.
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