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  • MR-ODIN17 March 2020
    Fun tidbit: The reason your life tends to flash before your eyes before you die is because your brain is desperately searching memories for a potential solution to the problem you're facing.
  • This tiny little film shows a man, watering plants at the top of a skyscraper. He slips on a banana peel and falls off the building, with the help of a butterfly. As he tumbles to his death, his life is revealed to him. And once he knows what a waste it has been, well.......
  • Steve Cutts usually tends to deliver the message of his animations in a rather heavy-handed manner, but I always liked this particular short since I saw it by the first time included in the Off the Air episode "Falling".

    It's a bit sad, but it is also very effective. And makes a very good use of its short length, managing to deliver a satisfying plot in less than two minutes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The man slipped from a building. A video is played as an eulogy to him where he sees how he lived from years. For first two decades, he was doing different things, after he got a job, his life becomes monotonous, and he is not enjoying it. After watching it, he becomes happy to die.

    I have watched a few films about the same, but styling is unique. Very well made.